Monte Blu: Trust the Vanguard and follow Clare Bronfman!

The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

By Monte Blu

It is the duty of the critical thinker to shake up people by writing the blatant truth. So here goes:

Keith Raniere has the right motives. His remarkable contributions to science through his patents on teleconferencing, sleep enhancement, how to identify Luciferians and others were remarkable – not to speak of his patent pending Rational Inquiry. His contributions to medicine through his discovery of a cure for Tourettes Syndrome, Crones Disease and cancer are equally remarkable.

His pushback against the Holocaust fabricators by telling the blatant truth – is something future generations will surely honor Raniere for doing as one remarkable service to humanity.

Naturally this generation could not accept it. He tried to free us sexually from our old puritanical and hypocritical morality. Monogamy is soon dead. He knew it. Why should one not love all without being foolishly limited to some legal ceremony. Polyamory is the future. We have all witnessed his remarkable kindness to so many women he mentored through the hardest of times.  We have seen him teach world leaders, business leaders, doctors and others on the hardest topics as well.

There is a lot of faux anger on this website – both by its author and in the comments of ignorant haters – some of whom – in the future, maybe not until they are on their deathbeds, will realize the remarkable things he did for them. The Vanguard had greatness and he had the eccentricities of genius. He followed the beat of his own internal drummer. Now think of his greatness: it is so strong it frightens people like little does – Jane Does that is. They could not deal with their own growth. He wanted to give them victories. And in this effort, we are inspired by the humility and compassion with which he approached them. He was dedicated to the betterment of the lives of others.

But anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat. I have more faith in the Vanguard now than ever. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Nxians. He invented a remarkable new way of life and convinced us to make it work. He never tried to impose his reformation by coercion.

If not for Allison Mack, her greed and remarkable selfishness and her desire to win the Vanguard over at our expenses, he would be free now. Allison is his Judas. But he shall rise again.

Yes, the Vanguard had a predecessor in the reformation business, called Jesus Christ. Perhaps we may assume that Jesus knew as much as the Vanguard did about saving people. The Vanguard made it clear that the business of the teacher was to make ideas available, and not impose them on people. This is why he charged for the intensives and not as the remarkably vicious Frank Parlato suggested – to make money!  Yet Allison is worse than Parlato. She destroyed everything by inventing DOS. He knew nothing until after it was started and she misrepresented the truth. He who could shatter obstacles believed in this vicious liar. But obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. He was passive in DOS. This was Allison. Not that it was evil in and of itself. If women want to be branded they should be able to do so like men.  It would be a tragedy to lose the innovative and transformational ideas and tools that continue to improve the lives of so many because of Allison Mack.

Today there have been many defamatory accusations made and Clare has said, with remarkable firmness, that the Vanguard has not abused or coerced anyone. And, as everyone of us know, Clare follows the Vanguard in order to do something more meaningful with her life.  It is important to note that Clare was not and never had been a member of DOS. With the exception of a couple does – Jane Does that is – DOS has truly benefited the lives of its members, and does so freely.  The women freely took a vow of loyalty and friendship with one another to feel safe while pushing back against the fears that have stifled their personal and professional growth.

Still keep in mind that the Vanguard and Clare knew nothing about the collateral. That was Allison’s doing. And when, as it has been alleged, that women were ordered to have sex with the Vanguard – the so-called sex trafficking – remember it was Allison and India who did the commanding not the Vanguard.

What was the Vanguard doing? Just trying to mentor them. It was Allison who had the collateral and Allison gave the orders to “seduce” Keith – not vice versa! How could Keith know these Does who acted willing toward him were being blackmailed by Allison? The Vanguard and Clare knew nothing!  His intentions were pure and Clare knew absolutely nothing about this.

So never be afraid to raise your voice for the Vanguard, for his honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and raise it also against the lying greedy Allison Mack. If people all over the world would do this, it would make this sinister foolish Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza change her mind and put the blame where it belongs: On Allison Mack, and India Oxenberg. [Nicki is innocent and knew nothing.]

We are suffering now but solidly together. As the Vanguard taught us “Given the choice between the experience of pain and doing nothing, we must choose pain.”

He did his best for us and we must do our best for him. Follow Clare. She has earned the highest honors through selfless service to the Vanguard. I remember her remarkable words, “The saddest thing about most love, is that not only the love cannot last forever, but even the heartbreak is soon forgotten. But not with the Vanguard, our heartbreak will be forever if we cannot save him and our love for him will never be forgotten till the end of time.”


