Email reveals Raniere Owns One-Third of Wakaya Island in Fiji

Wakaya Island, owned by Clare Bronfman.

Unbeknownst to us – and, more importantly, undisclosed to federal officials – Keith Alan Raniere evidently has a one-third ownership interest in Wakaya Island in Fiji, which was originally purchased by Clare Bronfman.

Apparently, he was too shell-shocked to remember that when he had to fill out an “Asset Disclosure Form” shortly after he was arrested.

Keith Raniere, known also as the Vanguard, is richer than we thought.

Although we do not yet have any similar evidence to suggest that Allison Mack also owns a one-third interest in the island, the fact that it was bought in the name “ACK Group” suggests that could be the case.

In one of a spate of recent prosecution filings we find this:

“The government also intends to introduce evidence of various tax evasion schemes employed by defendants and their co-conspirators, including Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy
Salzman and Russell. These schemes involved elaborate corporate structures designed to keep money out of Raniere’s name, even though he had access to and control of the funds. The evidence will further demonstrate that the defendants and their co-conspirators considered Raniere as having an interest in other properties and investments. For example, emails indicate that Bronfman understood Raniere to have a 1/3 interest in her island in Fiji.”

So an email reveals that Keith was a one-third owner of Wakaya and that it was meant to be held for him in the ACK company name.


Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji. Evidently, she gave a one-third interest in her ACK company to Keith Raniere. If the “K” stands for Keith and the “C” stands for Clare, what does the “A” stand for?


When Keith filled out his financial affidavit for Pretrial Supervision after he was arrested, he claimed to have no assets whatsoever except for a 50% interest in the townhouse he owned with the late Pam Cafritz.


Keith neglected  eneglected to mention he is 1/3 owner of an island in Fiji.


Ironically Clare also forgot to mention Wakaya Island when she filled out a form listing her assets.   When caught by the judge, her attorney Susan Necheles said she did not list Wakaya Island because the property was undergoing renovation.



Instead of the world’s smartest man walking the white sandy beaches of his island in Fiji, he paces his lonely prison cell. How could this have happened?
Keith’s bedroom Wakaya Island in Fiji. He often shared it with a skinny long-haired woman who ate no garlic.

His bedroom at MDC.

Image result for prison cell metropolitan detention center brooklyn jail cell
He often shares it with a fellow inmate who may or may not eat garlic depending on whether any is served during meals at MDC.


Alanis Morissette recognized the ironies that often occur in life:

The old man who turned 98, won the lottery, and died the next day…

The black fly in your Chardonnay…

The death row pardon, two minutes too late…


And now we have one of our own to add to her observations.

The cult leader who owns one-third of a Fiji island that he may never see again in his lifetime…

Isn’t it ironic?



Unless of course – the judge decides to change his mind and give Raniere bail – and he goes off to his island in Fiji – never to return.


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  • There are at least three NXIVM holding companies with the prefix ACK in the name




    Do Allison,Clare and Keith co-own all three companies?
    Allison Mack also has interests in these NXIVM companies:

    DOS (or “The Vow” or “The Sorority”),

    THE SOURCE, (Mack’s bogus acting school)

    Clare supposedly owns any NXIVM company with Mallard in the name.



  • “Keith’s bedroom Wakaya Island in Fiji. He often shared it with a skinny long-haired woman who ate no garlic.”

    Did KAR ever go to Fiji? I thought he didn’t travel outside the US–not going to Nekker Isle, etc.

  • Clare Bear, KAR and Mac, the Cheese have some explaining to do about Fiji and other unclaimed properties.

    KAR being the smartest man in the world (in his own mind), never thought this information would be uncovered.

    Clare Bear finally found a daddy/boyfriend all rolled into one who also put her into a power position that she opened mostly her checkbook. She could play the tinman and the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. No brain or heart.

    Mac the cheese was too busy trying to be important in the world. She had no sense of herself as many child actors dont. Those that do time off from acting and engage in real life outsiders of playing someone else.

  • Even more reason that he was, and continues to be, a major flight risk. I am glad he was not able to escape to the island.

  • This is actually a good thing. Meaning he has some money in his name he can refund the people he cheated on with.

    • Willard,
      good calll.

      Frank,Toni and Barbara and everyone else should be getting some compensation hopefully. I hope the government does not seize all of the assets do to back taxes.

      I think that would be grossly unfair to the victims.

      • Those Wakaya Island assets are NOT in Keith’s ‘name’ — you dummies. 🙂

        A private email does not constitute official legal ownership of an island, meaning that Keith does not legally have the right to sell his 1/3 interest in that asset to other parties or have it confiscated in his name to settle any debts that he might owe.

        Get a clue.

        If it were that simple then title documents wouldn’t be necessary. Just send an email to buy an island, LOL.

        No matter what Clare’s email might say about Keith being a partial owner of Wakaya, only Clare Bear can sell those assets and/or borrow against them to generate cash. I doubt the US government can seize the ownership of a foreign island anyway, even in Clare’s name.

        Also… Frank Parlato, Barb Bouchey and Toni Natalie would NEVER receive funds intended for NXIVM victims because they are not officially NXIVM victims under the law. They did not get raped or branded like Jane Doe witnesses did.

        Any money recovered from NXIVM assets (not used to satisfy government tax debts) will likely go to the OFFICIAL victims of NXIVM such as Jane Doe witnesses and rape victims, not to guys like Frank or long time NXIVM girlfriends like Toni or Barb.

        Frank has suffered from NXIVM greatly but under the law he’ll never be a ‘victim’ — since an indictment (even if its unwarranted) does not make him a victim in the eyes of the law.

        Toni and Barb are also not victims and won’t recover one dollar from NXIVM unless they first sue NXIVM and get a judgment against them, which would take years and due to their own complicity (when they were part of NXIVM and following Keith’s orders) no jury would likely award them any money IMO.

        Get a clue. 🙂

    • Did he have those kind of funds to chip in? I guess it’s possible if he was really laundering money for the cartels through him and Emi’s ‘currency exchange’ business.

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