More ‘circumstantial evidence’ supports Szemkus on Stormy Daniels-Weiner-Schneiderman-Raniere-Mack party — NXIVM held intensive in Connecticut

Anthony Weiner

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Ben Szemkus – is he telling the truth? Not to add fuel to the fire, but, as people debate whether Ben Szemkus’ story of meeting Eric Schneiderman, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Stormy Daniels, James Alefantis, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Clare and Sara Bronfman, and  Nancy Salzman at a NXIVM mixer in Hamden Connecticut is true or not, a new bit of information comes in.

A NXIVM insider told me there was at least one intensive held in Connecticut around the time of Ben’s story. This NXIVM insider has no connection with Ben, never met him, never saw him. In fact, he thought it was unlikely the event Ben described was true – but would not rule it out. He knew, however, for a fact that around the time Ben allegedly went to a NXIVM mixer – NXIVM was recruiting in Connecticut.


Ben contacted Frank Report today to see if he could make contact with a person who left comments under the moniker Donna the Huntress.  Donna claimed to have been at the party but has not revealed her identity.

Ben believes he remembers her. Donna has added to Ben’s story.

Ben’s story about a NXIVM gathering he attended in 2007.

The short version:

Ben came with a girlfriend to the mixer.

There were eight men:

  1. Raniere
  2. Schneiderman
  3. Wiener
  4. Alefantis
  5. A bodyguard for Stormy Daniels
  6. A boyfriend of one of the other girls
  7. A baldish guy [possibly Dr. Brandon Porter]
  8. Ben

There were about 20 women.

  1. Nancy Salzman
  2. Allison Mack
  3. Clare Bronfman
  4. Sara Bronfman
  5. Stormy Daniels
  6. Ben’s girlfriend
  7. The hostess [whose name Ben forgot] She was blond. Ben thinks her grandfather may have been a judge.
  8. About a dozen Yale college girls.

Keith spoke to the Yale girls about becoming nannies and speaking in different languages to train children.

Mack spoke and Stormy spoke to the women.

Eric Schneiderman arrived later and spoke to Ben about “the movement that they were building”.

Keith spent time in a bedroom with lights off with Stormy Daniels and Allison Mack.

Anthony Weiner and wife, Huma Abedin, showed up. Weiner “mentioned the NXIVM movement.”


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According to Ben, Allison Mack went into the bedroom with Keith Raniere and Stormy Daniels. The lights went off.


Ben thinks there is a possible Yale and Democrat party connection to NXIVM.  He said that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all graduated from Yale.

“There is is a small group who are trying to do back flips to try to discredit this story,” Ben said – and he plans to take a lie detector test to try to prove his story is true. He will videotape his lie detector test and have witnesses there to watch it.

Meantime, Ben said he wants Donna the Huntress to contact him.

Here is what Donna said about the party she claims to have also attended — with Ben:

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Stormy attended a NXIVM party?

Donna the Huntress wrote:

I was at the party and Stormy [Daniels] told me she just came back from the Super Bowl. I spoke to Eric Schneiderman and he was a real gentlemen. I remember Ben offered to sell him some weed. I didn’t buy any. I said to Ben and Eric that I smoke other things but not weed. … I can confirm Allison Mack is not a tranny because I was in the room with Keith, Stormy, Allison and Jan (the hostess )… I was the only black chick there. I came in and out and said, ‘This nanny stuff is bullshit.”

Ben is telling the truth. I don’t remember the pizza guy [Alefantis] but I remember Huma and Keith talking… Huma was trying to channel Keith’s energy. Wiener went into the bedroom with Nancy … I was in the next bedroom and I heard them talking. She was asking him about his childhood and he said he liked to be an exhibitionist when he was a boy and his name ‘Weiner’ made him think of his wiener and he wanted to show it to others to get their admiration. Nancy told him this was why he craved showing it to others: Because people made fun of his name when he was 5 years old.  I should not have listened but I could not help it. He was a congressmen.

Keith had Clare secretly record the conversation, maybe to use it against Wiener. He also filmed Stormy, Jan and Allison. They invited me, but I only watched. Clare wanted to ‘do’ me and I said ‘no.’ There was not as much sex as you might think. Mostly drinking and talking about how great Nxivm was and how children should be taught to have sex at a young age and they would grow up freer.

I could not agree with that, but Keith said in a way that was very edgy … he reminded me. I started masturbating when I was 12. So he said, ‘so what was wrong with having a real cock then?’ and I said he was right and he asked me to relive it with him and I sort of really wanted to try and I felt like he was gaining control of me. But I said no. I had a boyfriend and he said this was not sex, but a healing of childhood hangups.

