Video emerges showing actress Kristin Kreuk promoted NXIVM sex-slaver Keith Raniere

TV actress Kristin Kreuk left the NXIVM sex slaver cult before its leader Keith Raniere started branding women as his slaves. But she used her star power to help Raniere recruit lots of young women who ultimately became his slaves.

If anyone wants proof that Kreuk, [seen in the video with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack] promoted sex-slaver Raniere, this video is pretty fair proof. The video was made in December 2007.

Kreuk recently issued a statement that she was embarrassed to be involved in the NXIVM cult, but knew nothing about the bizarre and abusive sex cult practices, she said, when she was a member of NXIVM.

Here Kreuk appears on stage with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack at a college student recruiting concert for NXIVM. Note Raniere’s name is on the banner behind the women.

Raniere was arrested on March 25, in Mexico and deported to the US where he was charged with sex trafficking. Kreuk has been out of the cult since around 2012.

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  • That person is just trying to get your goat. There is no collateral because KK wasn’t in DOS. The jokes on them. Haters should really do their research because they’re just making themselves look bad.

  • “A video has submerged.” ?? Yeah, you might fool the newbs with that headline, but the rest of us know that video has been around for years.

    And it’s more like the “Dumb Report.” Anyone who believe’s this trash is unbelievably ignorant.

    These reports which are all a load of crap…are only meant to make Frank feel important. It’s not journalism, it’s a gossip column.

    NXIVM was NOT a “Sex Cult” when Kristin joined! Period! “DOS” was even around. Like, how many times do people need to hear that?!! Sure, you’ll believe a liar like Frank, but someone who has numerous people backing up her statement, are like, “Yeah I think she did it because Frank said so.”

    Do some bloody research!! And if you do, you’ll find that Frank actually used to work for Keith and was accused or running a housing scam! But of course he’ll keep that hush hush. He’s quick to point his finger at people like KK because he’s got some creepy obsession with her.

    Every single article starts off the same, something with “Kreuk” in “Sex Cult.” You’re weird fetish with Kristin is most alarming.

  • This KK salacious, misleading post has gotten 64+ comments here.
    But on ArtVoice, where it first appeared, it has…(…drum roll…)…one.

  • One of you has the opportunity to be a knight in shining armor for your lady love! In Allison Mack’s twitter replies, someone posted Kristin Kreuk collateral porn. So hurry over and report it before another knight gets there first! Make sure you are the one demonstrating your love and ensuring that her public image remains unsullied and untarnished by any pesky human foibles and flaws.

    • That went down well in the staff room this morning. Not!
      Actually hope the KKFC do DO something. Revenge porn is beyond obscene. Perhaps she did this outside the cult. Or its collateral, therefore proof of her involvement in DOS.

    • “Collateral porn”? More like fake pornographic images that exist for many celebrities throughout the Internet.

      • Wow.
        Firstly, in what way would ‘collateral porn’ be less ‘fake’ then something you’re calling ‘fake pornographic images that exist for many celebrities throughout the internet…’ neither is consenting but both would be deployed for the purpose of causing deep humiliation and damage. True fanatic – Fake friend.

        • Because “collateral porn” are real images of the women involved, like those who were asked to join DOS took of themselves in compromising positions in order to give to them.

          “Fake porn” is what you find on the web where a person’s face (typically of a celebrity) is Photoshopped onto the face of another person who most likely agreed to be photographed.

          I didn’t make a statement about whether one is less humiliating than the other. I only pointed out that those images are fake, and while the person may feel some humiliation (or they may not) because it may look somewhat real that they have exposed themselves in a compromising position, they are not “collateral porn” to be used as blackmail and can’t be used against a person because they never were photographed in those pictures.

      • All those thousands of supposedly “fake” celeb porn pics of Kristin are REAL!
        Taken by Keith himself. That’s why he isn’t in the picture.

  • I don’t think many knew about the DOS beginnings however almost anyone who attended V-Week for years knew that Keith slept with many many students. And this would very likely include KK (but I’m not saying she slept with him as I don’t believe she did or would). What two (or 20-30) consenting adults do is their own business. But I’m not sure why anyone didn’t call out “conflict of interest” on what was happening like the NXIVM 9 did (myself included as I’ve been to several V-Weeks, I have no excuse). Besides Dos, if you brought women into the organization, Keith was going to sleep with them or try to. Thus in a certain sense, even before DOS, students were pimping for Keith. Not everyone knew about this but a hell of a lot of people did. Keith would often be late for events at V-Week because he was too busy fucking his harem which again, is a massive conflict of interest. I don’t think many people here can claim full innocence and lack of knowledge of everything. Dos yes, most didn’t know. Keith being an extreme sex addict and doing things he probably shouldn’t – many if not most knew and certainly the higher ups, coaches, and attractive women would have known.

