When will people feel free to speak out – in their own names – against NXIVM – only when the monster Bronfmans – Salinas – don’t loom in the background

Clare Bronfman leaves court after her bail hearing in July 2018. She was released on $100 million bail and subject to home confinement.

There is a reason why Keith Raniere was able to instill such great fear among his followers – and, even more so, among those who might criticize him.  I have been publishing this blog for years and with more 20,000 comments made – only a handful of people have ever dared to give their true names.

Even after Raniere’s arrest, people continue to hide their identities. I don’t blame them. Raniere is a brutal punisher who thinks nothing of destroying peoples’ lives.

And he’s had a huge advantage. He’s had both Bronfman money and Salinas’ family’s ever-present “threat of violence” behind him.

The Bronfman money was used primarily in the US to silence and intimidate enemies. In Mexico, Raniere had only a few enemies out in the open – who dared to speak up – because, in Mexico, they know that not only will they may be criminally charged via a corrupt judge through Emiliano Salinas – but there is the specter of Carlos Salinas actually arranging for their murder.

In Mexico, it is not safe to run afoul of Carlos.

Whether deserved or not – Carlos Salinas is probably the most feared man in Mexico – the man assumed to be the true head of the Mexican Mafia – with its billion-dollar businesses of money laundering, drug sales, human trafficking, gun running – and murder.

It may not be true – but millions believe it. Carlos Salinas is believed to be deadly. And his son, Emiliano, is the head of the Mexican cult of NXIVM.  So, in Mexico, people hope to leave NXIVM with their lives – and are silent.

In the USA – which is not quite such a lawless land as Mexico – there is less fear of being assassinated – but there is another fear – another enforcer here – which Raniere used so well to intimidate people who might criticize him.

He used the court system – and the natural advantage in the US courts that accrue to the party with the most money.

Our US legal system is heavily weighted toward the principle that “he who has the most money wins.”  Raniere could always outspend his targets.

Even though he rarely won any courtroom victories, he usually was able to ruin his opponents by making them broke defending themselves.  And just as often, he used the Bronfmans’ wealth to get his enemies criminally indicted based on false and perjured testimony and falsified documents – which further ruined them and put their lives into hell. For an indictment alone is enough to destroy a person – even if innocent – and it is a hard way out – even if one is acquitted or the charges dismissed.

So Raniere used the legal system to abuse people in the USA, and in the USA, the legal system is ripe for abuse for those who have the money.

As Joe O’Hara pointed out in his lawsuit in 2012 – where he revealed publicly many of the crimes of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization –  Raniere had a set game plan for his litigation abuse.

It was:

(1) Multiple causes-of-action;

(2) Onerous and duplicative demands for documents and records;

(3) Extensive motion practice;

(4) Complaints filed with licensing authorities;

(5) Attempts to have criminal charges brought against the opposing party;

(6) Refusal to produce documents and records;

(7) Refusal to produce witnesses;

(8) Perjured testimony;

(9) One or more requests for substitution of counsel;

(10) One or more requests for a change of venue;

(11) Witness intimidation; and

(12) Co-mingling of cases: e.g., using discovery in one case to obtain evidence and information for use in other cases.

These 12 methods were costly in money for both the target and for Raniere. The difference was that Raniere could afford it. He had Bronfman backing – and he had Bronfman perjury as well.

This was an astonishingly successful tool since Clare Bronfman would often take a direct role in the abusive litigation – besides just financing it, she would perform the necessary perjury.

It was a clever tactic since who would think that an enormously wealthy young heiress would be motivated to lie?

There was a presumption of integrity with her since she had [it seemed] no motive to lie. Why would she lie about the location of a computer server or a contract over a million dollars – since she had too much to lose – and after all, she didn’t really need the money.

It backfired like all lies always do. And the chickens have come home to roost for Clare now. Think of the littleness of the crimes she is charged with. Here is a woman with hundreds of millions of dollars who facilitated Keith using Pam Cafrtiz’s American Express card to make some $8,000-$10,000 a month in personal charges.

She could have easily given him that money – without using a dead woman’s credit card illegally –  but instead, she committed a federal crime.

