Vanguard Week starts tomorrow – but Silver Bay doesn’t seem to be hosting 10 day celebration

He was your Vanguard - lest we forget.

It’s the end of an era.

For a dozen years,the followers of Keith Alan Raniere A/K/A Vanguard would pay more than $2,000 per person to spend 10 days in the Adirondack Mountains at the Silver Bay YMCA Resort on the shores of Lake George.

Like the British Royals, his birthday celebration went on for 10 days – and although it was called Vanguard Week – Vanguard never cheated his audience and gave his followers a mere 7 days of birthday celebrations. No, he gave them a full 10-day week to worship him.

Normally, Vanguard himself never showed up until the evening of his birthday – August 26th – usually five days into the fabulous event – where he would be eagerly thronged by his hypnotized devotees – all of whom had taken hundreds of hours learning to give him tribute and to worship the ground he walked on and lick his toes or any other part of his anatomy he commanded.

During the first five days of V-Week, the followers would spend their time listening to Prefect and taking classes, eating low calorie vegetarian food, and praising Vanguard.

Vanguard would stay away – often taking a luxury resort down the road, off of the 600 acre Silver Bay campus and eat loads of pizza with hot sauce and chocolate cake and other chocolate confections. He would workout with various select women in the buff to work off those extra calories.

Repeated calls to Silver Bay proved unsuccessful in gleaning that there was anyone reserved to come there for Vanguard Week tomorrow. In the past, Clare Bronfman rented the entire 600 acre facility with its dozens of cabins and the large Inn which can accommodate several hundred people.

According to those on hand – there was no sequestering off the facility expected tomorrow and for the next 10 days and consequently, the place is expected to be overrun with plebeians, many of whom never heard the blessed name of Vanguard – and none of whom are integrated.

Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.
Keith Raniere on stage at V-Week 2016.
Mexican NXIVM members dance before Keith Raniere at V-Week
Emiliano Saliinas and others do a Cultic Dance for Vanguard.
The auditorium at Silver Bay where the V-Week followers used to gather to give Vanguard tribute on his birthday.
Kicking back at V-Week – the legs belong to Allison Mack [r] and Nicki Clyne (This picture was taken before Allison started wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet). Neither will attend this year.
The late Pam Cafritz at her last V-Week 2016 – a few months before she died.
Vanguard with Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz and others watch the devotees on stage giving tribute to Vanguard on his birthday.
The Inn at Silver Bay Resort, the largest of several buildings on the campus. During V-Week, organizers booked the entire facility and the resort closed its doors to outside overnight guests and casual visitors. But, alas, Vanguard Week at Silver Bay is no more.
Allison persuaded other women to be branded. Did she persuade any to get genital herpes? Here they are in 2017 getting ready to leave Albany to go to V-Week and adore their  Vanguard.
Vanguard Week was held on the shores of beautiful Lake George.
Nancy Salzman at Silver Bay. There are vacant chairs at V-Week this year.
The beautiful grounds of Silver Bay where V-Week is held. Note the Inn with its steeple roofs.
At 2012 V-Week, Sara Bronfman and Allison Mack exercise on the spacious grounds.


It is a short and pleasant drive from the Trout House to Silver Bay. Several knowledgeable sources said Vanguard enjoyed staying at the Trout House during V-Week.
Last year, Clare Bronfman had the management ban cell phones at Silver Bay Resort because photos of V-Week kept appearing on Frank Report.
Silver Bay room.
Sources said Vanguard would sometimes stay at the Bayview Cabin at Silver Bay Campus.
Vanguard Week used to be held at Silver Bay Resort on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.
Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017.


It is the end of an era. Vanguard sits in the Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting trial and a likely life sentence..

Thanks for the memories.


If he can’t have Vanguard Week, the least we can do is offer him a birthday poem as a tribute:

Vanguard on His Birthday

By Lauren Russell

Vanguard on his birthday will take a girl or two
and tell them how he won the judo championship in 1972
some other Sunday before the feds came down
and Vanguard got arrested on his way from Mexico town.

Vanguard on his birthday lives in yesterday
before the DOS slaves got freed and went their own ambitious way
wasn’t it something that long-ago July
that’s about the time Vanguard people start to cry.

Happy Birthday Vanguard drink a toast to me
He’s all of 57 and won’t get out till he’s 123.

Vanguard on his birthday is fond of looking back
to half-remembered mind fucking when things were not so black
some other summer when playin’ Volleyball was fun
and life’s rewards were choc’late bars [for him] and for DOS slaves bubble gum.

