UPDATED: Clare Bronfman faints in court after Judge Garaufis asks if Michael Avenatti secretly represents her

Clare Bornfman leaves court with Mark Geragos after she fainted.
What a hearing this turned out to be today.
Clare Bronfman fainted in court today after Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis asked her if Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her – and trying to negotiate a deal with the US attorney’s office in NXIVM case.
The hearing will resume tomorrow.

We will be posting updates as more info becomes available.


After a sidebar to discuss claims of attorney-client privilege, Clare Bronfman fainted.

Bronfman’s “faint” – which at least one observer thought was faked – occurred after the sidebar, which was called after the judge asked her, “Did you retain Mr. Avenatti to represent you in this case? Yes or no?”

She never answered.  She became rigid in her chair and collapsed.

After her faint, she was wheeled on a stretcher by paramedics into a conference room where she was treated. An ambulance was called, then evidently canceled.

The hearing was put on hold.

After about an hour, Bronfman seemed to recover. She was led to a car, walking, holding onto Geragos’ arm.

Geragos declined to answer questions, saying they would be answered tomorrow when the hearing resumes.

On Monday, Avenatti was arrested and charged with extortion – and his unnamed co-conspirator has been identified as Geragos.  When asked if he was Avanetti’s co-conspirator in the Nike extortion case, Geragos declined to confirm that he is, in fact, “CC-1.”

“In deference to the Southern District of NY, under DOJ policy that’s not something they disclose,” Geragos said.  Asked if he’s a cooperator, he said, “No” and walked away from reporters.

The hearing today was focused on the potential conflict-of-interest involving the various attorneys representing Bronfman and Raniere.

Clare Bronfman is still represented by Mark Geragos – and at last report, Keith Raniere is still represented by Teny Geragos, [Mark’s daughter] and Marc Agnifilo.

Geragos admitted Avenatti does represent Clare but didn’t know if Avenatti intended to file a notice of appearance in this case “because of the other case.”

He did not say on the record if “the other case” was Avenatti’s criminal case in the SDNY case or one of Bronfman’s pending civil suits.

Perhaps most interesting of all  – even more interesting than Avenatti’s representation of Clare – is that the heiress was secretly trying to work out a plea deal.

It was revealed by Moira Penza at the Status Conference on March 18, that three of the defendants are working on plea deals.

Who were the three? Although she did not say, it was widely assumed that it was Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell.

The question now is was Clare one of the three? If so, then who is the lone defendant [other than Raniere] not to be seeking a plea deal.

And if Clare if the fourth one then it’s everyone against Raniere.

Imagine Raniere’s shock when he learned that et tu Bronfman – she is looking to save herself over her own Vanguard.

Raniere was in court today – and reports from courtroom observers said that his shoulder-length hair and soft features gave him a decidedly feminine look. He also appeared less red-faced than usual.

His reaction to the news that Clare is secretly trying to get a plea deal was not clear.



According to a source who told Tony Ortega and myself:

The judge seemed angry at Clare Bronfman, accusing her of being untruthful at a previous hearing concerning how she had found Mark Geragos.

Clare said then that she had found Geragos online.

The judge quipped “like an online dating service.”

Today, the judge in an angry tone said he learned that Geragos had a preexisting relationship with the Bronfman family.

“Then there was this issue of another attorney [Avenatti] secretly being involved.  I want the truth,” Judge Garaufis said in a stern and admonishing tone.

Clare, who has long been known to be allergic to truth, then collapsed or staged her collapse.

“Her attorneys gathered around her. Paramedics came in about a half hour and put her on a stretcher. They took her into a room with windows papered over. Later, we were told that it had been recommended that she go to the hospital, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to go home. She was arm in arm with Mark Geragos when they left the court.”


The question has been raised whether Clare will actually appear tomorrow or get a medical excuse that will make her unfit to appear.

Tomorrow Clare will almost certainly be asked how she happened to retain Avanetti?

If she got Geragos from online research, how did she happen to retain Avanetti? The answer would likely seem to be that Geragos recommended him – which is probably not something that Geragos would like to have come out in court.

The judge has a challenge. He can remove Geragos from the case. But that could make it an issue on appeal – the judge denying her the choice of attorney.

On the other hand, Geragos might be arrested during the trial which would cause a mistrial.

This is not an easy decision for Judge Garaufis.

A second court observer said the judge was actually yelling, screaming at Clare, demanding she tell the truth – about how she found her attorneys.

