Did Raniere start branding women to [forcibly] keep his sex stable young?

Keith Raniere was an East Coast Judo Champion he said

Whatever Keith Raniere may tell anyone, he almost certainly knew of and approved of branding women.

Nothing is done in NXIVM without his approval. He had sex with many of the branded DOS slaves.  They were branded right where his eyes could see the brand clearly when he performed his so-called ‘sexual tuneups’ on  DOS slaves.

Through years of sexual addiction, he was reportedly afflicted with herpes, and possibly other venereal diseases; he became impotent [according to numerous harem women and DOS slaves]. His standard activity [often performed at his sex lair at 8 Hale] was cunnilingus [with skinny young women who were forbidden to eat garlic].  When he went to perform his “tune-ups”, he could quell his outrage for his being impotent, by seeing their brands with his initials – at eye level.  This might please a seething monster like him.

At one time, according to his older harem, he could please a woman sexually, and women actually vied for the chance, I am told.

Over time, perhaps through excess, disease and/or age, he lost his virility. He also sought – as he grew older – to continue to have sex with young women [and even girls]. As he grew older, he wanted the age of the women to remain the same, and he habitually discarded women once they hit their mid-thirties.

As he grew older, he may have needed coercion, slavery, blackmail and branding to keep a stable of young women who otherwise would not have sought to have sex with him. He started branding women when he was in his mid 50s and was impotent. Far less of the new young women who came to NXIVM – seeking life coaching – wanted to even consider having sex with him  — voluntarily.  [I was told this by several young women he coerced into having sex.]

Raniere descended to a new form of manipulation and coercion, with the help of Allison Mack and others] using a secret, super obedient [they even used the terms slave and master] ‘sorority’ that had each women provide collateral to ensure obedience. The branding was an extra flourish for him and a useful reminder to the women of their commitment to lifelong obedience or as it was called “The Vow.”

He did not need to cajole, court, impress, or attract DOS slaves. He needed only to command them to have sex.

For Keith Raniere, his attempt at enslaving women backfired. The game ended. Irony mocks him. Fate disposed of him. There is a clear connection between reaping and sowing in the life of Vanguard.  First through impotence; now imprisonment, this psychopath’s sex addiction is slowly being cured. It may take a lifetime.

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  • Please stop calling the salacious pictures and videos collected by Allison Mack “collateral”.
    Allison Mack was collecting blackmail material to coerce behavior out of the DOS victims on behalf of her boss Raniere.

    Allison Mack and Raniere are nothing more than blackmailers.

  • It is impossible to rationalize with the brainwashed. They were susceptible to being brainwashed because they are not so bright. Bless your heart, sweet dumb Pea. There there. You are right, everyone else is wrong. We will all line up to be branded and enslaved. Not to mention we’ll be delighted to hand over our net worth. Thank you for helping all of us nobody’s out.

  • Keith and Allison are innocent unless they are proven guilty. This will never happen. Keith will win in court. No jury will convict a man who will have so many women come forward to testify on his behalf. They will drowned out the horrid voices of the lying scamps who the government is calling Jane Doe’s. They are lying to get attention. They are lying because they did not get what they wanted from Keith. It’s time for all of you to just calm down and watch Keith show the world. All this has meaning.

    • I don’t have much respect for the intelligence of anybody who can’t get out of jury duty, but I still don’t think they are as stupid as you think they are.

      All of the testimony from all of his sex slaves is going to be utterly meaningless when it goes up against his own words in his own e-mails and text messages.

      Keep playing ostrich about the evidence and see how far it gets you and him.

    • Dr. Daniel Roberts is licensed as a physician. If she was the person that did the branding as commonly alleged, and if she doesn’t have signed informed consent forms from the women, there was no consent.

      • Absolute 100% Right.
        Professional Doctors get signed consent even when the medical procedure is medically necessary.
        And no sane person would argue that the branding was medically necessary.

  • Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
    When does a bird sing?
    Schneiderman resigns [date]?
    Eyes Wide Open.
    Who will be next?
    Watch NYC.
    Watch CA.

  • Some of you people here — including the likes of Pea Onyou and even Laura Darby — just don’t realize that the current media exposure of the PERVERTED acts of Keith, Allison, Nancy, Lauren, Nicki (and everybody else) will rise at least TENFOLD over the next 6 months as this case goes to trial…..and as more indictments/counts/people are added.

    What I mean is, the many perverted emails and detailed perverted communications and blackmail material (and testimony of victims about perverted acts) will be covered prominently by every major media outlet, as they’re presented at trial.

