MK10ART: The continuing story of ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ – a bonus painting of Kristin Kreuk

MK10ART- the brilliant artist and lampooner – continues with her series – ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ the story of Keith Raniere’s statutory rape of a 12 year old girl named Rhiannon, aided an abetted by his top wing woman Pamela Cafritz.

I have previously published the first 11 in this series, which brings us to the time where little Rhiannon came to the house of the monsters, and meets Pam and another of his harem women – who begin to groom the 12 year old for sex with the monster.

Today we have five more exquisite frames in the story – from where the wing women get the little girl to walk Pam’s dog to keep her at the house and leading us to the monster in his bathrobe meeting the little girl.

The storytelling is compelling. The cast are portrayed in art as ghastly, fiendish images – offset against the innocence of little Rhiannon. This is a sterling example of how art can sometimes tell a story as mighty and gruesome as one can imagine.

Here is more of MK10ART’s work -in the compelling art series ‘The Smartest Man in the World:













A comment from 1artcollector on this artwork says it all: “And she ‘didn’t see anything nefarious’… but refuses to talk about it in any way, shape, or form. And she plays a crime fighting attorney on TV! What a joke!


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  • He certainly wasn’t involved with his own son, so I think it’s pretty clear all the programs related to minors were nefarious. Rainbow gardens leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. Start them out that young their fucked up for life. Molesting the 12 year old was obvious grooming techniques by harem members and el pervo himself.its a very rare 12 yr old that would not be grossed out by Rainere, he knows this that’s why he uses women to lure other women, girls, children for him. I’d like to see Rhiannon come forward and tell her story to a major news outlet, you may get justice for not being protected when you came forward at 14.
    Your art clearly portrays a sick bunch of people, I’ll never understand anyone taking his word for his multiple talents especially the IQ test. I’m just not that trusting, and I think most people are like me that way, we may not always confront people on their BS but I’d look into it and find the truth.

  • This art depicts what the Rainbow Cultural Garden schools were supposed to become – Had Vanguard managed to not be arrested. The children were to be trained to speak several languages and learn the art of accepting seduction from adults as part of their normal lives. This was a global plan and there was a lot of outside support for this

    • The actress Penelope Cruz apparently sent her kid(s) to one of these “schools”. VanCunt was already exposed as a rapist pedophile in February 2012 with the Times Union expose.

      • Something kept bothering me during the night and rereading this reminded me what it was, where the fuck were these parents , including Penelope Cruz? Who doesn’t check out the strange man who wants to be left alone with their child-12 year old Rhiannon, I’m not big on trusting anyone with my children, but I would be even more suspicious of anyone who used women to love bomb little girls. And aren’t movie stars with lots of money even more cautious of those who want their children, who don’t thoroughly check them out. I’d be following and hiding in the bushes to see what’s up. Did they brainwash all the parents of rainbow kids too? Come on feds don’t let this one go. The younger the child the more danger.

  • MK10
    I believe you’re also known as The Tanster, (unless there is a second artist who is also obsessed with this case and with MK ultra, who just started to send pictures to Frank?….)

    So, MK, why the obsessive interest in this story? Any comment on the strange case of a deceased Jimmy Durante fathering the Salzman sisters? Sounds like the type of fan fiction you enjoy…..(and write)

      • So a second obsessed artist, who is also MK ultra obsessed, has also started to become obsessed with NXIVM?

        MK10 opened her IG in the end of Aug 2017, and she suddenly had a fake follower (who obviously just opened a new account at that time as well.)

        I wonder why MK10 is only interested in this case and in the Amanda Knox story? Lots of other stories in the news….

        • Fascinating theory.

          I don’t know much about Tanster and I’m too fucking lazy to bother looking her up in detail.

          I know she’s a radio show host who thinks she’s Napoleon’s daughter and is probably batshit crazy.

          But can that crazy wench actually paint?

          Why are you convinced it’s Tanster? What does Amanda Knox and MK Ultra have to do with Tanster? Is she obsessed with those things on social media?