    • Well : This guy’s perspiration, smell, saliva, cum or even urine just wash up like crap : Soap and water and it’s all done…
      Feeling dirty for what is just a turd accident is futile when you can flush it all in a shower’s drain !

  • Way to steal someone else’s video and not give credit. Why not just link to the original posted 10 years ago with thousands of views. Guess that wouldn’t fit your false suggestion that the video has “emerged” like it was something people were trying to hide. Hasn’t Frank proudly puffed about his own involvement with setting up the publicity for this event for sex slaver Keith. I guess every time someone refers to Frank from now on they should preface it with publicist for sex slaver Ketih Raniere or publicist for sex slave cult NXIVM. Since Frank was the one setting up the publicity for this event, maybe we should call him Frank “PIMP PUBLICIST” Parlato if Keith was using this event to lure in young college women into his sex cult.

    • Yes, the answer is definitely yes. Another rabid Kreuk fan. I feel sorry for her, so many stalkers. Stalkers unable to acknowledge her years long involvement with a cult, a cult for which she was the shiny preternaturally pretty face used to woo more cultists in.

      • Where in that post do you see a denial of Kreuk being in NXIVM? I see someone calling attention to the misleading title, the lack of credit to the original poster of the video and Frank’s hypocrisy.

    • This insider says:

      “When I first enrolled the cult stuff online was pretty minimal. There were a couple articles but they didn’t point to anything particularly bad—other than people were calling Nxivm a cult. The bad thing about Keith at the time was he went for long walks with women in the neighbourhood [in Albany]. I was like, that seems like disgruntled neighbours.”

      Click the link below for a google search for online articles between 1995 and January 1 2006. You can HARDLY say it was “a couple articles” describing nothing worse than Keith’s “long walks.”

      I’m not bashing the insider, who is a victim like the rest. But former members need to be more forthcoming when they talk about how little negative information was available about NXIVM back in the mid-late 2000s.

      And the insider goes on to claim that Kristin Kook was just an innocent bystander. Kind of hard to believe.

      • Maybe a quibble…tho dozens and dozens of results come up, a quick glance didn’t spot “sex-cult” headlines (maybe I missed them) but I did spot that the search pulled up results, not from pre-2006, but also many (how many?) articles that simply reference that date.
        Such as this one from this month:

        Kristin Kreuk – Headline Booth :: Comprehensive up-to-date news …
        Apr 28, 2005 – ‘Smallville’ actress Kristin Kreuk breaks silence on ‘sex cult’ involvement. Actress Kristin Kreuk broke her silence Thursday about her participation in “Nxivm” — the creepy self-help group, pronounced “Nexium,” whose leader has been charged with running a sex-slave cult in upstate New York. Kreuk and fellow CW series .

        So I don’t know how many results are actually from pre-2006 and were available to recruits. Bad vibes about Raniere were out there in droves, but sex-cult stuff, maybe not.

        • Well, no, obviously there were no “sex cult” stories online pre-2006. But there were stories of manipulation, brainwashing, the death of Kristin Snyder, the Forbes article, the legal harassment of Rick Ross, Toni Natalie and lots more. I’ve been following the NXIVM story since around 2003 when the Forbes article came out because I lived near Clifton Park and had friends involved. I just think the claim that there wasn’t much online in 2006 to make potential members question NXIVM is totally untrue.

          • Makes you wonder how Frank could have been the publicist for sex-slaver Raniere in 2007-2008 and not question NXIVM, especially since he was paid $1 million to “rehabilitate their poor public image.” Unless he was a completely incompetent, seems he would do some research into the cause of the poor public image and come across some of the articles. Instead he claims after living with Keith, Nancy, and the Bronfmans “for several months as their round-the-clock consultant, staying in their properties and communicating closely day and night with their top officials” he only “thought they were a much persecuted but kindly group of people who were being attacked for having a different belief system.” Maybe that million dollars from the Bronfmans bought some temporary blindness.

  • Come on Julia Brown, let’s be fair here. This video was not from 2018 and was taken from someone elses channel. We all know that Kristen Kreuk was in NXIVM up until 2012. She left before it got weird and even SARAH EDMONDSON who was one of the main voices against Keith said that Kristen was not a part of the inner circle and had left long before it got weird.

