Crazy Days and Nights: Is Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack trying to pimp herself out?

Allison was supposed to find the right women. If they were married they were not supposed to tell their husband.

In Crazy Days and Nights this blind item rumor appeared today.

Several readers of the popular gossip site guessed Allison Mack.

The blind item reads:

“This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show will probably never get another acting job again. The thing is though, there are producers and directors who are willing to throw thousands of dollars her way to hook up with her just so they can say they did it. This includes males and females. She gets a dozen offers a day and asked someone in power to let her have the chance to meet them all without saying it exactly in those words.”

Allison has made a request to the judge to be able to leave her home detention to work, go to church and go to school.

While her attorney admits that her chances of getting acting jobs are nil, it is not impossible to believe that their are prurient people of the casting couch tradition who might enjoy meeting her. Clearly, there are others who would want to interview her.

Allison probably needs money. She also made a lifelong vow to Keith Alan Raniere A/K/A Vanguard – whereby she promised to obey him under penalty of forfeiting all her assets, any unborn children, an admission that her nephews were molested and something damning about her parents.

The authorities have this information.

Should Allison get pregnant from an encounter outside of a Raniere-approved one, the child would belong to Raniere – if Allison were to uphold her vow. Of course, it might be difficult indeed for Raniere to care for the babe in his prison cell where, by all accounts, he is expected to remain in for decades to come.

Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack did an awful lot of pimping for her Vanguard. Is it true that she is pimping out herself for the money and for the illustrious Vanguard’s cause?

Crazy Days and Nights has been eerily on target in the past. Whether this one is true and who is their source[s] is unknown.



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  • People are underestimating just how crazy she is. I have been saying this all alone. She is one of those rare, unreachable, soulless drones that are very dangerous. She can mimic any emotion even if she can’t feel it. She has the ability to use acting to cause fools to feel sorry for her. This is going to end badly.

  • Allison Mack admires the Satanic Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic even posting a picture of the Serbian born witch/ performance artist.

    Mack’s admiration for Abramovic can be seen in the Satanic branding ceremony.
    Mack would grab the woman being branded and tell her to feel the pain,eat the pain.

    Abramovic also is fascinated by eating pain.

    “Abramović focused on “confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body.”ć

    The branding ceremony details come from Marina Abramovic and Allison Mack.

    • Very interesting post
      Here are edited excerpts.

      Pay attention to Marina Abramovich and Nancy Salzman
      I figured that both are most likely involved in trafficking and human expiramemts and most likely Clintons by extention. Here I have listed donors to Abramovich’s art foundation as well as companies that Nancy is involved with. Nancy’s companies include a children’s program and she has been involved in brain expiraments. Another person related to Nancy had access to a child, a boy, that no one seems to know where he came from. He is being raised in a proprietary children’s program affiliated with NXIVM. I have mostly gathered info up to now. I will start digging into these companies/donors to see if I can find connections. Please help!

      NXIVM/Nancy Salzman Companies Rainbow Culture Garden Jness Society of Protectors Ethical Humanitarian Foundation In Lak’ Ech Compromiso por La Paz Executive Success Programs Keith Rainier Conversations Ethical Science Foundation Rational Inquiry

      • Nancy Salzman
        Man arrested for running a sex cult…Nancy co founded it.

        “Salzman has been an influential figure in the organization since it was set up more than two decades ago. She also was involved in some of the medical research studies that were performed by a doctor associated with NXIVM, Brandon B. Porter.

        Keeffe, who was part of Raniere’s inner circle for many years, told Bouchey that money collected from people who took NXIVM training sessions in Mexico was funneled across the border into the United States. She claimed that Salzman, among others, would allegedly “bring the cash over the border.”

        The money, which was allegedly funneled through the bank account of a Mexican associate, was “logged on the system as a scholarship and cash was kept in Nancy’s house,” Keeffe said.”

        “On Sunday, the Times Union reported that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office is conducting a separate investigation of a nonprofit foundation associated with NXIVM that allegedly sponsored brain-activity and other human behavioral studies without any apparent oversight, according to court records.

        The nonprofit Ethical Science Foundation was formed in 2007 by Clare E. Bronfman, who owns a horse farm in Delanson and is listed in public records as the trustee and donor of the foundation.

        At the request of the attorney general’s office, a state Supreme Court justice recently signed an order directing Bronfman and Porter, who is involved with NXIVM and conducted the human studies, to turn over all documentation associated with the research, including any written communications, videos, conclusions, consent forms and the names and addresses of “individuals associated with Ethical Science Foundation who participated in any manner with the studies.”

        A Vancouver woman, Jennifer Kobelt, said in a complaint filed with the state Health Department last year that a bizarre experiment she was subjected to by Porter took place in a small commercial building in Halfmoon that has been used for years by NXIVM for training and seminars.

        Kobelt said she was recruited for the study by an assistant of Salzman and that she knew of at least four other women who took part.”

  • Many were faithful to Keith. Many weren’t. The ones that weren’t had to keep it a secret. But they weren’t as blind/stupid/clueless as Keith thought.

    • Remember that Clare doesn’t feel she should be under house arrest and should be allowed to travel as well. Her attorney was also to submit to the Judge a list of NXIVM members that Clare wants to contact for his consideration. As stated “NXIVM is her life, her family”!

  • The sad thing is that any post about Mack and you gotta dig through the obsessed asshole perv shadowpervs 50 comments.