    Not just the general accusations we see now or a few email quotes, but the ‘detailed’ evidence will be coming out drip by drip, and LOTS of it.

    For goodness’ sake, not only were women branded like CATTLE (with the initials of a perverted man)…..but they were sexually COERCED on a SYSTEMATIC basis over years. …and we’re still fresh into the #metoo era.

    There’s no way the mainstream media are gonna ignore this trial unless a nuclear war happens between now and then.

    Once the trial begins and the negative media gets ramped up bigtime…..the name of everybody associated with this cult will be TEN TIMES as toxic as it is now. The negative media is just warming up.

    These people will be lucky to get a job flipping burgers or waiting tables after that point. Every part of NXIVM’s “rational inquiry” system will be worthless. lol

    So the people here who think that NXIVM will just morph into something different (or just continue on) are not thinking very logically. That includes both Pea Onyou and Laura Darby, even though they represent different sides of the issue.

    PS — Pea Onyou is not your real name and I doubt your parents have even visited either Bavaria or Hawaii, not even on vacation. lol

    I say you be a LYIN’ BEEYOTCH.

  • 1. NO ONE is paying Salesman Salzman 10k a month to coach them.
    2. Clare and Sara used to have several billion dollars. Keith fleeced to the tune of several hundred million and continues to fleece them by their paying his legal fees. Their net worth has plummeted and they too will be in prison orange soon. No money, no freedom. Is this success?
    3. India working in food service I doubt is her dream. There is nothing wrong with serving others but I doubt the world would call this executive success.
    4.Allison will be doing 15 to life in prison soon for sex slaving and trafficking. Pray tell me how these criminal activities bettered anyone? Keith made her a great criminal.
    5. Comparing these misguided women to the disciples of Christ and Keith as Christ is absurd. Christ and His disciples went about doing good, healing the sick and afflicted. Keith and his disciples have gone about doing nothing but evil: relentless malicious prosecution of others, holding people as slaves, forced sexual acts, fleecing them of their money, distancing them from their loved ones, branding them and demeaning them as women. PURE EVIL. You can call evil good and good evil but it doesn’t make it true. If you’ve rationalized all of this this way, you’ve done nothing but tell yourself and others a rash of lies.

  • I take exception to your comment that no one is better. We have all gained and only Keith has suffered. Nancy was a nurse now she can get $10,000 a month from helping propel people for a few hours a month Clare was introverted girl too shy to speak now she runs a company that taught 16.,000 satisfies people.Remember there are only a few dozen malcontents. Sara found herself and put her beautiful soul into teaching children what Keith taught her. India always loved the food business. Her selfish mom wanted her to be an actress. Now she has a big job in food industry.
    One by one I can name them they are all doing better. Allison will go down in history for her courage and greatness believe me she would not have been remembered in even 10 years for her stupid role in TV. Keith made her great. She will be remembered for all time as the great companion of Keith. In a sense she is his Mary Magdalene. And in the future she and Nancy,Lauren Karen Esther Nicki Michele Lyvia Amanda India Danielle Pam and Barbara will be the 12 woman apostles and Barbara Bouchey is Judas. And Frank Fale Report Parlato represents the devil! Sarah Edmondson is insane. I mean who shows her brand on TV sick. She and selfish Catherine Oxenberg and Frank represent the lowest form of humanity. But Keith will win his case and be vindicated. And history will remember him after all of you are forgotten.

    • HahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahHhahahahahahahahHhHh. Piss my pants funny. This is better then a comedy act!

    • Remembered as the deviant, manipulative, psychopathic cult leader that he is. I’d rather spend my life helping others and die in anonymity.

    • I saw her reality show and INDIA wanted to be an actress, her mother has agreed at the condition that she worked at school, she wasn’t forced .She has a big job ,you make me laugh.She clames to be an independent woman dependent of this group.All this women from DOS (mostly)are nothing without the money of their parents .This girl has a complex of superiority like the Bronfman and all of them.They are just failures who persuade themselves that they are great.INdia lost he money, her dignity ,her youth and her pseudo beauty what a success.She looks like a crazy woman.

    • Given the Judeo-Christian references and the NXIVM ideology, I cannot help but speculate that these exchanges are all a part of some provocative parody.

    • “Allison will go down in history for her courage and greatness”


      Allison Mack will go down in history as :
      A sado-masochist who enjoyed branding and torturing her fellow women.
      A deceitful woman who tricked other women into giving up salacious pictures and videos of themselves.
      A mendacious woman who talks about female empowerment while dehumanizing women.
      A manipulative cruel woman with no ounce of human compassion.
      A possessive woman who treated women as objects to be exploited by an over-grown pervert.
      A power mad woman who wanted to be the Queen of NXIVM even if it meant harming other women.

