The contradiction of Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman is a curious contradiction.

Born under a bad star – she came into the world with wealth to be inherited and somehow ran into a monster who seemed to do something unique – he took an heiress – who would normally be above the law in the US – and turned her into a criminal – based largely on financial crimes.

And she didn’t need the money.

She came into the world of Nxivm, the world of Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, with the intention not to steal or harm anyone but to be a somebody – something more than her money – something more than a dumb girl who happened by the accident of birth to be the inheritor of money she never earned or could have earned.

She wanted to be known as someone important and her drive for importance led to her desire to do good for the world. To make it a better place.

She did not come to Keith Raniere with the intention to aid and abet his foul plans.  She was not entering Nxivm to satisfy her sadism. She wanted to be loved. She wanted friendship. She wanted people who would like her for herself, not for her money.

She wanted to help in a noble mission.

And for the first time – and it drew her out of her shyness – she found two people who really cared about her, not her money: Keith and Nancy.

They loved her for who she was inside, she felt; this sweet, shy, noble-hearted, but inarticulate, misunderstood lady, with confused emotions.

She was always a Bronfman all her life- and that meant nobody ever saw her for herself but for her money.

Would that she could have hidden for a time – gone on some excursion, changed her name and wandered around where nobody knew her. Drift from town to town, nobody knowing she was an heiress and lived a little and found herself.

But she didn’t and the closest she came was Nxivm Village and Keith and Nancy, who threw so much love bombing at her that she finally felt she had a place. A family, a home.

And so pure was the mission, as Keith described it, that she fell in love with that too.

I have dined with Clare and Nancy and Keith and watched as the little girl sat with us after setting up a camera on a tripod to film our dinner to ensure that not one essential word that fell from the precious mouth of the great one would be missed.

And after dinner, I saw her sitting on the floor at his feet, to her, more of a daddy than a lover, more of a sacred idol than a living human.

She looked for acceptance from him and wanted to be loved and wanted – for herself, for who she was. For all her life, nobody ever wanted her for anything other than her money. And she knew it.

Keith was the first one, Keith and Nancy, that ever completely fooled her and made her think it was not about her money, not at all. They wanted her for her. For her unique talents and appreciation of things.

They wanted her for her pure heart.

They let her feel that even if she did not have a dollar to her name [something that may soon come to pass], they would still regard her the same, just as highly. She would be just as precious – and she could still be just as important in the Nxivm organization that she was helping to build.

She would have the same rank, the same place, the same status, the same power and role in the world mission – even if she had not one thin dime to her name.

For the first time, she felt free of her wealth. That the money she never earned was neither her albatross nor her gateway into everything she was ever invited into.

When she first came to Keith in 2002, she was something of a competitive horse jumper – an equestrian. She was not top in the world and not likely to ever be so, but she was a competitor and probably ranked somewhere among the top 100 women riders in her field.  She was possibly the only heiress among them, and she could probably outspend her competitors $100 to one – getting the best horses, equipment, stables, trainers etc.

She must have known she could never be the best. But, of course, Keith snowed her, at first promising his tech could make her number one. That was his ruse.  He wanted to be her number one alright and grab her money – every dollar of it.

Soon after giving her some bullshit advice on riding – and riding is something he knew nothing about – I doubt Keith was ever on a horse in his life -and I do think any horse his ass touched would grow sick – horses being more perceptive in some things than humans – and would probably throw him – and he persuaded Clare in time to stop riding horses since it was cruel to the poor animals.

He had for her a more noble mission and when she heard this, her girl’s heart leaped for joy.

She had wanted to be an equestrian to show she could succeed at something other than being a liquor heiress. And here now was something so big and broad and noble – the very revolution of life on earth, the new way of thinking for the next 10,000 years – and she would be at the right hand of the savior of humanity, The Vanguard – for so she believed Keith to be – and bring about a new world order – one of love and compassion and peace.