    I understand wanting to get clicks but lets leave Kristen out of the narrative. She had the good sense to leave as soon as she heard allegations against Keith back in 2012. Long before the weird stuff.

    • That’s according to Sarah Edmundson twitter statement. Kristin Kreuk was involved for years and was their biggest celebrity. She is a part of the NXIVM narrative.

  • This video has been around for years as have the clips. Even the CW on their Source page highlighted Kristin and Allison out at this event.
    This was one of many public events that NVXIM as an MLM had promoted. It does not indicate she was “recruiting” for the sex cult.
    Frank has already posted this months and years back, I dont get why recycling proves anything that what we already know about her attending events the company held

    • The reason this is being done is for clicks. That’s all. Nothing more. She has been cleared by Sarah Edmondson who came forward back in 2017. Kristen left LONG before Mark Hildreth. The only ones still in this are Allison and Nicki

  • My humble opinion: you do not spend nearly a decade in an organization and not know or hear about at least some of the seedier elements in that organization. And before anyone gets on me about not understanding cults, I’ve read enough on the subject to understand why the higher-ups would insulate KK from the bad shit occurring in NXVIM- but people talk, and KK knew all of the higher ups and had to have known there were strange things occurring. Perhaps this is why she left.

    My basic issue with KK is this: she recruited young, innocent girls for this predator. She was the FACE of the organization for years and was a major reason people joined. Unwitting or not, she led a lot of lambs to the slaughter and should be held accountable- perhaps not legally, but undoubtably career-wise. She has a responsibility to, as the former face of the organization, call out its wickedness, publicly. Instead, she’s very carefully hedging and waiting until her VanAsshole is either convicted or not to take a definitive stance. I find it disgusting.

    • Where is the admission that without Kreuk, it would not have been Allison Mack who started DOS? Where is the admission that she spent years working closely with and recruiting people and any regret whatsoever about it?
      I still feel if she didn’t know what was going on, she could have spoken up when Sarah Edmonson went public.
      Speaking up now makes it look like she only cares about herself, her image, and nothing else.
      Mark Hildreth is just as guilty, IMO.

    • “you do not spend nearly a decade”

      Now we’re rounding up to orders of ten for Kristin.


      “My basic issue with KK is this: she recruited young, innocent girls for this predator…she led a lot of lambs to the slaughter and should be held accountable”

      No she didn’t. She recruited people to take self-help courses in an organization she believed to be for the promotion of ethics. That she did the above is guilty by association, ad hominem, appeal to ignorance, and slippery slope fallacy all wrapped into one.

      • of whether she realised it at the time, or only learned it after the arrest, it is the actual result of what she did.
        And she has yet to acknowledge her role or demonstrate any regrets, whatsoever.

        • You’re just repeating the slippery slope fallacy. There is no chain of causality from recruiting a person into a group believed to be for self-help to being anywhere responsible for the formation of DOS, a master/slave “sex cult” that brands women.

          Her official statement obviously exhibits regrets. “Embarrassed”, “disgusted”, “horrified”, “disturbed” are all terms that imply it.

          • No it does not imply it. It means she embarrased to have been associated with a company after hearing of this NOW. It means shes disgusted just as we are. It means she is horrified to have learned about this now.

            The fact is, she was GONE a long time ago.

            There are 3 parts to this

            1. 2012 when the first allegations came forward of Keith abusing underage girls. As soon as this came out. Kristen Left.

            2. 2017 when Sarah edmondson came forward along with India oxenberg mother and many others

            3. Recently, 2018 the arrest.

            Sarah has cleared Kristen.

            Anyone continuing to try and bring Kristen in is just on a witch hunt.

      • Tracking Kreuk’s history with NXIVM, I came across a Kristin Kreuk forum from 2011. And there you were! 702 posts with a status of “sweet junkie.” So you’re a groupie. Explains why you’re unable to be objective about Kristin Kreuk.

        Sweet Junkie
        Group: Members
        Posts: 702
        Member No.: 74
        Joined: 9-July 11

      • Tracking Kreuk’s history with NXIVM, I came across a Kristin Kreuk forum from 2011. And there you were! 702 posts with a status of “sweet junkie.” So you’re a groupie. A rabid fan for years. Explains why you’re unable to be objective about Kristin Kreuk.

        Sweet Junkie
        Group: Members
        Posts: 702
        Member No.: 74
        Joined: 9-July 11

        • Yes, I have commented on this site many times that I have followed Kristin for years.