Wow – I just realized I might have been branded that night….

After Ben left, Elliot Spitzer came to the party with Ashley Dupre – who was just stunning. They were on their way to DC but they had to stop by and see Keith to get some secret tips on sexuality. Keith told Elliot that, when having sex, to always keep his calf length socks on for the warming of the calf and the light pressure [it] would bring [for] extra potency. …  They came in right after Ben left with his girlfriend.

…. Stormy Daniels was very nice and Keith was pretty cool too. He spoke to me about the metaphysical realities of transcendent awareness. At the time I just thought him a nerdy, cute, funny guy who wanted to date a black chick. And I was (and still am) hot. … [based on the people who were there at the party] it suggests Clinton- Podesta and co. were up to their eyeballs in [NXIVM]….

One thing more, Eric Schneiderman is not a racist. He told me I could be his ‘nigga bitch slave’ but he would take care of me and when we went out in public, he’d treat me like a lady. I thought he was kind of cute to say that, but … something … seemed too far fetched. So I passed.

Last word. If anything happens to Ben, it won’t be a suicide or an accident.

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Like Keith Raniere, Eric Schneiderman liked to starve his slave women. He also has another thing in common with Raniere – his eyes.

Keith Raniere – you never could tell which eye was looking at you. But you could be sure it was never both.


Image result for stormy daniels anthony weiner
Smart– Anthony Weiner liked to photograph himself and share it with others. But was he at a party with Keith Raniere?
Image result for eliot spitzer and ashley dupre
Latest guests named to the party — Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupre


Final note:

File this under conspiracy theories if you like – but since it involves NXIVM, it is part of our beat.

I think it is fair to give it a complete airing.

Meantime, Anthony Weiner is in Devon Federal Prison in Massachusetts. Ironically he is in the same unit as John Tighe, the former anti-NXIVM blogger who some suspect was framed by Raniere who may have planted child porn on his computer.

Presently, Keith Raniere is in MDC. But if he is convicted on sex trafficking charges, he may join Weiner and Tighe in the sex offender unit at Devon.  Eric Scneiderman, who has resigned in disgrace – and faces possible criminal prosecution, has a chance of joining them also – but not as good a chance for at least at present he is under investigation by New York State authorities. But there is a chance he may have had a hand in the NXIVM conspiracy and may be charged for corruption.


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    A Liberal Definition of the Alt-Left
    When writing this piece, a quote kept rattling around in the back of my head. It was the title of the opening chapter of “The Feminine Mystique,” Betty Friedan’s seminal 1963 feminist manifesto: The Problem That Has No Name. Apologies in advance, for appropriating and altering three of the quotes I find most meaningful from that chapter, for my own purposes here:

    “The problem lay buried, unspoken, for many years in the minds of American liberals…

    Even so, most liberals still did not know that this problem was real. But those who had faced it honestly knew that all the media dismissals, the academic justifications, the intellectualized double speak and the manufactured outrage were somehow drowning the problem in unreality…

    How can any person see the whole truth within the bounds of one’s own life? How can she believe that voice inside herself, when it denies the conventional, accepted truths by which she has been living? And yet the liberals I have talked to, who are finally listening to that inner voice, seem in some incredible way to be groping through to a truth that has defied the media.”

    There is an effort underfoot, in the media and in academia, to declare the Alt-Left a myth, to sweep it back under the rug, to reduce it, in effect, back to being a sickness not spoken of, a problem that has no name. I have had well-meaning friends tell me I should not use the term Alt-Left (or any of its synonyms: Regressive Left, CTRL Left, SJWism) because they are ‘pejoratives’ used only by the right to attack the left. In my experience, this is not true. Like canaries in the coal mine, liberals who do not (or no longer) subscribe to the Alt-Left ideology have been sounding the alarm about this creeping plague of repressive groupthink for quite a while now. I believe this attempt to dissuade our use of the term Alt-Left is purposeful (even if not consciously recognized by individuals who are doing it) — for how can we discuss something we cannot refer to by name?