Keith waxed poetic before her, admitting, sadly, that one day, perhaps 100,000 years from now, it was true, it was in some ways all for naught, for humankind would forget him and her too, just as one day they would forget the Buddha or Christ – for humankind would evolve beyond them, using them, even he, to achieve the loftiness humankind would one day accomplish.

In time, the savior must be forgotten.

And she thrilled to his words, and how she, this small girl who never did anything other than being born into wealth, could be part of a great movement for 100 millennia – and true, would one day be forgotten – as the world went on – using the gifts [or tools] he had given and she who worked to spread this to the world.

The girl believed every word of it.

The next time you see her gray and drawn face as she walks into court, try to remember that it was vibrant once, when she got first into this group that threatens now to destroy her. She believed in her heart that she would use her wealth and her honor and brains and energy – every good thing in her womanly heart – to bring about a better world – a vision far beyond her – the vision of her master, Keith Raniere – the only man she ever met that was pure and good and cared only about others, just as he cared about her.

This may all be quite laughable to you who read this – but to her none of this was funny and none of this is funny to her now.

Perhaps the stupendous mistake she made is laughable – but I only want you to consider that there was a time when this little girl – in her mid-20s – daughter of a barmaid and a billionaire father far too busy to raise her – or even see to her education – had a heart that told her – “I want to use my life to improve the world.”

Sure, Keith taught her to be cruel. To be callous, to steel her heart against what seemed injustice. He took her under his wing and trained her to be what he is – a sadist.

But she did not start this way. If you will remember anything about Clare Bronfman, it should be this: She came to him with a clean desire and he trained her, meticulously, over the years, to be cruel and to do cruel things, to be unwavering in her cruelty. He implanted in her the mental suggestion that any cruelty is justified if it promotes his cause of love and peace.

It was “the end justifies the means” – in spades.

There were no “means” that she would ultimately find too offensive, for Keith always kept the end in sight for her – a new world of love and beauty for all mankind.

If ever she had ever thought that the end was just plain nonsense, a lie he told her to con her out of her wealth and freedom, I believe she would have left him.

Keith’s massive trick was to always keep the end in sight, always make her believe he cared only for the end and if a few stragglers, a few suppressives, even a few innocent bystanders had to be destroyed to make way for the good that he was going to bestow  – what are a few lives compared to the billions who would benefit, healed by his wondrous, love-filled teachings that would change the world in time?

It was her massive mistake not to realize that “the end and the means are one.”  That the means must justify the end and not vice versa. That one cannot get good through evil, or peace through violence. One war begets another and one enemy destroyed only creates more enemies in turn.

It was her massive mistake that she never realized Keith was lying to her. That he had no noble mission. He was playing his psychopathic game  – spending time with her only because of her money. That everything she saw in him was different than it really was.

And this she stubbornly refused to consider.  No one could point this out to her: that he considered in her only her wealth.

If anyone tried, she would turn on them. And the longer she was in, the more she had to be adamant about this. For she had now invested so much of her life, so much of her wealth into the noble Raniere.

For her to do an about-face would mean she was actually lower than she originally thought herself to be when she first came to him. She would then be truly worthless, more worthless than ever she thought she was when she threw her whole lot in with him. For she was not only worthless then, before she met him [and not the noble-hearted one that he alone made her see in herself] but that she was so worthless that she could be deceived and do great harm by being deceived.

If the mission was proven to be false, she would have nothing, nothing to live for.  This is what the prosecution ought to remember- that her whole being – her whole sense of worth is tied to Keith being right and being misunderstood.

If she admitted to herself that it was she that misunderstood him, she would have nothing left, nothing of dignity nothing of her belief that she really is and always was good person, with a good heart, a noble loving person who like Keith is also misunderstood.

She believed in the mission. She wept because Keith was misunderstood. She only went after his enemies not because she hated them but because she was trying to protect him.

She was not just blindly obeying. She saw his histrionics – about how his enemies were killing him and she believed it. How Toni Natalie leaving him was killing him. How Joe O’Hara, if he got away with it – could combine with her father and maybe the Illuminati to destroy the only good man in the world and end the mission.

