Kristin Kreuk – another pretentious hypocrite

When Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm is been a subject of debate among readers.

Guest View: By Celebrities Are Not The Most Virtuous But They Sure Pretend

Kristin Kreuk is a hypocrite.

She is involved with a feminist documentary by a male feminist about Phoolan Devi, as an “executive producer”.

She got involved with that in 2017, tweeting all sorts of pretentious stuff about it, telling people to hand over their cash to pay for it, while refusing to even acknowledge NXIVM and the branding story of 2017.

Rose Bhura, who she also recruited into NXIVM, is involved with this documentary too. Not a word from her either. Aren’t they embarrassed?

Imagine if the press called her out on it. The guy doing this documentary obviously wants someone with a bit of fame to promote his shit, even though she was a devoted NXIVM cultist who ignored a real “women’s rights” story while promoting this documentary and portraying herself as the saviour of teen girls fighting a pedophile, not Keith Raniere, but a make belief pedophile, on a taxpayer funded television show.

Kristin Kreuk kisses males on television. That is it. Kissing and “smell the fart” facial expressions. What does she know about being an “executive producer”? Same with Rose Bhura.

Why do these NXIVM members come as a pair?

Also, while ignoring the NXIVM story, Kreuk signed an open letter against a theatre guy accused of misbehaviour.


Why did you stay with the pedophile Kristin?

You don’t get to pretend you care about women’s rights. Literally, a massive story you are a part of and you are more silent than a mouse fart in a thunderstorm, while attaching yourself to causes that have nothing to do with you.

Another pretentious hypocrite.

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  • I bet she sells her own holes! She buys her new and next cocks! She has her own staff recruitng cock for her who she pays herself. Her motto is new show,a whole new crew of fresh new cocks. One,two,three and more,you know she is just like a common whore. Child Pimp!!!

  • What “theatre guy”?
    If you are talking about Harvey Weinstein, he is accused of rape and sexual assault, by 80 women.
    If you call that “misbehaviour” you are obviously a wee bit sexist.

  • The longer KK remains silent the more I’m beginning to think she might be a witness for the prosecution or maybe even the defense. She was there in all the early years when the criminality really began to grow and take shape. All the lawyers on both sides are definetly reading FR. They would be remiss if they didn’t question her. Something to think about. Hoping Heather Ann is Ok. Her and her comments are sorely missed.

    • Agree about your comment on Heather Ann.

      If Kreuk is going to testify, that would contradict her bullshit claim that she never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. It would also stain her name if the public knew how much she knew about as a minimum and/or participated in hence, to quote from the article: she is more silent that “a mouse fart in a thunderstorm”.

  • I do agree that Kristin Kreuk is not doing herself any favors by not talking about her actual role in the NXIVM cult–in fact, the more she downplays it, the more questionable her role in the cult actually becomes. I have no doubt that she’s embarrassed by it but if she talked about it more, any power Raniere has over her will disappear.

    Kreuk isn’t a very good actress–she has made a career out of playing poorly written characters on their rate Canadian tv shows–and perhaps she’s trying to make up for her role in the cult by supporting oppressed women but she just looks bad all around.

    • She wouldn’t be doing herself any favors by talking about it either. Yes, she downplayed her involvement in her public statement. She did more than just take courses. She was a recruiter – like all MLM members are – and went to a number of public events associated with the group. None of this entails that she knew of, nor engaged in, any illegal, clandestine, or evil activities. She also said she left the group many years before it devolved into a sex cult – and thus, couldn’t have known anything about it – and disclaimed being a part of the inner circle of the group or knowing of any such previously stated activities. Why would she want to continuously talk about something negative that only became a part of her life once again due to her past association because of things that happened several years after she left which she had nothing to do with? Why would anyone want to? Many people are going to believe whatever they want no matter what she says. They’ll just say she’s lying or she’s just acting if it doesn’t agree with what they want to believe about her. Who is she trying to make happy or please here? Just look at the comments here. It’s the same people posting the same shit over and over again. Whether anyone thinks she’s a good actress or not that is their opinion and they have a right to it. But the fact of the matter is, she likely cares more about her career than anything or anyone else and has been the most successful at it of all the actors who were a part of NXIVM. It’s likely a big part of the reason of what kept her away from getting too deeply involved and what keeps her from not bringing the current slop of NXIVM into her life.

      • And who are you to make such statements? Harvey Weinstein wanted to keep his shit under the rug too. Shit comes out. Plus it’s funny watch beta male fan boys get limp dicked and cry. 🙂

        • What does who I am have to do with what I said? Harvey Weinstein’s history was riddled with such rumors for over a decade. Seth McFarland even made a comment about it in the form of “joke” in 2013 I believe at a Hollywood awards show. Harvey Weinstein was a major Hollywood power broker for nearly two decades. There is nothing equivalent to his situation and Kristin’s.

          –Plus it’s funny watch beta male fan boys get limp dicked and cry.

          It’s humorously ironic how people reveal their real motivations. Harvey Weinstein was pure alpha-male asshole who got away with the things he did for a long while because of his position. The same thing that allowed KAR to get away with the things he did. The same alpha-male asshole behavior on display in the comments by certain people.

          • “There is nothing equivalent to his situation and Kristin’s.”

            Ohhhh-la-la-la, “Kristin”. Are you on a first name basis with your imaginary wife in your wank bank Sultan? 🙂

          • How does writing Kristin’s first name suggest this person is on a first name basis with her? Is Lena also on a first name basis because she wrote her first name? Is Scott? Or Frank Parlato? Or the “The guys name is Albert Schultz”.

    • Where is my posted comment? I responded to this over twelve hours ago and have yet to see it displayed while multiple people who have posted well after me in response to this article and other ones have had their comments posted.

  • This report screams male hate. No one can take your point of view seriously if your ideals are a twisted form of equality.

  • Okay, first it’s Allison Mack which I can understand I think she’s guilty but that’s just my way of thinking I don’t brush it off on anybody else or tell anybody else to hate them and now you’re going after Kreuk who said her piece and that’s all she’s going to do while you’re trying to do is try to force her to say something or do something leave me alone. Man, you’re thinking that you’re a good reporter maybe you are who am I to judge but when you talk about things that you don’t know absolutely nothing about that’s where you are being immoral

    • It’s good to call out hypocrisy. Especially when the hypocrite likes to moralise about women’s rights. She only made that shit statement because of the press. Nothing else. Her publicists are shielding her from questions so she can continue to pretend she has nothing to account for. If the media spoke about all the things that are posted on Frank Report, no matter how much she tries to bury her head in the sand, she would look dirty. It’s ridiculous that Kreuk would pretend to care about Phoolan Devi, Harvey Weinstein, that theatre producer she signed a letter against, pretending to fight for teen girls against a pedophile on a television show, etc. when something she was a huge part of, NXIVM was being exposed and she refused to say a word, only releasing a statement to save her career. She is quiet because she is not innocent and naive to what NXIVM is about. Her silence is proof that she does not actually care, she just likes to virtue signal and pretend. Fuck them all. It’s about time pretentious celebrities get called out for being selfish self serving cunts who think they get to talk down to people they certainly look down on.

  • Leave kristen the reportes arr the hypocrites..just report the newd with an open mind .instead of slanting it to believe system.

  • 99.999999% of all humanity is comprised of pretentious hypocrites with a holier than thou mentality. Just another reminder not to idol worship.

  • —Kristin Kreuk kisses males on television. That is it. Kissing and “smell the fart” facial expressions. What does she know about being an “executive producer”?

    I think we should be worried about Angry Canadian

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