Vanguard is not Dying – but he is Dyeing – with Contraband Hair Dye

With things now returning to normal at MDC – which should never be confused with the term “normal” as it applies to the real world – we are, once again, getting reports on how Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard AKA Federal Prisoner 57005-177 AKA Crybaby Jane is faring in the confines of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

Loyal readers of Frank Report are aware that MDC has been experiencing a few problems of late: e.g., limited electricity, no hot water, no heat, no hot food, etc.

But we are happy to report that all those problems seem to have been resolved – and that, we are, once again, able to provide our readers with some inside info on what’s going on with the world’s smartest man as he gets ready for a trial that may well result in him spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

So, without further ado, here are some updates on what’s going on with the head of the NXIVM sex slave cult:
– Just like his attorneys reported, Raniere is, in fact, living among the general population at MDC these days (The tipoff was that dark green/brown onesie that he wore to his last court appearance).

– But, alas, the only reason he’s now in with the general population is because his entire unit had to be evacuated due to broken water pipes that made the Sex Offenders Unit uninhabitable.

– So, although Raniere is currently residing among MDC’s General Population, he – and the rest of his buddies in the Sex Offenders Unit – will be returning to their own special place just as soon as MDC’s staff have repaired the broken water pipes there and gotten rid of the resulting mold.

– As predicted, Raniere is not faring well in General Population. To the contrary, he’s already attracted the attention of a couple of guys who know all about who he is – and what he’s done. And, suffice to say, those guys are not fans of a cult leader-pedophile-Ponzi-scheme-operator-asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone else there.

– Oh, and here’s the really good news. Raniere has managed to buy some contraband hair-dye in MDC and though it was undoubtedly cut more times than a brick of the best Afghanistan cocaine – he still managed to get a rather striking black and blotchy look that is uniquely his own. All of us are looking forward to seeing him next time in court as he shows off he marvelous, most recent dye job.

– And those clown-like shoes that he’s been wearing to all his court hearings? Well, as it turns out, the Bureau of Prisons only offers standard shoe sizes to inmates. So, Raniere has had to get by with much larger shoes than his little stumpy feet require simply to ensure that the shoes are wide enough to accommodate the girth of his foot-stumps.

– Meanwhile, Raniere is continuing to chow down on everything that’s offered in terms of food at MDC. Vegetarian? Not no much. More like whatever-the-fuck-is-being-served-arian.

– Raniere tried to convince the Medical Unit staff that he had contracted pneumonia while MDC was experiencing problems with its heating system. They quickly offered him 1 aspirin – and sent him back to his new unit.

But the weirdest thing about Vanguard is that although he’s been at MDC for almost 11 months, he still hasn’t made any friends. Not a one.

And he still acts like he’ll be getting released any day now.

Most prisoners adopt some sort of coping mechanism to get through the complete and total boredom of prison.

Unlike most prisoners, Raniere has apparently opted to go with the delusional concept that he’s going to be released any day now.

Having been turned down on three separate occasions for release on bond, Raniere appears to be focused on his upcoming trial that is currently scheduled to start on April 29th.

So, what’s going to happen when the next superseding indictment is released – and his trial gets postponed until sometime next fall?

And, worse yet, what’s going to happen when he actually goes to trial, is found guilty on all counts, and ends up with a sentence somewhere between 20 years and life?

Probably nothing very good…

Viva Executive Success!

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  • It’s funny that his highest value is trading commissary goods for watered down pen ink to dye his hippy long hair. WTF, who is he doing this for? None of his gal pal will even look at him in the courtroom.
    Does he think he’s think he’s making a good impression on the Judge?

    • That’s a very good question, SIWSD. I don’t get it. At all.

      He should have left his hair grey and bought some conditioner at the commissary. It would have looked infinitely better, I think.

      But who knows what motivates this man? Money, sex, power…maybe now we can add vanity?

  • Newsflash: Keith did NOT pay other inmates for “protection” from the general population.