    When asked to define Alt-Left, I would describe it as a leftist but illiberal authoritarian ideology rooted in postmodernism and neo-Marxism that supports censorship, condones violence in response to speech, is obsessed with identity politics (much like the Alt-Right), and functions like a secular religion that gives its believers a sense of moral self-worth. It masquerades as a form of liberalism, but it has more in common with authoritarianism than its true believers can (or want to?) admit. It claims to speak for the marginalized, but it either ignores or attempts to hatefully shame members of marginalized groups who do not subscribe to the ideology. It is not simply Antifa; it is the ideology that undergirds Antifa, and it has swallowed much of BLM and intersectional third wave feminism. It wishes to swallow the whole of the left, the country, the world. It is rooted in nihilism, resentfulness, and arrogance, though it presents itself as being rooted in equality, justice and morality. It favors collectivism over individualism, statism over liberty, forced equality of outcome over freedom. Now…imagine if I had to say that mouthful every time I wished to talk about the Alt-Left because I bought into the notion that to give it a name it would be insulting to fellow liberals. No, to speak of it by name is to out it for what it is and to reduce some of its power.

  • Why the need for a private, unsecured server?

    “Philippe’s got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news…”

    “Given your pizza obsession, What goes around ‘COMETS’ around.
    Jobs- dominoes dominoes/career.


    (Domino s career)

    “Comet® Bleach Powder attacks your tough-cleaning problems in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout your house.”

    Poor Mika had a meltdown. In Chicago, at a Furry Convention, it appears that there was a chlorine leak which sent 19 people to the hospital. (Timeline?)

    “Conchita’s Mexican Cafe.”

    Who is Conchita Sarnoff?

    Please do not feed the bears.
    Thank you.,
    The House Management
    (Front or back of the house?)

    Odd but I have never heard a young child express anything regarding which subway is their favorite. Especially a four year old child. A choice? How many are there? Given that there is a choice.

    “Earlier this month, Anthony tweeted: ‘Jordan’s subway of choice today is the only one that stays in the boroughs. Any tips for ice cream near Court Square?'”

    Subway of choice and requests tips for ice cream? And gives a location. A native New Yorker, a Politician, with a young child, and yet, needs tips for ice cream? Don’t all four year olds have a favorite subway of choice? Yet, the parent is requests, publicly, tips for ice cream. The priorities of a four year old child. The favorite subway of choice being one that stays in the burroughs. Yet, no favorite ice cream shop if choice? The priorities of a four year old child! It is his favorite? Yet, the father, who knows what his child’s favorite subway is, requests tips for ice cream? Doesn’t the same child who expresses what their favourite subway is, also have a favorite ice cream shop? What kind of tips?

    “Please take care of this little bear”
    -The story of Paddington Bear.

    “Do you know how I know your name is Doc?”

  • Frank, this debate kinda reminds me of the leftwing tantrums thrown when Nate Silver said that his polls only gave HRC a 70% chance of winning (instead of 99%). LOL.

    Other leftwing pollsters were using ‘bias’ to predict HRC had a 95%-99% chance of beating Trump.

    Why? Because the leftwing pollsters didn’t like what statistical facts were telling them about Trump having a chance to win… they created their own ‘statistical facts’ from WHOLE CLOTH to appease the leftwing base who wanted to hear that it’s not even ‘possible’ that Trump might win. LOL.

    In essence, the leftwing pollsters said that 2+2=7…….and the leftwing base mocked anybody who questioned that equation, with endless tantrums.

    But Nate Silver stepped in to say those polls were not correct and were biased.

    Guess what? …Nate was then mocked and ridiculed in a FIRESTORM of leftwing baby ‘tantrums’ that couldn’t accept basic statistics.

    The leftwingers actually mocked Nate Silver far worse than the leftwinger babies are mocking Ben on this site, LOL.

    **They actually asked Nate to stop posting his polls…….just like several people here have asked Frank to stop investigating Ben’s story.

    Anyway… My point is that leftwingers always throw massive & coordinated tantrums and attempt to silence any speech they don’t like.

    Please keep investigating Frank.

    Maybe this party happened and maybe it didn’t.

    But I am inclined to believe that Ben is not purposely lying about anything and the circumstantial evidence available does support that it could ‘possibly’ be true.

    Have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

  • Ben, pay no attention to any of this….just remember how much I LOOOOVE you. You. Just. You.
    And I’m gonna open that Twitter account and maybe an instgram too, so I can post pictures of us together.

    And I know everyone wants to hear more about this party, so I will continue.

    So, the Kristie tranny was super angry at the tranway, and she kept calling him pussy boy faggot and other mean names. I never saw what started the argument,but it seems as though there was an ongoing feud between them. Finally the Kristie tranny started beating up the tranway, and he ended up curled up in a ball on the floor, crying. And he had wet his pants, too. This seemed awfully strange considering the tranway was about 6.5 feet tall, which was considerably larger than the other tranny

    OH yeah..I remember one thing that tranway did that set off the other tranny . Tranway kept asking her to take pictures of his ass. He wanted to pose in women’s lingerie and have sexy pictures taken. I don’t know why…I can only recount this as I remember it.

