Peterson: Arizona Mafia’s Marco Lopez threatens to use Carlos Slim to silence him

Carlos Slim, one of the wealthiest men in the world.
Jeffrey Peterson is an American businessman  who says he’s in hiding – after running afoul of Emiliano Salinas.
Peterson said his troubles began when Salinas asked him to join NXIVN and he refused.
He says when he rebelled and threatened to blow the whistle, Salinas’ ally, reputed “Arizona Mafia” member Marco Lopez threatened/warned him he was risking his life by the course he was taking. According to Peterson, Lopez told him he “and his entire family,” would “be assassinated,” if he were to speak about Emiliano Salinas, or Lopez’s ties to his father, former Mexican President, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Soft spoken Marco Lopez reportedly has given fair warning to Jeff Peterson — “be still” or else.
Lopez works as an adviser to Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim.  According to Peterson, Lopez is also a top adviser for Carlos Salinas.
The Arizona Mafia is a group of high-placed DC Democrats from Arizona and their colleagues from Arizona and elsewhere. Lopez is a member. Peterson used to be a member. The group has strong ties to Mexico and are alleged to enjoy profiting from the 370 miles of border between Mexico and Arizona.
Emiliano [in green] does a dance performance at a NXIVM private gathering.
An informed source tells Frank Report that Lopez – in addition to telling Peterson he is likely to be assassinated if he speaks too freely about what he knows about Emiliano and his father – and their relationships with members of the Arizona Mafia – but has threatened to use his employer, Carlos Slim’s enormous wealth to aid in silencing Peterson.
Jeff Peterson is in hiding. In a video made for Frank Report, he proves his identity without disclosing his location.
According to the source, Lopez’s threat was that Slim would use his battery of attorneys to sue the whistle blowing Peterson into bankruptcy or worse. They would do their best to get him indicted. In other words, they would use the same techniques that readers of Frank Report have seen Bronfman-Raniere use on enemies.
Lawyered to death or literally killed?  “Fire or ice?” Or, as they say in the Everglades – “if the alligators don’t get you, the mosquitoes will.”
And, if he wants to, Slim can afford both – to try to silence through abusive civil litigation or buy an indictment of Peterson.
Imagine his wealth and what that can buy.  While ranking of the world’s wealthiest people is usually at best a fairly educated guess – most rankings place Slim within the top 10 richest people on earth – with recent estimates of a $60-70 billion net worth.
This makes Clare and Sara Bronfman – with an estimated combined net worth of about $600 million –  look like paupers – yet consider what they have done with their millions to purchase [in]justice including indictments of innocent people.
Slim who is 100 times richer than the Bronfmans – owes his fabulous wealth to Carlos Salinas – who some say is wealthier than Slim himself – but whose assets are so well hidden and secretive no one can estimate how much he is worth.
Maybe the wealthiest man on God’s green earth – and his method to achieve it? Make his country – and the rest of the world if necessary – a living hell of corruption, drugs, guns, human trafficking, terror and intimidation. If true, old Carlos must think he will live forever.
Some say Salinas is the richest man on earth.
The reason Salinas has to keep his assets well hidden is that allegedly he initially stole it from the Mexican people. He came to the office of president a modest man of average wealth and left with billions – back in 1994. Since then, with his alleged control of drugs, guns, cash smuggling and human trafficking – he may be 100 times wealthier.
Some estimate that Carlos Salinas with his control of drugs and guns – plus the assets he stole from the Mexican people is worth 250 billion – almost all of it illegally obtained.  Proving this would be difficult if not fatal.
Slim also became uber wealthy during the Salinas presidency when he acquired his largest holding, Telmex, (which operates Latin America’s largest mobile carrier, Telcel), in 1990 – from the people of Mexico – at a hugely discounted price. He got this through his close relationship with then-President Carlos Salinas. The deal was so sweet for Slim that the opposition party demanded Salinas be impeached for robbing the nation of its asset and giving it to Slim. That did not happen.
Slim went on to increase his wealth – with the protection and backing of Carlos Salinas.
