Salinas/Betancourt throw sex trafficker/cult leader Raniere under the bus

They aren't embracing now: Emiliano Salinas offers a warm embrace to his master and leader Keith Alan Raniere.
Emiliano Salinas [l] Keith Raniere

Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, and head of NXIVM’s operations in Mexico, has issued an official statement retracting and withdrawing support of NXIVMleader, Keith Raniere.

Raniere was arrested last week in Mexico and deported to the US where he faces charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

Emiliano Salinas is reportedly under investigation by the FBI in the Eastern District of New York, and is believed to have been a longtime co-conspirator with Raniere in the commission of massive bulk cash smuggling and tax evasion both in Mexico and the USA.

Salinas interviews Raniere

Salinas is a citizen of Mexico and the US and a Harvard graduate.

Salinas heads NXIVM Mexico and today issued a statement to dissociate himself and his partner, Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt, from Raniere and the criminal proceedings he faces in the United States.

Salinas and Betancourt are both business partners and gay partners – even though Salinas is married to sexpot Mexican-Polish actress Ludwika Paleta.

Salinas and Betancourt ran NXIVM Mexico under the personal direction of Raniere. 

Let’s be blunt:  They are absolutely lying when they say “they did not know the accusations” – as Frank Report will prove – unless the FBI proves it first, which is likely.

There are records [which will be identified soon] that show Salinas and Betancourt and Raniere were intertwined in illegal businesses and promoting sex trafficking operations in Mexico and the USA.

Salinas and Betancourt were particularly brutal in their coercive efforts to silence whistle blowers – including TV actress Catherine Oxenberg, who was trying to save her daughter, India, from the brutal sex cult.

When it comes to sex trafficking, Salinas and Betancourt are far more guilty than Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg. And they were personally involved in the money laundering and tax evasions schemes that funded so many of Raniere’s illegal activities.

A simple question: Why would NXIVM Mexico be suing and threatening with criminal prosecution several US nationals – including escaped DOS slaves – who were either speaking out about the inhuman DOS  branding and blackmail scheme or trying to escape from the torturer Raniere?

Today is their day and tomorrow is tomorrow. So for now  – and without much further editorial comment – here  are partners Salinas and Betancourt’s statement throwing Raniere under the bus… 

But remember the bus goes both ways… forwards and backwards.

Monday, April 2, 2018

To the employees and customers of ESP Mexico,

Raniere and Salinas. Salinas considered Raniere his mentor and leader.

In view of the various comments that have been disseminated through the media and social networks, we want to state that, as you yourselves have verified during our trajectory of more than 15 years, the methodology of “Rational Inquiry” that we impart in Mexico , under the name Executive Success Program (ESP), is based entirely on respect for human rights and, of course, part of a totally legal framework.

It is important to clarify that the managers of ESP Mexico had no prior knowledge of the allegations made against Mr. Keith Raniere, nor of the alleged illegal practices involving him. The philosophy of the courses of personal improvement with which we had contact – and which we decided to teach them in Mexico – has always been based on basic principles of ethics and has always been in compliance with the law.

It should be noted that the standards and work guidelines that we developed here in Mexico have allowed us to erect a portfolio of around 8,000 clients; the former through the construction of a 100% Mexican company, owner of a license of use and whose operation and structure, as has been reiterated on several occasions, is totally independent from the American corporation NXIVM.

We are aware that the information coming from the United States regarding the strictly personal situation of the creator of the ESP methodology, Keith Raniere – and regarding the irregularities that may have existed – forces us to take a greater distance as licensees and separate ourselves as ESP Mexico from all those practices that are currently under investigation.

At the same time, we assure you that we will redouble our efforts to demonstrate to you, and before the public in general, the commitment of the company ESP Mexico to the aforementioned principles of legality and respect – and continue to work on our communication and transparency efforts, which have been focused and  which have already generated positive results.

ESP Mexico


Salinas embraces Raniere. Do these two look like they hardly know each other?

Now here are some pictures of NXIVM Mexico

Mexican NXIVM members dance before Keith Raniere
NXIVM members prepare for cult lessons.

Salinas left.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM Center. Betancourt [l] Salinas [R].

