Update on Bronfman: Judge rules Clare can leave house for limited time – 7 days per week – to go to church, join fitness club

It is said her dad wept on his deathbed for his foolish daughter caught in a vicious cult. For her part, she came with a camera and tried to force a confession from him that he was wrong about cult leader Keith Raniere.

The terms of Clare Bronfman’s home detention are in writing on PACER [www.pacer.gov] – the Federal Government website  that records all federal court filings. The public can access on PACER documents for a fee.

The minutes from her last court appearance state that Clare Bronfman can – with prior arrangement with Pretrial Services – leave her luxury apartment in Manhattan every day of the week for a limited time period each day.

Here is the “Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis”:

“Bail Hearing as to Clare Bronfman held on 8/21/2018. The $50 million in cash, securities, and other collateral needed to secure the bond has been finalized.

“Clare Bronfman will continue to be subject to home detention, but she is permitted to leave her residence for attorney visits, court dates, and religious services. She is also permitted to leave her residence for 90 minutes, three days per week, for exercise and shopping for food or other necessities, but only after providing advance notice to Pre-Trial Services.

“On the other four days of each week, she is permitted to visit a fitness center for exercise on a schedule that Pre-Trial Services must approve in advance.

“Additionally, she may not directly or indirectly associate or have contact with–except in the presence of her attorneys–current or former employees of, or independent contractors, for NXIVM (including any and all affiliated entities), any individual that she knows to be a current or former member of DOS, or any individual who is currently, or was formerly, on the Stripe Path, subject to reasonable exceptions agreed upon by the parties.

“The court directed Clare Bronfman to submit a legal memorandum to the court regarding some of the bail conditions to which she objects by September 4, 2018, and the court directed the government to respond by September 11, 2018.”


Still pending before the court is whether Clare can freely communicate with a NXIVM member – and her longtime bookkeeper – believed to be Michelle ‘Shelly’ Tarzia – who is expected to be a witness for the prosecution. The judge has not yet made a decision.

The prosecution objects to Clare speaking with the bookkeeper alone – but has no objection to Clare employing the bookkeeper – provided she only speak with her with a defense attorney present. The concern of the prosecution is that Clare might tamper with, bribe or intimidate the witness.

At her last appearance, Clare sought the right to spend the entire day out of her Manhattan apartment with limited travel to parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Her attorney, Susan Necheles, indicated Clare was restless in her luxury apartment because she was used to jogging and being active outdoors and that the unfair restrictions on Clare were simply imposed by the judge because of her wealth.

She asked the court to allow Clare to be able to leave at 6:00 AM and return each night to her apartment at 8:00 PM. The judge denied this request but gave her attorneys leave to ask again in October.

It was read into the record at her bail hearing that several victims filed a letter with the court about her bail terms. It is assumed the victims strongly opposed her release from home detention. The judge has not made the letter public.

Clare’s attorney however scoffed at the letter, condemning its contents and authorship – essentially decrying the idea that there were any victims of Clare or that they had anything to fear from her client.

On my website, Frank Report, I raised concerns that Clare Bronfman may not have disclosed her complete financial holdings to the court – perhaps, for example, leaving off her extensive real estate holdings in and around Los Angeles.  That and the fact that she moved millions of dollars offshore – just prior to forming trusts with Goldman Sachs – might prompt the Feds to seek a full-scale forensic audit of her finances.

A few months prior to her indictment (but likely after she knew she was one of the targets of a Federal investigation), Clare put about $125 million in the hands of trustees with Goldman Sachs – in a trust with terms that she cannot replace the trustees or direct them as to how to spend the money on her.  This may have been done following advice of counsel as a protective move to avoid seizure – since the money is technically not in her control but in trust with her as beneficiary.

It is believed that in addition to the trust, millions of dollars were moved in April in anticipation of her indictment – some of it going offshore.  Curiously, Clare initially neglected to mention her holdings on Wakaya Island in Fiji to the court. When caught by the judge, her attorney said she did not list that asset because the property was undergoing renovation.

It is unclear why Bronfman failed to disclose her real estate holdings in Los Angeles to the court – unless, of course, she had previously transferred them to her sister, Sara, or someone else to keep them outside the court’s purview.

It has been widely noted that Sara Bronfman-Igtet did not appear in Brooklyn to help Clare make bail in late July – but pledged some $8 million of US real estate for Clare’s bail package.

Some speculate that Sara chose not to appear because she feared being arrested once in US jurisdiction. Sara is reportedly in France or England. France does not always accommodate the US with extradition requests. [if anyone knows Sara’s exact whereabouts, please advise me at frankparlato@gmail,com].

Clare’s various financial schemes might be for naught.  Sources say the Feds are not done investigating Clare and while the current charges are relatively few, there may be additional charges coming.