          Objectivity is the ability to assess situations, actions, motivations, etc., impartially. While an attraction to someone, whether filial, romantic, business, fan, etc., can impact that impartiality, there is no causality between the intellect and emotion. The intellect is a power and an emotion is a feeling that can interfere with the exercise of the former, but the causal relationship is not entailed.

          So, it is quite possible to be objective even if you hold positive or negative feelings for someone. If that was not the case, then I would not have spoken out many years ago on this fan forum you referenced against her relationship with NXIVM as something that was too controversial to be associated with and could negatively impact her in the future (as I was proven right over time).

          I would’ve have just accepted her choice as being just so fucking awesome!

          • People at that site aren’t the smartest of people. I’ve been a fan of Kristin Kreuk’s well before most of them and that site even existed. I’ve been critical of this group since Frank was a part of it way back in 2007/2008. Frank started being critical of NXIVM only in 2015. I don’t know what their correlation is between him and me being the same person except that we’ve both been critical of this group, him much more so than I.

            It’s ironic that the same few (or less) anonymous posters who are anti-Kristin show up and try to criticize someone for supporting her – what do you think the word “fan” is short for? – when every time they post they reveal their own obsession. They remind me of those atheists who constantly talk out of two sides of their mouth about how they don’t care about religion or God yet they’re constantly mocking and denigrating people who take them seriously.

            They generalize the KK fandom for being unhinged, yet here I am posting with the same alias over and over again so that they know who I am, yet they come here under so many different ones and bash her. Get out of here with your hypocritical nonsense.

    • So do you think Frank is lying on here? According to his own publication, Frank was actually paid $1 million to “rehabilitate their poor public image, and rebrand them as something other than a cult” back in 2007. Frank himself wrote that he “lived and worked with NXIVM for several months as their round-the-clock consultant, staying in their properties and communicating closely day and night with their top officials. That included leaders Keith Raniere, hypnotist and president of the organiztion, Nancy Salzman, and the wealthy Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman who fund the operation” Yet he claims that he didn’t know about their evil doings until 8 years later, at which time he immediately took pen to paper to expose them. Yeah right!

      In other words, Frank wants people to believe that he met with the heads of the snake IN 2007, was told it was a snake, lived and worked with the snake FROM 2007-2008, was paid $1 MILLION dollars to PUBLICLY go out and sell it as something other than a snake, was fired by the snake, was entangled in legal matters with the snake for several years BUT only figured out he was dealing with a rattlesnake in 2015 — 8 YEARS LATER! Yeah right.

      I have a far easier time believing that earnest young artists brought in by boyfriends or relatives taking self-improvement workshops taught by peers they know and trust, would be unaware of the true nature of what was going on in headquarters that are located in another country on the opposite coast than I do that a guy like Frank Parlato, who had previously been accused of running housing scams, accused of lying about his business partners to the press, had been previously arrested, and was being paid $1 million dollars by the cult to sell them as something other than a cult, could be innocently unaware himself.

      People like Kristin were used by Raniere just like Frank was paid to use her back in 2007/2008 and is using her now.

  • Ms Kristin Kreuk 234K twitter followers. It is a little unfair to keep bringing her up on par with Keith and Alison with coverage, but you can see the reason why. My personal take. She allowed herself to be used for years by NXIVM, getting used a little by Frank won’t kill her.

    • Far more followers than any of the other NXIVM celebrities. Advertisers love celebrity power because it creates an emotional bond with consumers. Except for a celebrity or two that was briefly involved (a single workshop), Kreuk is the biggest celebrity of NXIVM. And she was involved for a substantial length of time, late 2005 to 2013. There is far more publicity to come, in the form of books, movies, and articles.

      • KK took her first intensive in the Summer of 2006 (reported at the time in Cult News) and it is generally accepted here (without evidence, tho) that she left in 2012.

        Lots of commenters like to say “8 years!” or “nearly a decade!”….hey, KK was in for years, but exaggerating just weakens credibility.

  • Old news. Fans knew about this when it happened. Many didn’t even know what NXIVM was at the time.

    Terrible click bait title. The video did not “emerge” as if it was some hidden secret. It’s been part of YouTube for a over a decade. Also, Keith wasn’t a “sex-slaver” at the time and so could not be known as one.

    It’s at minimum a temporally non-factual title with bad intent to sully Kristin. It’s very tabloid-like.

    Yay! middle-of-the-night insomnia.

    • Old news? Only to her fans, or long-time readers of this site. Not to anyone else. Despite her.being NXIVM’s biggest celebrity, which she always will be, and many dedicated years on her part, most people don’t know who she is and haven’t seen her shows.