    I will reveal more later, if I recall more details.

    Ben…I’m gonna send you some sexy lingerie pics now. Watch for them on Twitter. Do you have DM? Hope so!

    • Your post doesn’t even have comedy value. You should work on your routine better before posting it. 🙂

      Let me guess, you were one of the leftwingers who mocked Nate Silver for saying that Trump had a ‘chance’ to win, right? LOL.

      Duh. 🙂

      Grow a brain and get some better comedy material. 🙂

      • This is not a comedy routine , Mr Schmidt. What is funny about any of this? Why are you mocking me for telling my story? I thought you are looking for amother person to collaborate that Ben, did, in fact , attend this NXIVM party. I can verify that ,yes, he did attend. So did Scottie Amway and I have a feeling I saw you there, too. Are you short and chubby, wear glasses, have brown hair with a receding hairline, and have a weird crooked smile? Because I saw a guy like that there,too. I remember I gave him the nick-name Chester the molester.

        I’m gonna call you Chester from now on, OK Chester ?


        Still❤ you , Benny! Do you remember Chester?

  • Timeline?

    Fun fact- One of the books Weinstein had in his possession when he was recently photographed? Elia Kazan- Directed “A tree grows in Brooklyn” (1945). Kazan named names. “He went to a good school, Williams College in Massachusetts, but felt looked down on by the upper-class white girls. So he slept with them, and he excelled at every competitive urging. “The casting couch.”

    “I may have short-circuited it and for that I, ah, you know, will try to clarify.”

    (Dissociative fugue)

    NY Post and the Daily News labeled Jean Houston as “Hillary’s guru”. (Conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt). Any experts in hypnosis at NVIXM?

    “Any studies of breath work have had few participants and only been published in yoga-centered texts. These sorts of rituals work because we believe they work.” (The Dalai Lama) Breath Play? Altered consciousness? I don’t seem to recall someone being a yoga practitioner. Until.

    Yoga. and wedding, emails? (Who was in attendance? Who is the registered sexual predator who (( also )) owns a private island? His gal pal attended the happy nuptials.)

    Someone, and their inseparable gal pal, ditched their security detail on more than one occasion. Why?

    “Insurance policy” file discovered on Weiner’s laptop.

    Per the Daily Caller:
    “The New York agents described it as the “entire file” of all Hillary Clinton emails from 2006 until 2016, including the BlackBerry messages that Comey himself had referred to as “the golden emails.

    Extremely concerned, the case agent went to the U.S. attorneys for the Southern District of New York. An assistant United States attorney told the inspector general the agent believed “somebody was not acting appropriately, somebody was trying to bury this.” The attorneys were concerned the agent might “act out.”

     Federal investigators knew people would email Abedin, and she would print things out for Clinton. Abedin admitted it was easier for her to print things from home in Brooklyn.

    Logically then, it appears it was Abedin who deliberately stripped classified markings from emails to forward the information to Mrs. Clinton so she could then deny ever receiving anything marked classified. It’s called “plausible deniability,” and it was a deliberate and illegal scheme for handling classified information.”

    (Clare bear? Key blogger virus?)

    “Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly.”

  • Anonymous, first use a name. It doesn’t have to be your real name, although it could be. Have you talked to Frank or emailed him your information?

  • That is a very alarming story about children being held captive by Rainbow garden ” nannies ” I wonder why law enforcement is not investigating this.

    Since this Ben Szemkus is in contact with Liz Croken on Twitter, it would really help if he informed Liz of this situation with the missing children. I’m sure Liz would start some type of immediate investigation. Perhaps she could post updates on twitter to keep us informed about this serious matter.

    • She also engages in intensely political activity and entertains what many might characterize as conspiracy theory. Generally, if there is a real issue, it’s perfectly acceptable to spread information through people who resonate with your political convictions (Liz Crokin), but you FIRST go to real police organizations and NGOs. In this respect, the first stops are the F.B.I. and The Polaris Project (NGO concerned with Human Trafficking).

