Sultan: Kristin Kreuk is NOT ‘waiting in hibernation’ to restart NXIVM!

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island in 2010 at a secretive Nxivm gathering.

By Sultan of Six

In response to the Guest View: Kristin Kreuk never left Nxivm by Meh — this person is clearly angered by and has a vendetta against Kristin Kreuk.

Meh wants her to suffer merely by association the same ramifications of people who were perpetrators in the cult, e.g., public shame, humiliation, loss of career status, etc. The limited motivations that human behavior is driven by in such cases suggests Meh is a rejected male (either personally or professionally) or a jealous woman. This person should clearly seek therapy for their obvious grudge rooted in what appears to be rage or envy.

Seekers of justice by those who are wronged are not afraid to publicly stand up against those who have wronged them, e.g., Toni Natalie, Catherine Oxenberg, and even Frank Parlato.

When constantly asked for evidence for its insinuations, it repeats the same claims ad nauseam, e.g., Kristin was named in articles, named in a civil lawsuit (along with over a hundred people) that only suggested they MAY have some culpability and nothing more than that, according to its language, etc., and/or tells others to “go ask such and such”, but provides no evidence whatsoever, ironically engaging in the fallacy of argument by repetition repeatedly. It is none but the claimant’s responsibility to provide such evidence and not anyone else’s job to do so.

To suggest that Kristin is still part of NXIVM and is “waiting in hibernation” to restart it after the statement that she put out and still maintains on her verified social media accounts is laughable.

NXIVM’s infinitely patently pending “technology” (laughable) is just an amalgamation of ripped off ideas from religion, philosophy, , self-help, Scientology, other human potential movements, etc. It was just a facade to feed off others to establish a covered posh and promiscuous lifestyle for its leader via an MLM pyramid scheme in the name of ethics and now that its true purpose is out in the open and well known, any attempts to restart it is doomed to failure from the restart.

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  • After reading the comments made by NoisyMouse and Somebody I am going to stick to ridiculing OneNightinBangcock.

    Sultan of Six sounds like one scary bastard…. I don’t want to end up as a lampshade in his living room.

    Dear Sultan,
    I deeply apologize for making fun of you in my guest article about about Alison Mack. The reference I made to you attending comic cons was unfair.

  • “Sultan” is threatened by anyone who dares call out Kristin Kook regarding her NXIVM role. He thinks he gets to criticise others like he is the moral crusader.

    He is a mentally unstable Pakistani male in his fifties or older who is 100% obsessed with this person. If only his family/colleagues knew what goes on behind closed doors… 👳🏾‍♂️

    Whether it is Joe O’Hara, Omar/FormerEspian, or any anonymous poster who says something about Kreuk, like an IED… BOOM! There he is, like fucking Beetlejuice.

    A gross person who interacts with little pre-pubescent little girls. He is a vile creature.

  • Sultan – How many years have you been fixated on Kristin Kreuk? The word “obsession” springs to mind. Perhaps YOU should seek therapy.

    • –Perhaps YOU should seek therapy.

      Yes, he should have because he should’ve learned this long ago:

      Love and Truth
      Are whimsical words
      Given worthless weight
      When fortune and fame
      And the illusion of no shame
      Wrapped in a celebrity name
      Are flashed as glitter bait

      ~ scarrom

  • I don’t think questioning Kristin Kreuk’s involvement in NXIVM constitutes a vendetta or makes the person a hater, I think it just makes the person curious about Kreuk’s ties to the cult and if she actually has severed all contact with her old friends. Like it or not, Kreuk’s name will always be tied to this, there is no other way around it.

  • Sultan, it’s just a theory and one that shouldn’t be discounted out of hand. Your loyalty is admirable but when you look at the whole picture the women you adore was far too close to the top not to have known some of what was going on. You believe the object of your unrequited affections is intelligent so, therefore, you cannot truly believe she is an innocent lamb.

    This is all conjecture but many a cult rises from the ashes after the demise of its first leader and KK may see it as a better money-making machine than a role in Canadian television.

  • From the person (named Jesse) who called Kristin Kreuk’s father at work, to offer him advice about his daughter.

    From the person (named Jesse) who as a 50-year old guy would befriend 12yo girls in chatrooms to learn more about Kristin Kreuk.

    Sure Dude. Whatevs.

    • You people are either persistent liars or have really bad memories.