      Kristin Kreuk began at least two projects intended to help young women. Noble pursuits, though short-lived. Teaching young women how not to be duped by a self-help group that turns out to be a cult would also be a noble pursuit! It wouldn’t take long and would be cathartic for her and highly educational for young women. I’d be surprised if her team of advisers haven’t already thought of something like this, to quell and shift the tide of publicity that is coming.

      Understand that many books will be written about NXIVM, and Kristin Kreuk will be featured in each one. If you’re planning on telling each publisher how to do their job, you might want to block out big chunks of calendar time for years to come.

      Also, Keith Raniere is a sex-slaver and describing him as such is always true. Always. Because that is what he is.

      • Huh. She’s not an expert in how not to be “duped” since she was “duped” by trusting her friends and thinking a self-help company was what it professed to be based on their credibility. Something these type of groups rely on. The only thing she could really say is read up as much as you can on these type of groups, assess all the information – the bad and the good – and then make a judgement call.

        The type of thing you are suggesting is better left to the cult experts like Rick Ross not to an actress.

    • Agree completely with SultanOfSix. I hate tabloidese, their choice of words and tired phrasings. Their misleasing headlines and claims. Their insistence they have some exclusive thing when it’s simply not true. “Video emerges?” Fuck off Frank, Julia whoever writes that. Keep sucking the dicks of The Sun, lay down with those dogs Frank!

    • with both allopathic and naturopathic training, everything has an emotional cause. As much as I dislike this organisation, it is very possible for someone to easily cure physical illness by dealing with emotional issues. I can give many, many examples of this including my own battle with cancer off and on for over 10 years, which NXIVM did not cure.
      So, IF he actually had tourettes, and he did emotional work, it is possible.
      It is also possible that joining NXIVM, he may have stopped things like flu shots, and cut out a lot of toxins and pesticides from his diet and environment can also help the brain function better because the gut is healthier. Again, that is IF he actually had tourettes, of which I do not have any direct knowledge.

  • Marc Elliot marketing for NXIVM on a big stage 2016 – enrolling machine for his master

  • From Ivy Nevares website,, shows how deep the Dalai Lama was involved with NXIVM. He did the forward for Raniere’s second book. Ivy is well known in the NX community as one of Raniere’s lovers and now works with Knife Media.

    The Sphinx & Thelxiepeia
    Keith Raniere and Ivy Nevares, HiS Holiness The Dalai Lama (Foreword)
    Publisher: Ethical Publishing LLC
    Redaktor Sean H. Craney
    Ilustrace: Ken Kozak

    Since July 2005, Ivy Nevares and Keith Raniere have co-authored and published numerous articles on science, philosophy and ethics in the Mexican scientific journal, Conocimiento. After a special edition of the journal was dedicated entirely to Mr. Raniere and his literary creations with Ivy, the authors decided to publish a series of collections of their articles. Their first book in this series, Odin and the Sphinx—a compilation of the first twenty-five articles—was published in August 2008. Their second book, The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia with a foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, was published one year later. Their third book is forthcoming.

  • Does anyone think this Attorney firm will get dragged into the Federal Investigation? Steve Coffey and his firm was NXIVM legal backing for years. He hated Saratoga in Decline Blogger

  • this is old news, happened years ago and make this blog look like The Knife Media, a total rag. Let’s get back to the real criminals

    • There’s nothing on this planet that looks like The Knife Media. Go read that Paste article if you want to understand why. Or go check out the few articles they’ve published, so that you can learn about spin and slant and how this world does not think clearly enough to comprehend the brilliance and ethical clarity that is Keith Raniere’s wisdom. Their article on James Damore is extra special, especially if you hate women and progress, you might want to start there.

      How desperate are you to draw that parallel? (Rhetorical question, we all know the answer.)

      FrankReport is also special. Actually and truly special. Pursuing a criminal psychopath and his NXIVM cult for many years. A cult that for eight years included Kristin Kreuk. And all those years NXIVM used her celebrity to its advantage. She is a part of its history and story.

      If Kristin Kreuk really wanted to help girls and young women, she’d teach them, based on her own experience, how not to be fooled by cults. She could be a force for something good.

      • Stop repeating that she was in the cult for eight years. She took her first intensive in the Summer of 2006 and left in 2012 (less than six years) after the TU article to film “Beauty and the Beast”. Do you know how much time it takes to be the lead of 22-episode TV series? And she was mostly dealt with the Vancouver/Tacoma centers and the people in those locations. I’ve heard she attended one Vanguard week (I don’t know how true that is) and one Acapella event – the first one – which even non-NXIVM participants for both of the events said exhibited no problematic cult-like qualities in the thread. These participants only started complaining after the second one which Kristin didn’t attend because she was filming Street Fighter.

