Proof that NXIVM lied to federal court on killer claim on Raniere video.

The dates prove NXIVM lied to court on killer claim on Raniere video.

Susan Dones

The proof is in a deposition.

The date of Susan Dones deposition in her bankruptcy case was Nov. 23 2010.

NXIVM intervened in her bankruptcy.  Attorney Robert Crockett represented NXIVM and he asked Susan  about a You Tube video wherein Keith Raniere said [at 6:45]:”I’ve been shot at because of my beliefs.  I’ve had to make choices; should I have bodyguards?; should I have them armed or not?  I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs, and because of their beliefs, and because of things  I said and I am mindful of that. ”

The video was made several days before April 25, 2009, for, on that date, Susan Dones and others formally resigned from NXIVM – and, therefore, had no more access to filming Keith Raniere.

Robert Crockett, attorney for NXIVM.

Attorney Crockett asked Susan Dones: And did you know at the time when he was talking about people dying for him and people being killed for him related to the documentary that was being filmed in Mexico?

Susan: My understanding — I didn’t know about — I knew about the documentary in Mexico. I’d never seen that, but when he said “I have had people killed for my beliefs,” that scared me.

Q: Well, you were there when he said that; correct?

A No, I wasn’t at that meeting.

Q All right. Did you know that when Mr. Raniere stated that people — that he had people killed because of his beliefs that he was talking about the consequences of a documentary that was filmed in Mexico when a member of the LeBaron family was killed by drug lords in the middle of the documentary by Mark Vicente?

A No , sir .

Q No. Have you ever — did you know that Mark Vicente was filming a documentary of the LeBaron family in Mexico?

A I knew he was filming a documentary. I didn’t know what it was about.

Q Did you know Benjamin LeBaron was murdered by cartel members in the middle of the documentary?

A No , sir .

Q Did you know that the documentary documents Keith’s apparent advice to the family to avoid paying ransom?

A No , sir.

Q And did you know that the documentary says that the family decided not to pay ransom and their son was released, and then the father was killed for not paying ransom?

A No , sir .

Q You’ve never heard Keith say something like “And I feel like I’m responsible for that. I’ve had people killed for my beliefs”?


Benjamin LeBaron

Q And did Barbara Bouchey ever tell you in any of these conversations that what Keith’s talking about is the fact that Benjamin LeBaron was murdered in the middle of the filming of a documentary in Mexico?

A No , sir .

Q So she — is it correct to say that Barbara Bouchey didn’t even mention the Mexican documentary at all to you ?

A Not that I recall.

Q Ever?

A Ever…. .

Q So my — my specific question is: Before you posted the link where Keith supposedly boasted about having people murdered, did you tell Barbara Bouchey that you were going to make that link — you were going to make that a YouTube link before you did it?

A No, sir.

Q Then after you sent this e-mail that’s Dones Exhibit 1 [inviting certain people to view the You Tube video], did Barbara Bouchey call you and say, “You’ve just got it wrong. That reference that Keith made was to the documentary in Mexico”?

A No, sir. She never called me and talked to me about that .


Keith Raniere says, ” I’ve had people killed for my beliefs.”


The reason why Bob Crockett’s explanation about Keith’s meaning when he said he had people killed is entirely false is that Benjamin Le Baron did not die until more than two months after the video was made. LeBaron died on July 7, 2009.

So, clearly, Crockett was misinformed about dates and consequently misrepresented facts to the court.

Keith Raniere did not say he had people killed because of his beliefs because of Ben LeBaron, for he was alive when Keith spoke of having people killed. Period.

Surely, Bob Crockett would not deliberately lie to the court. Did he have a duty to check the facts before making representations in court proceedings – considering his clients propensity for lying?

So what did Keith mean when he said he has had people killed for his beliefs?

We know for sure that it was not the reason Crockett said – the death of Benjamin LeBaron – so what was the reason for this chilling and scary comment?


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  • Who WAS in the room when Keith was filmed making that remark? And would they come forward and share the context? Although with Keith’s word salad there is a chance there is no context, just the bluster of a megalomaniacal fool. Or a bully desperate for recognition. Or a murderer admitting the depth of his depravity.

  • I remember this line of questioning in my deposition from Robert Crockett. After the deposition was over I felt bad that maybe I had misunderstood Keith Raniere in his statement about having people killed.
    When I got home that evening I got in the internet and started doing research about the LeBanon situation with the kidnapping and the family murder. If I had misunderstood the situation I had something I need to heal and clean up.
    When I found out that Robert Crockett had either been lied to himself and not done his home work or intentionally was bullying me, I knew what I was up against in my legal battle with him as lead attorney in my case.
    Crockett attempted to try to sell this lie to my Judge regarding the LeBanon family but I was way ahead of him and had the documents to prove to the court that he was attempting to pull the wool over the Judges eyes regarding Keith Retainers statement of facts vs fiction.
    This is a well known tactic in NXIVM legal playbook of “how to win in court”. They will bring in enough members that share the same lie that it’s hard to defend against when the other party doesn’t know the inner workings.
    This happened with the Ross case when NXIVM stated the coach notes where kept under lock and key in a separate room. This is fiction. This didn’t happen until well after the Ross case was way down the road. They just got enough “inner circle folks” to lie saying to was true.
    The truth is they were kept in front of the training room unattended and in a filing cabinet in the hallway. When the file cabinet was locked, everyone who’d been there over a couple of months knew the key hung on the wall on a ruler. Often notes were left out unaccounted for.
    I never expected Robert Crockett to be such a lying Lawyer. I hope he enjoys his money and has a good explanation to his wife and children of why he supports a sex cult.
    Susan D

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