Mack denied bail – for now

Allison Mack

Allison Mack appeared in Brooklyn federal court today – and pled  “Not guilty” to charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.  She was wearing a jeans jacket, brown boots, and black pants. She also had “dark circles” under her eyes.

Judge Cheryl Pollak did not release Mack from detention. Instead, she ruled Mack’s lawyers did not offer a “sufficient” bail package.  She said her lawyers could file a new petition Monday. Meantime, Mack will spend the weekend in federal custody.

Mack’s attorneys argued that she’s not a flight risk because she recently returned to the US voluntarily from Mexico.

But Judge Pollak responded by noting that Mack may not have been aware she’s facing a minimum of 15 years in prison when she made the return trip.

Mack more likely returned because Raniere was arrested and she could not afford to stay in the $10,000 per week villa Raniere and her and other slaves were staying in.

Prosecutors want a high-dollar bail posted by someone with no affiliation to NXIVM — and that includes Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman Igtet, heiresses to the Seagram’s whisky fortune and the primary funders of Raniere’s criminal enterprise.

Prosecutors say they are willing to consider home detention for Mack if she can pose a high-dollar bail without using any NXIVM-related funds to do so.

Raniere remains in MDC in Brooklyn but is also expected to request that he be allowed to post bail. Prosecutors, however, are not expected to agree to that under any circumstances – not even if Keith signs over his claims to having invented teleconferencing.


Some new info also came to light in court:

As women were branded, Mack allegedly placed her hands on their chests and told them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [your] master,” prosecutors said.

“Ms. Mack was one of the top members of a highly organized scheme which was designed to provide sex to [Raniere],” Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza said in court Friday.

During Friday’s court appearance, it was revealed Mack is married to “Battlestar Gallactica” actress and Canadian national Nicki Clyne.

Mack was recruited to Nxivm by fellow “Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk in 2006.


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  • There needs to be an article on Nicki Clyne and the slave recruiting she has done. She shouldn’t escape scott free. Right now her instagram is up and if you comment she bans people. Same with her twitter. Give it a go and see. She fraudulently got married to Mack. She has recruited slaves. Shes next.

  • “Pimp” mack will be “married” to a Big Bull Dike when she enters prison ! I can see the prison tattoos now…..”Property Of……”!

  • Why has Nicki Clyne not been jailed yet? She is deeply involved as much as Mack

    • Thats right. She should be arrested. She is very deeply involved and has been in it for almost as long as Mack. Fraudulently got married and has slaves beneath her and recruited. Time Frankreport and artvoice did a blitz of articles on her next.

  • They are all gonna try to take the fall for Gimly’s evil twin. That’s why she was in Brooklyn to begin with. Remember Mrs. Mandela is excited about going down for the mission.

  • Denied bail ? Good ! It may save her life !.. Because she would probably try to flee the ugliest way… Now she’s much safer as she was yesterday !..
    The female guardians probably already report the branding then forensic police officers will take a picture and try to determine the circumstances of the “scarification”, conclude that it has been made with a cauterizing pen without anesthesia and it was poorly cured to prevent normal recovery (whereas Dr Feelnotgood could had done an Adapt Powder prescription, that may be used to prevent protruding cicatrization after a scarification -med tech confirmation needed-, instead. She would had do, if it were a clean procedure ! This proves it has been made the most sadistic way to control their mind even further : Denying the right to recover normally. Pushing, this way, the real and sensitive being deep inside and promoting the soul/heartless creation… But the inner fragile creature can be a fierce beast too and fight to reach the surface, but that’s another story !..)…

    • We may all find out that Allison is not actually branded herself. It may have been beneath her, which would slay any defence claim of her being a victim like the other women. She is most definitely not like the other women if she isn’t branded, as well. We shall see.

      • Right ! That would be so ironical, but it sounds very in phase with reality… (And I’m aware now I might sound sometimes like I have Carebear blood in my veins 😗🎶ahem😬😳….)

      • Well, maybe you’re right… But it would be so ironical ! Like “feel the pain”, but the girl would never had taken that pain herself and would had beg for stopping it after a single second…
        Actually it sounds very in phase with reality… But it makes me so sick… I shouldn’t give a piss but I feel concerned and I don’t know why…
        And I feel like sometimes I have Carebear blood-jam running in my veins when I read my previous post… Ahem… 😬😳😗🎶
        Thank you for fixing me in that point !

  • House arrest, you have to be kidding!!! Mack is going to continue her job as head madam for Raniere and to continue to mind bend the followers of DOS.

    How does the FBI know that Mack house and her parents house has any money left in them? Sounds like the Judge is being sharp in the case with her responses to the bail and what Mack might not have known when she returned.

    Who next, hopefully Lauren Salzman will be arrested for being #2 in DOS organization. Most likely she was #1 mind bender but her other job duties kept her too busy to be #1 in DOS.

  • Her poor parents are going to have fun trying to patch together bail for Keith’s ‘Wild Child’ – couldn’t happen to any worse bitch than this bitch. Truly evil and horrible human being now, whatever she was before she began this journey. Every single choice she has made, she made with full knowledge of what she was doing and how she was harming other women – it was SO much easier to do to slaves though,

    • I’m 99% sure about Jane Doe 1’s identity. It’s right here on this blog in a old comment. She was recruited in LA by Mark Hildrerth. And it’s not Bonnie. About Jane Doe 2, I tought I knew, but if Laura is right and the other witness who spoke in the New York Times along with Sarah is not her, then I have to guess again.

  • Why are there no photos or videos of Allison at the court!?! Grrr! I thought this was commonplace these days.

    Anyway, this article has a good description of her appearance today:

    “A gaunt, disheveled Mack appeared in Brooklyn federal court …”
    “Dressed in a light jean jacket, light brown boots and black pants — and sporting dark circles under her eyes — Mack spoke quietly as she answered Judge Cheryl Pollak’s routine questions.”

    Very interesting that the marraige to Clyne was discussed in court. I wonder what the specifices were. Will we get a transcript?

    • One can only speculate on this but my guess would be Keith was present when Danielle Roberts, DO applied the brands to his original 6 slave pod masters and they took turns holding each other down. I believe, Frank Report said the original 6 were: Allison Mack, Rosa Laura Junco, Monica Duran, Loreta Garza, Marianna Fernandez who may not have been branded if she was pregnant (or maybe she was branded before she got pregnant) and from Part 2 of Inside DOS he listed Nicki Clyne as a slave pod master. However, the last few times I have seen Nicki mentioned has been as a direct slave of Allison, so perhaps the 6th was Dani Padilla?

  • “Think of your master”?! She’s completely nuts. Is it possible to deprogram someone who is this far gone? By the way, this story has gained major traction today.

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