Clare Bronfman Instagram: Monterrey mountains; US lawyers working overtime; podcast on Raniere

As of January 7, Clare Bronfman seems to have been in Monterrey, Mexico. Our evidence: the Instagram photo below:

As far as our sources know, she was not in Albany during NXIVM/ESP’s Coaches Summit last week. Meantime, she is apparently paying for attorneys in Washington State, Albany, Buffalo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Newark, probably New York City and/or Washington DC.

Some sources expect she is trying to purchase for Keith Raniere and herself a “Get out of jail card”. But, even if she ca find a way to do that, it definitely won’t be “Free”.

Her Albany attorney is Paul DerOhannesian

“When bad things happen to good people, there are great attorneys like Paul to help them.” – Acquitted Defendant.


Clare also has a Buffalo/Rochester lawyer,  Andrea K. DiLugio of Woods Oviatt Gilman. She works for the same firm as her long time lawyer, William Savino.

Andrea is an “Associate in the Litigation Department where she concentrates her practice in the areas of business litigation, corporate governance, real estate litigation, creditors’ rights, business divorce, and construction and surety law litigation.”

Clare Bronfman walks into to court with attorney William Savino.

Clare Bronfman with Los Angeles attorney Robert Crockett.

She has a number of other lawyers –  including quite possibly a criminal lawyer to represent her in case federal criminal charges are leveled against her in the Eastern District of New York where reportedly there is an ongoing investigation.


A Sound Cloud recording by Semonche Pod Cast discusses NXIVM; Keith Raniere and DOS. The description is : NXIVM, the so-called “Hollywood sex cult”, is out there branding women and collecting their money. Spoiler alert, Sidney and Shoe HATE cults. Let us be the background noise while you cook yourself a balanced meal. Remember, proper nutrition is the key to staying invulnerable to shit bags with floppy hair and Jeffrey Dahmer glasses.   

Keith Raniere
Jeffrey Dahmer


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  • This will be Raniere’s ultimate punishment. After surrounding himself with women who, probably brainwashed, serviced his every physical and emotional need, he will end up beholden to the ugliest duckling in the barnyard:
    Clare Bronfman

  • > to shit bags with floppy hair and Jeffrey Dahmer glasses.

    THAT’S who Keith has always reminded me of! I couldn’t place the recognition, but now I know. I had studied profiles of Serial Killers in my Psych class while at University.. LOLZ



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