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  • Time these scummers get what is coming to them. Good work Frank. Keep it up. Keep it in the spot light

  • From

    FEDS should know Emi is a founding member of the Ethical foundation for Science and on the board of directors (at least until his, Alex, Lauren, Clare, Marks (who left) and Karen’s pictures were taken down.

    Emiliano Salinas

    Vice President

    As Vice President of Prorsus Capital, Emiliano Salinas oversees the long-term business and financial strategy of the fund and the fund’s businesses, and interfaces directly with current and potential investors of the fund to identify new investment opportunities and secure additional investment capital.

    He previously worked as a financial analyst for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City, where he participated in mergers and acquisitions involving Telefonica de España, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Revlon among others.

    In addition to his responsibilities at Prorsus Capital, Emiliano is General Director of the INLAK’ECH peace movement, a citizen’s initiative to create a violence-free Mexico, founding member of the Ethical Foundation for Science and Vice President of CREUM, a training center for human development in Mexico City. He is also regional coordinator for Mexico for Executive Success Programs, Inc., out of Albany, NY, and serves on their board of directors.

    Emiliano has a Ph.D. in econonomics from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the prestigious ITAM in Mexico.

  • From

    What’s the difference between a subsidiary and what they are calling their centers now?

    Alejandro Betancourt


    As President, Alejandro is active in evolving the long term strategic vision of the fund, interfacing with current and potential investors to develop new investment and funding opportunities, sourcing and developing new business possibilities and working with the board of directors to oversee the operations of the fund’s companies.

    Before Prorsus Capital, Alejandro developed the representation of Executive Success Programs, Inc. for Mexico City. He now co-owns and operates their Mexico City training center, which is one of their most successful subsidiaries worldwide. Over 8 years of his career with ESP, Alejandro has become one of their most qualified trainers and serves on their board of directors.

    While still in college, Alejandro was Executive Coordinator of the Public Relations Commission for the 4th visit to Mexico of the late Pope John Paul II, coordinating logistics for heads of state and other special guests. It was during his college years as well that he ventured into business and the Internet, creating one of the earliest e-commerce ventures in Mexico.


    Mr. Alejandro Betancourt is the President and Chairman at Prorsus Capital, Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión. Prior to this, Mr. Betancourt developed the representation of Executive Success Programs, Inc. for Mexico City. He now co-owns and operates their Mexico City training center, as well as serving as Member of the Board of Directors at the company. Previously, Mr. Betancourt was Executive Coordinator of the Public Relations Commission for the 4th visit to Mexico of the late Pope John Paul II.

  • Alejandro Betancourt discovered Executive Success Programs (ESP) in 2002. After attending one of the first trainings ever offered by ESP in his hometown of Mexico City, he immediately recognized the program’s immense value and potential benefits to Mexico.

    He was soon at work opening a center in his country’s capital. The Mexico City center opened its doors in 2006, and today stands as one of ESP’s most successful centers worldwide.

    In addition to serving on ESP’s Executive Board, Alejandro (who also goes by Alex) has become one of the highest-ranking executives and one of its most qualified trainers. In addition to his work with ESP, Alejandro is President and CEO of Prorsus Capital, whose mission is finding emerging investment opportunities with a focus on further developing Latin America. Alejandro also oversees the board of directors in managing the fund’s ventures.

    Alejandro has founded several other businesses in the United States, including technology and web-based ventures, real-estate development companies, and different enterprises promoting the growth of contemporary art. He believes business and commerce are some of the most powerful tools for serving humanity and moving us all forward.

  • From –

    Executive Success Program
    According to his biography, Salinas learned from a young age that hard work and dedication are critical to self-development. When he was a teenager, he took his studies seriously.[11]

    Salinas has been a member of the executive board of Executive Success Programs (ESP) since 2009 and also serves as the vice president of ethics.[11][12] ESP’s mission is to “help transform and, ultimately, be an expression of a noble human civilization.”[13] ESP provides clients with personal and professional development programs to help people discover and develop their potential.[14]

    He helps the company by leading its sales force. He is a trained facilitator of ESP’s patented technology called Rational Inquiry. He serves as head trainer and field trainer where he trains new salespeople. He is an owner of ESP offices in Mexico, Guadalajara and Los Angeles. He works with entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, and actors.[11]

  • From translated to English

    Emiliano Salinas is a businessman, human potential trainer and social activist. Having been born into a political family – he is the eldest son of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988-1994) – Emiliano developed a strategic mind that has helped guide his multiple initiatives. He learned at an early age that effort is the key to personal growth, and he always took his studies seriously, focusing on acquiring the knowledge and attributes that would allow him to better serve his country. He has a degree in Economics from ITAM, from which he graduated with honors, and a master’s and doctorate in economics, both from Harvard University.