          As for Scott saying that Tanster doesn’t even like Frank, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Frank never said that he and MK10 were best buddies. Frank doesn’t care if Tanster likes or hates him, he’s still gonna show MK10’s artwork regardless since Frank is a professional.

          • I have no idea if she has a radio show or not, but she does have a blog, and she is an artist. I know that the icon she uses is her self portrait so, yes, she does paint portraits.
            If you read her blog or twitter feed, you will find that she is interested in MK Ultra, weird-ass conspiracy theories, and believes in a Saturn death cult, (or some such similar nonsense.)

            I know she has written “fan fiction” posts here before, and then posted them to her blog.

            If you look at MK10s IG page, you will understand the Amanda Knox reference.

          • It makes no sense to me that Tanster would throw so much shade on Frank while he has been posting her artwork for the past few months, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps she has both identities and Frank isn’t aware of this, but this is a remote possibility. To claim straight up they are the same person is a stretch at best, there is more than one online weirdo, this comment section alone proves it.

          • Scott…I was just taking a guess that it could be her because she is an artist and shows a continuing interest in NXIVM and MK Ultra , and I know she’s written some posts here before. But I do notice that she recently mentioned that she was angry with both you and Frank, and that you blocked her on Twitter.

            I decided to look at some of the paintings she posted on her IG, to see if they were similar to MK10s art, and from there I linked into one of her followers IG accounts. This follower has posted paintings that are very similar to Mk10s, and this follower is Italian (and Mk10 posts in Italian on her IG) so maybe it’s her.

            But I agree, there are a lot of people who are convinced of weird stuff, such as the person who mentioned MKulta satanic rituals.

          • As far as I know, Tanster doesn’t have her own radio show, but has been on my show twice. As I’ve twice commented on her blog, she blocked me first and it’s my policy to block anybody who blocks me. If you would like a screen shot of the comments, just let me know and I’ll email them to you.

          • Scott, I may have not have specified it was a guess, but considering how often i am accused of being people I am not (by both Tanster and Ben) I figure she can suck it up. Fair is fair.. if they can dish it out, they should be able to take it, too.

            Btw…Tanster claims that YOU blocked her because she told you that she thought Frank was not being honest…that’s the story she’s posting, anyways.

            When it comes to the MK10 art work, I actually think I was “partially ” correct, because it is linked to Tanster. I found the real identity of the artist I presume to be the MK10 painter, and she is a follower on Tansters IG.

  • “A comment from 1artcollector on this artwork says it all:

    “And she (Kristin Crook) ‘didn’t see anything nefarious’… but refuses to talk about it in any way, shape, or form. And she plays a crime fighting attorney on (tax payer funded) TV! What a joke!”

    Kreuk didn’t even admit to being a coach and recruiter. Deliberately. More information will come out on this coward virtue signaler. These people who believe she left in 2013, especially because of moral ethical reasons are wrong. She absolutely did not cut the NXIVM ever and still supported the cult. Others could and should confirm this.

    Also, season 2 of this sanctimonious, pretentious, tax payer funded bullshit will have Kristin Crook lecture tax payers on Native Americans.

      • How can a totally oblivious person end up named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as a potential defendant? Why would John Tigue lie that money laundering discussions took place on Necker Island where Kreuk was one of the NXIVM members there?
        How can you be named as a NXIVM cult member in the same expose the revealed your cult leader is a rapist pedophile, along with police report and you know nothing? There was also a lot of unethical behavior at NXIVM that wasn’t necessarily illegal. At least seven years with the cult and you know nothing?

  • Nobody gets it because the artist has made the people look ugly. Keith was handsome and charming and he is the smartest man in the world. He ushered little Rhiannon from girl to woman. She was attracted to him. She came on to him. She had a crush on him. Stop using the word rape. It was mutual attraction and a female should not be denied at any age her right of consent. This is libel on Keith.

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