Buzz Feed: Trump aide connected to Sara Bronfman and Basit Igtet — plus the rest of the story

A story about Basit Igtet and Sara Bronfman appeared in BuzzFeed, tying A Top Trump Aide [who] Worked In Libya With Key Backers Of An Alleged ‘Sex Cult’

A summary of the story:

Joseph Whitehouse Hagin, President Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff for operations and a 62-year-old Republican who operates in the “world of international influence peddling”, once had Basit Igtet as a client.

Buzzfeed reports, “Hagin and his firm worked with Igtet from 2011 until at least 2013: First, Hagin would help him build support for the rebel government that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, and later he and his colleagues would run an international treasure hunt to try to recover Libya’s stolen billions in exchange for a massive payoff for his firm.”

“Igtet, however… was deeply involved in NXIVM, the celebrity “sex cult”whose leadership is now under federal indictment…”

In 2013, Buzz Feed reported, “Igtet met with the man the US believed to be the mastermind of the [2012 terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi that killed a US ambassador] who has since been convicted on terrorism charges.

Basit Igtet
Basit Igtet

Igtet [likely using wife, Sara Bronfman ‘s money] retained Hagin [and his company Command Consulting] to hunt for stolen Libyan gold.  It’s unclear exactly how much – if any – gold was recovered, but Igtet put $10 million [of Sara Bronfman’s money] into the effort.

Ahmed Abu Khattala
Basit Igtet met with terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala prior to his arrest.


Igtet also hired former Sen. Joe Lieberman’s firm, Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman, in 2013 to help arrange meetings with “members of Congress, executive branch officials and others” so that he could try to become Prime Minister of Libya.

I was interviewed for Buzz Feed on this story.

Buzz Feed wrote, “Frank Parlato, formerly a publicist for NXIVM who became a whistleblower and first exposed that women within the organization were being branded, said Raniere reinforced Igtet’s political ambitions. ‘Basit went through a transformation and became a student of Raniere’s too,’ Parlato said.

“’Raniere began to coach him that he could be the next leader of Libya,’ Parlato said, based on his conversations with members of the organization at the time.”

Buzz Feed reported that, in January 2013, Hagin was one of a dozen people invited by Igtet and Bronfman to “an intensive week about human potential” in Megeve, a ski resort village in the French Alps.

Hagin said he did not attend. “I have nothing to do with the group,” he said. [If any readers have any info on this intensive in 2013 at Megeve and its attendees, kindly let me know.]

The “intensive week” where Hagin was invited by Bronfman and Igtet was slated to be led by Nancy Salzman.

[It is possible that the intensive was never held and organized solely to get Hagin into the cult. When he declined, the intensive may have been canceled. Does anybody know if it occurred?]

Buzz Feed added, “Parlato said he wasn’t surprised that Hagin received an invitation to a Salzman-led seminar, known as an ‘intensive.’ Those within Raniere’s inner circle required anyone who they had financial dealings with to attend one, he said.

“’They were very insistent on that,’ Parlato said. ‘That was the litmus test. If they were going to turn money over to you guys, you had to take an intensive.’”

Read the whole story.


I have also in the past written about the NXIVM couple – Basist Igtet and Sara Bronfman.

The inside story: Basit Igtet rally in Libya a laughable bust; and Raniere probably laughing hardest 

Anti-Jew, Anti American Basit Igtet won’t get US support for his plan to destroy Libya; but he has support from his Jewish wife, daughter of Jewish Congress President Sara Bronfman! 

Basit Igtet poses like a movie star with a large stupid streak; but will he get wife out of cult? 

Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, has ties to Muslim terrorists and cult leader Raniere 

Informed Readers on Libya, Sara Bronfman, Basit-Igtet and Allison Mack 

The inside story on Sara Bronfman, Basit Igtet and Lama Tenzin Dhonden 

Igtet’s top Muslim supporter in Libya shot to death, right after Igtet departs Libya for luxurious lifestyle with Jewish wife

One of the important points to remember about Igtet – which was not the focus of the Buzz Feed story – is that Igtet held a rally on September 26, 2017 that was meant to overthrow the American-backed government of Libya.  He held his rally at Martyrs Square in Tripoli. Supporters were expected to convene based on his Social Media campaign.

The plan was for his supporters to meet up with radical Muslim terrorists outside the city and install Igtet as premier.


Radical Muslim forces, held at bay by the Libyan government outside the city, were to combine with Igtet’s promised tens of thousands of followers. Together, they would overwhelm government forces, push open the gates of the city, and allow radicals to come in and topple the government and hand it over to America-hating, Jew-hating Muslims led by Igtet.

The social media campaign was devised by Keith Raniere who helped fashion Igtet’s messages. He got Facebook comments and likes on his page.  On the morning of the protests, Igtet arrived in Tripoli – and headed to Martyrs’ Square.

The Libyan government said they were not willing to be overthrown but would permit Igtet to hold his rally, provided there was no violence.

Raniere had told Igtet he was sure to be made the new leader based on his genius tech bringing out half a nation.