        Why are there people telling Kristin Kreuk what to do and how to rectify some unquantifiable “damage” that she has done? She did nothing illegal. She did nothing but recruit for what she thought was a self-help group for the promotion of ethics. It’s not even like all of the things within it were Keith Raniere’s ideas. Much of the stuff was ripped off and used. The arguments that she had anything more to with NXIVM and what it devolved into today are riddled with guilt by association, appeal to ignorance, and slippery slope fallacies.

        If her celebrity is so strong to bring people in then her statement is strong enough to keep people out.

        • I was involved before Kreuk was, and there is nothing NXIVM has ever done that wasn’t a creepy cult recruiting session.
          Everyone hammered everyone around them every chance they got. The amount of peer pressure put on people was (and probably still is) insane.
          It was just as bad as Amway or any other MLM salesperson trying to strip the pockets of friends / family / everyone else around them to line their own.

          • I’d rather trust someone supported by a legitimate media outlet that has to vet its sources for credibility and charges of libel rather than some anonymous poster who seems to have a vendetta against Kristin.

            Also, even if this is the case for you, it is almost always such that celebrities are treated differently in the sense of being treated better and kinder than normal people. It may not be fair, but it’s just the way the world works.

          • To say I have a vendetta against Kreuk is ridiculous.
            I just believe in actual personal responsibility. Not fake NXIVM personal responsibility.

            And one of the first benefits of joining would have been “we can show you how to keep all that income for yourself and get out of taxes”. I don’t believe everybody did it, but I went to only one intensive, and I knew about not having to pay taxes if I kept going with the additional 11 days. It was part of the sales pitch.

            So did she probably keep paying her taxes and tell herself that it didn’t matter what other people did? Sure. I mean, if it is such a great system, better to ignore what others are doing and justify that it is okay because you don’t do it. I knew what they were up to, and I didn’t report them to any authorities.

            Also, it was super easy to find out about the weird harem thing as soon as I did any searches when I didn’t keep going with NXIVM.

            My guess is she left when the possibility of her going into the harem came up. After all, look at her friends who were already there?

            All anybody wants is for her to just be honest about her role in this outcome. I am not calling for her career to be over or anything else. No legal consequences.
            Just be honest, and if that isn’t possible, then she is no different than people who are still in.

          • I don’t know what you mean by honest.

            You’re judging her by what you experienced. It doesn’t mean she experienced the same thing. Are you a celebrity? Are you supposedly their most popular celebrity as many have claimed here? Their treatment of her could have been selective and different.

            This is an appeal to ignorance. I don’t know how much she knows and neither do you.

            What do you want her to come out and say to satisfy you? All the things you said? That she was taught to evade taxes? She already said she didn’t experience anything illegal. Was she taught that trying not to pay taxes that you don’t owe is “evading” them and hence not illegal, or was she being taught illegal schemes to evade taxes and she was too naive or stupid to understand the difference, or willing to do it anyways even if she knew? Is she lying? That’s for you to believe her or not.

            That she knew about the harem? That she left because she didn’t want to be in the harem? Adults sleeping together with consent is not illegal nor nefarious. I would not be shocked at all if Keith tried to bring her into her harem. Kristin is a beautiful woman.

            You banging on her about not believing her is not some validation for her not telling the truth or lying about it.

          • Your words have weight, and are interesting and informative. Far more meaningful than the Kristin-cult comments

          • Your lack of understanding of honesty is quite clear SOS.
            It is impossible to teach critical thinking to people without the capacity for it. And I am not talking about NXIVM style critical thinking where you just spout what you want to believe because you worship at the feet of a celebrity.

            crit·i·cal think·ing
            noun: critical thinking

            the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

            You also seem incapable of understanding the concept of a vector. Kreuk is a part of the vector, and it is completely impossible to remove herself from it unless she claims she never recruited Allison Mack or any other single soul to NXIVM.

            Vector: In medicine, a carrier of disease or of medication. For example, in malaria a mosquito is the vector that carries and transfers the infectious agent. In molecular biology, a vector may be a virus or a plasmid that carries a piece of foreign DNA to a host cell.

            So keep up with your childish, starry-eyed, hero worship of Kreuk, but I am done with your deliberate ignorance. You are just as asleep as people still recruiting in Brooklyn.