She had to go after them, and after Barb Bouchey and myself and others – to protect Keith.

At first, when she first came in, she was a devotee not only of Keith but of Nancy Salzman as well. In 2009, Keith decided to do a reversal – to make Clare number 2 and demote Nancy.

Nancy, of course, would keep her exalted title of Prefect and keep the glory of being almost worshiped by the rank and file members.  But Clare became the powerhouse, the money ruler, the one who made the financial decisions, and he trained her to be tight – with everyone but him, of course.

It cast a grey cloud on Nxivm.

If Nancy was punishing and mercurial, she could also be gay and motherly. Clare was sullen and tightfisted. She did not know how to smile and love, but it was not out of hatred but out of fear and lack of confidence. She was tight with others for she suspected that, unlike Raniere, they were after her for her money, like everyone else had been all her life. She had to pay them little to test them, to make sure that they were there for the mission.

In this, Keith more than encouraged her. He taught her.

Yes, she could spend millions on Raniere’s frivolous ventures and lose it – spend millions on lawsuits that would only destroy and gain nothing and lose $90 million on harebrained investments he advised her to make, yet she would treat the Nxivm devotees who worked for her with punishing tightness. Pay them minimum wage or hardly better to ensure they were not with her or the mission for her money.

She began with a $100 million trust – while her father was alive. She blew through that with Raniere.

She got another $300 million or so from her father’s estate.  She is well on the way of blowing through that too.  She spent probably $50 million suing Keith’s enemies. She may spend that much or near it defending herself and him.

The time will come when she will probably have a chance to buy down some of her prison sentence in a plea deal.

Whether she takes it remains to be seen.

In our money-driven criminal justice system she will likely get the chance to pay millions in fines and restitution to shorten her sentence – if she chooses to take a plea deal. But that is quite uncertain. For to take a plea deal is to admit she was wrong about Keith Raniere.

Keith took a young lady with too much wealth, not enough life experience and turned her into a predator.  She didn’t want to be a predator. She may not even realize she is a predator.

This is Keith’s talent. Here was a young woman who started out saying, “I have all this wealth, it may have come from questionable origins, but I will be the Bronfman that does something noble with the money. I will atone for the past.”

She never earned any money.  She only lost it. And she used her money to punish a lot of people.

Still, as for her financial crimes and other offenses, one can easily see it was not done as most others who commit financial crimes do so – for the money. She already had the money.

She did it for Keith – because he said it must be done to accomplish his wonderful worldwide mission of love and peace and to promote the evolution of humankind to a wiser, more noble, less savage civilization.

That’s the contradiction of Clare Bronfman.






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  • I think you’ve gone off the rails in your defense of her. Clare was always a weird, cold, vindictive person. That’s what comes from a lifetime of rejection being the offspring of your half siblings nanny.

    All Raniere did was magnify what was already there.

  • Asking a question does not make something true. Finding evidence that supports the premise of the question is much closer to the truth.

    • Scott,
      Are you quoting fortune cookies now?

      “Asking a question does not make something true”.

      The Johnson family ordered take out Chinese food?


      • Of course, where do you think I get all of my comments from? Lots of Chinese fortune cookies. I just buy a bag of them and make a comment after I break one open.

  • A finely-penned FR Classic Clare tribute!

    Pssst, we also know what you really think of Clare’s contradictions. Especially the one that she got you indicted with, Frank.

  • Clare Bronfman is truly a poor little rich girl. Money cannot buy you happiness. Money I have learned today…
    …. cannot even buy you a penis enhancement.
    The following link is to the story of Billionaire that had it all….except a big dick. He went into a boutique medical practice to get his penis enhanced……Now he has nothing because he is dead. Clare had it all and so did this billionaire.

    The moral of the story is be thankful for the little things in life.

    When I was reading the article I actually thought of Heidi’s quote….”Your penis is not my problem”…..

    ….Well in this case the Billionaire’s penis is no longer his problem…. because he is dead.

    The billionaire in question traded in conflict diamonds in the Congo. He most likely had no true redeemable qualities and will now make incredible fertilizer.