Or take her bringing in a woman in from another country – and lying on the visa application, personally signing the visa application document – saying the woman would get a certain salary and then paying the woman that salary and making her illegally kickback some of the payments to her – a few thousand dollars. Why would she do this? She did not need the few thousand. Perhaps she had learned from Keith that she was above the law. Perhaps she was just blindly following Keith – but either way, Clare learned she could get away with breaking the law – and no matter how many people went to the authorities – nothing ever happened – except that some of the whistleblowers [most of them in fact] wound up being charged with some bogus crime.

In all those instances, Clare and Keith had a hand in getting the whistleblower charged.

So they learned that they could cheat and win at the US legal system. They had no fear – and so they never thought they had to abide by the law – they knew they would win in the US system because they had more money than their enemies. So they got more daring and bold and more accustomed to lying. And lying worked in the US legal system – because they had enough money to sell those lies. And when lies alone weren’t enough, they could always produce fake documents.

“She who tells the most lies and has the most money – wins.”

So it came to pass that an emboldened Raniere felt he could set up a scheme to blackmail and brand women. And that helped to undo him. And finally, the Eastern District of NY did what the Northern or the Western District declined to do — investigate Raniere – not his enemies.

Because of that, Raniere is in jail. Clare is under home arrest. Yet, people still do not feel safe.

Sara Bronfman is still at large and I have evidence that she can be just as cruel as her sister – and just as dishonest – although it comes a little less naturally to her than Clare – but make no mistake – she will do it.

And then there is still Emiliano Salinas – out there with his daddy in the background.

People are still afraid — and who can blame them?

They may have gotten the leader – Raniere – but his money hench-women and his Mexican enforcer are still in the background and that’s why people post anonymously.


When she was at the top of her game-winning through perjury – she found joy. Today, the law has finally caught up with Clare Bronfman and her perjury – and even her money may not be able to save her.


Her joy has been greatly diminished now that she is on the other end of the US legal system. She misused it to punish others and is now being called to account.


Keith Raniere gambled with people’s lives and for years won every time. [Photo courtesy of the FallofNXIVM.com. Photo taken by Toni Natalie. This famous photo is commonly called ‘Hairy Balls”.
From Keith Raniere’s website: The great and powerful Vanguard was so big and important that his followers sought to film his every brilliant utterance and his mind-blowing purported great deeds [while at the same time he was destroying his enemies in the US courts.]

A very small-looking Keith Raniere in a Mexican police car – about to be deported to the US where he would be charged in the US Courts with sex trafficking – well demonstrates the proverb, “The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine.”



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  • No one who has been involved will be safe until these monsters are in prison. Even then, the fear is so deep that they’ll find a way to retaliate against those who got out and told their story to media or law enforcement – whether anon or not

  • It seems as if all of the front line slaves are slowly but surely ageing out , is this why Rainere upped the ante by finding a way to force a younger generation of fuck toys. The younger the victim the more afraid they would be of their collateral getting out. They are also more susceptible to going along with requests by higher sashes paying attention to them. Let’s see what Arizona Mafia member Marc A. Has to say on dateline tonight.

  • Clare really does look like that girl we all had in our class in elementary school is was just obsessed with horses. Usually they are named Sarah though.

  • Clare Bronfman will soon run totally out of business. I think she will someday end up walking out of jail to find out she is penniless.

  • ‘She could have easily given him that money – without using a dead woman’s credit card illegally – but instead, she committed a federal crime’ – Just like Hills, lying even when she didn’t have to. Sounds psychotic. Or at least evil.

  • You post this, pointing out how Raniere etc instilled fear in his followers, then criticize actresses (one in particular) for being too afraid to speak out, knowing full well they signed non disclosure agreements, and most likely have nothing to contribute to the sex cult investigation.

    • for people who directly contributed, they need to directly acknowledge their contribution and speak out against Raniere.

      Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmonston both have spoken out clearly and vorciferously. Both have acknowledged that they realise what they did while involved in the organisation and on behalf of it was wrong, and actively shut down both of their locations.

      Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth, etc. are pathetic scumbags unless they aren’t talking because they are witnesses. They were both heavily involved in the building of this organisation, yet publicly (so far) refuse to do anything whatsoever to contribute to taking it down.

      We shall see.