  • And yes, someone is definitely filtering comments on here as mentioned before though you claim that isn’t the case…

  • Frank,
    I believe most people here are familiar with the “fall guy/s” concept. That said, what are you getting out of this on the side? Clearly its something given you are continuing to strategically pick and choose what you report on and seem to just keep ignoring blatant crimes against children and the many profiting off of them in this crime syndicate. You and your countless “insiders” are obviously involved in profiting as well on some level- biggest evidence of this is your total refusal to consider any evidence of how nxivm has been stealing children for their trafficking and slavery induction “program”.
    It’s now been nearly a full year since I’ve seen my little girl though I’ve been to law enforcement and authorities to report countless times (most recent FBI in NYC) yet each time I’m blocked from getting anyone who’s legitimate and not part of the terrorist criminal cult’s perks club. I have evidence of medical records being changed, police reports being obstructed and altered, court documents being fraudulently created and mail fraud associated- not to mention tax fraud, cyber intrusion, and unlawful surveillance on all of my accounts as well as fraud bankruptcies processed under other NXIVM targets including Jdg ROBERT LITTLEFIELD.
    Isn’t it ironic that we can’t hear enough about the children seperated from their parents ILLEGALLY CROSSING OVER THE BORDER yet mine was abducted across state lines near Chicago, IL and is being held by illegal immigrants posing as nannies while they teach the trade of being owned and used for others profit. Looks like nxivm’ s doing exactly what they set out to do as they just keep recruiting more and more coward slaves to contribute towards their pathetic crimes against our children and humanity.
    If you truly believed in what you preach, there’s not a chance in hell you’d be turning your back on our case so thanks for proving (at least to some, behind the spotlight of your blog) who you actually are.

    • I Can Back Up Everything That Is Saying Here This Is True! Frank Only Wants To Talk About What He Wants, Nothing About The Children! So Makes You Really Wonder What Is In It For Frank Unreal!

    • I Can Tell You Now That’s All True ! And Why Isn’t Anything Being Said About The Children? There Is A Reason Why! Frank What’s In It For You???????? You Only Post What You Want!

      • Instead of lurking and larping on a wordpress site why don’t you take yourself, your story, a photo of your child, and all of your evidence to the Daily News, or NY Post, or NY Times? Expose the whole thing yourself. If it were my child and no one in LE had been paying attention to me,, and then – because of Frank’s work primarily – the leader of the cult that stole your child was arrested and the whole story was getting international coverage – well, I would take full advantage of the coverage and I sure AF wouldn’t be harassing Frank Parlato, I would be going to any and every journalist I could find – since I would have a real edge on the story as a whole and that edge could bring my child home to me…. but that’s just me, I’m not some crazy weirdo who would rather stalk a website and complain.

    • If you have evidence of these improper activities, make photo copies of that evidence.
      Then hire an attorney to help you present those photocopies to the FBI.
      Apparently the FBI in the Eastern District of New York, which is based in Brooklyn, is handling the NXIVM case.

      If you believe that the FBI is not listening to you, then use Google to find the address and phone number of the FBI Inspector General in Washington DC and report it to him.

    • Wait, what? Judge Robert Littlefield was the one who ruled for Toni Natalie, against Keith Raniere in her bankruptcy case. He said Raniere was acting like a jilted boyfriend seeking revenge. Are you claiming Judge Littlefield is part of NXIVM?

      How has Frank not considered your evidence? Are you saying you’ve provided him that evidence and he has ignored it? You claim he is obviously profiting from the NXIVM crimes against children – how so?

      If your child has really been taken by this group, I wish you well in recovering her. Given his willingness to present opinions from Monte Blu and Ben S, I trust that Frank would be willing to publish real evidence from you as well if you provide it.

  • Did I mention that I really do love Ben, and now that he’s on Twitter I might make a twitter account too. ….just For You, Ben.

    And I want to continue my story now. I see Scott Amway confirms that he does have muscular legs, so that is pretty good evidence that I’m telling the truth!. How else would I know that about Mr. Amways legs?

    So, as I said earlier ,the Amway tranny (can we just call it TRANWAY?)… so Tranway was trying to hit on my boy, Benny, but I wasn’t jealous at all,because i knew Ben would be true to me.. so I just watched to see what would happen .
    By the way ; Ben was wearing a red shirt, and tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination. Correct Benny?
    So I noticed the other tranny start talking to the Tranway. The other tranny was probably a lady; but she wore a checkered shirt and had a very short haircut like a boy. I Think she was named Kristie, so you guys got that part right about that name! Good job, guys!

    I h eard the Kristie tranny start telling at Tranway…she said stuff like “I’m gonna kill you you closet fag pussy boy!” and then a fight broke out….

    I will add more later

    Kisses to you, Benny!

  • I think Ben’s story is bullshit. How many can remember a party they attended 11 years ago with such vivid detail. Who went to what room, what was said, who wore what.

