Bangkok: Frank is just as vindictive as Keith, Clare and NXIVM

MK10ART's extraordinary painting of Frank Parlato, publisher of Frank Report, being drawn in a chariot drawn by his new slaves, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman. The ironic touch is that these two tried to make Parlato the slaves of the state and evidently missed the mark.

By Bangkok

The contradiction which Frank is talking about is actually nothing more than the SAME CONTRADICTION which infects every member of this site, including Frank himself.

It’s ironic that the same people who claim ‘sainthood’ here — or at least a modicum of ‘goodness’ which Keith and Clare do not possess — are using THE SAME nefarious psychological methods which they claim Keith and NXIVM use.

So many examples, where do I start?

Let’s start with Frank himself. 

Frank recently claimed that he attained no personal gratification from the news of Keith being physically beaten in prison. LOL.

Frank actually claimed that he was just glad that Keith couldn’t hurt anybody else from inside prison, however, Frank reiterated that he takes no delight in Keith being beaten. Frank was ATTEMPTING to convince us that he’s just a noble and saintly journalist who is morally superior to Keith and would never take pleasure in the misery of others.

However, anybody reading that article could tell from Frank’s endless repetitive statements (recounting Keith’s misery in prison) that he not only LOVED hearing about Keith being beaten, but that he actually took JOYFUL DELIGHT from knowing that Keith is being knocked around in prison.

I’ve rarely read an article where the author seemed so ‘satiated’ when talking about physical violence being inflicted upon their subject.

FACT: Frank is just as vindictive and petty as Keith, Clare and NXIVM ever were.

The only difference between Frank and Keith is that Frank actually conned himself into thinking that he’s a righteous person (whereas deep, down inside — Keith knows he’s a morally rotten piece of shit but simply doesn’t care).

What about other members here?

Frank Parlato – why he’s just as bad as Keith Raniere, according to Bangkok.

We have members such as Heidi, NiceGuy, OrangeCountyDreams and their entire flock of sycophants who literally use the NXIVM PLAYBOOK to attempt to silence their critics using various psych tactics. LOL.

In NXIVM, if you ever spoke against Keith (or criticized him), you were labeled a suppressive or a crazy person and ridiculed (in an attempt to silence your opinion). That’s the NXIVM Playbook. The NXIVM lawsuits which followed these critics were merely an extension of this same principle of hating free speech IF it criticizes NXIVM, but the lawsuits themselves were merely incidental to this principle.

However, the same members here who speak as though they love free speech and would never use NXIVM tactics (to silence critics) are pulling out the NXIVM Playbook and unloading on anybody who criticizes Moira Penza, Frank Parlato, Toni Natalie, Heidi the NXIVM Dinosaur or Claviger the Lying Asshole —- or anybody else deemed a part of their ‘team’.

If you dare to criticize any of those people, you’ll immediately be attacked and ‘labeled’ in the same manner as the NXIVM Playbook dictates. It’s like a high school mentality here, yet most of these people are probably close to retirement age.

Oh, and the tough questions which I’ve asked of Heidi’s past get deleted by Frank (questions regarding how she remained friendly with Keith back in the 1980’s after she allegedly learned that he was a child molester; and why she didn’t seem to file a police report against Keith back in the 1980’s).

Yet, Frank likes to ask tough questions of Keith, Nancy and anybody else supporting NXIVM — even though he won’t allow tough questions to be asked of his friends here. Talk about a CONTRADICTION, lol.

I have no doubt that I’ll be labeled a suppressive or a crazy person for daring to point this shit out, in compliance with the NXIVM Playbook. 

PS — Sorry for posting again so soon, but Frank’s hypocrisy warranted a response. This blog has already gone downhill over the last 10 days with all the boring articles being posted. It’s a great sleeping aid though. NiceGuy should be employed as a Sominex spokesperson, hard to stay awake reading his shit.

Heidi should be employed as a fiction writer.