      Many of us only attended intensives and fortunately escaped without further involvement. If I had recruited one single soul to that trainwreck, I would have no qualms whatsoever about publicly apologising to them.

  • Speaking of Clare, one commentor claimed that Clare Bronfman generously gave Allison Pimp Mack a BMW car as a gift.

    Now why would a female Grinch like Clare give an expensive foreign car to a mere TV actress, of all people?
    Could it be that the car was not a gift but instead a payment for services rendered to Clare?

    In the last couple of years two of Mack’s slaves in her stable of girls went on wilderness trips with Clare.
    Nicki Clyne (Mrs. Allison Mack) and Lauren Salzman both provided companionship to Clare on wilderness trips.

    Look at this picture of Clare resting her head on smiling Nicki’s shoulder.
    Clare’s expression looks like pure bliss.

    Don’t these two women look like love birds?
    Two healthy women enjoying all the wonders of nature together.
    All the wonders of nature.
    Hiking through the woods getting hot and sweaty together.

    Could it be possible that Clare’s gift to Allison is really a payment to the actress for her skills as a pimp?
    Could it be that Allison is a full service pimp who serves both male and female customers?
    Could it be that Allison and Nicki earned the car as payment for services rendered?

    Something for the US government to investigate.

    • You’re pathetic Shadowstate; have you ever gotten laid? I’m guessing not. Now fuck off, idiot.

      • It’s easy enough to get laid. Just go by Allison Mack’s house.
        She’s willing to share bacteria and viruses with anyone who’s available.

        Just call 1-800 Easy Allison

        Blind Items Revealed #5
        July 25, 2018

        Apparently the restrictions imposed on this former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit, long running almost network show now defunct do not state she can’t have sex with people. Apparently she has been using sex to get others to reach out and do things for her that would be impossible in her current situation. The people she has sex with then meet with others our actress wishes to be contacted.

        Allison Mack

        • This story seems suspicious to me–there are people obviously watching Mack’s house, and there isn’t a single photo of all of these people she’s supposedly having sex with and doing her bidding? We know a picture of her going outside to get a package is noteworthy and yet no one is publishing a picture of all of her alleged guests?

          • I’ve seen a photo of her house.
            It’s a corner house in a typical suburban neighborhood.
            I doubt anyone is surveilling her house.

            Besides the US government does not even have the resources to control the US border.

        • I doubt you ever got any in your life. I bet your hands are calloused all to hell, though. Now shut the fuck up, loser.

          • He probably keeps the photo of her house under his pillow to lull him to sleep. I doubt allie wacks mommy posts here, one perv is bad enough

      • No I have never been laid in my life. I could never get a real woman so my fantasy has always been Chloe Sullivan since I was 40. The actress that played her claimed I was stalking her on social media. So I hope she gets everything coming to her. IAs I am concerned she is the Alpha and Omega of NXIVM. What the hell did Keith Raniere have that I didn’t have??? HUH???

        • I’ve seen her in person and Clare looks feminine. She’s slender and rather slight, but definitely a woman’s body. Her facial features look larger in a photo than in real life. That may be why you had the impression that she looks mannish. But she’s actually very thin and rather delicate looking.

  • To be completely honest, I became pretty paranoid when it came to computers and privacy many moons ago. My name ofc is a fictive one, while the background it comes from is very much my own. I am still not using my name or personal information on the internet whenever possible.
    There is just so much personal information can be misused for. Stuff, I do not need in my life, started with spam or stuff like this.


    People should be aware of what can be done with the information they offer to companies like google or the governmet.

    2 or 3 years ago I was at a science meeting and listened to a lecture of a team that analyzed a persons behavior for commercial use. They would simply ask you which type of toothpaste or perfume you would prefer out of a selection or which drink was your favorite and so on. After they asked you 100 questions they were suggesting products you might like. All they knew was your sex and the answers to these questions.
    The catch was that a woman got offered diapers and the father was furious about it. How could they offer her diapers as she was just 14 years old. But there was one minor thing he did not know of at that time. She actually was pregnant.

    I do not need companies or governments know me better than my girlfriend or my parents. And even if I give information away I try to ensure that they cannot be traced back to me. This is why I use TOR browser and do not link this to google, facebook or twitter at any times.

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