When Igtet arrived, his supporters were nowhere to be seen.  But anti-Igtet protesters were out at Martyr’s Square and accused him of being a front for Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other hardliners in the former Libya Dawn movement.

Igtet might have been killed on the spot except for the fact that he was protected by security forces of the same Libyan government he sought to overthrow.  Once Igtet’s supporters saw that police would ensure their safety, about 100 ventured out  to Martyrs Square and stood for a while with Igtet.

Igtet did not make a speech. In fact, he seemed a little confused. At one point at the height of the Raniere-planned protest, Igtet seemed to have has as many as 300 people standing with him, and about twice that number seeking to throw him out of the country. But it was hard to judge who was with what side since most people in the crowd seemed to be mere spectators who came out to see the embarrassing sight.

Some, however, noted the irony of Igtet trying to install himself as president through a violent radical fundamentalist Muslims, while he was funded by a Jewish wife, an heiress of the Seagram’s Liquor fortune. Fundamentalist Muslims are forbidden alcohol and Libyan law does not allow a man who marries a non-Libyan to become president of Libya.

Igtet’s rebuttal was that if they made him president, he would change the constitution.

Most Libyans, however, did not know Sara Bronfman is also a high-ranking member of the NXIVM sex cult – and would be scandalized to learn Bronfman was personally taught sexual ‘technology’ by Raniere.

They would have been incensed to learn that Igtet, after coming to live in his wife’s home, was closeted with sex-slaver Raniere, who gave him counsel on how to overthrow the government of Libya.

They would have been horrified to learn that prior to meeting Igtet, his wife, Sara Bronfman, had an affair with a monk who was the top assistant in America for the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan monk, Lama Tenzin Donden.

Libyans would have been shocked to learn that, not long after Bronfman married Igtet, she learned he was, in fact, a penniless gigolo. After the marriage, Igtet sponged off of Bronfman’s money.  But that was nothing new to Sara Bronfman for her sex master Raniere sponged off of her for more than 15 years.

It was ironic that Igtet, who wanted to rule Libya, had little desire to spend any time in that country. He arrived in the morning and as soon as the last few stragglers came by in the afternoon of his rally, Igtet left Libya.

While the Libyan demonstration was going on, Sara Bronfman was busy tweeting about Meryl Streep, Jimmy Stewart and a children’s book called ‘My Little Angel.”

Thanks to the Libyan government, no one died at Martyr’s Square in Tripoli on September 25, 2017. But the next day, Igtet’s top assistant in Libya, the man who likely brokered the liaison with terrorists in Libya – with promises of Igtet’s large support and fabulous wealth – was found dead. It was reported he was cleaning his gun and it accidentally discharged and killed him.

Much like a CIA ‘suicide,’ getting killed cleaning your gun is a euphemism for being assassinated in Libya.

Viva Executive Success!

Anti-American Libyan Basit Igtet with his wealthy Jewish wife and sex-cult member Sara Bronfman.


Basit Igtet [l] with Bashir Garira [r.] heading to the rally in Tripoli. After the rally, Igtet went swiftly, safely away from Libya. Garira would be shot to death the following day.
Following Basit Igtet’s disastrous Libyan overthrow attempt, Keith Raniere played a night game of volleyball at  Hayner’s Sports Barn on Route 236 in Half Moon. He allowed several of his first-line DOS slaves to come and watch him.

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5 years ago

Check out their Chicago-based page (they have branches all over incl nyc, portland, though initially started in indonesia)
You’ll see some very familiar faces in the photo archive album…

5 years ago

On this note, how come there’s still been no mention of nxivm & company’s links with the Subud cult??


[…] Buzzfeed – utilizing in part information provided by Frank Report – detailed Hagin’s association with Sara Bronfman, Basit Iget and by extension the sex […]


[…] Buzzfeed – utilizing in part information provided by Frank Report – detailed Hagin’s association with Sara Bronfman, Basit Iget and by extension the sex […]

5 years ago

“Informed Readers on Libya, Sara Bronfman, Basit-Igtet and Allison Mack ”

One of the stories linked above mentions Allison Mack holding the Libyan and American flags.

A Libyan website made this comment on Mack holding the two flags (translated into English by Google Translate.)
From Libya Today

American flag in her account on the intrest and writes words that seem to have to do with the experience of the extortionist coming in Libya …
Alison Mac is the friend of the wife of Abdul Basit Iqtit Sarah Proffman and met some when they were following the “NXIVM “The quasi-religious and headed by the so-called VANGUARD is controversial Keith Raniere …

Of the strange beliefs of this community, let’s say that all women who follow this community should have sex with the head of the community when asked to do so and even be married.

She likes to understand Edoukh

Baset Igtet hired former Senator Joe Lieberman as a lobbyist to represent him in the US.
Baset Igtet also opposes the process of rendition where the US seizes Islamic terrorists and takes them to the United States to stand trial.

Igtet not only has built ties with America’s friends, he’s also met with its enemies. He sat down last year with Ahmed Abu Khattala, the Benghazi militant charged by the Justice Department for his involvement in the 2012 attack on the American mission in Benghazi that killed US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The State Department declared Abu Khattala a specially designated global terrorist in January.

