Government responds to Raniere bail request!

NY Times photo of Keith Raniere

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  • What an odd choice, that chair in the photo. The color clashes with his jacket and he looks like he got scaled down 10-20%. Tiny Keith.

  • I’m truly surprised how many woman could even have a slight attraction to Keith from this picture he reminds me of a guy who would still live with his Mom and enjoy visiting the local yarn store with her weekly. Ack!!!!

  • The excerpts from Keith’s private messages will be very damning when the jury hears them in open court. These excerpts will also support the credibility of every government witness who testifies as to what Keith did and said.

    When the excerpts and testimony are taken together, they’ll add even more strength to the case as a whole……since they paint a ‘complete’ picture of the perverted slave world of Keith Raniere.

    These excerpts will also CONTRADICT the testimony of every ‘active’ DOS slave (e.g. slaves still loyal to Keith) who testifies that he’s a non-sexual and respectable guy and that DOS was merely an empowerment group that had nothing to do with sex, LOL

    That’s why I don’t envy his lawyers. Their arguments in court will be destroyed by Keith’s own email excerpts, and the jury will have no reason to believe anything his lawyers say in closing arguments when it matters most.

    I almost feel sorry for that mother fucker.

    I said ‘almost’…..I didn’t say I felt sorry for that FAT SLOB of a human turd with a 1970’s hairdo and a PUMPKIN head.

  • So much for the smartest man in the world. He and his sheep are not even good criminals.

    It’s pure ego that Raniere could say he made nothing in a legal document and an interview and then tell the courts he would come up with the money needed for bail and a private prison where all things could go wrong.

    If someone (Clare and other rich people within NXIVM) are willing to pay for his lawyers, bail and the cost for a private prison, how does the possibility think that non-kool-aid drinking people are not going to see the flaws through all the crap in his filing?

    He had armed guards at his Villa in Mexico, what’s to say some of them won’t come to the US and break him out of home detention? How many goons does one need to overtake two security guards?

    It appears Raniere and his merry gang of thugs bought the wrong copy of “How to be criminals.” They bought the dummies version.

  • NEWS FLASH! Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares just announced that he’s willing to have Keith Raniere stay at his place if the federal judge will let him out on bail. Soares also indicated that he’s willing to let Raniere work in his office as a Legal Intern as he prepares for his upcoming trial.

  • The Lawyers for EDNY, in their counterpoints to the request for bail, tear apart the case law cited and make Keith’s lawyers look like a team of third stringers who graduated at the bottom of their law school class. Seriously, were they even trying?. But hey, they don’t care because its all billable to Clare.

    I can forgive the snafu on Allison Mack’s rented condo.

  • I skimmed through some of it and that was sufficient to tell me VanDouche is a total ass-clown who has fooled a couple of morons with a lot of money and I still have a hard time fathoming how anyone bought into the smartest/most ethical man in the world bit his flying monkeys sold to others.

    VanDouche is easily the world’s dumbest “smartest” man and his ethics is nothing but horseshit.

  • So the question is whether the sex slave is Lauren or Clare, right?

    Amazing that they have footage of Daniela Fernandez’ imprisonment.

    • I’m confused. My thinking the slave being quoted is Allison Mack. Slave # 1. What am I missing? Thanks.

      • In the conversation between Raniere and the unnamed slave Allison Mack is mentioned in the 3rd person, so it is not Allison Mack.
        Don’t worry. Raniere called every one of his women (slaves) his Number One.

        • Exactly someone told me Dany Padilla is also involved and said it was her idea (the branding) and Keith agreed with it. Si at the end they all thought it was their idea and they all thought they where number one. So how many more will be involved and imprisoned?

  • Ya, no bail for Vantard. I’m sure Bronfman thought their bail proposal would work but clearly her influence and ability to buy off govt officials is now non existent

  • The part about the imprisoned woman trying to escape, and then being driven to the Mexican border and ordered to walk across without money and identification is fucking ghastly. That’s essentially sending her to her likely death.

    • All along I have been holding on to my belief that he is not going to get away with it this time because of all the electronic evidence.

      We have just been given another tiny glimpse. There turning out to have been video cameras outside Daniela Fernandez’ room where she was imprisoned for 18 months before finally escaping…

      I believe there is so much more to come.

  • Names of the ‘Bail Company’:


  • Very coherent, very cogent arguments made by EDNY.

    I think Raniere’s bail package will be denied, based upon arguments made by the AUSAs.

    Reading the emails, I came to two quick conclusions:

    1) For being the World’s Smartest Man, VanGrifter can’t spell for shit, and

    2) Why does this madman need to assemble an army of female slaves? Has he gone full-on Zodiac (Slaves for Paradice) (sic)?

    Nuts! And I’m sure EDNY has tons more evidence…

  • “I want to be the only one who worships your body”

    A slave wanted KR all to herself? How greedy of her!!

  • Hahaha this brought me joy!
    Frank, your reporting is so thorough that it made this prosecution response even more fun to read. Keith is such a narcissist who’s so used to underestimating people to the point that he allowed this ridiculous bail motion to be written in the first place!

  • I am surprised that nothing was made of the bail company.

    I also noted that the prosecution used the NY Times piece against Raniere. I don’t think any interview would do him good except as an audition for Iago.

  • What a horrible dialogue between Raniere and the DOS slave!

    It reads like the script from a 3rd rate movie.
    A conversation about “f— toys.”
    Not human beings but “f— toys.”

    And even a hack Hollywood screenwriter wouldn’t dare to write this hokey line:
    “I want to be the one that worships your body”

    I hope the government eventually releases all of the transcripts of NXIVM’s communications and exposes these lunatics for the freaks they are.

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