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  • This, “poor girl” Heidi is the typical victim. If she would have just done the right thing back in the 80s and turned her sisters abuser into the police, it would have changed the course of history. Instead, we have all these “victims”. The “victims literally victimized themselves. Now all of you take notes. Frank is doing what most can’t or won’t because your all to weak, scared or lazy.

  • I finally want to read a masterpiece of ScottTexJohnson.
    Scott is certainly better than Bangkok.

  • One reason KAR is afraid to be in general population instead of the sexual perversion cell block is – general population do not like child molesters

    Word is out about KAR and his appetite for underage girls. That is why he got the shit beat out of him, why he was desperate to go back to the perversion block, plus there is no access to hair dye at the SHU.

  • Well……..
    Frank, you do believe in free speech.

    Ya know what, Bang? I see us more as the chorus in a Greek tragedy.

  • Bangkok,

    Keith Raniere raped a young girl named Rhiannon over 60 times. It was not statutory rape. It was forced rape.

    Your statement Bangkok, “I’m aware it was ‘consensual’ sex between Keith and underage girls”, is materially false and grossly inaccurate.

  • This is a strange commentary. I don’t try to silence anyone – just stop the nasty, derisive attacks that silence posters with important information or direct NXIVM connections. I would love to see a civil, free flow of information. Maybe THAT is what you’re afraid of.

    • Bangkok,

      Last thing I want to mention…. I not think Heidi and Orange County Dreams appreciate being lumped in with me.

  • Bangkok should be employed as a US Attorney? Oh wait, that did not work out so well. Billion heiresses Lap Dog seems to be working out better ?

  • One FINAL clarification, to just make sure I wasn’t misunderstood…

    Just wanted to say that I’m aware it was ‘consensual’ sex between Keith and underage girls like Gina (it wasn’t forcible rape and I wasn’t implying that).

    I use the term ‘child molester’ very liberally, which in my own view means ANY ADULT PERVERT who gets his rocks off by ‘bedding’ or ‘grooming’ really young girls in any fashion.

    In other words… This wasn’t a “Romeo & Juliet” situation where a 17 year old girl was having sex with her 18 year old boyfriend. This was an adult PERVERT getting his rocks off with a 15 year old girl. This was a master manipulator likely “mentally coercing” a 15 year old girl.

    If ‘coercion’ is involved, that person is a molester in my opinion.

    A young girl like Gina was prone to being manipulated or mentally coerced by a manipulator like Keith, especially at 15 years old.

    In fact, even at 30 years old Gina was mentally coerced by Keith into taking her own life (according to many people here) which means as a child she had no defenses to his manipulation.

    That’s precisely why Heidi should have reported Keith to the police in the 1980’s no matter what her sister wanted, IMO.

    • Who uses the term ‘Rocks off’ nowadays?

      That’s a term from the 1950s and 1960s.

      Are you 70+ years old Bangkok?

      • It is disturbing to watch you write messages and replies to yourself, Dennis. What a long, strange journey it has been for you to get to this place.

  • Bangcock,

    A few things:

    Frankreport publishes all your article rants.
    Why you claim to be silenced and censored?

    Why do you always use “high school” analogies in all of your observations and articles?

    Are you in high school?

    Did you have a bad experience in high school?

    Thank you for the shout out. I do find myself boring at times…

    I hope you have a great day and are progressing along well in Fortnight.

  • Just wanted to clarify 2 things…

    1) When comparing Frank and Keith, I was doing so in the context of mental righteousness and not physical deeds. 🙂

    2) When asking why Heidi remained friendly with Keith in the 1980’s and didn’t appear to file a police report against him in the 1980’s —- I was referring to Frank’s (and Heidi’s) articles which seem to indicate that Heidi was aware that Keith was bedding her underage sister in the 1980’s.

    Yet based upon every article I’ve read so far (on Frank Report) Heidi seemed to remain ‘cordial’ with Keith for many years AFTER she learned that he had engaged in sex with underage girls.