Happy Birthday Vannie give some tribute to me
You’re in federal prison and daylight you’ll never see.

Vanguard on his birthday used to have a choc’late cake
and get the slaves prepared for a white hot branding pubic ache
looks like a rainstorm beyond the cloudy sky
a birthday without worship and Vanguard starts to cry.

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5 years ago

To help out the folks at the Silver Bay YMCA who just lost a big chunk of business and need to make up for the shortfall in revenue, I will link to an aerial video of the lovely facilities.
Silver Bay YMCA graces the scenic shores of Lake George and this year you won’t have the nasty Vanguard and his harem of 100 women to contend with.
Indeed the friendly staff of Silver Bay YMCA has taken great care to fumigate the facilities for your vacation enjoyment.

A Nony Mouse
A Nony Mouse
5 years ago

Non-refundable deposit! Anyone want to use up some of those funds and travel to Silver Bay without the cult? We could have fun on Clare’s dime!

5 years ago

All those sweet and savage memories of ‘Vagina Weeks’ gone by… keith’s bp will be going through the roof this week.

Did you really have slaves and a couple of heiresses at your beck and call? Play night volley-ball in your velcro plimmy’s?

Have the entire state legal system as your pet rottweiler? Those were the days!!!

Remember, its colder and darker in Siberia, things will only get much more difficult for you, once found guilty as charged.

Happy Birthday Soft-Lad!!

Volleyball picture, NOW!
Volleyball picture, NOW!
5 years ago
Reply to  onewomanarmy

Can we please see the knee pad picture? Do It NOW, Frank!!! My sources are telling me that Keith has been wearing the same knee pads to protect them from the cold, hard, and wet cell room flood as he teaches his cellmate about tantra.

The Judge
The Judge
5 years ago

All he has to do was NOT start a sex slave sect, and he’d be free to this day, stinking like failed actress juice.

Jonathan tuttle
Jonathan tuttle
5 years ago

Damn! There are so few other places I can wear my orange sash without looking weird…

Stupid is what stupid does
Stupid is what stupid does
5 years ago

So how much money do you think Claire bear lost on V week this year?

She would have had to put down a large non-refundable deposit to hold the space for vanguard’s birthday 2018.

When do you think she actually cancelled her reservations for the entire Silver Bay Resort?

I’m sitting here laughing my ass off thinking about all the trust fund that Claire has given up to support her master.

It only goes to show if you didn’t earn it, it’s easier to waste.

5 years ago

Oh, I didn’t even think of that! She must have lost a fortune! Haha serves her right. Then again, too true what you said about it being easier to spend money you didn’t earn yourself.

No cell service for you!
No cell service for you!
5 years ago

I couldn’t stop laughing at Clare’s “no cell zone.” Gonna catch someone eating more than 500 calories? Somebody sneaking a cheeseburger in the vegetarian dining hall? Naked food/sex orgies with spaghetti squash and chewing gum – yeah, that might get a little sticky…

If I was on staff, I’d be calling in sick that weekend. Lousy tippers I’m sure – either broke or miserly millionaires who only donate $ to Vanguard. Come to think of it – he would probably expect the staff to tip him!

5 years ago

All good things must come to an end.

“Vanguard would stay away – often taking a luxury resort down the road and off of the 600 acre Silver Bay campus and eat loads of pizza with hot sauce and cake and other chocolate confections. He would workout with various select women in the buff to work off those extra calories.”
You wouldn’t expect Vanguard to rub elbows with the Riff-Raff, would you?
And when Vanguard was working off those extra calories with select women were they exercising while vertical or horizontal?

“In the past Clare Bronfman paid to rent the entire 600 acre facility with its dozens of cabins and the large Inn which could hold several hundred people.”

I’ll bet the rent Clare paid was far cheaper than the legal retainers she’s paying now.

V-Week 2016 was really the swan song for V-Weeks.
It was the last V-Week before Pam Cafritz passed away and Pimp Mack took over control of the slave women.
By V-Week 2017 the brandings and the sex slave harem had been exposed and NXIVM was plunging towards its inevitable crash.

This picture leaves some unanswered questions for the future:
comment image?resize=604%2C401&ssl=1
How will Sara Bronfman dance away from possible charges that Rainbow Cultural Garden was really a human trafficking scheme?
And will Allison Mack be indicted for her involvement in the Rainbow Cultural Garden trafficking scheme?

But next year the US Bureau of Prisons will host a V-Week for many of the NXIANs shown in this scenic photo album.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago


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