    After finishing his studies Emiliano opted for a business career and not politics, creating a private equity fund, Prorsus Capital SAPI, in 2006, with operations in Mexico and the United States. As Vice President of Prorsus Capital Emiliano is responsible for the business strategy and financial decisions of the fund and its companies.

    Since 2009 Emiliano is a member of the Executive Board of NXIVM Corporation, the human potential company that has revolutionized this industry, and of which he is a member since 2002. Today he is in charge of the development of his sales force and implementation of ethical principles in the company. Emiliano is one of his most experienced coaches and owner of several of its centers in Mexico and the United States, expressing his passion for learning and expanding his abilities. In these centers Emiliano trains entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and artists in the model of Rational Questioning®, helping them to become a true expression of passion, integrity, ethics and humanitarianism.

    Emiliano is also a civic organizer. He is a founding member of the Inlak’ech for Peace Movement, a citizen initiative created in 2008 to help create a Mexico free of violence. His controversial TEDx conferences: “Gandhis Wanted: A Civic Response to Violence” and “It’s Time!” Have been seen by more than a million people on and YouTube. Emiliano has chosen to serve his country in the most meaningful way for him: developing ethical companies, promoting human potential, and exemplifying humanitarian leadership.

  • Amazing what will come up in a Goggle search

    Emiliano Salinas learned from an early age that hard work and dedication are key to self-development. Even as a teenager, this eldest son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas took his studies very seriously, eventually graduating from the prestigious ITAM in Mexico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He went on to get a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. A member of ESP’s Executive Board since 2009, he is involved in helping to maintain the company’s standards and responsible for leading its sales force.

    In addition to his Executive Board duties, Emiliano is also a highly trained facilitator of ESP’s patented technology, Rational Inquiry® enthusiastically filling the roles of head trainer and field trainer, (training salespeople). He co-owns ESP centers in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Los Angeles, where he works with everyone from entrepreneurs and athletes, to politicians and movie stars. He has a deep passion for learning and testing his potential—whether its playing the piano or learning a new language—and it’s this passion that fuels his desire to help others do the same.

    As a businessman and civic organizer, Emiliano has founded companies and led humanitarian movements. He worked as a financial analyst for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City and more recently, he co-founded Prorsus Capital, a venture capital investment fund with operations in Mexico and the United States. He is also a founding member and general coordinator of the INLAK’ECH Peace Movement, a citizen’s initiative created in 2008 to bring about a violence-free Mexico. His recent TEDx conference on peace: “In Search of Gandhis: A Civil Response to Violence” has received over 1.1 million web hits. Through these endeavors, Emiliano is convinced he can show that business can be ethical and that non-violence, compassion and humanitarianism have a place in modern day society.

  • oh my…I think Emiliano may be suffering from early dimentia…or maybe he was hypnotized or brainwashed when he accused honest people of trying to extort money from him and filed criminal charges against them? Either way, this convenient memory lapse may buy him some time with supporters, but in the end can he really continue to with ESP Mexico??? I smell a re-branding around the corner..maybe they will let Nancy and Lauren onto their board, but then again..Laurens position as a Slave Master in DOS probably will preclude her from getting an invitation..just sayin..hahahahaha

    • Access Consciousness is horrible, and they are just about everywhere. No need to leave home for it.

  • Who will Mexico pay the fees to now that NXIVM USA seems to be shut down? Guess they will have to keep it all to themselves won’t they. Who will come after them if they don’t pay the big fees NXIVM charges to use their so called technology? They are all in hiding and it would seem impossible to bring a law suit against Emi and Alex at this point.