    I’m not sure when Heidi first became aware of Keith bedding that other underage girl (Rhiannon) so it’s possible she didn’t yet know about Rhiannon back in the 1980’s or 1990’s. However, I find it a bit hard to believe that she didn’t learn about Rhiannon until recently. …But regardless of Rhiannon’s situation, that still doesn’t excuse being cordial with Keith AFTER she knew he was bedding her underage sister.

    Heidi likes to attack others here, almost signaling to us how virtuous she believes herself to be.

    Yet most readers here would NEVER be friendly or cordial with a man that was doing such immoral things to young girls, especially if it was our own sister that was being harmed by Keith.

    Keith is an animal. I would never be cordial with an animal. Heidi’s got some ‘splaining to do, IMO.

    • Bangkock,

      Your last comment is an attempt at seeking aproval of your peers and elders. That type of approval seeking is the behavior of s young adolescent. I can now unequivocally state that you are around high school age.

      All of your comments have come from someone that has little if any experience in the real world.

      I know you could care less but I want to apologize for all of the rude inconsiderate things I wrote to you.

      I thought you were an adult.

        • Tex2,

          That is one of Bangkok’s aliases, he trying to obfuscate his age after I called him out.
          Anonymous his him as well trying to allude that Bangkok is Dennis Burke.

          Bangkok like any teenager is trying to understand the complexities of social groups and social interaction.

          Heidi is probably one of the few adult woman he has ever interacted with besides his mom. Bangkok as I have pointed out has a “crush” on Heidi and craves attention from her whether it be positive or negative.

          Bangkok does not understand Heidi or her personal life or our interactions with her. Heidi’s personal life is of course her business.

          Bangkok is having trouble understanding the seemingly paradoxical behavior of adults and the inter workings of social groups.

          That is why Bangkok so routinely accuses everyone on this website of hypocrisy.

          My point Scott is that we should not overly judge or be mean to a kid trying to figure life out.

    • Did you know Keith? You are very certain about many things – which initially led me to believe that you have some sort of first hand knowledge. It now appears you are coming from a place of learning everything from FR. As you become more and more demanding to have your questions answered, it would help others splain stuff to you if we at least know the answer to this simple question.

  • Regarding Frank: Ever hear of sarcasm and satire? I wrote a whole story for Frank to publish about Heidi trying to convert Raniere into being a Mormon instead of calling the police after he repeatedly raped her younger sister – while her sister was a minor. Frank chose to not publish it. It’s his website. Get over it.

    Regarding the others, you’re spot-on correct.

  • “Frank was attempting to convince us”
    Here is a wild and crazy thought. Did it every occur to you that EVERYTHING you read or see on TV is trying to convince you of something?? As you stop for a moment to begin to realize your very article is trying to convince readers to your view point, you must ask yourself- are you using NXVIM tactics right out of there playbook as well?

  • Frank Parlato also allowed Scott Johnson to over-run his site to the point of almost complete ruin. That’s what happens when someone owns a web site – they do whatever they want with it, even if it includes allowing other people to wreck it.

    P.S. What in the world is a “Bangcock”?

    • Hi “Well I am not Bangcock”,

      I think 95% of Frankreport website visitors/guests agree with your sentiments, in regards to Scott Tex Johnson ruining the Frankreport website experience.

      The other 5% of visitors/guests made up of Scott and his aliases strongly disagree with your sentiments.

    • I have outstanding comments, that’s why Frank publishes a lot of them. Also, the word is Bangkok. It’s a city. Look it up.

      • Tex2Scott,

        Your comments are usually insults or inarticulate critiques. Occasionally your funny and make good points 10% of the time I will give you that much.

        Your rage from the Amco screw job is palpable to everyone.

        • I couldn’t care less what you think of my comments.

          Just like NXIVM, if more people spoke up against Amway, it would no longer be scamming people. Why is this a bad thing?

  • Hey dipshit, you are already labeled way worse than a suppressive or a crazy person. If you care so much about what we think of you, then maybe don’t be a dick, don’t lie, and respond to simple questions. And congrats on getting another one of your masterpieces published by the great FP.

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