      • TeX2,

        The point of my comment is that we should all be thankful for the little things no matter how small they are…

        A 65 year old billionaire does not need a big dick. The young women that were sleeping with this 65 year old gentleman did not care about his endowments.

        He died of the sin of pride. I am not religious man, but in the end his hubris played a hand in his death.

        …..A tragic random event or poetic justice?…..

        The money from conflict diamonds at one time paid for weapons that were used in the whole sale slaughter and genocide of thousands of women and children.

        • The point of my comment is this was a random medical failure. People like to poke fun of millionaires and billionaires. This kind of medical emergency happens from time to time, and ONLY because he was a billionaire is it news. Your attempt to make more out of it than it is, is pathetic.

          • Tex2,

            I do not believe the billionaire’s death was fate or an act of God.

            I was commenting in a rush.

            I actually had a point.

            The Billionaire was indirectly for the death of thousands. He was cognizant of the fact that the money paid for the diamonds would be used to buy weapons.

            He knowingly broke the law. He ended up paying a small fine. Clare is never going to spend more than 6 months in prison. She will never pay for her crimes.

            Frank’s article does a good job of preparing all of the readers for the eventuality that Clare Bronfman will walk. She will only pay financially from the cost of her legal defense team.

            Unless one day fate or Gods hand intervene….Or a surgical slip up Clare will never pay.

            OJ actually killed someone and he even walked because he had the money

          • Tex2,

            A good old Texan boy like yourself does not believe it was the Lords hand?


          • Scott,

            Wow 1/2 year ago……

            Shlomo Finkelstein
            August 19, 2018 at 8:40 pm
            It’s amazing that Frank Parlato still defends you; you are the source of a lot of controversy on Frank Report.

            ……..and nothing has changed.

            How many visitors did the Frankreport lose because of Scott Johnson?

  • This is Keith’s talent. Here was a young woman who started out saying, “I have all this wealth, it may have come from questionable origins, but I will be the Bronfman that does something noble with the money. I will atone for the past.”

    Did anyone hear her say this?

    • Takes one hell of a pair of rose tinted lenses to think Clare has a single scrap of anything romantic in what is left of her cold scrawny shell.

      • Love my rose-colored glasses. In hindsight, clearly she made some poor choices. But, if you could turn back time before she met Keith, it’s obvious she was, and is, an introvert based on her behavior and mannerisms. In my opinion, she was very attractive before she lost so much weight.

        • Did you ever meet her before she joined NXIVM, or was your “romantic” comment based on you finding her atttractive before she lost weight?

  • The contradiction which Frank is talking about is actually nothing more than the SAME CONTRADICTION which infects every member of this site, including Frank himself.

    It’s ironic that the same people who claim ‘sainthood’ here — or at least a modicum of ‘goodness’ which Keith and Clare do not possess — are using THE SAME nefarious psychological methods which they claim Keith and NXIVM use.

    So many examples, where do I start?

    Let’s start with Frank himself. 🙂

    Frank recently claimed that he attained no personal gratification from the news of Keith being physically beaten in prison. LOL.

    Frank actually claimed that he was just glad that Keith couldn’t hurt anybody else from inside prison, however, Frank reiterated that he takes no delight in Keith being beaten. Frank was ATTEMPTING to convince us that he’s just a noble and saintly journalist who is morally superior to Keith and would never take pleasure in the misery of others.

    However, anybody reading that article could tell from Frank’s endless repetitive statements (recounting Keith’s misery in prison) that he not only LOVED hearing about Keith being beaten, but that he actually took JOYFUL DELIGHT from knowing that Keith is being knocked around in prison.

    I’ve rarely read an article where the author seemed so ‘satiated’ when talking about physical violence being inflicted upon their subject.

    FACT: Frank is just as vindictive and petty as Keith, Clare and NXIVM ever were.

    The only difference between Frank and Keith is that Frank actually conned himself into thinking that he’s a righteous person (whereas deep, down inside — Keith knows he’s a morally rotten piece of shit but simply doesn’t care).