      Allison Mack will go down in history as a modern day Lady Macbeth, eternally unable to wash off the burn marks of the brandings from her hands.

  • Don’t you realize how ridiculous you sound defending Vantard? Do you honestly think that the entire planet has this whole sordid story wrong? Can’t you see that you have been duped by a madman and that you have wasted years of your life and having normal relationships outside of the cult believing his lies?

    Accept that EVERYTHING you believe about NXIVM and Raniere is a LIE. Name one soul on this planet who’s quality of life at this moment in time is exponentially better having followed Raniere and NXIVM. If you are honest, you won’t be able to name ONE. ANYONE who was involved with this cult of LIES, their life is currently in shambles. From the very top of the org Raniere, Salzmans, Bronfmans, Mack, YOU and all the way to the lowest sash = shambles. Raniere is in jail, Salzman online begging for students to fleece, Mack on house arrest, Bronfmans in hiding and hemorrhaging money, India serving people in a restaurant, YOU on this blog attempting to defend these lunatics while lying about your given name being Pea OnYou.

    Does the sum any of this add up to a betterment of self, humanity and success?

    No it’s quite the opposite. Self degredation, a huge blight on humanity and an utter and complete FAILURE.

  • I reject Darth Van Douche comment as sub human. Why should I change the spelling of my name? But more importantly when Frank Report Parlato puts Keith down he does it publicly and to humiliate Keith. When Keith told Mrs. X to run into a tree it was done privately for her own good. He wanted to see if she meant what she was willing to obey him. If she had run into the tree (which she did not) she stopped an inch away. Then it would have shown she was ready for the higher level of teaching. She proved that she was unfit for The Vow. So the gain was had by this. Keith does not care if she ran into a tree for some sick purpose. He wants to test loyalty so the women can rise and take their rightful place in the world. Mrs. X failed miserably. But it was not Keith that sought to humiliate her. He was trying to elevate her. Women must learn to obey a man and be a surrendered wife to their superior man. This is natural. Women are natural submissive and men are polygamous. What is so hard to understand? You want to criminalize The Truth which Keith taught. He helped the Women who took The Vow !

    • You’re such a silly girl. If men are polygamous by nature while women are monogamous, then that makes women already *more* loyal than men when it comes to relationships. Duh. The fact of the matter is, nature has predisposed women to be more loyal than men due to pregnancy. They have a higher risk when it comes to relationships because of child-birth and child-rearing. The maternal instinct binds them to the child and women are less likely to abandon a child than men. It also makes them more predisposed to being more compassionate and more nurturing than men, which makes them more submissive because those are qualities that presuppose a more merciful nature, and the latter is what allows people to forgive someone else for wrongs committed against them and willingness to please them as a result.

      The only thing VanDouche gets out of such stupid behavior is the ability to control women. He’s not testing their loyalty. He’s testing how easily they can be controlled. Women already *want* to be loyal, and if you treat them right, they they will be so.

      • Guys who recognise this will actually make themselves only want and are available to one woman. Some others have trouble giving up the tree of apes when a new lassee is in town but essentially to be the top whack in this brand new clan we need to be in the modern era where branding (cattle) and collateral (school antics + stuff in closet) are born to be even more advanced than we ironically are in my eyes many moons ago.

          • My reply was simply to convey that any guy worth their salt would actually recognise the type of woman you were describing and actually only want to be with her because she was being loyal to them.

            We stopped being polygamous when we evolved to form a modern society. There are those that still like to be like this but that is their prerogative

    • I knew Keith long before any of you NXIVM followers (with the exception of KU) ever heard of him. While it took me a while to realize it, from the beginning of my relationship with him, he was a lying, manipulative conniver who got pleasure out of wielding psychological power over others. That includes his versions of love and sex. Running oneself into a tree, drinking from a puddle, giving over naked pics/vids of oneself – what does any of that have to do with learning from a great master? Did Jesus demand that before he would offer his wisdom? did Buddha?

      You have been had. Wake up and take back your life. You don’t need this charlatan to elevate yourself; you need to exert the gifts the universe bestowed on you.

      Think I’ll spend the summer doing some writing myself. The more I see the progression from what this psychopathic clown did to me back then to the mess he has made of people in the present, the more I think exposure of his past might help clear a path towards understanding and healing for some of you. You are submitting yourself to an abusive, calculating rapist – how does that equate to Truth or Ethics?

