Basit Igtet poses like a movie star with a large stupid streak; but will he get wife out of cult?

If anyone visits Basit Igtet’s biography, photos and quotes page on his website, he or she will be richly rewarded with an abundance of banal quotes, bogus biographical claims, and embarrassing pictures.

Like in the case of his master, Keith Raniere, you can’t fix truly stupid.

I’m not picking on Basit because he’s stupid, by the way. Stupid is forgivable. I’m calling him out because he is a heartless coward.

He lives off his wife’s money and says nothing about the bestial brutality of his wife’s master – the cruel and ruthless Keith Raniere who brands and blackmails women.  Is Sara branded too?

He must know about Keith, but is too weak to speak out. Basit is a coward and perhaps a cuckold too.

His biography begins with “Born into a family with a strong history of fighting for freedom and for their beloved Libya,” which may or may not be true. His father, Hassan Igtet, was imprisoned for stealing from the government, and was later executed as a traitor.

“Basit Igtet has procured the same love and dedication to his country and her people,” his bio reads.

It is said that Basit lived off the stolen money his father took from the people of Libya until it ran out and then he married an heiress.  His bio reads, “After his father’s assassination, Basit lived for many years … and eventually sought refugee status in Switzerland.”

His bio speaks of his financial accomplishments but fails to mention he married a Jewish heiress named Sara Bronfman, a member of a sex cult.  Reportedly, he had no money when he married Sara and today lives off her wealth entirely.


His bio says “He has used his wealth to support the [Libyan] revolution [and] … try to rebuild the country….  Basit and his family’s combined efforts are focused on promoting peace and humanity throughout the region and the world.”

He says nothing about his wife’s devotion to a cult and its leader who brands women on their groins.

Below his bio is a photo display of 23 pictures of Basit.  Some may ask: Who  puts this many photos of themselves up on their bio page?


Ditto in black and white


So slick.



Candid pose of me, me and me.
The State must create and uphold the law – this is vital for the protection of all Libyan citizens.
The State must create and uphold laws? – this is vital for the protection of citizens? That’s an original view of government, isn’t it and well worth quoting?
A country cannot survive when it has become divided by the winners and the losers.
I believe it is very important that we change the education system; this is our investment in building the next generation of leaders.

Did you think of it yourself? It is important to invest in education to build the next generation of leaders? That’s heavy.  That’s clearly something only the smartest man in the world would know?


After 42 years of oppression, the young people of Libya gave us our greatest achievements – the February 17th revolution and the African Championship Football win.

But after 42 years, the young people weren’t all that young any more.
I can achieve what I want to achieve, I just need to practice it and then I will achieve it.

What have you achieved so far?  Other than marrying a rich Jewish woman who is a slave to Keith Raniere, the only other thing I observe is that both you and Raniere are well practiced at spending her money.


In a moment of weakness or loss of focus; an honest man becomes corrupt and a winner becomes a loser. A man – a leader, must hold firm to his vision in spite of all distractions.
An honest man becomes corrupt? Then he was not really honest, unless, of course, he is talking about Keith Raniere?
Sara Bronfman and Basit Igtet with baby. Will baby be branded and placed on a 500 calorie diet when she gets older? When she gets to be around say 13, will they entrust Mr. Raniere to mentor her privately?


My New Year’s wish for Basit Igtet is he wakes up and tries to wake his wife up, and gets his family out of the savage cult, before it is too late for either of them to save themselves from the consequences of remaining in longer. And yes, take most of the photos down; it looks very vain for a “leader” to have so many peacock poses on one’s own website.


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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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