“That’s when she fainted. It was obviously a fake faint.”


One observer said, “I can just imagine when the medics showed up to treat Clare they said ‘OMG we have a malnourished individual.'”


Keep in mind – that as Clare was sneaking in the back door with Avenatti trying to make a plea deal, her money was paying for all the other attorneys in the case- including Raniere’s attorneys.


As previously noted, Geragos and Avenatti were very busy last week.

They had at least two meetings and one conference call with Nike’s lawyers as they tried to convince the company to shell out $22.5-$25 million to avoid the release of embarrassing information about the company’s involvement with high school and college basketball players. That led to Avenatti being arrested and Geragos’ possible indictment.

They also had the meeting with Mark Lesko, the newly-named Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney for the EDNY, to discuss a possible plea deal for Clare Bronfman. It is not known whether any agreement was reached – and/or whether those negotiations are ongoing.

It is not known if they were both also involved in the negotiations that led to the shocking dismissal of 16 state felony counts against Jussie Smollett, another of Geragos’ clients. Hopefully not for their sake because according to several sources, the FBI is now investigating how that dismissal came about.


Photos taken by Village Diane.


A super skinny Clare Bronfman appears to have dyed her hair dark brown.

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  • One other interesting tidbit – syracuse.com is reporting that:

    “The judge adjourned the hearing but told lawyers Bronfman would need to come back to court Thursday to give some answers.

    ‘You’re going to tell me who the lawyers are,’ he said. ‘You’re going to tell me when they were retained.'”

    I wonder if it’s possible that what floored Bronfman, was that she’s got more than just Avenatti to hide, and now is going to be exposed.

  • Interesting detail in the NY Daily News’ reporting, if correct:

    “Geragos said afterward that he, Avenatti and the government were indeed negotiating last week, but insisted it was not to work out a plea deal. The defense lawyer added that he was not cooperating with Manhattan prosecutors regarding the Avenatti charges.”

    What else would they have been negotiating over? There are obviously contentious issues about evidence, etc., but I wouldn’t have expected Geragos and Avenatti to have been negotiating something like that with the prosecutors at this point. It also occurs to me that perhaps they were just negotiating how to add Avenatti to Clare’s legal team at this late date.

      • I suspect your right Scott. The defendant has the right to retain an attorney[s] of her choice. If there was a potential conflict, it would be up to the judge – as we have seen in the Curcio hearings. The prosecution has little or nothing to say – other than raise objections on the grounds of possible appeal issues.

      • Normally, not – but this isn’t a normal case. Since the unusual situation of possibly adding Avenatti at this late date could have implications for the timing of her case, which is still tied to the others, I could see the lawyers possibly wanting to discuss it and come up with an agreement on how to handle the complexities before ending up in front of the judge.

        And if not, then what could they have been negotiating, if Geragos says it wasn’t a plea deal? Or could it have been that Clare sent them to surreptitiously put out feelers to see what sort of terms she might be able to get, and so Geragos can claim they weren’t technically working on a deal? My guess is that if Clare does try to make a deal, she is going to have her attorneys threaten to throw so many legal resources at the case if the prosecution doesn’t settle for her receiving very little real punishment, that it will overwhelm the resources of even the feds – essentially Scientology’s strategy, an example the NXIVM inner circle is known to follow – and thus she would want to use very aggressive attorneys accustomed to stretching the law to the breaking point (and indeed, the pair seem to have gone past even that with Nike).

        I suspect Bronfman has hopes of getting a Jussie Smollett type deal, or else trying to fight the case to acquittal or mistrial (perhaps helped along with some jury tampering); or through enough technical appeals to finally find a way to get any conviction overturned. It’s a strategy that has often worked for the sort of mobsters that Bronfman’s grandfather worked with – I wonder what lessons might have been passed down through the family, and am curious now about what her father’s history with lawyers was.

  • Clare Bear for caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She told the Judge she found her lead attorney on Google. PLEASE Ms. BRONFMAN, none of us bought it.

    Than your new attorney brings in slimy bottom feeder who is arrested days after working with the EDNY by the SDNY.

    What is the icing on the cookie is your new found Google bottom feeder was in on the deal and could be arrested any day.

    Let’s not forget the fake faint. OM Clare. If it wasn’t fake you need to start eating some beef lady.

  • There is so much happening today with all this courtroom crazy I’m sort of speechless. Did Keith witness this fainting spell? He must of right?