As a hint of Salinas’ power, it is widely believed [and reported] that while president, Salinas selected the heads of the drug cartels of Mexico – making him godfather or all Mexican godfathers.
What this means in real time is that Peterson is up against real wealth and legal muscle [and potential assassination] that makes Bronfman’s legal and extra legal efforts for NXIVM look like a baby’s diaper.
If Slim uses his vast fortune to retain legal forces to try to silence Peterson – Peterson may be bankrupted despite the fact that Peterson is reportedly a millionaire at least 20 times over.  And in the US – at least in the US Department of Justice – it is well known that indictments can be purchased in some districts – through high priced and well-connected attorneys – such as those connected to the Arizona Mafia.
Peterson might be indicted on bogus charges.
As for Carlos Salinas’ propensity to murder  – before you dismiss it as hyperbole or paranoia, – consider:  Catherine Oxenberg, the former Dynasty star who helped take down Nxivm, recalled in her book “Captive” that she was asked by a Mexican TV reporter not to publicly name him before their interview aired “or I’ll be killed.”
“He wasn’t joking,” Oxenberg wrote. “Not only was he referencing the [NXIVM] cult’s potential power in Mexico, because it was populated with so many of the country’s rich, famous, and most elite citizens, but he was also acknowledging the danger that one of those citizens was Emiliano Salinas. His father, Carlos, the most feared man in the country, would do anything for his son.”
I can attest Oxenberg is telling the truth – for I interviewed with this same reporter – who represents one of the biggest media outlets in Mexico. When he finished interviewing me, he said I must not tell anybody about his story – for if it got out before it aired  – he would be killed by Carlos Salinas.
At first I thought he was kidding. Then I looked at him – we were together in person – and I saw he was in earnest.
A highly respected reporter for one of the biggest media outlets in Mexico told his interviewee – me – that Carlos Salinas would kill him if he learned about the story.  Imagine if Lester Holt told this to someone he was interviewing.
The incident occurred in the fall of 2017. The Mexican reporter’s story has still not appeared.
In that interview, I laid bare the relationship between Emiliano Salinas and his secret lover Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt and how they used various illegal means to help NXIVM smuggle money from Mexico to the USA .
Now we have a report that Marco Lopez, – an adviser to Carlos Slim and Carlos Salinas – is telling Peterson to “hush up” about Emiliano Salinas and the Arizona Mafia’s connection with Carlos and Emi Salinas.
The court filings of the federal prosecution of NXIVM cites instances of aggressive tactics relating to the cult’s attempts to silence witnesses or critics. Prosecutors accused Nxivm associates of harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies of the cult. Prior to the arrest of key NXIVM leaders, details about NXIVM were exposed in the Frank Report and elsewhere by various sources. Some NXIVM leaders allegedly promoted a disinformation campaign designed to spread lies about these ex-Nxivm members and critics in order to discredit victims and use their lawyers to work with friendly prosecutors to criminally charge the critics and ex members in the US, Canada and Mexico.
Maybe Bronfman-Raniere learned their techniques from Salinas-Slim.
Image result for fast and furious scandal
The Mexican drug cartels – under the alleged control of Carlos Salinas – distributed drugs to America’s children and the rest of the world – allegedly sometimes with the help of the CIA – and ATF – who allegedly used it for covert fundraising outside the oversight of Congress. As often as not – the drugs [and guns] went across the Arizona border.  [See Fast and Furious for one of the most blatant scandals of American government history.
Dennis Burke – Clare Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas’ lawyer and a top member of Arizona Mafia had to resign his position as US Attorney for Arizona because he got caught lying to enable the Fast and Furious coverup. He should have gone to prison – – and in fact thought he was headed to prison – but the power elites got him out with a mere resignation.].
For some info on Marco Lopez: “2016 Profiles of Success”, Valle del sol website.
For info on Carlos Slim: “How Slim Got Huge”, Foreign Policy Magazine, October 12, 2009.