    The EVIDENCE shows the opposite is true.

    FACT: If Keith had paid money for ‘protection’ then HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ASSAULTED in the first place.

    Likewise, if Keith had paid money for ‘protection’ then he wouldn’t have had his glasses stolen either.

    Likewise, If Keith had paid money for ‘protection’ then he would not have been “headbutted” and made to cry in the fetal position on the cell floor, quite recently.

    Thus, if Keith can’t pay for ‘protection’ against his own small unit of sexual perverts, then HOW THE FUCK can he pay for protection against the ENTIRE general population?

    Thus, Keith did NOT pay for protection.

    Also, if the sexual perverts unit was released into the general population as Claviger claims, then EVERY PERSON in that unit would have needed to pay for ‘protection’ against the general population since they’re ALL at risk of being raped or killed (that’s the WHOLE reason they are separated from the general population in the first place).

    Thus, they couldn’t all pay for protection against the whole general population.

    That’s just a fantasy theory. The truth is that Claviger is a LYING sack of shit and they were never released into the general population.

    They were probably housed in certain general population cells (while their own unit underwent repairs) BUT they were obviously given “special protection” from the guards to make sure they couldn’t be assaulted or killed. Thus, they were NOT let loose into the general population and Claviger is a LIAR and a SCUMBAG for even suggesting this.

    Guess what else?

    Need I remind you that Keith complained of not having enough blankets recently, which means he doesn’t even have the resources (being funneled to him inside prison) to BUY EXTRA BLANKETS FROM OTHER INMATES on the black market.

    Thus, if he can’t use Clare’s money to buy even a few extra blankets from other inmates then HOW THE FUCK can he pay other inmates for ‘protection’ against the ENTIRE general population?

    He can’t. Case closed. Fantasy theory ended.

  • From a close friend who spent 25 years as a CO (corrections officer). It is illegal for inmates to alter their appearance, that includes hair dye and jail house tattoos yet they do it. Inmates will use pen ink, shoe polish etc to dye their hair. If caught, they risk punishment such as loss of commissary privileges or recreation time etc.

    It is also likely that Keith has found some protection on the inside, as my friend stated “he has the money he could easily be paying for protection, plus isnt he supposed to be able to hypnotize people?”

    When I mentioned, Keith was in General population. Former CO stated “I am surprised he isn’t dead yet then, it took them years to get Whitey Bulger but they did” and ” Guys like Keith do not last long in GP”.

    • Raniere will only be in General Population until his cell-block is fixed. And MDC has added extra COs to the unit where he is now so that he – and the others from his cell-block – are not harmed. He is reportedly not enjoying himself in his current location and is anxious to get back where he feels safer.

  • Hi
    Krclaviger or Frank;

    How much Vanguard NXIVM money do you believe is floating around out there unaccounted for?

    A rough example:

    If the value of all of the properties NXIVM and affiliate companies own are added up including Salzman’s house,&$ 500,000 cash etc and other known assets …………add up the sum total than deduct that amount from the profits estimated to have been generated by Nxivm North America( US, Mexico & Canada).

    How much money ballpark estimate do think is missing (unaccounted)?

    Heidi mentioned if anyone had any good questions or ideas for articles…..

    I am sure you are busy I do not expect serious answer.
    I am just wondering what you believe the rough ballpark estimate of missing money(assets) to be?

  • Hi Mr. Parlato. Im an occasional reader of your website. I cant find you on Twitter anymore! I used to see your tweets on my timeline but i no longer see anything NXIVM related. Did they shut you down? I appreciate all the work you put into your site. Lots of info. Is it possible to create a summary page listing all of the cast of characters, where they are (or might be), and if in custody what step in the process they are currently in (awaiting trial, on bail, sentenced, etc)? I think it would be a nice central place for people to check. TY for your time.

  • Anyone remember Oz? HBO prison drama? Be nice if life imitated art and Raniere would come to an ugly end. Save some tax dollars

  • Let’s not forget KAR is “at-cause” for every apparent mishap that befalls him.