    Lauren, Nancy, Kathy, Alli – what in the Sam hell is going on with your case???

  • Frank,

    You would like Geragos if you ever met him. He is quite the Schmoozer as I imagine you are as well. He came from nothing.

    A little over 10 years ago I attended an Armenian one year olds birthday party. In Armenian culture the child’s first birthday is a huge event almost like a confirmation in Catholicism or Bar mitzvah in Judaism.

    The birthday party was at the Beverly Hilton in LA. LA has a huge Armenian population.

    Halfway through the party an older gentlemen walked in and started talking to the Grandmother of my friend. I thought that it was her exhusband. I introduced myself to the grandfather the gentleman corrected me and laughed. Later my friend asked me what did you just say to Gregargos? LOL

    Geragos is very connected to the the American Armenian community as well as to the Armenian people. Believe it or not he does do a lot of charitable work when he is not representing the scum of the earth.
    Geragos is not a total douche. My friends mother has been friends with him for decades.

    I will tell you one odd tidbit about Geragos. He is completely bald up top, the 1/2 head of hair on top he usually walks around with is completely fake. How do I know?

    When he arrived at my friends birthday party he did not have his toupee on. Why a guy is pretending to have 1/2 a rug I have no idea.

    Have a nice night Frank.

    • Frank,

      One last thing. When I was in LA for the birthday party I stayed at the Beverly Wilshire. I know you stayed there for good amount of time.

      What did you think of all the escorts that are model hot coming in all the time and waiting at one of the two hotel bars?
      What a crazy scene that is.

  • Maybe this is proof that Claire is distantly related to the eastern hog nose snake, which will feign death when trapped.

  • Hey everyone,

    Scott is not answering me regarding my questions about his radio show and my possible future appearance.

    Should I email Scott’s producer and cohost with the links to Scott’s vicious attacks on Frankreport commenters and the depraved stories that Scott wrote that Frank refused to publish?

    Scott refuses to answer my question regarding having Bangkok call in. I wonder why?

    • Scott,

      I am only joking about the email. I am not you. I am a nice guy.

      I guess the radio show is off. No worries Scott.

        • Scott,

          You need to let me know if it is okay to contact your co-host and producer and give them the information and data that will form the bulk of my questions. The Produce/cohost needs to know that the basis of my questions will be truthful and easily verifiable.

          I am sorry Scott but I am not going to let you wiggle out of answering my questions by stating that my questions are all based on fabricated lies.

          Now can I please have your permission to communicate with the cohost and producer?

          You need to let me know that it is okay. I do not wish to embarrass you publicly unless you are willing to be embarrassed. Choose your path wisely.

  • Clearly the fainting spell was planned if things started to head down the path of Clare’s deception to the Judge; the sh*t eating grin on Geragos face says so, tells the whole story of what really went on today. SMH.

  • Can Claire Bronfman include Raniere’s sentence in a plea deal for herself? Can she back-channel something to mitigate Ranieres sentence? I mean, they’ve got him; solid physical evidence, and short a miracle he’s going to the Graybar Hotel. Can she use her influence to get the prosecutors to cut him some slack, – since she’s paying for his defence anyway? And if that’s the case, would he not be best served with a court appointed representative?

  • That’s straight out of the Raniere manifesto on conflict resolution… Whenever I disagreed with him, he would conveniently faint. And I was very young and very naive at the time and believed he couldn’t handle the stress and was actually ill. I’d say it was quite a joke except he used it to be very manipulative. Clare should note that KAR’s “faint to fool em” method doesn’t work on full grown, experienced adults.

    • Interesting to hear that about Raniere – Mr. “no one is ever a victim,” and the proponent of Ayn Rand’s rather muscular philosophy of assertive self-interest. From reports that the enablers around him used to cite his supposed, virtually psychic, sensitivity as a tool to manipulate others into behaving so as not to somehow disrupt him or sap his energy, I think he made a lot out of playing the covert victim – but it’s typical that leaders of high control groups or cults, have all sorts of edicts and rules that their followers are expected to obey faithfully, yet which they themselves are exempt from.

      Clare and Raniere have long gotten away with gaming if not fooling law enforcement and the judicial system around Albany, but they are now dealing with serious authorities who have seen it all, and apparently aren’t going to cut them any slack.

    • AGREE. “Manipulative” is a gross understatement! Would you agree that these exaggerated, outrages claims and acts like the fainting you describe made it seem more improbable that he was lying?