Igtet says he told Abu Khattala that he is opposed to Libyans “being kidnapped or transferred somewhere else”—a reference to the U.S. policy of rendition, which Libyans saw firsthand last year when US commandos snatched al Qaeda suspect Abu Anas al-Libi off a Tripoli street and eventually brought him to New York to stand trial. Abu Khattala fears this could be his own fate.

5 years ago

Consider the following possibility.

Clare Bronfman once covertly installed key logging software on her father’s computer allowing Clare to read all his emails, including those to and from Hillary Clinton.

Sara now is married to an ambitious Libyan politician with mysterious ties to the man responsible for the 2012 terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, an attack that killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens.
Stevens himself was more of an intelligence operative than a diplomat.
Stevens helped smuggle in the arms to Islamist rebels who overthrew Gaddafi in 2011.
Rumor had it that Stevens was in Benghazi in 2012 to arrange smuggling arms from Libya to Syria to overthrow the government of Assad.

Considering all that is it possible that Clare and Sara has ties to intelligence operations.
Could Clare and Sara be involved with either US or foreign intelligence agencies?
Could the Bronfman sisters use such covert ties to effectively terminate their own prosecution for the NXIVM crimes?

Just a thought.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

Appreciate the time you put into your post, but from what I have read “intelligence” and “Clare Bronfman” should never be used in the same paragraph

5 years ago

You would be amazed at the stupid people and asinine schemes the CIA has employed over the years.

Like dusting Castro’s boots with depilatory powder so his beard would fall out and lose public support.

5 years ago

the Bronfman-Igtets should employ Mark Thatcher as a consultant. Brilliant at devising the sort of Coup D’etat that nxivm would consider a roaring executive success – like the one in Equatorial Guinea 2004, where Thatcher’s partner went down for the blood on his homie’s apron, languishing in the infamous Black Beach prison. Keep going, Mr. Igtet! he could be the next Gaddafi, only he’s no Colonel, nor is he Presidential material, just a man who could easily fit a Libyan drain-pipe.

(if you’re going to play real life Monopoly, with Nation-States, expect real life Criminal Justice outcomes)

5 years ago
Reply to  onewomanarmy

Clare in a Federal prison might be safer that Sara of Arabia roaming around the Jihadist filled Libyan desert.

5 years ago

I wonder if they are involved in ghadafi family runaway, I mean, some people went to mexican jail because they where “planning” on takin ghadafi`s family to mexico, her name, cindy vanier, she worked for a company that Sarah Bronfman said would not enter to the canadian lybia chamber of commerce, mexico and lybia where the countries where Raniere had big bucks running around…. so think again….. would KR strike back with mexican contacts just like the american girls and yuriria sierras plan they had?

5 years ago

Nice pic of Igtet and Sara. But why does it look like there’s two nooses behind them?

This only proves
This only proves
5 years ago

that arresting Clare is likely very nuanced. I’m sure she, her lawyers and consultant influence peddlers are tirelessly working toward her becoming a witness rather that co conspirator

5 years ago

Republican or Democrat, they’re both in cahoots with the financial oligarchy consisting of the usury based banking system, manipulation of currency, and Wall Street, who keep their wealth secret and hide in the shadows. Isn’t every US politician a millionaire? And if they aren’t all millionaires, almost all of them must be. Think about the attorney general under the Obama administration, Eric Holder. He got his financial buddies out of the mortgage crisis and after his stint in the administration went back to cash his fat check on Wall Street. None of these people care about public service. For these people, it’s only about what government can do for me, not what I can do for the government. Look at Sara and Clare who come from these same channels supporting a sociopath with their millions just because he talks a good game to them.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
5 years ago
Reply to  Cynic

Wall street is no worse than public unions in their financial misdeeds. Everybody is greedy. Not just Wall Street.

At least on Wall Street pension plans have strict ‘rules’ which say they must be reasonably funded to ensure solvency.

But these same rules don’t apply to public union pension funds……thanks to leftwinger politicians who passed laws to ‘exclude’ public unions from basic accounting standards, because the public taxpayers are on the hook for any underfunded future benefits. LOL.

e.g. The same type of accounting techniques that Enron and Greece were using to “pretend” they were solvent……are actually LEGAL for public pensions to use to “pretend” they are solvent (LOL).

That’s why most public pension funds are so poorly funded that they’re virtually bankrupt (using non-Enron accounting standards)….since they don’t have nearly enough money to payout future benefits, even though those same benefits are guaranteed by the taxpayers no matter what the funding deficit is.

The taxpayers are ultimately on the hook to make up those funding deficits, so the unions have an incentive to underfund them (and keep that extra money themselves)……letting the taxpayers make up the deficit in future years when the benefit payouts fall short.

Here’s just one story, but I could list 100’s. LOL.

Kinda funny
Kinda funny
5 years ago

Trump is buzzfeed clickbait, which is sad because it will cause a lot of people to ignore the story.

Raniere and Salzman and the Bronfmans didn’t care which side of the aisle they bought influence some.

I guess these guys get some kudos for including a couple sentences about the former Democratic Senator.

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