      First of all, I am not, nor have ever been, “Jesse”. From what I remember of reading this person’s posts, they sounded like someone who is female fan of Kristin’s and possibly a participant in GBD.

      Second of all, I never called Kristin’s father at work. I merely sent an email to his PUBLIC work email address listed on his company’s website (he is part owner of Durante-Kreuk an architectural company in Vancouver) informing him that his daughter was part of an organization called NXIVM that was mired in controversy and had been alleged to be a “cult” by numerous sources and that as a concerned fan I wanted to reach out to him and make him aware of this fact so that IF he found it concerning he could engage in a conversation with his daughter about it. I don’t even know if he received the email, read it, or acted upon it. That is the extent of communication I have ever had with him. It was one time and it was one way.

      Third of all, I am not fifty years old or older and I have never participated in a chat room with 12 year old girls for any reason including “to learn more about Kristin Kreuk”.

      • From 10-15-18-@ 3:54 pm Frank report, ” I also knew a few of the girls from one of her fan sites who took part in it and they said neither of the K’s tried to recruit them into nexivm.” That is a sultan quote . He has lied many many times on this blog, anything to make his dream spank, or himself look innocent. He always lies about the 15 different aliases he uses. Ask him what time is it? and he will tell you how to build a clock. PERVO!

        • Let’s expose the scumbag. He has revealed information about himself on this blog and Joe O’Hara said he thinks he knows who he is. If O’Hara is right, then spanky actually joined NXIVM or at least attempted to. Why? To stalk the crazy bitch he is still so thirsty for.

          • Spankjuice does not know Crook or her dad. He found a way of contacting her dad because of his obsession with the hoe, not because of the cult. He is sick and perverted. Did he find a way of contacting Ally Wack or Mark Hildreth’s parents?

        • What you fail to see is that I don’t give a shit what you or your ilk think when I do something.

          Your ilk are just a bunch of cowardly bullies who find some sick satisfaction in pretending that you can elevate yourselves by diminishing others.

          You do it with my origins and way of life and my mental stability when I attempt to defend Kristin. You do it with Kristin’s acting skills, body, the industry she works, and any accomplishments she has gained.

          Do you think others can’t see through your lame games? You’re a pathetic bunch of losers.

          • People can’t stand you because you are fucking irritating. Just reading your autistic psychotic ramblings in the comments section of a blog is irritating and insufferable. How hated must you be in real life? You have turned this whole blog into the fucking Spank Report. Your creepy behavior is gross.

            That d-list smell the fart actress you masturbate to with halal goose fat would never bat an eyelid at you. She will never wear a hijab for you. She will never spread her legs for you. She will never suck your little circumcised noodle dick. She would not give a tiny micro pig’s ass if you dropped dead with cardiac arrest and type 2 diabetes, that probably runs through your Indian sub-continent blood line. Don’t you want to deal with that unrequited waste of energy? You get nothing out of it. Literally nothing.

            Get off the internet and go play outside you crazy old freak, just nowhere near children, like the Girls By Design age kids… “Jesse”.

          • Wow. Your posts make me shake my head, smirk or laugh – depending on my mood – because of how insanely enraged you must be when typing them out, while at the same time believing – or hopelessly wishing – that anyone who possesses a semblance of intellect and/or moral decorum would read such a cluster fuck of a post and take anything you have said even remotely seriously.

            No one is holding your head to the Frank Report and forcing you to read my posts. And if Kristin is a “d-list smell the fart actress”, just turn the channel, or turn the TV off and go do something productive. No one is forcing you to watch her or read about her. If Kristin doesn’t even know me or care about me, and would never suck my dick – if she’s even into that type of thing I wouldn’t know – which would require at least the total opposite of the former anyway, i.e., she would to care about me and in more than just a friendly way, what does it even matter what I say?

            You are one disturbed individual.

          • Seriously, have you been tested for aspergers or autism in general? You have to be somewhere on the spectrum. A worthless low life loser such as yourself has no business pretending you have intelligence over anyone who doesn’t tolerate your narcissistic ramblings. They smell of piss-poor semen and desperation. Your d-list attempt at being intellectual with your pretentious bullshit is as bad as Crook’s d-list smell the fart acting.

            By the way, Vaseline test on animals so every time you use up a jar, you are endorsing cruelty to animals.

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