    Thanks for the update, Claviger.

  • I have EVIDENCE that Mr. Claviger is a LYING SACK OF SHIT about Keith being let into the general population with no special protections.

    Keith is part of the “sexual perverts unit” BECAUSE he needs special protection from the general population.

    This is a unit which must be segregated from the general population to keep them safe. This means they can’t be let into the general population BECAUSE they’d get their asses kicked and/or their poop-holes violated by the other inmates.

    Even if Keith (and his fellow sexual perverts) had to be physically evacuated from their current housing unit while it’s undergoing repairs, the guards would be FORBIDDEN from sending those guys into the “general population” without any special protections.


    Because that would be violating their whole right to safety. The guards and the state of NY would be SUED for MILLIONS if those guys got raped or killed by the general population.

    To say it another way… If the guards could truly push Keith into the general population on a whim — without any special protections — there would be NO REASON for having a sexual perverts unit in the first place, and it therefore wouldn’t exist.

    But it does exist. That’s how I know that Claviger is a lying sack of shit.

    Guess what?

    Keith has ALREADY violated every part of the inmates ‘code’.

    Keith has ALREADY “ratted out” his fellow inmates for assaulting him and stealing his glasses.

    Keith has ALREADY allowed himself to be PUNK’D (bullied) without fighting back, which is a huge violation of the inmates ‘code’.

    According to the inmates ‘code’ you must fight back against any bullying, else you’ll be labeled a “punk” (and it’ll be open season on you). You don’t have to ‘win’ the fight to get respect (you can get your ass kicked and still get respect). You merely have to “fight back” and show that you’re not a punk. Keith FAILED to do that when he was assaulted. That means he’s now a PUNK and would not survive the general population.

    *Thus, if Keith were TRULY released into the general population (as Claviger claims) then he’d have ALREADY been severely beaten and/or raped by the other inmates for violating every single part of their ‘code’.

    That’s how I know that Claviger is a PATHETIC lying sack of manure.

    I think Claviger is giving us HALF truths.

    Keith probably did have to be evacuated from his housing unit and sent to another part of the prison near the general population.

    However, I can promise you that he’s being given special ‘protection’ (by the guards) and he’s NOT mingling with the general population the way that Claviger is implying.


    Because he’d have ALREADY been BEATEN UP if that were really true.

    Up yours, Claviger. Kindly tell your LYING sources they can kiss my butt. I just exposed your pathetic, lying ass.

    I dare you to prove me wrong using REAL evidence to support your bullshit theories.

    • *Small correction:

      It’s a federal prison obviously, not a state prison, thus it would be the Federal Government who gets sued, not the state of NY.

    • Bangcock,
      There are probably special protocols in place such as there being more guards.

      Krclaviger reports have always been accurate and Krclaviger does not seem to take many artistic liberties when he reports a story.

      Vanguard and the other special inmates are safe.

      Bangcock, on some oddball level, I do respect the fact that you are constantly questioning everything. It’s actually what most Americans should do when it comes to the news.

      By the way I will be realeasing my rebuttal to your attack piece.

      • How do you know whether Claviger is being accurate/honest? Where are the audio/video recordings, where are the other witnesses who agree with Claviger? It’s called hearsay, and Claviger knows it, he’s a lawyer, after all. Why do you automatically buy what he says?

        • Scott,

          Why would Claviger lie? His reporting is usually spot on accurate. If he takes a few artistic liberties in his reporting a news story or writing an article who gives a fuck?

          Claviger is doing this work for free.

          What are you so angry about?

        • Hearsay ? Hearsay is a legal term. Your argument regarding “hearsay” is moot. Krclaviger is reporting news and asking sources questions. Almost all reporting is “hearsay”. Scott your observations are just as bad as my own and maybe worse.

          This last paragraph of yours leads me to conclude you are in fact Bangcock.

          There are too many parallels between the two of you.

          You both have exactly the same thought patterns.