    • Speaking of perversion, are you shocked that a story like this one about Ms. Mack would gain traction?
      Does anyone believe Ms. Mack will be cast in a movie or TV how?
      Does anyone believe Ms. Mack will spend her time in church praying?
      Does anyone believe Ms. Mack will spend her time in school studying?

      Or will Ms. Mack spend her time on her knees satisfying her fellow Hollyweird perverts for filthy lucre?

      • I could totally see her in school since she’s obsessed with self improvement. I could also see her in church since as soon as she stops worshipping Keith she will probably want to fill the void and worship something else. You yourself compared her to Christians who flagellate themselves.

          • Gives me the heebie jeebies to say something that remotely sounds like I am defending her, yet here goes…

            IMO the whole point of her posting the spirit cooking woman is because that was a situation where e-mails between friends became public and were twisted and used against them.

            She was saying that she was about to become a victim of her “private” conversations becoming public and being used against her.

            The whole spirit cooking thing is one area where I do think the conspiracy theorists have gone stupidly way off base.

            I also sorta doubt she actually needs $ all that badly since Clare is paying for her lawyers, and she gets roughly 70K / yr in royalties from Smallville. Then again, perhaps her parents who pimped her out as a child so she could make $ are charging her some exorbitant rent. She may be having to replace her father’s lost income from NXIVM going down and him losing his client base there.

          • Response to Just Sayin’

            While I can understand using photos as a prearranged code of some sort, the choice of Satanic Spirit Cooker Maria Abramovic as a code is bizarre to say the least.

            Abramovic is a kind of performance artist who engages in shows featuring symbolic cannibalism.

            To even post a picture of Maria Abramovic the Satanic Spirit Cooker on my social media page would give me the heebie jeebies
            People see that picture and reach only one logical conclusion.
            That Allison Mack in some way approves of Maria Abramovic.

            Here is one of the weird pictures of Maria Abramovic.

        • “I could totally see her in school since she’s obsessed with self improvement.”

          Maybe Allison Mack could take medical school courses from Doctors Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts.

          Then Allison Mack could become a brain surgeon.

      • Hey Shadow, don’t forget Allison wants to do volunteer work as well. Who would accept her as a volunteer to help others? I can’t see Allison in a regular mainstream church (one that doesn’t worship a guru or cult leader) Then school and work?? That covers almost all her waking hours, seven days a week. She’s up to something!

        • She’s up to something!

          She sure is.
          Allison Mack’s admiration for Marina Abramovic is disturbing.

          Abramovic’s home in Hudson is only 50 miles or one hour from Clifton Park.

  • Y’all think it’s a trick that she wants to go to church and find God, but watch her turn into one of those people who tells everyone they need Jesus.

  • There is no reason Allison should not do porn. In fact she already has some samples she gave to Keith as collateral.

  • Allison Mack is one of the most beautiful and self-aware human beings I have ever met. This situation is unfortunate, but as time goes on, she will naturally reconnect with people who want to challenge their self-definition of who they are and how they build their own sense of personhood that they put out into the world. Allison is dedicated to that –and I think that is beautiful for any human being to take on.

    • “Allison Mack is one of the most beautiful and self-aware human beings I have ever met.”

      And Allison did ugly deceitful things to her fellow women.

      Moreover, she spread lies about her parents and nephews — two little boys.

      All for a ground slug like Keith Raniere.

      • spread lies about their parents, the one who does that is your vote or guarantee to Keith Raniere. it was secret the government who made it known if you read all of frank’s report and he would know that Keith Raniere convened a lot of people and not only the women of DOS, not only Allison that this was a way of forcing them to forge character and commitment if it had been disseminated by her, by keith or someone else the frank himself would have already published it before the government knew it but it was the product of the government investigation and its delegation which allows you an old pervert obsessed with a younger woman which allows you to drag your image across the floor in the insidious and obsessive way you do it and then pretend that you care about the victims of keith you are the only one in this blog with this level of desire to destroy it, she will have to face the consequences of her actions especially putting her faith and personal power over a person and not in herself or in real causes she does not need that you can afford to be out of the mud you put a foot on his head so that it sinks more.

    • Playboy is so 1965.
      Hefner is dead and the internet dominates the porn industry.

      However I have commented that Ms. Mack might find a home in the adult video industry which is based in the San Fernando Valley.
      She could star in “Allison Does Albany.”

      But Allison will never do Shakespeare.

  • In the comments section of the Crazy Days and Crazy Nights blind item the only other guess is the actress Rose McGowan who has her own legal problems involving drugs.
    McGowan is also part of the #metoo movement so it’s doubtful she would pimp herself out.

    Some Hollywood people believe there might be some cachet in sleeping with a female criminal particularly one who was a legitimate actress at one time.
    And Hollywood celebrities are known to be fascinated with the bizarre and criminal.
    Actor Johnny Depp collected clown paintings by serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

    This story fits with what we know about Hollywood and Ms. Mack and is plasuible.

  • I’m sorry, but as talented an actress as I used to think Allison Mack was never an A lister–C list maybe simply because she was on the WB/CW- so that blind item couldn’t be about her.

  • Crazy Days & Nights creates blind items by gleaning bits and pieces from news stories, websites and blogs, such as this one.
    I’ve been reading it for yonks.

    Nothing eerie about it, FFS

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