Making connections to Arizona Mafia and Mexican Drug Cartels –

Janet Napolitano - head of the Arizona Mafia

This story is for those who are interested in the Salinas-Arizona Mafia-NXIVM connection.

The Arizona Mafia is a group of political insiders with strong connections to Arizona — and who have been known as the strong arm of the Democratic Party.

It is suspected that they have aligned with Carlos Salinas and may be compromised. The Arizona Mafia is led by Janet Napolitano, former Attorney General and Governor of Arizona and former Director of Homeland Security (DHS) for Barack Obama.

In June 2011, while Janet Napolitano was boss at DHS, an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General found that Mexican cartels were using money and sex to bribe U.S. border agents.

On June 9, 2011, a hearing was held at the United States Senate, in Washington, D.C., at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, SD-342. Key figures at the hearing were U.S. Senators Mark Pryor, Rand Paul, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Alan Bersin, and acting Inspector General of Homeland Security, Charles Edwards.

Former CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin is said to be friendly with Napolitano’s clan from D.C., having recently traveled to Mexico on numerous trips with Arizona Mafia members. Bersin was also Bill Clinton’s college roommate at Oxford where he became a Rhodes Scholar with Clinton.

In his opening remarks, Senator Pryor said: “The Mexican cartels dominate drug trafficking into the U.S., [with] bribery, corruption, intimidation, and murder. The impact of their operations in the U.S. has been widespread. [We] have learned that the cartel operations are changing. They used to rely on stealth techniques. . . they are [now] using their experience [from bribing Government officials in Mexico]…in bribing and corrupting U.S. officials who can facilitate their business.”

Charles Edwards said: “The Mexican drug cartels today are more sophisticated and dangerous than any other criminal group. They use torture and brutality to control their members and intimidate or eliminate those who may be witnesses or informants to their activities. They have also turned to corrupting DHS employees. A corrupt DHS employee may accept undocumented aliens into the U.S….while unwittingly allowing a terrorist to enter the country or chemical or biological weapons.”

CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin said: “Unfortunately, CBP employees have and will continue to be targeted by… criminal organizations. When one of our own strays into criminality, we do not forgive…our best defense against corruption is the men and women of CBP themselves….. Cartels are becoming very sophisticated… they are trying to infiltrate our CBP workforce… ”

Bersin added there were 15,197 corruption investigations backlogged at CBP. (Hearing, 42:00 and 44:15)

Bersin said he was working on a project to “expedite” passage of Mexican transport trucks into the U.S. through special new procedures.

Senator Pryor said 27,000 Mexican transport trucks enter the U.S. every day, asking: “If the Mexican drug cartels are successful in corrupting… .seems they could also corrupt Mexican trucking companies…” Hearing, (49:00)

Senator Pryor highlighted a lack of transparency in the exchange of information between CBP and the Inspector General’s office, noting an upswing in trends relating to investigations of corruption at CBP, implying that CBP seemed to be experiencing more corruption and bribes.

During her time at DHS, Janet Napolitano was accused of hindering inter-agency communications. Arizona Mafia member and former criminal pedophile defender, John Sandweg, was said to be the chief obstructer at DHS during his time as general counsel.

A report issued by the Homeland Security and Government Operations Committee in April 2014 found that Inspector General Edwards routinely shared drinks and dinner with department leaders and gave them inside information about the timing and findings of investigations, then improperly relied on the advice of top political advisers to then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and acquiesced to their suggestions about the wording and timing of reports.

“We found that Mr. Edwards was a compromised inspector general…who was not exercising real oversight,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.), the ranking Republican on the subcommittee on financial and contracting oversight, which led the investigation of Edwards’s tenure. “Any report generated out of his office would be suspect.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill, the committee’s chairwoman, opened the investigation while looking into the hiring of prostitutes by Secret Service agents ahead of a 2012 presidential trip to Cartagena, Colombia, while Arizona Mafia member Mark Sullivan was director of the Secret Service.

Whistleblowers alleged that Inspector General Edwards ordered them to remove derogatory information about the service and evidence implicating a White House staff member; more staff members came forward to allege deletions and delays in other reports.

The fact that Arizona Mafia members Dennis Burke, Mark Sullivan, James Burke and others are involved in the NXIVM defense could be a coincidence. Considering the common denominator of Carlos Salinas, however, I would not be willing to call it a coincidence without further info.  I plan to provide that info in coming posts.



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4 years ago

Wowed by this information thank you

5 years ago

First time visitor…. a QANON follower. While I’m interested in this story and believe it’s important, please don’t be arrogant and stupid. Be safe and take precautions. Report the story anonymously. I’m sure there are federal resources (white hats) already pursuing these EVIL creatures. Praying for your safety.

Pyton Swoope
Pyton Swoope
5 years ago

Let’s ask Barry Seal about the Clintons….. after all, he moved his drug operation to the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, an airport facility in Mena, Arkansas to get the “protection” of the clintons.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pyton Swoope

Barry Seal is conveniently dead.

Dead men tell no tales.

Python Swoope
Python Swoope
5 years ago

Another name on the clinton’s “Death List”…….

5 years ago

There is absolutely no foundation to your claims that Janet Napolitano, Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved with the
“Arizona Mafia”. This is as bad “news” reporting as the people responsible for saying Hillary Clinton was running a child sex trafficking ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor!

5 years ago
Reply to  Mohmart

You are totally full of crap. Your precious criminal child trafficking cabal – and that includes the filthy bitch Hillary – are going to face justice just like the NXIVM bunch.

Out of everybody involved...
Out of everybody involved...
5 years ago

I could see Lauren being the one to have knowledge of a more extensive money laundering operation.

It makes sense to me that her lawyers would be the Arizona team.

I can very easily see Nancy, Keith and Clare being ignorant of this, which is really quite humorous because IMO both Nancy and Keith were always coming from a place of “get rich quick putting one over on people”. The difference being that Nancy was happy living comfortable and wearing cashmere, while Keith had to continually escalate his con job to the point of actual human trafficking and rape.

I think Lauren has a streak of evil in her, though, that she is the one who could actually escalate to being directly involved in something with a drug / weapons cartel.

5 years ago

Dirty dirty democrats

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