    What about other members here?

    We have members such as Heidi, NiceGuy, OrangeCountyDreams and their entire flock of sycophants who literally use the NXIVM PLAYBOOK to attempt to silence their critics using various psych tactics. LOL.

    In NXIVM, if you ever spoke against Keith (or criticized him) you were labeled a suppressive or a crazy person and ridiculed (in an attempt to silence your opinion). That’s the NXIVM Playbook. The NXIVM lawsuits which followed these critics were merely an extension of this same principle of hating free speech IF it criticizes NXIVM, but the lawsuits themselves were merely incidental to this principle.

    However, the same members here who speak as though they love free speech and would never use NXIVM tactics (to silence critics) are pulling out the NXIVM Playbook and unloading on anybody who criticizes Moira Penza, Frank Parlato, Toni Natalie, Heidi the NXIVM Dinosaur or Claviger the Lying Asshole —- or anybody else deemed a part of their ‘team’.

    If you dare to criticize any of those people you’ll immediately be attacked and ‘labeled’ in the same manner as the NXIVM Playbook dictates. It’s like a high school mentality here, yet most of these people are probably close to retirement age.

    Oh, and the tough questions which I’ve asked of Heidi’s past get deleted by Frank (questions regarding how she remained friendly with Keith back in the 1980’s after she allegedly learned that he was a child molester; and why she didn’t seem to file a police report against Keith back in the 1980’s).

    Yet Frank likes to ask tough questions of Keith, Nancy and anybody else supporting NXIVM — even though he won’t allow tough questions to be asked of his friends here. Talk about a CONTRADICTION, lol.

    I have no doubt that I’ll be labeled a suppressive or a crazy person for daring to point this shit out, in compliance with the NXIVM Playbook. 🙂


    PS — Sorry for posting again so soon but Frank’s hypocrisy warranted a response today. This blog has already gone downhill over the last 10 days with all the boring articles being posted. It’s a great sleeping aid though. NiceGuy should be employed as a Sominex spokesperson, hard to stay awake reading his shit. Heidi should be employed as a fiction writer. 🙂

  • Clare is working to protect a pack of criminals. She could be working with the DOJ to clear the mess she helped to create. Instead, she is hiring ten lawyers for herself and paying for her Master to have five highly paid lawyers. She might not refill the legal defense fund; she might pay their bills directly.

    Helping to save her Master is not an excuse for all the legal battles she put people through. It’s like holding down victims’ so her Master could heal himself through raping women. WTF Frank, who is going to buy this line of crap – a jury?

    • Yes It’s true indeed,

      I believe sometime in the immediate future an individual with a deep spiritual connection to Kristin Kreuk will be contacting you in regards to your criticism of dearest Kristin

      ….this individual fights for truth, justice, and Kristin Kreuk’s Piety…

      Hell hath no fury like Kristin Kreuk’s biggest super fan……

      ….Sultan of Six

      “Yes It’s true” you have released the beast!!!!!!!

  • Dearest readers,

    A follow up to the article “Mathematician computes devotion Sultan has for Kristin Kreuk”.

    We have already established a reasonable time frame of Spanky’s first spank to Kristin Kreuk (from 2005) a reasonable weekly spank estimate (twice a week) and a reasonable estimate of the amount of low testosterone jizz he has jizzed out (3.70 pounds).

    Now, we will examine how long Spanky has spent actually spanking it to his dream spank.


    An online website by the name “askmen” conducted a survey to find out the jizzing habits of 4000 men.

    46% claimed they shoot their loads after 10-15 minutes of spanking.


    According to research by porn website “PornHub”:

    “In 2017, PornHub visitors spent nine minutes clicking through just nine pages”


    This would mean hand monkeys find the porn they like and spank it raw within nine minutes. So less than ten minutes of spanking.


    So what does all this mean in relation to Sultan Of Spank? .