If it is proven Clare that misled the court about her assets, the prosecution might seek to have her bail revoked and have her remanded to Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) to spend her days in the women’s section of the same prison that her VanguardKeith Alan Raniere – resides in while he awaits trial.

Although they might be housed in the same facility, the two would not be able to communicate because MDC separates women from men.

In the meantime, Clare can now go to church or temple, join a gym, shop, jog, etc. for approximately an hour and a half every day.

She cannot spend time with NXIVM members – for such contact is strictly forbidden. For years, she has had a cadre of NXIVM minions – paid mostly at rates of some $15 per hour – to do her bidding.

The servant problem is tough in Manhattan but it appears, at least for now, she will have to make do with non-NXIVM servants.

Don’t be surprised if Clare, like Allison, makes a request to go outside the home for school, volunteer work, or even a job for her purported betterment. It might be granted if Pretrial Services approves and the prosecution does not object.










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  • Church / Synagogue – give me a break
    August 24, 2018 at 5:42 pm
    In the years I knew Clare and Allison, neither one of them talked about any religious


  • How ridiculous that the NXIVM people want to pretend they are good christians and that Raniere isn’t their only god… Pathetic… Then Clare will be like « I found the faith yet, and I ask God and all the people I’ve hurt for forgiveness » with a cold tear in the eye… The most outdated strategy… The best lawyers from the 90ies aren’t the best yet, Mi$$ Bronfman !

  • In the years I knew Clare and Allison, neither one of them talked about any religious connections.

    Wonder what the Jewish community will think when Clare Bear shows up for synagogue? It will have to be a synagogue that the Sutton family is not a part of. There are some that are EXNX’ers.

    The synagogue is the Jewish equivalent of a church, more or less. It is the center of the Jewish religious community: a place of prayer, study and education, social and charitable work, as well as a social center. Clare Bear could do some soul repairing there.

    Isn’t it well known within the Jewish community that Clare Bear hacked her father’s computer and that virus showed up with the World Jewish Federation due to Edgar Bronfman’s ties within this organization?

    Edgar M. Bronfman was President of the World Jewish Congress from 1979-2007. He was also the President of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, which is devoted to ensuring the return of communal Jewish property after it was stolen first by the Nazis.

    Aren’t high ranking NXIVM members supposed to be reincarnated high ranking Nazis officers?

  • Hey! What about keith having people killed …… that has no statue of limitations and is far more damming than tax fraud ! (and better reading!)

  • I guess this leads me to believe I shouldn’t assume the judge granted Allison leniency on her house arrest because she will be giving up Keith. My guess is Allison is gonna take a plea deal in which she avoids a trial by pleading guilty and taking full ownership for DOS. I think this because..
    1) Isn’t someone in NXIVM paying her attorney fees? Seems like a total conflict of interest.
    2) Seemed like she was willing to make a plea as soon as she was arrested. Given that she was totally brainwashed and under Keith’s control for years, it would take her quite some time to wake up and be willing to turn on him. Not a few days.
    3) She thanked his attorneys at one of the hearings. Yes she didn’t make eye contact with him, but that could be because her bail agreement requires her not to have any contact with anyone from NXIVM. She was probably scared to.

    Also, I found this video from a Comic Con in Oct. There is a question around the 28:45 mark and Allison’s answer is interesting, especially when there is the possibility that she will try to claim victim.

    • I believe that NXIVM’s ideal scenario was to have Allison, Lauren and Nicki all testify that Raniere knew nothing of the branding.
      All three would fall on their swords and testify in Raniere’s defense.
      I still believe that that is the plan.
      Allison Mack on her social media posted a picture of Joan of Arc, the French martyr.

      Clare Bronfman is paying Allison’s attorney fees and I would not be surprised if there are off-shore bank accounts to pay witnesses to testify on Raniere’s behalf.

    • Oh my God. I haven’t even made it 5 minutes in and it is the most awsomely awkward thing I have ever seen!!! BTW I’m almost positive that the self confident guy with the spectacles and papa smurf shirt is Shadow! It wasn’t long after this was filmed that Shadow became a very very very regular part of all of our lifes.

        • I don’t binge watch anything.

          Maybe you should binge read some books.
          Start with “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg and learn how evil Allison Mack is.

          Allison Mack is a 36 year old pimp pretending to be a college coed.

        • ALLLL of your annoying non-stop posts will be forgiven if you take some time to to do your best Frank impression and break down the 50 minute long ComiCon interview. It will be a great time to show you have a sense of humor. Plus, the material stands on it’s own – so there is no way for you to not come out looking witty and appreciated. Come on, give it a try. It will be fun and a change of pace from your typical reading and posting.

