Clare Bronfman makes $100 million bail – Basit Igtet and mother Rita Georgia Webb -Bronfman sign bond for teary eyed heiress

Basit Igtet, husband of Sara Bronfman-Igtet – and Georgia Webb-Bronfman, Clare’s and Sara’s mother – signed the bail bond today for Clare Bronfman. It is a $100 million bond.

Clare was released on the conditions that she remains under home confinement in her luxury New York City apartment, wear an ankle monitor – and, for the time being at least, not speak to any NXIVM members other than family members. Both her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, and husband, Basit Igtet, are members of NXIVM.

For whatever reason, Clare’s sister, Sara did not appear – possibly because she dare not enter the jurisdiction. She lives in France. The court was told Sara is a nursing mother and it would be too difficult for her to travel. So, she sent her husband.

In response to her attorney’s request that Clare be able to speak to other NXIVM members, Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza objected.

The judge said he would consider requests by Clare on an individual basis to speak to other NXIVM members. The judge gave leave to Clare’s attorney to make a motion in the future for Clare to be able to speak with specific NXIVM members.

Clare’s lawyer told the court previously that NXIVM members are like part of her family.

When the judge called on Clare’s mother and brother-in-law, Basit Igtet, to state on the record that they understood they were on the hook for $100 million, Clare broke into tears.

When they both pledged $50 million – and declared they understood it would be lost and they would be held liable if the heiress slipped away – Clare’s tears fell like rain.

When Basit cleared his voice and said in his deep-toned Libyan accent that he understood what he was doing for Clare, and expressed by his words and manner that he was confident there was the moral suasion necessary for her not to flee but to remain and stand trial, Clare’s checks were wet and red. In the glare of the overhead light, they fairly sparkled with reflected silver light  – although at least one observer called them “crocodile tears.”

Afterward, Clare left the courtroom with her mother and Basit and, ironically, the three of them ran into three of Clare’s victims – Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, [grandmother of India Oxenberg], Catherine Oxenberg [India’s mother], and Toni Natalie – in the corridors.  One can only imagine the tension of that moment. The two groups, however, said nothing to each other.

Because the heiress went first – as is appropriate for her wealth – the hearings for the two lesser lights – Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell – were postponed until the afternoon. At the moment, they wait in handcuffs and shackles for the court to have lunch.

Clare left the court and should be at home now in her comfortable luxury apartment – with its courtyard, sunning area, master bedroom suite, and lavish kitchen.





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  • For whatever reason, Clare’s sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet did not appear – possibly because she dare not enter the jurisdiction. She lives in France. The court was told that Sara is a nursing mother and it would be too difficult for her to travel – so she sent her husband

    The above stated reason is odd because the daughter SAFIA was born about 2013 (maybe at the end of 2012) so Sara Bronfman usually would not still be nursing the daughter at that age. This does not sound like a truthful statement made to the Court by the attorney. I guess Sara just didn’t want to show up at the Court.

  • Basit LoL an. entrepreneur. Lol. His dad was a radical Islamic extremists’ leader. He embezzled multi millions of dollars fromQaddafi And got caught. Basit ran off to Switzerland for 20 years and found his dads money he stole. He used that money to gain access into the Zionists because of his new found wealth. That’s how he found Sara and ended up marrying her. Jew found money marries into booze found money

  • Clare: If you are reading this, you evil bitch, I hope that the scope of what you have done to too many women begins to reveal itself to you – so that your crocodile tears will become real. It may not happen in your luxe NYC apartment, but it will certainly happen when your cell door shuts behind you..

      • What a “man” you are! So impressed with your petty baiting and mockery of other posters. I generally don’t bother to respond to you, but I think I’ll extend that to just skipping whatever you have to say entirely from now on. Keep pissing into the wind, jackass – the only person you’re fouling is yourself.

        • Good. I love getting in the last word. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out. I don’t need you, my message is for the million or so other monthly visitors to Frank’s blog. Do you think your input will be missed? Just put your hand in a bucket of what and pull it out, then tell me about the hole that remains. LOL

  • It would be nice to think that Clare cried because she realized that NXIVM is not her family. Only family is family. Well, one can hope.

    Allowed no contact with NXIVM, NYC will truly be a city of strangers for Clare.

    • She was always pretty much alone, anyhow. At least before NXIVM, she had her horses and her sister, though.

      Now her sister has gone off and had a family of her own. Something else Clare will never have.

  • Doesn’t Nancy own a number of properties she could use as collateral towards Lauren’s Bail? Or did they get seized?

  • — I don’t think Clare is going anywhere without Keith. She is entirely devoted to him.

    — CB in tears is yet another instance where I rue the federal ban on cameras in the courtroom.

    — As for the no communication requirement: I think there’s probably plenty of holes in the monitoring of it or ways to get around it through intermediaries.

  • Well, probably safe to say that Clare is out of here, likely never setting foot in a US courtroom again.

    • I can’t see Clare having the courage to do anything without Keith Raniere there to tell her to do it.

      The irony of the people who would theoretically be screwed by skipping bail being the mother who never really showed her any love and the man who took her sister away from her… Well, it’s not lost on me.

      I think if Sara had actually signed, Clare skipping town would have been less likely.

      She may go stir-crazy enough to do it.