          You both make the same exact arguments and have the same perspective on life. Both of you are always angry.

          You did a good job with having a different writing style for your Bangcock alias.

          Scott = Bangcock

          I should have realized it sooner.

    • Wow I am honored you read my comment and turned it into a rant.

      Why don’t you put your energy into contributing something meaningful? Like real research.

      There is 20 million floating around out there. Where did it go ?

    • As I’ve said before, if you – or anyone else – has access to better information than I do about what’s going on at MDC, then I will gladly step aside and let you write those posts. In the meantime, I’ll continue to report on what I’m told from my sources there.

      My sources have no reason to make stuff up; nor do I. So, if anything I report is inaccurate – which I do not believe has been the case – then it’s simply the result of an honest mistake rather than some nefarious agenda as you seem to believe.

      I don’t know how things are handled in other prisons but I have been told by numerous people that MDC has its own unique rules and policies. And after what went on there recently in terms of the heat and hot water situation, that seems believable.

      • Krclaviger ,
        your time is better served elsewhere.

        Krclaviger you do not need to waste your time answering Bangcock’s or anyone’s ridiculous attacks.
        Nobody takes any of Bangcock’s comments seriously or even “with a grain of salt”.

        I think everyone that visits the Frankreport website appreciates all of the thankless work and good reporting you provide.

  • I can’t figure out why he’s trying to color his hair. It doesn’t make sense. He didn’t seem to dye his hair when he was on the outside. Why now? Why does he care? Maybe he really does think he’s getting out soon and wants to re-enter the world with a new look? Or maybe the “prison gay” bodybuilder down the hall has requested it? (I say prison gay because homo acts in prison doesn’t make one gay-they’re just getting it how they can for the time being.) maybe Brutus prefers dark hair on his fuck toys?

  • It makes sense that Raniere keeps telling everyone that he’ll soon be released, as he sees himself as a real life Star Wars-like Jedi warrior who has some sort of mind control over weak minded people. Luke Skywalker would be proud!

    • The way this is usually handled is that the Buyer (in this case, Raniere) will purchase an agreed upon amount of items from the Commissary for the Seller to pay for the contraband. Also, the common currency at MDC is “Macks” – which are small packets of mackerel that are valued at $1.00 per packet.

      • KR-
        Interesting tidbit that the prison currency is mackerel packets.

        At other prisons, the currency of choice is coffee packets.

  • Besides being a pedophile, there is another major reason Keith Raniere has not made friends in prison.

    Vanguard broke the number 1 rule of the Convict Code….

    Do not report, snitch, rat out or squeal on your fellow inmates to the corrections officers. Even if Vanguard did not name the gentleman who head butted him. Vanguard still broke the Convict Code simply by telling the gaurds he was head butted. Vanguard should have said he had fallen and hit his head.

    By reporting the incident Vanguard broke the inmates number one rule.

    Vanguard is now a pedophile snitch. Even fellow inmate pedophiles will not associate with a snitch.

    Just watch an episode of the National Geographic tv reality show Lock Up. 😉

  • Oh my my, krclaviger,

    Music to my ears.

    It’s no surprise that KAR believes he is going to get out any day now. His gal pal, Clare Bear, has bought him everything he’s wanted for decades.

    Clare cannot buy his freedom because unlike the Western district, not everyone is for sale.

    Since Clare can’t speak to him she can’t even get him a coded message. KAR wouldn’t understand “Sorry Keith, you’re fucked”. He’d think Allison enrolled another DOS slave for him.

  • I love these updates. Even though not yet convicted, he well deserves his current conditions, if only Karma-wise. I’m sure some of the inmates have 12 year old daughters of their own they would not want raped.

    It seem KAR has a lot to pay for, on many fronts. The good news for him: When convicted, I’m sure he’ll get credit for time served.

  • NYSP, NY’s Paramilitary Horror, is a much bigger story than Raniere. The problem is no one has the courage to follow the leads and write about it. Everyone is too scared.

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