  • Love IS NOT in the air. I just visited the webpage of NXIUM, and guess what? There are NOT any single picture or reference to either Emiliano Salinas or Alex Betancourt. NXIUM must have changed all their contents in the last two or three days because up until then, they presented both Emiliano and Betancourt as prominent members of the company. I am surprised aparently there have been no previous comments about this move which I find very much revealing of whatever is going on within their organization.

  • When it was confirmed Rainere was deported because of a US warrant, swiftly booted out of the country on a judge’s order rather than extradited through a process that could take up to a year, or even “Article 3″ed, (a reference to the US/Mexican extradition treaty section) that allows the Mexican government to detain, charge and try a person wanted for crimes outside the country if the victim is a Mexican national and the accused is either a Mexican national themselves or on Mexican soil, it was pretty obvious that Salinas’ father and other Mexican higher ups wanted Rainere gone- and locked up.

    With the Mexican NXIVM serving 8,000 people and the exorbitant fees charged, I’m sure Salinas et al are happy to let Keith have his slaves and they’ll keep the cash cow- dulce leche my friends…

  • Guess Emi forgot about the Gmail account he and Keith set up and worked in, only through the draft folder, to hatch the plan to have four women have false charges brought against them in Mexico who spoke out against Keith and NXIVM.
    Emi, don’t you think the FED’s are going to be looking at those emails?

    Let’s not forget how Alex has been attempting to get some of these same women on other charges brought to Mexico with the help of Clare Bronfman.

    Go ahead and play your Raniere games of I know nothing of illegal behavior and let’s see how long your daddies can protect you from being brought across the border to face your crimes just like your mentor Keith.

  • The twitter post by Darth VanDouche Chicken Shit, wins best Frank Report post EVER! 😂 Don’t forget to share!

  • it would of been better for him to stay quiet, one week they say one thing, the next week they say another thing and they don’t even know where they are standing, AS IF!!!! They blocked all Mexican media, only ONE JOURNALIST gave a damn about media control and spoke, and now he comes out and says this? Mr. Salinas, the ethical committee did not know?

  • Don’t they realise that all their old pages are on
    Anybody can go look and see that 28 Mar 2018 the “Board” of NXIVM was still on the website.
    Disappearing it in the last couple of days only makes them look even more guilty.

    • It’s also extremely illegal to delete or otherwise destroy information and data that is pertinent to a criminal investigation. It’s not just a bad idea to try and do that, it’s a felony that will put you behind bars.

  • I feel bad being so fascinated by this story. I used to live in Albamarle County Virginia so I’m aware of the Bronfmans (but never heard of this cult until now, bless their hearts) Did people stay in this cult because being a part of the cult afforded them a genteel lifestyle? I also honestly cannot figure out why these women stayed with this Raniere troll? So perplexing (not to mention that self help insanity morphed to human sex trafficking? How does that happen exactly? I’m also confused by these two Mexican gentlemen. They’re gay but one is married? I thought Raniere was the only man in the cult, the rest women? How large of a Cult was this, all told how many willing participants? How many trafficked victims? I cannot believe MSM isn’t eating this story up. Sorry for all the questions but noted that some commenters seem to have first hand knowledge, thought I might get some feedback.

    • That is the now second time I have seen him use that wording of, “I’ve had people killed.” But not literally of course, yuk yuk!
      Yeah right, who spits in the wind like that–what kind of deviant mind says such a thing on camera not once but twice? In this clip on youtube, two women are confronting him about problems within the ‘company’ and when one of the women tells him he doesn’t know WTF he is doing, because his first company fell to absolute pieces, he counters with the bluster is “I was a shot caller, I had people killed, blah blah blah.” Shocking at how reckless and immature he was whilst pretending to be a leader; how could anyone follow this phony? This is obviously one of his favorite lines, oft repeated.

      • For these two waking up women, Keith Raniere used the “kill” line to desperately change the topic, while for Salinas he used it to establish his machismo.

        God, he’s awful. In response to their consumers buyline question, Keith responds, I’ve been shot at for my beliefs, I’ve had people killed, and I’m a bright light. Uhh, okay, so consumers buyline failed because you’re a bright light?? And look how defensively his arms are crossed.

  • Haha! Sure, Emiliano, whatever you say. And say it all quickly, because that bus is coming for you too.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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