    If Spanky takes the minimal amount of spank-time to shoot out his gross load, (less than 9 minutes according to PornHub research)
    and 10 minutes according to the askmen survey of 4000 men, (we’ll say nine minutes) and Spanky has been spanking it TWICE weekly
    to Kristin Kreuk for FOURTEEN YEARS, it means Spanky has spanked it to Kristin Kreuk:

    – 18 minutes a week.

    – 1 Hour, 11 Minutes and 59 Seconds a month

    – 14 Hours and 24 Minutes a year

    – 201 Hours, 35 Minutes and 59 Seconds over fourteen years


    For perspective, the Spank Phantom has spent:

    8 Days, 9 Hours and 36 Minutes stroking his little banana slug to Kristin Kreuk.



    And for all we know, Sultan Of Spank has spanked it to Kristin Kreuk since BEFORE 2005, MORE than twice a week and perhaps ejaculates MORE than the estimated quarter of a teaspoon of jizz every spank.


    Day turns to night. Night turns to day. And that, is A LOT of spanking.

  • Keith is who you want him to be. He is a Chameleon, that is the psychopath. If you want a guru, he will be one. If you want a father figure, he turns into that. It’s like he can grant your innermost desire, but none of it is real.

  • How can Frank or whoever wrote this post know what Clare Bronfman intentions were or who she was like when she came to NXIVM?

    I was there when she first came to NXIVM. I noticed she was often alone and no one was talking with her. Sara, her sister
    the social one. I attempted several times to talk with her and make her feel welcome but she treated me as if I was one of her stable workers.

  • The Bronfman sisters’ mother wanted to give them a somewhat more normal life in Europe and Africa than they would have had as Bronfman’s in New York City. The father neglected their higher education. It looks like neither parent prepared them for either the responsibilities or the pitfalls of the great fortunes they would inherit. It might have been better if they were more educated, less sheltered. A few business classes would have helped, maybe on the subject of commodities trading.

    • Mother was too busy finding another wealthy husband to replace the one she lost lest she return to her proper station in life.

  • Could it be that many of the NXIVM women had some kind of father issues?
    In Clare’s case even grandfather issues?
    Clare’s grandfather, Sam Bronfman was a rapacious businessman who built a fortune from his bootlegging activities with mobsters.

    And as a person who dabbles in Hindu religious notions, Clare is now experiencing the results of some kind of Karma
    where she is being punished for her grandfather’s sins.
    Raniere knew how to play Clare making her feel guilty for her family’s past sins.
    With Nancy Salzman Raniere had to declare her the reincarnation of Hitler.
    But Clare’s grandfather was a truly evil man and Edgar Bronfman Senior, through his charitable activities, was never able to erase that horrible legacy.

  • Excellent article Frank!
    Clare needs to cut her losses and stop funding this madman’s defense.
    If he were so smart, he’d get himself out of this mess without multiple lawyers. He doesn’t understand and have mastered the law by now with his superior intellect? ha!
    Clare was conned by a conman and her vast wealth enabled the psychopath Raniere to wreak more havoc than the average conman.
    He was a good conman and now will be a convict for the rest of his pathetic life.

    • Regardless of Raniere’s level of intellect, he is in a totally different environment that he can’t understand, the Federal Court system. Put one of the smartest mammals in the world, a dolphin, at the top of a 10-story building and expect it to get back to the ocean on it’s own. That’s where Raniere is, and he is being systematically ground up by the system, physically, emotionally, financially, and in every other way you can imagine. So are the rest of the defendants.

  • How did Clare and her sister ever end up meeting the NXIVM or ESP crowd in the first place? Did they just happen to be in Saratoga buying horses at auction, or did they get pulled into taking an ESP class from a friend?

  • Basically, Clair is a very naive moron. She and her sister Sara had that doe look. I would guess Sara was the smarter of the two.
    A formal education does not make one intelligent as lacking an education in no way prevents someone from exploring learning and being self taught.

    Bottom line both sisters are dumb as rocks.

    • Evidence would show Sara, while being a dingbat, was smart enough to leave, although maybe that was only her husband’s brains and desire to have her pocketbook to himself.

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