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  • Do the Carlos’s and the Arizona Mafia believe in anything but money? You can’t take it to HELL with you, which is where bastards like you and up.

  • I don’t think Slim woul give a shit about all this. Lopez might have saidso,, but Slim is just too bussy to be in tjis garrbage.

  • It’s sad when I drive through Mexico now and see all those vacant buildings that used to be occupied with vibrant, locally-owned, businesses. Prior to the Salinas presidency and NAFTA, Mexico was much less corrupt and had a large middle class. Salinas and NAFTA drained the people of their wealth and destroyed the country.

    Salinas and Slim are old and will die soon. As they age, their power will wane which seems already to be happening for Salinas. Minute cracks in his power are appearing. Their children will not be able to fill their shoes. Hopefully, Mexico will be able to transition into something that is better for the Mexican people when these two monsters meet their maker. It seems to me that work is already underway.

    As far as Marco Lopez goes, he’s tied to a very slowly sinking ship (on the US side). I’ve been following the actions behind the scenes at the Department of Justice for two years. The corrupt players are being shown the door one-by-one. It takes awhile to clean up shop when the system of corruption has been building for 30 years and has become tremendously powerful. But its happening, slowly but surely.

    Too many people are paying attention, too many people know what’s going on now, its too late for the former players to turn things around, no matter how hard they try. People like Marco Lopez used to be able to operate anonymously without scrutiny. Those days have passed.

  • It appears that Carlos Slim went to the Clare Bronfman School of Law.
    Sue the other guy to death.
    With Salinas/Slim money, the NXIVM defendants can hire a small army of lawyers to vex anyone.

    Slim is actually of Lebanese Christian descent.

    Carlos Slim’s fortune is no laughing matter.
    He is the largest investor in the New York Times.
    (According to the company’s 2016 annual filings, Slim owned 17.4% of the company’s Class A shares,)
    I wonder why the Times wrote such a laudatory article about NXIVM?
    Just coincidence I suppose. LOL

    Why is a self-help group like NXIVM-Mexico threatening people to stay quiet?
    That sounds more like the tactics of a drug dealing gang.
    Was Raniere’s NXIVM in Albany helping other NXIVM units launder drug money?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Didn’t Lauren Salzman live for a time in Mexico?
    I’m sure Laure was just helping the little Mexican kids learn the difference between PEAS and carrots.

    Is money laundering why so many NXIVM people also liked to trot around the world?
    What other kinds of trafficking was NXIVM facilitating?
    Sex trafficking?
    Child trafficking?

    Salinas and Slim have so much money between them that they could refinance the entire NXIVM Albany operation out of their spare pocket change.
    Even if Raniere and his top clowns are convicted and sent away for a few years, the organization can be quickly resurrect under another name somewhere else in America.

    Don’t expect any real investigations by the major Mexican media.
    Mexico has only two major TV Groups —
    Televisa which has ties to the American Univision TV networks
    and TV Azteca.
    Televisa owns 4 big TV networks and TV Azteca owns 2 major TV networks.

    No wonder Raniere felt so at home in Mexico with rich powerful Amigos like the Salinas/Slim gang and with their tentacles in the government and business communities of Mexico and their hands on the levers of the media.

    It must have come as quite a shock to Raniere and his “bad ass warrior babes” when Raniere was arrested by the Federales.
    Someone in the State of Jalisco must not have received the memo “Hands Off of Raniere. He works with the Salinas Gang.”

    • Its not that someone from the State of Jalisco didn’t receive the memo, they probably did. But Salinas’s power extends to protecting his son, he no longer has the power to protect his son’s crazy American friend. He’s left with trying to do damage control by attempting to prevent the connections between the crazy American and his son from going public. He seems to be losing on that front as well.

      Despite all their wealth and power, these crooks are finally on the defensive – its a place that is unfamiliar to them. Just one of the thousands of reasons why having a political outsider from the American Uni-party win the 2016 elections was good for the country and the world.

      • “Despite all their wealth and power, these crooks are finally on the defensive – its a place that is unfamiliar to them. Just one of the thousands of reasons why having a political outsider from the American Uni-party win the 2016 elections was good for the country and the world.”

        You nailed it. Truth!

      • The question is where will Carlos Salinas be able to cauterize the wound.

        Will Salinas be able to cauterize the bleeding before it reaches his son Emiliano?
        Raniere and his band of female disciples are already headed to prison.
        Even Clare, with all of her money, and clout is expendable.

        Will Sara and Basit also be thrown overboard to save the Salinas litter of goofy kids?
        How about Rose Laura Junco, the daughter of Mexico’s Rupert Murdoch?

        Will Carlos Salinas’ friends from Harvard University and Wall Street and Washington be able to kill a US DOJ investigation into his son’s activities with a crazy cult?

        Salinas and his family in Mexico might be hated by the long-suffering Mexican people but Salinas is still beloved in the halls of power in Washington and those are the people who still control the US government.

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