      Who feigns fainting to avoid hearing a single challenging word? Too nuts to even consider it’s not a true illness let alone a delusion of grandeur of THAT MAGNITUDE. lol.

  • That’s funny. I almost fainted around this time last night. Mundanely due to an iron deficiency rather than an allergy to the truth.

  • whoopsie daisy…someone hasn’t been eating their thin mints as prescribed. Happens to the best of us. Fainting spells, No bueno. tsk tsk

  • If the “judge was actually yelling, screaming at Clare,” then he’s indeed, not surprisingly, lost his patience with her and her attorney clown posse’s antics – and, ultimately, her fundamental un-ethical behavior, at least by the conventional standards of the legal system and society.

    I would still assume that Geragos, even if not indicted and arrested, faces likely Bar action that could include suspension or disbarment, and thus may have no choice but to recuse himself from the case.

    p.s. Thanks for the ongoing updates

  • In chess this is called the “end game” as in the queen has fallen. Sara, it is wakey wakey time.

  • It would make sense to me if Allison were the holdout. She may be counting on her appeal and acting ability to beat the charges at trial.

  • Reminds me of the fainting incident my mother-in-law had during our divorce when her son (my ex) was confronted on the stand with money wire transfer records. Proceedings were stopped while she was waambulanced away and no one ever responded under oath.

    I’ve seen Clare in court. She’s very contrived. Bet it’s as much of a suspicious farce as “Stormy’s” Pimp Avenatti representing anyone in this “sex scandal” to begin with.

    …Much as I AM beginning to believe in divine intervention in this case!

    Be great to see a Toni Natalie write-up on FR if she was there.

  • I know there’s supposed to be a more extensive update coming….

    But to add a bit of what I think is key detail of immediate interest, over on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker, it’s being reported that Bronfman was caught out in a lie:

    “Our observer says the judge seemed angry at Clare Bronfman, accusing her of being untruthful in a previous Curcio hearing regarding how she had found Mark Geragos. The judge said he had learned that Geragos had a preexisting relationship with the Bronfman family”.

    “Then there was this issue of another attorney secretly being involved.”

    “I want the truth,” Judge Garaufis said angrily.

    And apparently it was all too much for Clare, who collapsed.”

    Clare was reported to have said that she found Geragos “online” – I wonder if that’s deceptive weasel-wording, for in an e-mail from others she’s involved with. It seems that her unfortunately long run of getting away with perjuring herself and manipulating the judicial system, may be coming to an end.

  • Wowow! This is a Clusterfuck of epic proportions.

    So, Clare hired Avenatti, who is now under indictment for extortion. And Geragos, might also be under indictment or asked to appear in front of a grand jury and then get indicted for conspiracy to commit wire fraud or racketeering?

    Looks like the Ides of March isn’t finished with Clarebear yet.

    And lost in the NOISE…Clare is trying to negotiate a plea!!! Will she testify against Albany Jesus? Her one and only savior? The Truth and the Way? Say it ain’t so! And it only cost her $10 Million.

    Welp, it is so. And no doubt, there will be more to come!

  • I’m starting to wonder how many clowns are actually going to come out of that car. What a circus!
    Can this get any crazier? What else could possibly happen….

    There’s a good reason why so many people are afraid of clowns.

  • Thanks for the quick update.

    My first thought beyond what is mentioned, is that Judge Garaufis, seemingly no-nonsense and a real stickler for proper procedure, has got to be on the verge of sanctioning people.

    And with Avenatti turning out to be involved behind the scenes, what a clown car indeed!

    Why was an already questionable character like Avenatti even involved in a serious criminal case like this, unless Geragos thinks he has some special sway with the EDNY, or Bronfman decided to add yet another aggressive attorney and insisted he be involved?

      • If Bronfman hired him, and essentially forced him on Geragos as part of the team, yes. But if that wasn’t the case, why would Geragos have brought in someone of such questionable judgment and reputation?

        Presumably Avenatti wanted some some help on the Nike case because Geragos had recent experience negotiating with them, and might even be seen as more respectable. Geragos may have been lured by the money to work with someone like Avenatti in that civil case, but I don’t understand why he would bring a dubious figure like Avenatti in on his own criminal case with a premium client like Bronfman. It seems to me that there’s likely more at work here, though we may never know what it was.