      • Very well said. I look forward to your writing. I remember being in Pittsburgh or somewhere at some stupid CBI convention, and he kept everyone waiting for an audience with His Wonderfulness until well after midnight. My husband was actually upset that I was not in my hotel room – why were we having business meetings after midnight? Because Keith was pushing to see how far people would go to placate / please him. He was the typical MLM con man.

    • Actually, by not running head first into a tree, this woman proved she had an ability that others in NXSCUM do not. She could think for herself and decide not to hurt herself by running into a tree as instructed. She did not need an idiot, be it male or female to make decisions for her and tell her how to live her live. She is 1000 steps ahead of Keith’s teachings already. You will NEVER be a leader or in control of your life if you are a FOLLOWER.

    • Naming the account “pee on you” and expecting to be welcomed. Society will judge him. We will see what comes out. But I can understand why Frank behaves the way he does. I do not have to like his means, but he has his reasons.

    • Had she run into the tree there is a high probability she would have sustained frontal lobe injury, resulting in major changes for the worse in her capacity to decide between good and bad choices – so she missed her chance of receiving a very reduced executive function – which we all know is Raniere’s key speciality.

    • Pea said: “When Keith told Mrs. X to run into a tree it was done privately for her own good. He wanted to see if she meant what she was willing to obey him. If she had run into the tree (which she did not) she stopped an inch away. Then it would have shown she was ready for the higher level of teaching. She proved that she was unfit for The Vow. So the gain was had by this. Keith does not care if she ran into a tree for some sick purpose.”

      Uh, yes, this kind of loyalty test is absolutely sick. So had she injured her eye or something else by proving her loyalty and running into the tree she would have been fit for “the Vow”? You don’t elevate somebody by testing their loyalty by expecting to harm themselves. That is not elevating anyone. That is humiliation. You are delusional, just utterly delusional.

      “Women must learn to obey a man and be a surrendered wife to their superior man.” What sort of pathetic, backwards thinking garbage are you expecting us to believe? Seriously, this is recycled old school thinking. There is nothing original in this crap. It’ the sam thing men have been doing to women for thousands of years. Yet, because Keith said it. it’s revolutionary??? PASS.

      At the same time your statement proves that Keith was involved in DOS. Congratulations. You just helped prove the State’s case against Keith and Allison. Allison isn’t brave. She’s as clueless and delusional as you are.

  • Imagine how much shit is going to come out after this guy is dead, when the young women feel safe to speak freely. I hope that’s sooner than later.

  • – He taught us to never speak in a manner that would lessen the internal representation we have of each other

    That’s why he’s a fucking hypocrite. He repeatedly did this to others, verbally or otherwise. Whenever he took offense with someone because of something they said or did, he just labelled their transgression with the phrase “ethical breach” and then subsequently humiliated them as a result of it. Unless you think making women grow their hair out until it reaches their ankles, run into trees, branding them with cauterizing irons, and drinking from puddles are acts that cause some elevation of the human soul. Never mind, you probably do and that’s why you still follow such a charlatan.

    Also, if you don’t want people to pronounce your name incorrectly because it is foreign, don’t be a moron and use words in English that don’t sound like the name is pronounced. Use a spelling that does. This is common sense, apparently something they don’t teach in NXIVM. The fact that you actually spelled how it is pronounced should tell you to use that instead of something that when pronounced means you want to take a piss on the person.

    • If that’s a German first name it should be correctly written “Pia” and the vowels “ia” in it would be pronounced like in the name “Mia”.

  • Don’t you see that Frank Parlato is worse than anything Keith ever did ? Keith always spoke with honor. He taught us to never speak in a manner that would lessen the internal representation we have of each other. Once that is lost it can’t be regained. Look at Frank. He writes about Keith’s most private behavior. Who is the real degraded one here! And the people who make comments are as low. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. And mocking my name ust shows you how low you can be. My mother is Hawaiin my father Bavarian. And it’s pronounced Pie-ya Aang-we. The proof on Keith’s moral superiority is in how you mock out my name. Grow up and realize a supreme injustice has been done

    • Pea, You’re joking, right? Charges against Frank Parlato were dismissed, and NONE of them involved sex trafficking or branding.

    • Brainwashed idiot reciting Keith, do to complete inability to think for your self. WOW.

  • He wanted all the women for himself. He would get the good looking male “worthy adversaries” to either eject out of ESP, turn bisexual (the ultimate in emasculating his competiton), or he’d simply steal their girl.