    • Basically she said that people are responsible for their own actions at the 28 min mark. What do you expect a person in a cult to say? “Um yeah I’m probably brainwashed and I have no clue what I’m doing”? Admitting you have been duped is hard for anyone. That’s why it took India’s mom like half a year to get her out and even now India wants to tell the story her way and doesn’t like the word “brainwashed”.

      No coincidentally, it sounds like a big part of Vantard’s defense will be exactly that, that everyone is responsible for their actions and brainwashing is impossible. But manipulation is real and Vantard’s a pro at it.

  • Just read a blind item reveal on cdan saying that freaks are paying to have sex with Allison Mack. How is this possible? Any truth in that?!!!!

    • Blind Items Revealed #2
      August 16, 2018

      This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show will probably never get another acting job again. The thing is though, there are producers and directors who are willing to throw thousands of dollars her way to hook up with her just so they can say they did it. This includes males and females. She gets a dozen offers a day and asked someone in power to let her have the chance to meet them all without saying it exactly in those words.

      Allison Mack


      • Of course there’s no way Allison Mack will be cast in a movie or TV show.
        Her acting career is essentially over.
        The auditions are just a pretense to hide covert sexual assignations for monetary payments.
        Basically Allison Mack is pimping herself.

        • Hey if Allison could stomach having sex with creepy Raniere for free I bet that banging anybody else is a piece of cake lol

          • Some of the producers and directors in Hollywood are very reptilian. Almost as reptilian as Keith Raniere.
            But from now on Allison Mack, who saw herself as a Shakespearean actress in the making, will always be regarded in Hollywood as a harlot and that impression will be difficult to shake.
            In a way that is poetic justice for the way Allison Mack treated other women.

    • Any truth in that?!!!!

      Hollyweird is notorious for the casting couch where actresses and actors have to sleep with movie producers and directors to get jobs.
      And Hollyweird types are drawn to the freakish, criminal and bizarre.
      The actor Johnny Depp and the director John Waters both collected clown paintings by John Wayne Gacy the notorious serial killer.
      I suppose it’s trendy to claim a female criminal as a “trophy in one’s case.”

      • Thank you for your feedback @shadowstate1958! agreed, considering the way things work in hollywood I shouldn’t be surprised about this whole thing. I’ve heard rumours about Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony becoming hookers as well, I guess this is a trend.

        • LOL now shadowperv is posting as Jane. Let see Pea Flowergirl Scott and probably a few others. Better slow down ole timer, at the rate your going you won’t make the nursing home.

        • Your welcome.
          People like Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony and Allison Mack commit crimes that are so outrageous that they are unemployable.
          Ms. Mack will never again be cast in a movie or
          TV show. In fact since she is accused of stealing credit card and bank account numbers, Allison Mack is unemployable even at Wal-Mart.
          But there are freaks in Hollyweird who will pay for the notoriety of having sex with the notorious Allison Mack.

  • When I first came on this site in the aftermath of Raniere’s arrest a common refrain was, “Why won’t the government protect us from Keith Raniere?”
    It is not the government’s job to baby sit you.
    You must protect yourselves.
    “The Gods help those who help themselves.”

    If anything, the government will protect rich powerful people like the Bronfmans and leave the sheeple to be fleeced.

    First of all you must be intelligent enough to stay out of cults or leave them if you find you’re in one.
    Say what one will about Kristin Kreuk, at least she eventually saw that NXIVM was a dangerous cult and ultimately, quietly left.
    And for that Kreuk is constantly vilified.
    Allison Mack stayed on enticed by the Bronfmans’ wealth and Raniere’s Rasputin-like powers and to many is considered a tragic hero.

    Many people in New York and states like Illinois and California see the non-stop corruption and scams and vote with their feet by leaving.
    If New York won’t or can’t reform itself it behooves you to vote with your feet and leave.

    Remember the saying, “Freedom is not Free.”
    It requires sacrifice and danger.

    • “Say what one will about Kristin Kreuk, at least she eventually saw that NXIVM was a dangerous cult and ultimately, quietly left”

      How many more times does it need to be said? Kristin Kreuk did NOT leave the NXIVM cult because she knew it was bad. She claims she left in 2013. However, she was still a supporter at least as recently as 2015. That means she did NOT turn against the cult. She did NOT decide the cult was bad and wanted to leave. She broke up with her recruiter boyfriend Mark Hildreth and moved permanently to Toronto for filming. The final season was filmed at the end of 2015. She still resides in Toronto.

      • – However, she was still a supporter at least as recently as 2015.