  • Wonder what Steve Coffey NXIVM Cult Ex-Attorney is thinking these days. He went on a radio show 6 years ago to speak out against ex-blogger John because he was posting the truth about these now indicted criminal enterprise humanitains.

    So funny, everything he had to say was pure projection

    Makes one wonder why he isn’t representing NXIVM any longer, he is a criminal defense lawyer afterall.

    Oh right, they got caught with their pants down and stopped being NXIVM Cult lawyers.

    I’m sure Steve and Pam are still enjoying the fruits of their labor.

  • It sounded like Necheles’ failed argument to allow Clare to freely speak with NXIVM members while on bail (because they are like family) was really an attempt to allow Clare to hold the remaining fragments of NXIVM together, rather than because she just misses them.

    People like India Oxenberg and Nicki Clyne need ‘orders’ along with money also, since they’re too incapable of functioning without structure. I think Clare’s afraid of losing control over them if she can’t communicate, and very afraid of what that could mean if they decide to flip for the prosecution.

    Maybe an attorney can comment on this more, but I’m guessing that Clare will find it hard to make specific motions to speak with specific people (like India Oxenberg, Nicki Clyne, Ben Myers or the Salzman family) because the judge would quickly realize that she’s still trying to run NXIVM as an organization when he sees names like that. I’m guessing that’s why she wanted carte blanche permission to speak to any NXIVM personnel, rather than listing any specific names today. Just my opinion.

    • That is a typical bail condition in the Federal system – no contact with co-defendants. That is to prevent the co-defendants from conspiring together or working to intimidate witnesses.

      And Yes, Clare is going to have a hard time arguing that she ‘needs to talk’ to her co-defendants? Why would she need to?

    • *I realize that NXIVM has suspended operations and isn’t running classes anymore. But I’m guessing that Clare still needs to hold the fragments together, that’s what I meant.

    • Clare gave up everyone in her life for NXIVM, all her associates are/were NXIANS. Clare has several businesses and properties, managed by incompetent NXIANS, hence someone will have to tell them what to do.

      • Clare didn’t have anyone except Sara to begin with.

        She has never had a friend. She has had 1 sister, and a slew of people she paid to be nice to her.

        It’s pretty sad, actually.

        On a funny note, the New York Post calling their mother a socialite was good for a laugh. Not sure how she went from former nanny / serial wife to socialite, but, sure, whatever you guys say !!

  • So is 50 million worth the price of freedom for their sister, sister in law and daughter?

    That is pocket change for the airheads that have already lost more than that with this crazy cult. It’s less than VanScumPoo lost in his gambling with their money.

    Now the question is, will see stay around and stand before the court on charges she is facing or run to a country the US can’t reach her.

    So happy she cried over this shit. I hope this keeps her awake at night like so many of us have had to due because she came after us.

  • not at all. Nice touch that Scarecrow was moved to tears but that’s it. Wonder how Lauren and Kathy are faring?

  • Would the loss of 50 million actually hurt either family member, serious ? Is their mother able to afford this? If so this bail is a joke. What is Keith feeling right now? I suppose it benefits him to have someone on the outside who makes sure he doesn’t go without whatever privaliges jail allowed a pervert awaiting his guilty plea.

  • Oh my Yahweh! I bet NANCY IS FUMING!!!!

    Scarecrow makes bail (with Sarr-ah nowhere to be found) and can now chill in her Brooklyn penthouse. Order room service, maid service, massages, food, anything money can buy. But Lauren Salzman had to spend two days in jail! roflmao

    I would say Nancy Salzman is the one who jumps ship. She never liked Clare but she loved Clare’s $$$$. Now, she has more reasons to hold a grudge towards Clare and act on it.

    I told you Sara was still in France! You think she’s going to willingly come to the USA? Hello Roman Polanski. No way, No how.

    There might be an INTERPOL arrest warrant or bounty on Sara later on.

    • FN: “In her Brooklyn penthouse. Order room service, maid service, massages, food, anything money can buy.”

      How can it be that the person who funded all of this is the one released to the lap of luxury? In terms of witness intimidation, she is likely more dangerous than Keith. She is a worse flight risk than even he. She funded: terroristic, punitive civil litigation; money laundering; human branding; human fright experiments, forced labor; false imprisonment, and possibly sex trafficking – plus God knows what I’ve forgotten.

      She belongs right beside Keith.

      • They might as well release someone who can run their own incarceration while they wait for trial.
        They are still making $ off her prisoner bonds, and they don’t have to pay the overhead to keep her.
        Plus, they are, in one sense, giving her more rope to hang herself with.

  • What does it matter to two people, who don’t even live at the US and one of whom is a NXIVM member, whether Clare racks up a 100M$ bill in their names?

    I don’t see how that is any moral suasion whatsoever.

    Interesting that Sara is too scared to set foot in the US.

    • I also don’t believe either one of those two have 50M USD of their own.

      The former help doesn’t have anything that she doesn’t get from a husband, and her latest one is just a low-level UK actor.

      Basit may have a small trust fund of his own, but he married extremely well, and if Sara has two brain cells to rub together in her head (questionable, but still) she should have signed a prenup.

        • All she really had to do was tell the same trust lawyer to free up the 28M she was short and send it over. Now they know where at least some of the trust funds are to seize later.

          He didn’t do a single thing financially speaking other than sign.

          That being said, I am quite sure it gave him some leverage over Sara.

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