Artvoice: Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India, identified as ‘Criminal Co-Conspirator’ in sex-slaver NXIVM cult

She sure could take it and she was proud too!

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare.

India Oxenberg, daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, has been revealed as a co-conspirator in a criminal complaint against cult leader Keith Raniere.  Raniere was arrested March 25 in Mexico and deported to the USA where he now faces charges of sex trafficking.

Sex cult leader Keith Raniere is now in federal custody being held without bail on sex trafficking charges.

Raniere, leader of the notorious NXIVM cult, is to be arraigned on Friday at 2 pm in federal court in Brooklyn. A shocking revelation found in the criminal complaint against Raniere is that India Oxenberg, 27, is a co-conspirator with Raniere in his sex trafficking master-slave group. In the criminal complaint, India is referred to as ‘co-conspirator #2.’ and is revealed to be a ‘slave’ of former Smallville actress, Allison Mack, who is referred to as ‘co-conspirator #1.’

Allison Mack burst into tears following some trivial comment by Keith Raniere [l]
Mack may be arrested Friday.

The inclusion of India Oxenberg as a co-conspirator is shocking and sad. India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, started a crusade to rescue her daughter from NXIVM last year and, in doing so, brought worldwide attention to the vicious sex-slaver cult.  Now, her daughter may be charged with human trafficking. Many, including Catherine, believe India is brainwashed.

What makes it more ironic is that, had it not been for Catherine, many additional women would have likely entered the sex cult, been blackmailed and branded. But for Catherine’s efforts to shine a light on the cult, authorities may not have acted to stop Raniere and Mack until 100s of other women had been enslaved. Now imagine a mother’s horror: Heroic Catherine went public to make a stand against Raniere.  She faced threats, efforts at intimidation and retaliation. Catherine shared her fears for her daughter with the world: Her daughter was brainwashed, blackmailed and branded – and she was trying get her to leave the cult. The world took note. Through the New York Times to People Magazine to 20/20 to the Today Show and literally hundreds of other media  – millions of people learned about her daughter’s plight and felt sympathy for this desperate mom trying to save her daughter from a deeply sinister cult.

Although she could not rescue her daughter, it was through her efforts that 100s of women fled the cult. Thanks to her, law enforcement took notice and brought charges against Raniere. The cult has been virtually shut down.

Prior to joining the sex cult, India Oxenberg was a model and actress with a bright future.

The reason Catherine went on her campaign was to save her daughter – and although she was able to save others, her daughter stubbornly remains. Worse – India is facing criminal charges and likely to spend years in a federal prison.

It does not have to be this way. India is one of a few who remain faithful to Allison Mack and the imprisoned Raniere. Others have left the gruesome cult. There is little question that if India cooperated with authorities, it would be possible for her to cut a deal or perhaps avoid charges altogether. But she resists – preferring to throw away years of her life to live in prison to save a hopeless Raniere.  While India faces a long prison sentence, Raniere is likely never to see freedom.

Catherine Oxenberg appears on Megan Kelly’s Today show to explain how her daughter, India, is being brainwashed and held mentally captive in a sinister and sick cult.

The language of the federal arrest warrant for Raniere makes it clear India [Co-Conspirator 2] is a target of the investigation. It reads:

“Co-Conspirator 2 (‘CC-2’) had been involved in Nxivm for several years before being introduced to DOS [Raniere and Mack’s secret sex-slaver group within NXIVM].  … Based on information obtained over the course of the investigation, CC-2 is CC-1 ‘s direct slave.”

CC-1 is Allison Mack. India is a slave to Mack. Other slaves in Mack’s “slave pod” include actress Nicki Clyne of TV’s Battlestar Gallactica, and Dr. Danielle Roberts, the physician who performed the painful human branding on women to mark them as slaves.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married. Clyne is also a slave to Mack – as is India.
The painful brand India and other slaves received on their  pubic region.

The federal criminal complaint has this to say about Mack [CC-1].

“CC-1 is an actress and is currently understood to be one of the women with whom RANIERE maintained a sexual relationship prior to the development of DOS. …  Based on information obtained over the course of the investigation, including admissions by RANIERE and emails between RANIERE and CC-1, CC-1 is RANIERE’s direct slave.”

India’s stepfather is actor Casper Van Dien. He appeared on social media to support his stepdaughter’s choice to remain in the sex-slave cult. He told Artvoice that the publicity of being known to be branded and in a sex cult is worse for India than actually being in the cult itself.

Prior to joining the secret sex-slave group, India spent more than $100,000 of her savings on NXIVM training and therapy sessions. She depleted her entire savings and is now in debt to NXIVM for more than $100,000.

Forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz was hired by NXIVM to conduct a psychiatric evaluation to determine India’s competency to take more NXIVM classesDeitz told the New York Times that, as a result of his preliminary evaluation, India appears healthy and happy.  Cult expert Rick Ross disagrees and said India is brainwashed and he fears a suicide scenario is possible.