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  • All Evil manipulative people can do good. Weinstein made great movies. Hitler to begin with was concerned for his country and was a purist. Europeans who colonized the USA slaughtered Millions on Native Americans and there cultures and communities. We are in a time of Revelations of Evils. We are also in a time of False Prophets, not one but many. People who pretend to be something they are not. The illusionist being revealed. I am not sure about your comment Monogamy is dead. But just like in Nature some animals mate for life , others do not. Polygamy is alive and well and has been from the beginning of time. But here is the big problem with all of this. Speak the truth, and do not let anyone convince you that the truth in the wrong hands can be used against humanity. That is nonsense and is the justification people in power have used to steal rape and destroy people, communities and countries. This is not so. If your organization believes in polygamy, monogamy, harems or Polyamory, so be it. But acknowledge it, advertise it, and share it. If you believe in a special diet, let it be known. Not eating garlic is not a Kieth’s invention. Nor is not shaving your privates. But to keep these beliefs private, separate from your followers and the public is wrong. It is then manipulation that you are justifying for the benefit of yourselves and Keith. It is deception, its a con, its wrong. Full disclosure of your many organizations. You can even Brand people. Any Adult is allowed to do this with consent. But also Consent can be changed or taken back at any time. We all have to right to speak about mistakes we made, agreements that we once agreed with and changed our minds to. To try to destroy people legally because they feel what you are doing is wrong, is maybe mind control, is manipulative, is their right. They also have the right to stand up and go in front of a Judge and Jury to see if any of your activities are Criminal. For you to use your money to fight their right to speak out , just because you happen to be born with millions is WRONG. I know Keith has convinced you that your fight is for a higher good. Hitler did the same and 50 million died in that WAR. Even if you want to argue that Jews were not gassed. You can not argue how much destruction and deaths occurred in that WAR. We all are in effect acting irrationally due to Traumas. In such cases , one must FREEZE. Get away from the environment that is justifying such behavior. All great powers have justified the lies and killings and destruction of people. We must become like the creator. The one universal force. “Love thy Neighbor as thyself”. Not just those that agree, not those that follow our teachings, not those that have the same religion. NO BUTS. We must help those in trauma, so they stop acting irrationally. You are acting irrationally. You must get your head out of the sand and see how you have allowed Kieth to harm people. Wake UP.

  • Keith Raniere made a remarkable contribution to science through a patent on teleconferencing?

  • How dare she (If Monte Blu really is Clare) compare Keith to Jesus Christ. Blasphemy. He is the Anti-Christ.

  • Well, folks, there is a Radisson Blu Resort on the Fiji Denarau island. Bula, Clare!

    P.S. Clare, I know that you are heartbroken, but “…till the end of time?” Dear, you really should read “Beyond Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza and, while you are at it, find a good deprogrammer and someone who can help you to free yourself from the hypnotic mind control of which you are an all too obvious victim. Get that old inner core of your original self back and do it today! OK?

  • Yup, as the Vainguard taught you, “Given the choice between the experience of pain and doing nothing, we must choose pain.” However, Clare, if that is your real name, Vainguard’s philosophy is nothing new. The Marquis de Sade was peddling virtually the same anti-social bullshit back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. “It is always by way of pain [that] one arrives at pleasure,” wrote that anti-nomian loser. And the “Beast,” Aleister Crowley, who literally ended up in the gutter, encouraged the deviants of the world to “Do what thou wilt.” You know, just have a good time at the expense of the victim, who just gets effed over for the pleasure of the psychopathic sadist.

    Like your lover-boy, Keith Raniere and your malignant narcissistic self, you objectify and dehumanize your human victims. Human beings are seen as trash by such as yourself and Keith. You view human beings as means to an end, not as an end in themselves. As your imprisoned guru also pointed out, you sociopaths are a subspecies of the human race. The story of humanity has always been a battle between the non-sociopaths and the sociopaths – good and evil, humanity and the satanic.