        You’re like a propaganda machine. Keep repeating a lie over and over again in order to make it true. There is no evidence whatsoever that she was a “supporter” of the cult in 2015. On the contrary, she made a statement that asserts she left at the latest by the end of 2012/early 2013, and you have Sarah Edmondson supporting this time frame, affirming that Kristin didn’t even know about DOS and thus, necessarily couldn’t have anything to do with it. You keep trying to claim some non-existent support in 2015 because that is when DOS was formed and want to tie her to it no matter how tenuous, flimsy, or downright non-existent such a bond is.

  • Clare isn’t Christian to go to a Church. She’s a rich Zionist from a well known Jewish family. That is why she is getting it easier than those who would’ve been charged with the same crimes but didn’t have the wealth or the family connection and name.

    When did these women (Clare, Allison, Sarah) ever care about going to church or the temple while fucking monks and an atheist conman? Give me a fucking break.

  • The judge has cost a lot of people there living since Clare cannot hire them. No guilt by the judge and no due process. The judge is On the side of the prosecutor. Many Nxivm members were working for Clare doing important jobs. But the judge shut it down. This is tyranny. Now Clare and Vanguard will make their plan and don’t be surprised if the judge is removed from this case for his bias. Keith is the smartest man. He will come out with a plan. Clare is not without resources and she has the best attorney in new York Susan Necheles. So this hanging judge who keeps People from working and driving many to Mexico to work is going to have to deal with Necheles who Mohr make a motion for his removal from the case for bias.

    • August 24, 2018 at 1:18 pm
      “The judge has cost a lot of people there living since Clare cannot hire them. No guilt by the judge and no due process.”

      Yes Pea/ Nicki, we know you lost your job at the Knife of Aristotle.

      “Many Nxivm members were working for Clare doing important jobs. ”

      Yes, Allison was busy telling the DOS slaves when to service the Vanguard.

    • Pea give this link to some total stranger and also a family member who is not in your cult and get them both to go through these points with you. If you align with one under each number with both please seek help.

      Ignore number 1 as if you attended the 13 hour courses for days on end, you are already at that point and have probably completed it.


      P.S. this website link is independent and nothing I can influence btw.

    • so go get a job, Pea. The local McDonalds may pay as well as Clare does. Or use your experience at the important jobs you’ve been doing for Clare to beef up your resume for an even more important job.

      As for Clare – she can still hire people to come clean her home, do her shopping, etc.; they just can’t be NXIVM people. So maybe she’ll finally have to pay real prices for the services she wants since most people want fair pay for the work they do.

      And when all this legal wangling and trials are over, you can always go back to work for her if she manages t o stay out of prison.

    • Several people will lose there jobs. Yes pea, who will retrieve the cash from all those postal boxes now? They are without a job. Real shame.

  • Agree about things looking like the fix is in. What regular person when facing these kinds of charges would be allowed freedom to pursue these activities? Too bad about her previous lifestyle. I have never heard that being taken into account when one is under arrest. And does her previous lifestyle include religious services? My understanding is that she worshipped Vanguard. So does that give her permission to go to his cell for worship?

  • Did I say a few days ago that “The Fix Is In”?

    Now all of NXIVM’s elite is free to covertly communicate with one another.
    Except for Raniere and he was to busy eating and copulating to run NXIVM.

    • ……but many of the rest of us think you are an asshole. Your frequent posts and absolute lack of a life make you one of the most pitiful of the characters one encounters in the whole NXIVM Universe. At least Bronfman, Salzman, Mack et al had a purpose in life, no matter how misguided. You are mere algae floating on the Frank Report Tide.

      • I was never raised to give a damn about what the crowd thinks.
        Look at the stinking mess New York State is.
        Overcrowded airports.
        Subways that are hot and under frequent repair.
        The highest taxes in America.
        Bossy politicians like Michael Bloomberg.

        It is filled with voters who go along to get along and that’s why NXIVM flourishes in New York.

        “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” H. L. Mencken
        Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/h_l_mencken_163179

        The people in New York get precisely the type of government you deserve.

        “New York is the least free state in America, Cato Institute says”

      • Here’s the truth whether you like it or not.
        The people of New York live in one of the least free states in America where the political machine works for the powerful like the Bronfmans.
        And because you tolerate the rampant corruption you are condemned to live under the thumb of political machines and their criminal affiliates like NXIVM.

        And this is perhaps the most asinine statement I have seen in months:
        “At least Bronfman, Salzman, Mack et al had a purpose in life,”

        What was their purpose in life?
        To torture, swindle and enslave other people.

        With an attitude like that no wonder the people of New York are constantly being victimized by Cuomo, Bloomberg, Schumer, Gillebrand, DeBlasio and the whole parade of clownish politicians in the Empire State.
        Hitler and Stalin had purposes in life and there are millions of corpses to testify to those purposes.

        Compliant New Yorkers are the authors of their own discontent.

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