  • I think that like most sociopaths, Raniere needed to keep upping the scale on everything in order to achieve the same level of “satisfaction” he got out of controlling women. At one point, having women praise him and cater to him was enough. But then he needed them to run into trees and drink water from a puddle in order for him to feel the same level of satisfaction from his control and power over them. Then, he needed to control their weight, when they slept, what they ate, etc., etc., etc. The branding was just the latest manifestation of his need to control and punish women. But if he hadn’t been stopped, he most certainly would have gone on to something else. Don’t know if he would gone Charley Manson’s route and had his followers start killing others – or have them start doing ritualistic human sacrifices – or mass suicides – or whatever – but it would have been whatever it took for him to feel “satisfied”. Raniere will never be cured and, hopefully, will never be allowed to roam freely with the rest of society ever again.

    • Thank you for sharing your observation! Escalation is key factor in sociopathy/psychopathy and it’s well-evidenced in Keith’s controlling behavior over the years.

      It also strikes me that Keith convincing Emiliano (apparently always and entirely heterosexual prior to meeting Keith) to have a sexual relationship with Alex was also about control and power. And it even functioned as collateral, especially when machismo is everything in Mexico. I bet Emiliano’s dad is more bothered by that than anything else the crazy cult did.

  • The no-garlic requirement is a little odd. Does garlic really affect, um, more than just one’s breath?

    • I always wondered why ALL of the women in Albany (including Nancy) were “allergic” to garlic.

    • Why would the “no garlic” rule be odd?
      It actually fits the picture perfectly:
      – strong aversion to garlic
      – awake all night but sleeps during the day
      – mesmerizes his devoted followers into doing crazy things
      – sucks the life out of others

      Keith Raniere is without a doubt a vampire.

    • They were not allergic. From the web:

      “It is possible to be allergic to garlic, but it appears to be rare and only a few cases have been reported in the medical literature. Most of these cases describe people who developed occupational asthma or contact dermatitis (a skin rash similar to eczema) due to garlic…In several of the reported cases, there was a history of reactions after consuming raw garlic but tolerance to cooked garlic. This may suggest that the proteins in garlic responsible for the allergy are degraded by heat or the process of digestion.”

  • An open question for anyone who took the course. I know for a fact from a couple men in the course that Keith convinced them to have sex with other men (the men were straight or at least so they claimed). And from what I understand, possibly the same with women. Sexuality certainly isn’t black and white anymore, but the fact that Keith convinced people to do this… Any ideas if this was a power thing on the part of Keith or if it was to get you to lose more of yourself so that he could coerce you into doing other things? Just curious. From what I also understand, Emiliano wasn’t bisexual until Keith convinced him he should be.

    • Sociopaths are moral imbeciles. They don’t have the sense of moral decorum that normal people do, and hence it’s unsurprising that VanDouche didn’t know when to stop, because for them, there is no line to stop at. They are habitual line steppers. Where people with a functioning conscience are turned off by certain types of behavior, e.g., creating sex slaves of women and branding them with a cauterizing iron for twenty minutes, the sociopath just keeps on trucking right off cliff.

      • Not sure he knew how to stop either when he murdered or highly coerced people into killing themselves. Or when he poisoned large groups of people. Or when he raped. Or when he had sex with underaged girls. This guy had no “stop”. The shocking thing is that many many people were complicit (people still in it and a few that left) and didn’t do anything.

  • Cool photo of Keith at top.

    The width of his head appears to be larger than the length. LOL.

    The same thing is true in older photos I saw of him and Toni. That motherfucker has a WIDE fucken head, plus his unkempt 1970’s hairdo makes it look even wider.

    • That look on his face is when he is really gleeful about something and pleased with himself – usually at the expense of someone else.

    • Then you must not be familiar with his volleyball pic, the one where he’s sporting a blue tee dress and kneepads :’)

      • Can Frank please come up with a reason to again show us the pix of Keith playing volleyball?

  • Thank you; this piece is very insightful. At some point we are going to have to explore the “whys”, which this piece does. It makes a great deal of sense. I have often wondered if all the sex KR had was giving a glutting effect. The more frightening thing is, if he does indeed have a VD more deadly than herpes, there is no doubt he would conceal or minimize it (“I can cure it”) – to get women to acquiesce to whatever his selfish, immediate desires were. (I love saying “were”, as I think his days of sex-on-demand are done.) I don’t post much any more because it’s hard to find the words to describe this monster. I thank God every day that others have had the courage to expose him – finally. What an epitome of greed, hedonism, selfish control, and purposeful deceit.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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