    You appear to unable or unwilling to own that murder, which Keith Raniere claims to have both personally committed and personally ordered, is a crime against humanity. You can’t or won’t recognize that the rape of a child, who is a vulnerable victim, by an adult predator, such as Keith Raniere, is a serious crime that causes untold psychic damage to that child forever after that rape. All that you self-absorbed, self-indulgent mattoids ever think about is having the most joy or pleasure. Blaming the victims of your mind control and of your crimes is merely the way that you deviants justify your criminal behavior in your twisted minds. Vainguard’s philosophy doesn’t work! If everyone went around acting like you and Vainguard, the outcome would be a worldwide circular firing squad. Get a new persona, Clare; you have been unmasked!

    • Amen.

      This cult breeds selfish people who see their own self-indulgence and drunkenness on their own joy as the highest form of “ethics” no matter the ramifications to another. A way that is the far from that taught by the well-known God-centered religions that preach regular – though not necessarily frequent – practice of altruism. It mind bends them into the ways of a sociopath.

  • I don’t understand the ugly comments. It’s just a joke, right? Someone who has fun dethroning Raniere by using the vocabulary of the cult

  • Just curious as to why Frank never busted this cult the easy way. All he needed to do was sneak in a few pizzas to the women every couple of days, and fatten them up.

  • This was so laughable I’m wondering if it’s satire. In the very sad event that it isn’t, I just want to say the only haters are the cult members branding women. The only vicious one is Keith who said he’s had people killed– see the youtube Video on the subject entitled “NXIVM Cult leader Keith Raniere claims to have had people killed.” Not one cult member can hold a candle to Frank or Sarah Edmonson for that matter who tell the truth no matter how evil brainwashed haters attack them. For all these reasons that’s why Frank’s the one doing doing well making history with this website while Nxivm keep getting taken to jail where they belong 🙂 They never deserved to hurt anyone in the first place. Only haters and enablers support them! And they should never have the chance to hurt anyone again hallelujah <3

  • In Chicago we have a saying.
    Someone who is designated to take ALL of the blame is said to be fitted with a jacket.

    Doesn’t Allison look lovely with the jacket she has been fitted with?
    Someone has to wear the jacket.
    Why not Allison?
    I’m sure Clare agrees.

  • “Follow Clare”. Words of true wisdom. When your deviant leader, an Amway salesman who earned a 2.26 GPA in an age of grade inflation, ends up in prison, shift your allegiance to a butt ugly two bagger who never graduated high school.

    • I have seen many people assert that Clare Bronfman never graduated from High School. But, what is the origination of this assertion?

      • Well, if Clare went to school in Kenya, we could verify her enrollment and graduation. According to her, she was raised in Africa.

        But High Schools in Kenya still issue diplomas, like schools in the USA. If she had private tutors, did the tutors i$$ue her a degree?

        Again, typical NXIVM leadership – exaggerate accomplishments. If Clare had graduated from a prestigious school in London or even Nairobi, she would brag about that also.

        So where is Clare Bear’s degree?


  • Lana told me to tell Monte Blu: “learn how to spell Chrohn’s, fucktard”

      • I think that it is “Crones disease,” although the apostrophe was left out – a common enough grammatical error for someone without a high school education.. A crone is an old woman who is thin and ugly. Clare is a good example of a woman who is both thin and well on her way to becoming very ugly, even though she just turned thirty-nine.

        This is what Vainguard’s low-calorie diet and sleep deprivation can do for you ladies – a virtual crone at 39 years old. But Keith’s cure for Crone’s disease is to bring in more young girls and young women to replace crones like Clare Bronfman, Nancy Saltzman, Karen Untereiner, etc.

  • Allison’s mother is going to start cyberstalking you with comments like she does shadowstate if you keep talking like that. 😛

  • To Monte Blah. One question I have even for your lame satire is this. How does a group that professes to be about ethics and creating a noble civilization produce people who come out ethically worse *after* they take courses such that they can treat people like utter shit and think they are doing something acceptable or even good?

  • Please stop giving Monte Blah a platform. It is boring, trite and vomit-inducing to elevate VanDumdum in any manner even for the purposes of satire. Mr. 2.26 GPA, Judo expert, 100 yard sprint state-champion, greatest problem solver in the world, already bullshitted himself his way to enough of it.

  • How in the world did the “Vanguard” get a hold of a computer and an internet connection to post this satire as “Monte Blue”? I thought he was locked up in a secure cell without access to the outside world.

  • Just to set the record straight some more: I’m the guy who dethroned Vanguard as one of the world’s Top 3 critical thinkers.

    How do you like me now, girls?

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