Allison Mack [l] is the slave master of India Oxenberg [r]. Many believe the sleep deprivation, the low calorie diet and the hypnotic induction classes devised by Raniere for his slaves has made the women brainwashed and incompetent to act rationally in their best interests.
The FBI has interviewed eight victims and additional witnesses. As a result of the investigation, India is described in the complaint as having attempted to coerce or trick alleged victim ‘Jane Doe 2.’ [Jane] into having sex with Raniere.

Jane Doe 2 is an actress and model who began taking NXIVM classes in 2016.  Under orders from Mack to recruit new slaves, India tricked Jane Doe 2 into joining “a secret women-only society” that India said transformed her life.

According to the complaint, India told Jane Doe 2 that in order to learn more, she had to provide ‘collateral,’ which Jane Doe 2 did in the form of a video in which Jane Doe 2 divulged a damaging secret.  After providing this video, India told Jane Doe 2 about DOS and Jane Doe 2 agreed to become India’s slave. India revealed to Jane Doe 2 that Allison Mack was her master and, therefore Jane Doe 2’s ‘grandmaster.’

Soon after, Mack and India ordered Jane Doe 2 to “seduce Keith” and have him take a nude picture of her to prove it.  Mack told Jane Doe 2 that this assignment was a privilege that few women had the honor of experiencing, but Mack and India both seduced Keith and had their naked pictures taken by him.  Mack told Jane Doe 2 , “I give you permission to enjoy sex with Raniere.”

But Jane Doe 2 did not want to enjoy sex with creepy Keith. She ran away from DOS in May 2016. In 2017, with encouragement from Catherine Oxenberg and this writer, Jane Doe 2 went to law enforcement and became a witness against Raniere.

India Oxenberg at V_Week with happy Nxians. India is second from left with dark shirt and blue pants.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Catherine Oxenberg’s heroic attempt to save her daughter – first from the cult; and now from prison.

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  • Was that pic from the V week when everyone had explosive diarrhea the whole week? I heard men, women and children were shitting their pants for like five days straight. That was obviously was taken before the first wave of contractions.

  • Elle Fanning’s portrayal as a Hollywood model who gets murdered by a coven of witches reminds me of this story. I think it’s called Neon Demon? It’s so parallel to the extreme side of this story if it were a movie.

    • Unnoted but very significant? Oxenberg’s lineage as part of European Black Nobility. Such creatures are at the very heart of occult bloodlines and many were deeply involved in CIA-MKUltra mind control and origination of cults back in 1960s already. We saw the nexus of this overlap in a book by the assassinated, brilliant Dave McGowan after he released his groundbreaking, unique “Weird Scenes inside the canyon” That the “sexual revolution” and whole counterculture scene was TAVISTOCK-intelligence agency manufactured. Using rock music, drugs, and sex, the CIA initiated an entire generation of clueless, gullible hippies into the NWO

  • For Catherine Oxenberg’s sake I hope that India gets out without too much further trouble as she was one of the means to the end of NXIVM. But if all the stuff in this article is true, or even half of it India will have to face some time. The good thing still is that this will allow her to build up distance from the cult and all the other followers.
    Let’s just hope she can build up a normal post NXIVM life. She has earned it. Best of luck to you to.

  • For Catherine Oxenberg’s sake I hope this is not true as she is one of the key persons who made it posible that this scam ended/ends. Even if her daughter India has to serve time it will mean that neither she nor other women can be exploited or manipulated in the future. As it looks to me India is unable to distance herself from the cult without external help or pressure. This means serving little time might actually be a good thing for her as this would give her time to heal.

    Best of luck to you Catherine Oxenberg and your daughter. You deserve it.

  • Right from the early modules of ESP, the concept is presented that if you are not producing value in the world, or being parasitic on people who are, the ethically correct choice is to kill yourself.

    There has long been speculation that Raniere influenced Kristin Snyder to kill herself in Alaska.

    Raniere is in the unique position of having psychological control over the potentially most damaging witnesses against him.

    And being a total psychopath, he would have no qualms about using it to remove potential witnesses.

    So it would not surprise me to hear that Allison and India have killed themselves after prison visits with Raniere, where he EM-s them into deciding that their continued existence puts the sacred Mission at risk.

    • They are not going to be allowed to visit him. I would not be surprised if he has zero visitation other than counsel.
      Everything on the payphone at the jail is listened in on. All of his incoming and outgoing mail is going to be read and documented.
      I have heard a lot of inmates have cell phones, though. How would he have their burner numbers, though? If they send the burner numbers in the mail, the FBI taps those phones. If he called any other numbers that are already tapped, the jail burner cell phone is identified and tapped.
      I don’t think there is any privacy whatsoever in jail / prison. Even when they are pretending not to listen while somebody talks to their lawyer.