          • I too am a Vector.

            I ordered a pizza online and the delivery guy had an accident in front of my home. There would have been no accident without my peperoni craving. Bad Vector me.

            So “Not Job”, in your “critical thinking” you mistake cause for guilt. KK does have some guilt by luring in others with her celebrity…but is she guilty of Ally Wack creating DOS?

            You say you want to educate SOS, but it seems you just want to show off your education. And your Medical post is off-point…but I can imagine Ally Mack reading your post, getting teary-eyed at your Raniere-like wisdom.

            Lastly, being a fan of KK, like SOS is, simply means she starts with a prejudice…others here are clearly biased the other way….but is possible for each to be objective, or at least try. Maybe we all should not announce the verdict till the evidence comes in.

          • LOL. A vector? You’re making an analogy between a transmitted viral or bacterial agent, and recruiting for a self-help group being equivalent to recruiting for a sex-cult, and you’re questioning my critical thinking? This is a false equivalence that doesn’t face the slippery slope fallacy since it is the same type of causal agent that infects everybody. There is a direct link in the causality chain. There is no such thing in the former case.

    • Boring, are you subscribed to the knife? If so would you mind reproducing their methodology here, so we can all have a look?
      The info on Frank’s site is falsifiable, testable, anyone can take issue with it, parse opinion from fact etc… but the knife? I’d bet my house deeds, there’s no new scientific method behind that paywall, just a bunch of unskilled spoilt brats making pie charts out of bullshit…

  • It was a thoroughly Keith event (from conception to production) meant to promote his teachings. From the A Cappella Innovations (benefactors btw included Sir Richard Branson, Sara Bronfman, and Barbara Bouchey) site:

    “In 1998, Keith co-founded an innovative company designed to advance human potential and ethics through personal and professional development programs. At the heart of the company is Rational Inquiry™, Keith’s revolutionary patent-pending technology designed to enhance human performance in virtually every field of human endeavor.

    In February 2007, Keith called together six of his musical friends and founded Simply Human, an innovative a cappella performing group. The group, buttressed by the musical applications of Rational Inquiry™ manifested unusual development of humanitarian, expressive and artistic values inspiring in Keith the idea ‘a cappella is best shared.’ Three months later, Keith conceptualized the creation of A Cappella Innovations, a non-profit organization seeking to advance music, the arts, expression and humanity through the a cappella genre.”

    From a Frank Report talking about the December 2007 event:

    “A Cappella Innovations was a concert funded by Clare Bronfman to expose the musical genius of Keith Raniere’s A Cappella NXIVM singing group Simply Human. It was hosted by Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, and Nicki Clyne and was held in Albany, on December 1st, 2007. It was poorly attended, drawing only a couple of hundred attendees (mostly NXIVM members) and mostly empty seats at the Egg, (The Empire State Plaza’s Center for the Performing Arts.)”

  • Kristin Poop was so far up Nancy Salzman’s a$$, if Nefarious Nancy opened her mouth, you would see Kristin’s face.

    Poop promoted NXIVM and Jness, recruited her closest friends including Kendra (hanger-on) Voth and Allie Whack. And now look how Allie Whack turned out.

    But Kristin Poop was just taking classes to work on her shyness. Never mind the four hour drives to Tacoma to teach Cult Leadership Principles and the Sex parties on Naked Island…that was all a big misunderstanding. Must have been the Russian Hackers all along…

    • FN : Don’t get angry for the image that KK is carrying, it’s just her persona…
      People want to believe that this pretty girl is clean and pure, they aren’t aware that one isn’t 1st support role of a major teen soap just being nice and cute, just few month after entering entertainment industry ! We are talking of a Weinstein-men’s-world back in the early 2000s !
      It doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect and compassion ! Because she does deserve it of course, even if she apparently cowardly hides behind SE.
      I really feel for her because she was born a little too pretty in that somewhat sleazy world that we all know (…) and raised by parents they had big expectations for her.
      Maybe NXIVM was an emergency exit from her inner pressure crawling inside world… It turned out to be a destructive cult. It might have been a real, harsh and burning delusion for her to figure out what it was for ! Now she’s safe but she’s wrong if she believes that it will fall in oblivion as time rolls…
      She will play it as a hard headed person, she already made a statement on Twitter, thru a SE post, “it must be enough because it’s her private life”…
      Fucker Island ? Well if she never was in NXIVM or any other cult, she would had done what pretty millenials girls do when they feel beautiful and desirable anyway !
      She’s a beauty that is above many industry’s girls, as she’s really dead drop cute, she’s literally worshiped by many of her fans for that cuteness, she has (I assume) a lot of hot guys they are chasing her, etc. It’s not a world we can understand. It’s her own world where some things are easier and some other more complicated… Self-enjoying her youth and beauty doesn’t make her a bad person.
      Hopefully she will actively enroll “la résistance”. But when it will be, you’ll have to continue to defame her to give her a cover, and she will have to chose a pseudo like Rocky Raccoon or Purple Brain !.. And she’ll play the game as well, between two supporting comments and some valuable information and testimony. I don’t really know why and what it’s useful for, but I wish her the best whatever.

