MK10ART more great artworks

June 19th is Vangone Day --

mk10art,  the fabulous artist who often depicts scenes and characters from the world of Nxivm.

Here are more great paintings.

The first one is inspired by Clare Bronfman fainting in court before Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

MK10ART writes, Grab the smelling salts, Clare lied again!  When Judge Nicholas Garaufis confronted Clare Bronfman about a lie she told him about her lawyers, the courageous heiress collapsed with Victorian valor.


K. R. Claviger on Frank Report announced “the name by which March 26th, we hope, will forever be known as long as there is a human being who has read about – or even heard about – The Vanguard.

“Some of the entries that we received were a little too generic: e.g., Smelly Cross-eyed Midget Day, KAR Free Day, and Reality Day.

“Others were a little too obscure: e.g., Vexit Day, VK Day, and Master Cleanse Day.

“And some were just too hard to fit on a celebratory cake: e.g., Fuck Toy Emancipation Day.

“But two of the entries were deemed to be just right: KARma Day and Vangone Day.”


Sultan don’t get mad at MK10ART – she is only expressing her conception of snake-like Kristin and her former mentor, Nancy Salzman

MK10ART — Did Kristin Kreuk leave on good terms with Nancy Salzman when she left NXIVM? That would be helpful now that Nancy is cooperating with the prosecutors and telling them everything.

Kristin Kreuk [with Kendra Voth and, to a lesser extent, Allison Mack] created a website called Girls by Design in 2009. It was meant to teach teenage girls how to have greater self-esteem.

Kristin Kreuk had been in NXIVM since 2006.  At some point prior to August 2011, she achieved the rank of Yellow Sash, with two stripes, which certified her to coach students of NXIVM.

In February 2012, Mr. Raniere was accused of being a statutory rapist by several women in an Albany Times Union article: In Raniere’s Shadows. [See video of an adult woman who claims Keith Raniere raped her when she was 12]

Kristin Kreuk is believed to have left NXIVM in early 2012. Kendra Voth also seems to have quit. Allison Mack remains.

According to former students, Mr. Raniere teaches that sex between children and adults is acceptable, provided there is no pain involved. He teaches that, while society criminalizes it, past societies condoned it. He has spoken in favor of parent-child sex, according to several former students, and referred to tribal customs and inherent tendencies, in discussing incest between parents and underage children.

Readers of Frank Report, some of whom seem to have known Kristin Kreuk from her role in NXIVM, have weighed in on whether Ms. Kreuk set up Girls By Design to help recruit teens into the cult of Keith Raniere.


While working for NXIVM founder Clare Bronfman and her ‘Ethical Science Foundation’.  Dr. Brandon Porter conducted illegal human experiments including fright studies.

True crime story

By Brendan J. Lyons  Updated 6:13 pm EDT, Sunday, March 25, 2018


The state attorney general’s office is investigating a nonprofit foundation associated with the NXIVM corporation that allegedly sponsored brain-activity and other human behavioral studies without any apparent oversight, according to court records.

The nonprofit Ethical Science Foundation was formed in 2007 by Clare W. Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram Co. business empire who has described herself as the operations director of NXIVM. Bronfman,…is listed in public records as the trustee and donor of the Ethical Science Foundation.

At the request of the attorney general’s office, a state Supreme Court justice recently signed an order directing Bronfman and Dr. Brandon B. Porter, who is involved with NXIVM and conducted the human studies…Vancouver woman, Jennifer Kobelt, said the experiment she was subjected to — which had no apparent connection to Tourette’s syndrome — took place in a small commercial building in Halfmoon that has been used for years by NXIVM for training and seminars. Kobelt said she was recruited for the study by an assistant of Nancy Salzman, who is NXIVM’s president, and that she knew of at least four other women who took part. Kobelt said she was not told what the study was for or what would take place, and that she was not asked to sign any documents indicating she had been informed what the study was about and consented to take part.

