2012 TU comment shows law enforcement given notice of NXIVM crimes for years

Keith Raniere was an East Coast Judo Champion he said
Keith Raniere has many enemies he seeks to punish and destroy. He is believed to have committed many crimes. He has gotten off Scot-free for years. His crimes were well known and publicly outed for years. No wonder he felt confident – even emboldened – in continuing to commit those crimes – leading up to branding and blackmailing women. No one in law enforcement was willing or able to do anything to stop him…. until now?
The post [below] appeared as a comment to the Albany Times Union story, Secrets of NXIVM, nearly six years ago. Many of the crimes the FBI is reportedly investigating have been known for years.
This fascinating comment, dated Feb. 21, 2012, proves the point:
Calling for anyone who has information of any wrong doings on the part of NXIVM’s or the leaders of NXIVM…Such as….
Any information about the conspiracy to harm Rick Ross; on the cruise ship, or in any other way.
Any information about a conspiracy to destroy anyone that NXIVM sees as the enemy.
You or anyone you know brought cash across the Mexican border.
Cash you, or someone you know, paid to NXIVM that might not have been claimed to the IRS. Ex; Cash given to NXIVM, [Nancy] Salzman, a coach for an EM, or paid to the cafe.
Checks you, or someone you know, were asked to write to a political party or candidate such as Hillary Clinton, and in return, NXIVM reimbursed you for this contribution.
How and why you believe NXIVM is a Ponzi scheme, where all the money flows to the top leaders, and most members walk away losing money.
If you, or someone you know, opened a business for NXIVM in your name that pays commissions to NXIVM members.
If you, or someone you know, opened a business in your name that is a shell business for NXIVM.
If you, or someone you know, opened a bank account for a NXIVM business or a shell business for NXIVM.
Gave a favor or service to a political figure that has been attached to NXIVM.
Did a trade of service with NXIVM in exchange for training and or Vanguard Week.
Know of illegal Mexican – Canadians being in the US.
Know about the illegal marriages of Mexicans – Canadians so these people can stay in the US to help NXIVM.
Know of NXIVM members breaking into cars, houses, or mailboxes, illegally gaining access to personal medical records, bank records, email accounts, or legal records of defectors, or people NXIVM see as the enemy.
Helped NXIVM with tax evasion in any way.
Got a speeding or other traffic violation fixed by Jack Casey, or received any other favor from Jack Casey in exchange for a favor.
Know of any other underage girls Raniere has taken advantage of.
Are afraid to speak about what you heard or saw because of what you may have said to someone during an EM, or at an emotional point within your time with NXIVM that you feel may be held against you.
Loaned money to NXIVM or one of their officers that was never paid back.
Gave [Keith] Raniere or one of his inner circle money to help pay legal expenses or commodities losses.
There is much more that can be done to stop them, if more people would just come forward.
Contact the AG’s office now!
If you don’t, you could be aiding and abetting in criminal acts.
Ask yourselves, what side of this investigation do I want my loved ones or myself on?
Comment by  Do The Right Thing — February 21st, 2012 @ 9:51 pm
Keith Raniere instructs followers to call him Vanguard – the leader of new thought.


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  • Listing the related companies as Anima Inc, Jness, Exo-Eso, the Ethicist which is a new one to me and Ultima which I assume is The SOURCE, Society of Protectors. However, it appears they forgot the one that should be harkening their demise: DOS.

    • They didn’t leave it off. The statement by VanDouche that states that the “sorority” has nothing to do with NXIVM is listed there. Of course, such denial is about as true as the claim that VanDouche is one of the top three problem solvers in the world, but it’s there in some indirect reference!

  • Jim DelNegro, on the stand, under oath has to answer questions about paying commission checks for NXIVM and so does Wendy Rosen Brooks, under oath, in a deposition.

    They might want to talk to the NYS AG or NYC FEDS who are investigating possible criminal changes before it’s too late to cut a deal.

    Anyone reading the blog who knows them, you might want to reach out and warn them they could be in deep legal waters

  • Not only has the NXIVM website been re-branded, has anyone noticed it’s totally left Nancy Salzman off? Guess she’s been shut out. Maybe she needs to cut a deal NOW that she’s been left behind.

  • On the new NXIVM site – the contact page seems a photo of those not invited to Mexico? Left behind and holding the bag?

    • appears to be Esther Carlson, Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith and I cant tell who is in profile. Under Companies it does list Rainbow Cultural Garden. What I find interesting is under Rational Inquiry they still list it as patent pending. It should not be pending, the patent was denied.

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