  • My heart goes out to Catherine Oxenberg. I am a mother, and can only begin to imagine her grief.
    To want to do something lovely to help your daughter and have it turn into this.
    I hope for all of their sakes that India wakes up and does whatever she can to help investigators and herself.

    Photo from Vweek 2016

    BTW looks like they are already planning for 2018! Logo changed

  • Wonder if Catherine Oxenberg will appreciate you spreading the word about her daughter being CC2. I noticed she hasn’t tweeted any articles from here or ArtVoice in months, if she ever did. I only scrolled her timeline back to end of December and saw only a couple of retweeted comments that contained links to articles here. Looked at a few of the other higher profile ex-members’ timelines and Frank’s noticeably absent from their timelines as well, even though they retweet and like NXIVM related articles from many other sources. Poor Frank, have you asked these people why they don’t support your sites?

    • Flat EEG will spread the word as is and wiser ones will do it proficiently according to a more ‘academical’ rational way of thinking.

    • It was the warrant, not FrankReport, that identified India by describing CC2 as co-founder of ‘The Delegates’. It seems to be a matter of when, not if, the Feds take action against Allison and India.

      I for one appreciate all related info, good or bad, in one place.

      • If that makes you feel better. But I saw readers on here were confused and had to do some digging to figure out who CC2 was — John Q public wouldn’t have known except for Frank serving up India’s name for them.

        • PLEASE…give yourself some name…so it doesn’t look like Anonymous is arguing with his/herself.

    • So you think without Frank no one would be curious or figure out who CC2 is? My goodness. You are naive. Also bitchy.

      Public attention on CC2 has barely begun. The publicity around CC2 will be enormous. Such a salacious story. Every media platform will be talking about her, platforms that couldn’t care less about her, unlike Frank.

      Without Frank, India would still be doing heinous things, going ever deeper in Keith’s rabbit hole. Because of Keith India’s cult enslavement will be over far sooner.

      • Important correction! Because of Frank the cult is coming to an end. Because of Frank slaves will be free much sooner.

    • Your statements are absurd in blaming Frank. First Catherine Oxenberg has a book deal. If she cared about full anonymity for her daughter, that wouldn’t exist (not a statement against Catherine but a reality). Second, India’s name is going to come out very quickly in the press. There won’t be any newspaper not carrying her name. Frank beat them to the story. If anyone here is smart you can also guess who the Jane Doe’s are as they’ve been written about on this blog too. All of these names will come out. And probably at one point or another everyone who was ever involved in this cult’s name will come out. There is no anonymity here. The only thing I’d be concerned about at all is that India and Allison get arrested. Hopefully this site doesn’t tip them off into hiding. But I’m not sure either is smart enough to do that anyways right now.

      • I’ve read about 90% of the content here, and am pretty good at connecting dots – but I have 0 idea who Jane Doe 1 & 2 are. Presumably one of them could be Sarah Edmondson, simply because the timing works out. But do you really think you’ve figured out the person who was in for just a couple months, let Allison Mack use her car, then quickly flew the coup (cult) without having the KR-AM brand, and grabbed others collateral along the way? 🤔

        • It’s not so difficult to found both Jane doe identities with some time spending on this blog and with some Google’s researchs. But for obvious reasons, nobody should reveal their names to the public. It’s a question of respect and security.

  • Keep Oxenberg family in thoughts and prayers for a happy conclusion. Both India and her mother deserve it.

  • I wonder if a parallel will be done between Manson’s “family members” (Sharon Tate murder trial) and NXIVM masterslave members. It might be heartbreaking, but how to prove that a crime has been done or supported albeit one’s moral standard because of a specific mental/psychological state ? It will be tricky and someone like Rick Alan Ross would be really welcome as a consultant to build a report in favor of IO and other Raniere’s victim they went to far…

  • “In 2017, with encouragement from Catherine Oxenberg and this writer, Jane Doe 2 went to law enforcement and became a witness against Raniere.” Catherine Oxenberg and Frank Parlato are absolute heroes.

    And what a heartbreaking outcome for Catherine Oxenberg and her family. May India wake up and spill so much she gets a non-prison-time deal.


    Official US investigators dangerously touch the door of those who provided shelter to Raniere in Monterrey, Nuevo Leone. Several powerful acquaintances are trembling over the matter….What seemed to be bilateral security cooperation seems close to becoming an explosive Mexican file that will give much to talk about.


    There could be recordings where the leaders of NXIVM in Mexico – who have until now repeatedly denied any connection with illicit activities or abuse, slavery, and branding of women – confess their links to the sect of the master, Keith Raniere.

    The article also states that Jack Levy was instrumental in moving Raniere from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta.

  • “Cult expert Rick Ross disagrees and said India is brainwashed and he fears a suicide scenario is possible.”

    I hope the authorities can save them before anyone resorts to suicide. That would be a terrible outcome to this mess

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