Porter drove Kobelt to the building that day, she said, hooked her up to an EEG machine that monitors brain activity and showed her terrifying images and videos of murder, rape and mutilation. She described her ordeal to the Times Union last year and also detailed her experience in a complaint filed with the state Department of Health last summer. Read more


Fifteen days after the arrest of the founder of the self-help group, Keith Raniere, accused of crimes in the United States, his main partners in Mexico, Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, announced the end of their relationship with the company created by their old mentor.

Through a brief statement posted on the ESP Mexico website , the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari also announced that they are leaving the Executive Success Programs (ESP) in Mexico, after 15 years of operation under the methodologies created by Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas renuncia a Nxivm por detención de su líder y maestro, Keith Raniere


Master Raniere has both superior intelligence and extraordinary physicality.  At least that’s what he claims.

He was East Coast judo champ when he was 11 or was it 12 (He’s claimed both)? He tied for the New York State record for the 100-yard dash at one point (How humble of him to have only “tied” the record). Unfortunately for Mr. Raniere, all of the records regarding those accomplishments – and all of his other feats on athletic prowess — were destroyed when a malicious landlord threw them out.

He also took an IQ test offered by an obscure group named “Mega Society”. The Mega Society IQ tests are different than other standardized IQ tests since the test-taker is allowed to take the IQ test home and return it any time.  Standardized IQ tests are monitored in order to confirm that the person whose name is on the test actually took it.

Mr. Raniere explains this is a higher IQ test because superior people are on the honor system. Mr. Raniere returned his test two weeks after he took it home with him.

If he was anybody less than the “most ethical man in the world”, this self-verification of an IQ test would be invalid because it lacks scientific controls.

Vanguard, however, is a teacher of ethics – and no one who follows him questions any of his claims despite the lack of proof for almost all of them.

The Mega Society IQ test supposedly proved he is one of “the top three problem solvers in the world”. And, somewhere along the way, even that claim morphed into “the smartest  person in the world.” He was also the fastest human being in New York State – and by the age of 11 or 12, he was also the toughest on the East coast.  And don’t even get me started on his musical talents – which are also, of course, world-class and totally undocumented.

His one other award which is much less known:  He is the world’s biggest liar.

Tops in Judo, Running, IQ and lying, Raniere says he won awards


December 19, 2018
Raniere headbutted in prison, knocked to floor; began crying

Vanguard earns new nickname ‘Crybaby Jane’


Aug 2015
‘Punch them till they cry’: Raniere had ‘pain contest’ at V-Week for women only – a precursor to DOS branding

Clever Keith Raniere arranged for a Mexican martial arts sensei [teacher] to appear at V-Week 2015 to test a group of women’s tolerance for pain.

This may not bode well for Raniere’s assertion that he knew nothing about DOS branding. The pain contest occurred just about the time that DOS was getting started.

The sensei was the martial arts teacher of Michel Chirnetzky.  Hapless Michel brought his martial arts teacher to his life-teacher Raniere with great pride at the V-Week celebration.

The sensei was instructed by Raniere to test certain women regarding their ability to withstand pain. The method was to punch the women – harder and harder – until they cried out in pain, winced, or asked him to stop.

The women were ranked by Raniere as to who could take the most pain and, it is said, Raniere enjoyed the unique proceedings. The women who could take the hardest punches were considered the most badass.

Raniere did not test himself on how much pain he could endure. It was assumed by all that he could tolerate so much pain that the sensei’s hands would be in pain and possibly break trying to punch Raniere hard enough to make him cry.

Among the women who were punched till they cried were Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Monica Duran, Jimena Garza, Loreta Garza, Dani Padilla, Lauren Salzman, Michelle Hatchette, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg and several others in Jness.  India Oxenberg was declared the winner. She was able to take the hardest punches without wincing. Afterward, India was seen gloating about her badassedness. She pleased both Mack and Raniere.