    If Ben is lying he could open himself and Frank up to lawsuits from those he named if they ere not there.Ben may be a plant from some of the left wing NXIVM crowd to post bullshit on this site and potentially cause legal trouble to get it shut down.

    • Why in the world would the ‘ left wing crowd’ want to invent a story that features Stormy Daniels as a member of NXIVM? Where is the logic in that?
      If the story is an fabrication, it makes sense that it was all invented by an alt-right group. The alt-right criminals are responsible for inventing QANON. They are responsible for inventing Pizza gate. No doubt this story is one more of their fantasies.

      • Quite simple. Too blame the so called alt right and make them and Frank look foolish to people like you who need to be red pilled. most of the leaders of NXIVM are left leaning tools. The organization was deep into child trafficking and was protected by many local New York, Mexican, Canadian politicians and law enforcement. The great majority who are left wing. That is where all of this is going to lead to. The other charges although serious are fluff compared to the crimes against the children. Ranere is just a point man for a much more nefarious crowd. Think Mexico. The alt left in this country and world wide, likes to project on others what they themselves are guilty of. As far as your alt right QANON theories, they live rent free in your head much like Mack lives rent free in Shadow boys head.

        There is a great deal more that I could say about this but as time progresses it will come out. Time is on the side of truth.

        • Both of these guys are hilarious. Lol. Tony with his illogical theory that the “alt-left”.. (hahaha) is responsible for this fake Ben story, and Textard for demanding that he PUT IT ALL ON THE TABLE ! NOW!

          First of all -there is no such thing as alt-left. That term is an invention by idiots such as Stefan Molyneux and Ezra Levant…..who, by the way, are 2 of the most vIle, disgusting liars I’ve ever encountered. These 2 morons will use the term alt-left to describe anyone who disagrees with anything they say – they sound like kindergarten children. They can’t debate an issue at all, and if you challenge them their answer is “You are alt-left” but they can’t even explain what they mean by that term! Too funny.

          Alt-right is an actual term used to describe a certain group of people…look it up if you are unfamiliar with what it means.

          What do you mean by MY alt-right QAnon theories? More nonsensical bullshit, Tony, because if you check into it, you’ll see that the QANON idiots are active on Twitter, and still spewing their racist bullshit.

          • Flower boy you are living proof of the alt all too real. Your hypocritical ignorance in calling other as haters when looking in your own mirror might be helpful. Don’t worry about the Q anon stuff little fella, it will show with time. As for Scottie, sorry Jr, certain things cannot be said at this time. Keep your panties dry and talk to your buddy Ben. You are almost as goofy as the left wing knuckle fucks that post here and populated NXIVM..

          • I have checked into it Skippy. Racist ….that shit gets old, idiot. Tools like you so easily brainwashable by your beloved demofucks are the reason for too many years, cults and child trafficking were rampant. Those days are coming to a close. Stick that up your hypocritical racist ass numnut.

          • Thank you!

            One thing is for certain: continuing to lend any credence to this tall tale really drives down the quality work Frank has done for years.

    • Tony, this is America. Anybody can sue anybody else for any reason or no reason at all. However, a lawsuit won’t go very far, as Frank can’t be held responsible for posting on his website what somebody else claims. Grow up. LOL

      • Scottie you are as dumb a fuck as your democrap buddies. Many libel lawsuits have gone places Jr. You are the one that needs to grow up, shilling for your goofy program. You are in the same league as the Clintonista cultist that comment here. You know the ones that have you in the vast right wing conspiracy.

        • Confused by your posts , Tony. Flower boy? What does that mean? Why do you assume I’m male? Lol

          Anyways, it’s unclear who you think is a racist, or why you think that, as I haven’t noticed any racist posts.

          Hypocritical ignorance?Too fucking funny ! If you believe terrorist and criminals are good people, then you’re demonstrating your own ignorance.

          Please Tony , do us all a favour and explain to us what you think alt-left means. If you’re gonna use that word, you should know the definition.

          I’ll be waiting ….

          • I’ll explain to you what the alt-left means: its the left’s version of the alt-right.

            So basically its just a term that people use to demonize a group that doesn’t really exist and if it did, they wouldn’t understand it anyway. Why? Because people who hurl terms like “alt-right” live in comfortable propaganda bubbles. They simply do not know what they are talking about.

  • Why don’t some of you Ben doubters put your money where your mouth is? Chip in a few bucks each to Frank and conduct the lie detector test.

    • If the Department of Justice won’t waste it’s time, why should we waste our money? Better yet, if Fox news won’t waste time on such a story, why should we???