      • Very odd. You seem sympathetic and forgiving of KK for your presumptions:

        –that she slept with Weinstein-types to get cast.
        –that she was part of some “Fucker Island” orgy
        –and that if she had not been involved with NXIVM, she still would have done what pretty and desirable girls do. “Self-enjoying her youth and beauty doesn’t make her a bad person.”

        And your “wishing her the best, whatever” for actions you presume doesn’t make you a good person.

        • SFMPE stand for Sorry For My Poor English… Maybe I didn’t meant it as I wrote it… Just forget it…

        • Btw : I feel really bad reading your comment, the last time I had this feeling it was back in 2002 or 2003. Only one person could hurt me that way whereas there is absolutely no poin but a little (somewhat childish) backdraft… I really wonder who you are. I hope I’ll never meet you.

        • No, wait a minute ! I understand now : You are slightly autistic and that’s why you reacted that way. I’m not trying to insult you nor judging you, I’m not making this up. I’m 100% sincere and I would never f**k with THAT issue for some reason (that explain why I have a particular social -lack of- filter) : Do the diag and you will see. The last time I had that feeling that was in 2002/2003. My intuition never fools me. Now I uderstand.

  • True–video shows KK on stage in front of a banner quoting Raniere.

    False–KK is helping promote an acapella concert arranged by Raniere–NOT “promoting sex-slaver Keith Raniere.

    Why does the Frank Report keep writing salacious misleading headlines that the story doesn’t back up–especially against kK?

    There is LEGIT reasons to suspect KK helped bring in people to a sex cult that she may or may not have known about when she was in it. Even this first Acapella event does have shady aspects to it, tho your misleading headlines brings more discredit to the Report than it does on KK…who was NOT involved in the 2nd Acapella event which really was a scummy recruitment scam.

    It hurts the credibility of the Report whenever it is so sloppy and salacious…in an obvious effort to gain clicks.

    • Worst yet, it justifies ESPians view that Frankreport is shit and them tell the same to their friends etc… and also reduce credibility in the eyes of those who know KK or think critically. This kind of shit only works to hurt the cause.

      • “…and also reduce credibility in the eyes of those who know KK [that is a miniscule target audience!] or think critically [umm, no].”

        Critical thinkers are interested in the entire history of NXIVM, in which Kristin Kreuk, as their very biggest (and critical thinkers know that celebrity is a huge drug and power in this world) and long-time NXIVM celebrity, plays a part. For this event, and she was surely entirely well-intended, Kristin Kreuk nevertheless promoted Keith and his teachings.

        I don’t like the Kristin Kreuk stories because they pull the crazies out of the woodwork. That’s her celebrity at work. You’re the Insane Kristin Posse (IKP for short). Notice that none of you come out to defend the nobodies, many less involved and for less years than Kreuk.

        Kristin Kreuk seems like a very good and well-intended person, also shy and influenceable. And Kreuk was involved for eight years with NXIVM and is a part of its story.

    • He’s still going through hell. His case is not over yet. Let him have all the clicks he wants, I say.

      (Although, I am a bit curious as to what the order was on 22 jan 2018. Not curious enough to sign up for pacer, though.)

      At any rate, putting your face in front of a banner with someone’s name on it is generally a pretty good indication of endorsement. That is normally what happens at any sort of event / rally.

      She was a member when she was doing this, anyhow, as well as a big time recruiter and active coach for the organisation. What’s the big deal?

    • …pretty click bait it is.

      Also, saying this “video emerges” makes it seem the Youtube concert clips were an investigative scoop…when actually they’ve been linked-to on this site for years, even recently by me, mocking the “blowing” bit.

      • Agree completely. The problem with this site is their (Frank’s) complusion to ride the waves of publicity to update daily and bring in regular visitors, as if this was a newspaper. But when their is nothing new to report, their standards slip and it turns to trash. Poor quality control isn’t a good look.

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