Read more

Toni Zarattini is soon to become a national hero in Mexico

Sept 2017
Mr. Zarattini quit ESP after learning about the Dominant Over Slaves (DOS) society within ESP – and its practice of branding women on their pubic region with the initials of ESP founder, Keith Raniere.

In recent weeks, several coaches and a proctor quit at ESP’s Monterrey Center because they were repulsed by the practices that are promoted by Mr. Salinas and Mr. Raniere.

Desperate to save the Monterrey Center and send a chill into the spines of other coaches who might think of quitting, Mr. Betancourt and Mr. Salinas are now claiming that Mr. Zarattini tried to extort money from Mr. Betancourt.

Mr. Betancourt and Mr Salinas are unafraid of perjury just like Clare Bronfman, who filed a similarly baseless criminal complaint against Sarah Edmondson up in Canada.

Mr. Zarattini did not have any communication with Mr. Betancourt. And there is no evidence to back the criminal complaint. But that won’t stop corrupt Mexican officials from taking Mr. Salinas’ money and arresting Mr. Zarattini.

Salinas makes criminal complaint against Monterrey coach, Toni Zarattini, for whistleblowing on DOS (VER ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Toni Natalie was Keith Raniere’s partner for eight years.  When she first met him, she thought he seemed harmless.  After suffering years of abuse, she ran from him (similar to 13-year-old Rhiannon who ran from home to escape Raniere and Kristin Keefe – the mother of Raniere’s baby). Raniere’s last words to Toni were “I will see you dead or in jail.” After she left Raniere, what followed was two decades of torture. She was harassed, stalked, chased through courtroom after courtroom, and nearly imprisoned twice by Raniere’s well-funded “terrorism by litigation” machine. She lost everything: her son’s childhood, two husbands, homes, careers, her brother, and both her parents.”

By Susan Dones;

I agree Sarah Edmondson is very brave. She is the only one branded who has publicly stepped forward to expose and talk about DOS branding.

This was huge and an extreme exposure for NXIVM.

Another “True Hero” is Toni Natalie.

Toni was the lone wolf working to expose Keith Raniere long before others, and all on her own.

When people left, they contacted her for help, hope and a lifeline. Toni has done more over the years than all of those who have left combined to expose Raniere and his inner circle.

Raniere and his gang of merry women (and some men) would not leave her alone to move on with her life. Toni had no choice but to fight the fight. She has paved the way to make it easier for all of us who have left after her.

There are other heroes out there, and someday we can have a heroes hall of fame. —— In 2012, Toni Natalie was invited to Mexico to be interviewed for a story on NXIVM. At the time, something seemed fishy to Miss Natalie.

Later, Kristin Keeffe revealed that the invitation was a plot by Keith Raniere to lure her to Mexico where an arrest warrant awaited. She was to be held in a Mexican prison. Keith Raniere wanted to destroy her.

As for new defendants, our source singled out Alejandro Betancourt as the man most likely to be charged and suspects that at the top levels at “Main Justice” (the Washington DC headquarters of the DOJ) a deal was cut with Carlos Salinas, brokered by high-level Democrats, to spare Emiliano Salinas from an indictment.

This despite the fact the EDNY was pushing for his indictment on the rather quaint theory that if someone committed a crime, they should be charged regardless of political connections.

It remains to be seen how that will play out. “I’d say it is 50-50 on whether they will indict Emiliano despite the fact that he directly conspired in a serious criminal plot to destroy the enemies of Keith Raniere.” The big news, of course, is that this expected superseding indictment may be the culmination of the 17-month investigation into NXIVM – and will take us into brand new territory. The scope and breadth may be wider than anyone anticipated.

It is not known if any public officials will be indicted.

Read more:

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4 years ago

excellent as ever MK10!!!

Booty Cheeks
Booty Cheeks
4 years ago

Very nice artwork MK10 thank you.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Confusing article. Not sure how old some of the information is.

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