      • Jimbo, how do you know the DOJ isn’t looking into Ben’s story? I know a lot of you would love to prove Ben wrong, but if he’s right you’ll be proven to be the idiots that you are. LOL

        Fox News doesn’t report a lot of stories, so what’s your point again? LOL

        • It was reported on this blog that the DOJ had not contacted him. If matters had changed, I presume that Frank would inform us.

          • Maybe the DOJ is looking into Ben’s story. Actually , I really , really hope they are looking into it.
            I hope they carefully investigate the people who are giving this story airtime, and even the other people posting on this blog. They should investigate their backgrounds and any ties they may have to organized crime, terrorism or extreme alt-right groups which may be involved in hate crimes.
            They could investigate me all they want, I don’t care of they do, since I don’t belong to any lunatic fringe.

            But I wonder if anyone else might worry?

          • Jimbo, there are many facets of DOJ and other law enforcement investigations that are not made public. Frank is good, but he doesn’t have infinite access to information. LOL

      • Yes, they do. It then follows that it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Ben’s story may be true. The FBI should be able to get cell phone location records of the alleged attendees, assuming they are still available from this far back.

        • It should come as a huge surprise if its true. If he was telling it two years ago, I’d believe him. But now, no way. I listened to most of the radio interview, the guy is clearly liar.

          The odds that he has a story from back in the late 2000s that just so happens to weave together 10 or so major – and quite disparate – figures in recent alternative and mainstream media stories, is probably less than one in a trillion.

          Who knows? Maybe Anna Nicole Smith was there as well? Maybe she was? Who knows? Its worth a look.
          Lets call the DOJ. As James Comey would say: “I never thought I would find myself stating this colossal speculative lie, but… it’s possible.” I guess I’m trying to say that this Ben guy is a total lying fraud just like our former FBI Director. They lie the same way as well.

  • I am going to change my name to this now because I want to tell the whole truth. I keep remembering more and more and I’m going to keep adding to the story as my memories flood back.

    So .I remember some detail ‘s. ..the Scottie Amway tranny was wearing I t-shirt that said “Save a horse, ride this cowboy ” and I think it said “giddyup” too.He was wearing a 10 gallon cowboy hat with the Texas flag embroidered on it. White hat. And he had on a very short denim mini skirt that showed off his muscular legs. And he had very tight leather cowboy boots, which, while covering his ankles , did not disguise their thickness. He was so hot, as in sure is evident from my description.

    He entered with Ben,,and I got the idea that Scottie wanted to be Bens girlfriend, but Ben was not interested, as far as I could tell.

    I will continue this later…..

  • I am not Saying anything for certain but was a guy named Dennis there ? I know you didn’t stay the whole time. And others came after you left as Donna said Elliot Spitzer came later.

  • Keep reporting on this story Frank, until more light is shed on the issue either way.

    I have no idea whether it happened or not since I wasn’t there, but I find it amusing that so many lefties are getting their panties in a twist over this issue.

    The lefties have now been proven WRONG two different times. This bodes well for Ben’s truthfulness.

    Firstly… One lefty previous said that Ben’s story was impossible because Keith would never have gone to Connecticut to recruit like that.

    But guess what? Frank just reported that an insider, not affiliated with Ben, confirmed that NXIVM was recruiting in Connecticut during the general time period of Ben’s story.

    It doesn’t mean his story is true of course, but it bodes well for Ben’s truthfulness…….because how could he have known that NXIVM was recruiting in Connecticut 11 years ago? What are the chances he guessed that by ‘luck’?

    Secondly… We had another lefty tell us that Ben’s story is bullshit because his description of Allison’s ankles was wrong.

    But again, Ben was proven CORRECT which means he likely saw Allison’s FAT CANKLES up close and in person.

    Could he have seen them in photos?

    Sure, but it’s not likely…….because if he’d seen her cankles in photos then he’d have offered those photos to defend himself (from FormerNexian’s allegations). But he didn’t, because he likely hadn’t seen those photos. I’m the one who posted those photos, not Ben.

    Which tells me he likely didn’t see her cankles in any photographs (he likely was remembering them from memory).

    It doesn’t necessarily mean his story is true of course……but it does bode well for Ben’s overall truthfulness nonetheless.

    *And now he’s volunteered to take a polygraph test, recorded on video and with witnesses present.

    While it’s true that polygraphs aren’t 100% accurate, most liars will shy away from volunteering to take one….especially over an issue like this where there’s little to gain even if he passes (other than defending his own honor).