        • Clare and her Vanguard have a history together of trying to shake down big corporations.
          Only two years ago they were down in Fort Worth trying to shake down Microsoft and A,T&T in a fraudulent patent case.
          Clare and Raniere falsely claimed that Raniere invented teleconferencing.
          It’s no surprise that Clare’s sleazy lawyers would try the same trick.

          Using the legal system by filing fraudulent suits against deep pocketed corporations is an old blackmail trick used by NXIVM.

          It’s really a form of terrorism.

  • I wonder if Clare is going to play the “I am too mentally fragile”, to be able to stand trial. Its happened before, all she needs is note from a well meaning and well paid doctor.

      • Scott,
        I was wrong about Geragos showing up to court. However, his appearance also means I am right about Geragos not being indicted.

        Scott when are you going to respond to my questions?

        Also I would like to invite Bangkok to appear during my appearance on your radio show.

        Please reply when you get a chance. I am sure you are busy, no rush.

        • Geragos hasn’t been indicted…yet. Which questions? I’ll respond to the questions you asked earlier on my show. You’ll have to contact Bangkok yourself and get him to join us, I’m not your “boy.” He is welcome to join us.

      • Actually Scott an American Wall Street criminal beat a DOJ attempt to bring him to trial by playing the mentally ill and fragile card.

        Scott you are the stereotype of a dumb poor white guy with a degree from the University of Phoenix online college.

        Scott you could have been an extra in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. In fact you remind me of Napoleon’s Uncle who owned a van.

        Do you happen to own a van?

        Scott you seem like the type of oddball that would own a van.

        Let me know about the radio show.

    • Cool! 🙂

      I didn’t realize that anybody could AVOID having to STAND TRIAL that easily.

      According to Niceguy (or his idiot wife) — anybody can avoid standing trial in Federal Court simply by getting a fake doctor’s note.

      Wow! That’s so cool to know that.

      I’m guessing it could be scribbled onto a ‘kitchen napkin’ and say something like this.

      Dear Judge Garaufis,

      Clare Bear has been under great stress since being indicted.

      She’s too fragile to ever stand trial cuz she might faint.

      Therefore, I order Clare Bear to never stand trial. These are doctor’s orders.

      Thank you for understanding.

      Yours Truly,
      Dr. John Quack

      Back to reality…

      Nobody has EVER avoided standing trial simply by getting a ‘fake’ doctor’s note akin to saying that the dog ate your homework.

      Methinks Niceguy and his idiot wife are watching too much Murder She Wrote. 🙂

      I’m guessing that you make a living doing hard labor — since your brain just ain’t up to “standard specs”. LOL.

      Look dipshit… The only way to avoid standing trial for “mental issues” is to have OFFICIAL doctors (appointed by the court) evaluate her mental health and determine that she’s legally incompetent to stand trial. That’s an incredibly high threshold to overcome.

      Even if she got a small delay for treatment of temporary stress, the trial would still proceed unless she was ruled legally incompetent by court appointed doctors.

      Guess what?

      Something like that doesn’t happen simply by paying off your personal doctor to scribble a note onto a napkin.

      My God, you’re truly dumber than dogshit sometimes.

      Heidi created a real wackadoodle by asking you to join her cause. 🙂

      • Oh… To be ruled ‘medically’ unable to stand trial would require a high level medical evaluation too.

        i.e. She’s not some 90 year old who could drop dead at any moment due to undue stress.

        • Scott,

          You are Bangkok. It’s as obvious. By the way Frank actually refuses to post some of my comments to you, because of vulgarity or threatening language but because he is worried I believe about your mental fragility. Are you mentally stable?

  • Geragos is not going down. He is not stupid to have communicated anything with a record such as an email, text, or phone call.

    • Then how do you explain everything that the FBI documented on at least one phone call, and a (presumably secretly) videotaped meeting, that “CC-1” was party to, as laid out in the criminal Complaint?

      If Geragos was cooperating as of the point that Avenatti’s scheme veered from hardball negotiation into extortion, I think he’d have had a well-thought out proactive plan to defend his reputation as innocent, starting as soon as the case was made public. Instead, he seems to have been blindsided – or gagged, if he dare not claim innocence while trying to negotiate the best deal he can with prosecutors.

      He seems to have come down with a case of the dumb-dumbs, as an old saying goes. Or for some reason he was so desperate for money, to do something risky.

  • Why was Avenetti secretly representing Clare? I wouldn’t think that secret representation would even be allowed.

