What about Christine Collins?

Longtime NXIVM member Christine Collins – who calls herself a “Behavioral Management Specialist” – was at one time under serious consideration for a top leadership post in NXIVM. In fact, the word was that she might become the new Prefect.

She was ordered to lose several unwelcome pounds of excess body weight so she could qualify to assume the august role. Even if she wasn’t made Prefect, a promotion might have meant the difference between her present rank of Orange Sash with three stripes and donning the highly coveted Green Sash.  She took a job as waitress until she could shed unwanted poundage, but fat got in the way and she continued to remain too plump.  [She was as plumb as a Vanguard on a high carb prison diet – you might say.]

Christine had this to say about Executive Success Programs: “This program is the single, most important aspect to my growth professionally, emotionally, and cognitively. Coming to class on a regular basis provides me with structure and feedback. This is the best program available with the most incredible, resourceful, knowledgeable leaders.”

For those of you who do not understand the inscrutable teachings of the Vanguard – he teaches that fat disrupts the spiritual transmissions. It would hardly be appropriate if ESP had fat teachers – especially  if they’re preaching that women must be thin to please their Vanguard. [This is the same reason why Farouk Rojas was also not promoted – he was almost as tubby as Vanguard.]

How can they transmit their teachings to the students with excess spiritually inhibiting fatness?

So Christine stayed in NXIVM – and stayed fat [by NXIVM standards] – and reportedly is still in to this very day. I don’t know if she will be indicted. Some say she should. But what about that stubborn plumpness? Will she finally obey her Vanguard if imprisoned and finally shed the fat Vanguard so despises in women?

The reason I bring up Christine today is because I got this from a reader – someone apparently wroth at the havoc NXIVM and Christine have caused her family.

Viva Executive Success.

From a reader:

Is there any information on either the possible indictment of Christine Collins or any accountability for her participation and current support of this group????
Considering we have lost her to this group for 20 years now and her devotion to Nancy and Keith, we are shocked we’ve heard nothing about them being held responsible for the pain that has been caused, the embarrassment her family has had to endure , the tears our whole family has cried, and damages both she and this group have caused to not only our family but others as well. The ramifications of her negligent use of her so called facilitator (fake) title with no substantial credentials to back it up, has caused significant damage to those she so carelessly Saturated their brains with all while taking their money and ruining their psyches and their family relationships. It saddens people to see them going on vacation and acting as though they have not done a thing wrong.


Her estranged family members

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  • She sounds ripe for the picking for Ramtha that’s for sure now that Prefect is out of business.

  • Christine Collins was one of the NXIVM members named in the February 2012 criminal lawsuit against NXIVM by Joseph O’Hara.

  • It’s interesting Christine settled in “nxivm land” and not only married for money but look at what her spouse does for a living . His name has been written in the company of nxivm top techies (in previous Frank reports)

  • As a family member, I find the above “from” a family member suspect. Christine for sure has nothing to come into regular society with, I don’t even think she finished her short stint at HVCC before getting sucked into this crap. I will confirm her parents were horrible to her, which is why I could see her getting involved with NXIVM. I tend to think (pure speculation) she knew things were going to go under with NXIVM, and married a man with money to secure her financial fate.

  • Who knows just how many people she has seriously psychologically damaged.

    I can see exactly how the one girl ended up going straight to the mental hospital during an intensive.

    Christine Collins is incredibly manipulative and emotionally abusive. If she could have kept her weight under control, she would have been stiff competition for Lauren as far as who would replace Nancy.

    The only positive thing I can say about her is that I am actually grateful to her for being one of the factors that got me out.

  • Keith Raniere founded a little known political party in NY state called the Lemon Party. He wanted the voters to know there was no difference between Repub’s and Dems, and therefore they were all Lemons. The site’s still up, too:


    • For someone with three science degrees, Keith had a remarkable lack of understanding of female biology. Women are *supposed* to have some fat. The fact that he prefers women with no fat at all tends to lend additional credibility to the idea that he actually prefers teenagers or children.

      I also have never been able to understand how or why so many women found him attractive. I’ve really *tried* to understand this…I’ve watched numerous videos. I find him utterly repugnant in every possible way. (I am female.) Maybe you just have to be there in person to get it. He comes across to me as both physically repellent, and also completely full of s***. I have never heard him say anything that actually sounded intelligent; it all sounds like utter garbage. He actually reminds me of someone I used to work with who I thought was a sociopath. I couldn’t stand him, but many people I worked with found him charming and brilliant. I thought everything he said was B.S., and avoided him as much as possible. Fun fact: he was in a very high position! Luckily I never worked directly for him; I was insulated by at least two other bosses.

        • Your right. He likes underweight women. That’s why stormy doesn’t make sense , but lots of things with this group doesn’t make sense. I read from one source his mother was a ballroom dance instructor. I wonder if his mother was underweight.

          Hudson valley community college in troy. Rennsalaer county. To answer your question.

          Thank you. You are bringing up some good points.

  • “We’ve heard nothing about them being held responsible for the pain that has been caused, the embarrassment his family has had to endure , the tears our whole family has cried, and damages both he and this group have caused to not only our family but others as well.”

    A family testimonial of me selling Amway.

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