    Again, this doesn’t mean Ben’s story is true necessarily. But his willingness to take a polygraph is just another element that bodes well for his overall truthfulness.

    Think about it, even Elizabeth Warren refuses to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage. Nor will she take a polygraph test to prove that her mom really told her that bullshit story about being Indian…..because she’s a liar and knows that she can’t pass a DNA or polygraph test. Everybody knows she isn’t Native American. Everybody knows her mom never really told her that bullshit story. She made it up.

    Well, at least Ben has the balls to take a polygraph and to put his real name on this story.

    BTW: Another reason I feel inclined to believe that Ben’s not lying is because a professional liar would have toned down the story a bit and not included so many hard to believe elements, to make it more believable or palatable to people’s brains.

    Just COMMON SENSE. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • I’m sure all the other readers are as amused and astounded as I am regarding your comments, jingle balls.

      You seem to have skipped basic logic in coming to your conclusions, and it’s difficult to believe that was unintentional, because you obviously have enough intelligence to read and write. If you have the intelligence for that, at least, you should have the intelligence fie the basic reasoning required to understand that your reasoning is faulty. Correct?
      Obviously an observation of fat ankles is not evidence of, or even suggestive that Ben is being truthful.

      And Stormy Daniels ankles are rather thick, as well.
      Does that prove anything, other than these women have muscular legs ?

    • NXIVM recruiting in Connecticut is not evidence of Keith being there. How often has Keith left his dominion in Albany to partake in recruitment? Very rarely, if ever.

      Allison’s “cankles” can easily be see in photographs in a thirty second Google search. It means nothing.

      Great claims require great evidence and the contraindications to what would seem to be, or are in fact, true of minor things in his story deny its credibility.

      Yale girls even showing a remote interest in nanny jobs seems implausible.

      The fact that he related that someone from NXIVM said Kristin Kreuk wasn’t a part of NXIVM in 2007 also contradicts its viability. She took her first intensive in the Summer of 2006 as a result of her boyfriend at the time recruiting her as reported on Rick Ross’ cult education website. She joined *prior* to Allison since she was the one who recruited Allison. She was also pictured in a number of photographs in the recent A&E episode on the NXIVM with Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, Sara Edmondson, etc., one depicting her wearing a yellow sash with about thirty other ESPians, and another in a smaller sized group hug, showing that she was indeed an active participant for at least five or six years starting from 2006.

  • Clare Bronfman doesn’t secretly record anything.

    Rumor has it that Clare installed a key logger on her dad’s computer.

  • Some corrections are in order:

    There were eight men:

    A baldish guy [possibly Dr. Brandon Porter]

    These five jokers stretch the limit of manhood to the breaking point.


    Beb said that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all graduated from Yale.

    Bill and Hillary graduated from Yale Law School.
    According to Wikipedia, Chelsea graduated from Stanford and Columbia Universities.


    In light of both Allison and Hillary having tree trunk legs and Sasquatch (Bigfoot) feet, did Ben ever hear that Allison Mack is Hillary’s long lost daughter?
    The long rumored love child of Hillary Clinton and the late Vince Foster?

    • And Kevin Spacey and Justin Trudeu. Remember Justin grabbed that reporter’s boobs, later apologizing that “he didn’t know she was a nationally respected reporter.” Everybody knows that you can only grope the local reporters, duh!

      Justin is the son of a former leader like that guy in Mexico. Maybe they’re into Nexium for the same reasons. We should call the DOJ!!! Scratch that… lets do some attention seeking on blogs and radio shows instead!

  • Fair is fair. If Ben wants to take a lie detector test (and we pick the examiner), that is one way to shine more light on this account…

  • Clare Bronfman doesn’t secretly record anything. She’s a Billionaire heiress. Why would she be at a recruitment party for Yale girls and Bullshitter Ben?

    Obviously Donna’s account was satire.


  • Given a dry news spell, I get the next round of inanity will involve Putin, sleeper agents, and robotic dogs.

    • One bright day in the middle of the night
      two dead boys got up to fight
      Back to back they faced each other
      Drew their swords and shot each other
      A deaf policeman heard the noise
      and came to shoot the two dead boys
      If you don’t believe this tale is true
      ask the blind man, he saw it, too.

  • I thought it was obvious that Donna’s account of this story was pure satire .
    Oh well, I guess some are not as intuitive as others ….

    But let’s keep the story going! It will be fun, just like an adult version of that kids game where you keep adding to the existing story. I’ve forgotten the name of that game.
    Anyone else remember?
    Let’s play!

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