    What a bunch of shady characters. I’m not surprised that so many questionable lawyers are involved in this, as I’m beginning to doubt that there are many honest lawyers out there.

    I hope someone remembers to bring smelling salts to the next hearing- as next time it might be Keith who needs them.

    • There are honest attorneys out there. A question should be to look at who is doing the hiring.

    • Aw come on flowergirl, Avenetti was your buddy when he was going after President Trump. He and Geragos are deep state filth and it is no coincidence they are now involved with the Queen and head money backer of NXIVM. Look lady you have totally been out classed here but like most liberals you won’t go away. Remember toots as the libtard icon FDR said, “There are no political coincidences.”

        • Not true. Avenatti will probably manage to get out of this somehow – I’m sure he has a good lawyer.
          I was actually hoping that Stormy was going to run against Trump- I’d vote for her🤣

          • She’s a legitimate business woman …she has even done business with Trump before. And she’s a published author, while Trump is still puzzling over the difference between there and their.

          • She has never done business with President Trump. That was another fabrication by your pal Avenati. Stormy is a real business woman allright. That is why the courts ordered her to pay Donald Trump a settlement claim. Trump has written actual bestsellers. Really lady you need to stop watching your bullshit news channels. They have constantly been proven to be lying entities of your democrap party gombas

      • How is he “my buddy”? Do you think I know him personally or something? Lol.

        I never mentioned anything to do with Avenatti taking on TRUMP before – Avenetti was mentioned before because he was defending one of the women who accused Kavanaugh, and because he was going to defend a victim of baby Wohl.

        This is what Avenatti does – he takes on famous cases and tries to get himself in the spotlight. So why was he trying to be so secretive in this case? Publicity stunt?

        Was Clare advised to faint and soon as his name was mentioned?

        • Hey toots, every corrupt fucking democrat is your buddy. But maybe I will give you the benefit of the doubt…you are being redpilled. Hopefully you find some sense to see the globalist corruption that almost destroyed America and close to undoing Canada unless they break free of the corrupt crown.

  • I wonder if Allison gave everyone some acting tips and Clare gave a stunning performance! I’m sure the judge was far from impressed.

  • I think as part of the plea deals these defendants should reveal who planted the child porn on John Tighe’s computer.

    That man has suffered enough without being guilty.

    • “I think as part of the plea deals these defendants should reveal who planted the child porn on John Tighe’s computer.’

      Think of all of the innocent people persecuted over the years by these NXIVM clowns.

      Clare flew to Vancouver to bring bogus charges against Sarah Edmondson.
      There were rumors that NXIVM critics would be lured to Mexico to be kidnapped and thrown in Mexican prisons.
      Frank Parlato was harassed by years of litigation and still has problems caused to some degree by NXIVM.
      Susan Dones was driven into bankruptcy.
      Rick Ross was driven into bankruptcy.
      Joe O’Hara was prosecuted on bogus charges.

      And NXIVM brought Years of Tears to numerous other people.
      Girls and young women raped and imprisoned.
      Women branded like cattle and turned into sex slaves.

      Keith, Clare, Allison, Nancy and Lauren will never be punished as hard as they should be.

      • and do not forget india oxenberg, I remember well that she was originally the cospirator 2 in the original accusation but then she received a free pass thanks to her mother’s fame and her grandmother’s contacts, so we will never know where her hands were in this plot the little Indian.

  • KR Claviger got it right:

    “What a clusterfuck.”

    Clare hired two attorneys, Geragos and Avenatti, who are even sleazier than she is.

    If all of the female defendants plead out there will only be Raniere left to stand trial.

    What happened to all those NXIVM women who wanted to be “bad-ass warrior bitches”?

      • Scott,

        Were not you being greedy when you joined Amway?

        Correct me if I am wrong, but Amway was never about human enlightenment correct?

        What about the radio show?

        • Hey Nice Guy – With all due respect, there are a lot of big, exciting developments today. Maybe chill out a bit on Scott? After all, he made an excellent funny today. Have a cocktail on me! Cheers! 🙂

          Scott will probably retort that he “don’t need no defending from the likes of me,” but so what?

          Go on his radio show – it would be fun!

          Look, KAR & Co. is going down, and that’s what this blog is all about, IMO.

          • I’m not sure if niceguy just got in trouble from OCD, or if OCD is just as giddy as me about the possibility of niceguy and Scott going at it on Scott’s radio show/podcast/conference call/tin can.

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