Head count at NXIVM/ESP Coaches Summit: 120

According to sources at the scene, some 120 people attended the NXIVM/ESP Coaches Summit at Apropos on Route 9, in Clifton Park today.

Most of the coaches came from Mexico.

Despite the recent spate of defections and mass exodus of students, the Mexican and Clifton Park contingent of coaches remain strong. A typical coaches summit in past years might see about 130-150 coaches in attendance, according to former NXIVM/ESP coaches.

Sara Bronfman was seen leaving the building today showing that the multi-millionaire heiress still remains committed to funding the organization which is reportedly now under FBI investigation.

According to reports in the New York Times and the Albany Times Union, the Eastern District of New York of the DOJ is the supervising office for the NXIVM/ESP investigation. This particular office is known as a leading prosecutor of human and sex trafficking cases.

How many of the coaches in attendance today, if any, will ultimately be charged as a result of the investigation remains to be seen.

In our next post, we will try to identify the coaches who were in attendance today.

No one has reported seeing Keith Raniere or Clare Bronfman – both of whom normally appear at Coaches Summits. They are believed to be in Monterrey, Mexico. Sources speculate that their sudden departure from the USA may have more to do with the possibility of impending indictments than the goal of shoring up Mexican membership in NXIVM/ESP.

Interestingly enough, there are many seminars scheduled in Mexico in the upcoming months while virtually none are scheduled in the USA.

Coaches Summits are described as indoctrination sessions where Keith Raniere sets the agenda. What is being taught in this Coaches Summit is believed to be, among other things, the importance of being loyal, having the integrity to ignore unethical critics, why it is more ethical to distort your representations of reality [lie] to preserve a noble mission if by telling the truth, suppressives and parasites would otherwise destroy it, and that when a good man is being persecuted, it is the duty of all good people, to share his persecution and, if need be, sacrifice themselves to save the higher cause or the higher person.

The example of  Jesus’s crucifixion illustrates this latter point. Had all of Jesus’ followers and disciples been willing to take up the cross, Jesus might have been spared and lived to change the whole world to his beliefs.

A second more nuanced lesson is expected to be presented before the summit concludes on voluntarily taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and misdeeds versus allowing others to be blamed.

The passion of Keith Raniere has made some of his followers weep for him.

2 thoughts on “Head count at NXIVM/ESP Coaches Summit: 120

  1. Vancouver Coaches who remained and potentially are at CS.
    Pam Aristakitis. Diana Lim. Lucas Roberts. Shane Mottishaw. Patrick Yan. Leah Lim-Mottishaw. Lyvia Cohen. Maggie Dou. Alicia Novak. Liz Lim.
    (Note: women have all been outed as slaves and the men (except Patrick) are husbands).
    I feel sorry for all of them, because they still believe the Coach Path is real:(. They have wasted so much of their lives and money to progress up the stripe Path and it’s all a sham.

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