Toni Natalie: First comes love bombing; then gas lighting; then litigation; so, who is going to be next?

Toni Natalie

So, who is going to be next?

By Toni Natalie

First comes the love bombing; then the gas lighting; then the litigation.

I’ve been watching people come in and out of Keith’s life since the early 90’s, from the days of Consumers’ Buyline, National Health Network and the dozens of subsidiaries.  He claimed he needed these companies to protect everyone, yet nothing was ever in his name because someone was always after him.  Executive Success Programs, First Principles, ADG, NXIVM, Jness, DOS, SOP, PLGGDN, EXO-ESO, Rainbow Cultural Garden, World Ethical Foundations, so many companies, with too many people other than him are always on the hook.

Nothing has changed except the names Keith Raniere uses for his companies and the people who he uses as shill owners.

I’m always waiting for the authorities to come and take action.  I think to myself, how long can these people get away with this? Someone else has to see what they’re doing.  It can’t just be a handful of people.

Unfortunately each time there was a knock on the door, it was for me, not for Keith.  His weapon of choice, with the power of the Bronfman money at his beck and call: the legal system, is something he learned very well how to use and abuse against anyone who speaks out against his ‘findom.’  This is not a misspelling, “Google it”, something I wish existed when I met Keith Raniere.

Do these two women enjoy the fetish of findom?

[Findom or financial domination, a fetish involving a submissive being “forced” to give money to the dominant. Some men and, in this case, perhaps two sisters, are turned on by a findom master who tells them how to spend money.]

Hopefully, things are about to change.

I understand how it could be difficult at times to believe the things you read here and in other places.  How could this even be possible, this man, these people you love like your family?  How can it be that one day you are all family and the next day you’re trying to destroy each other?  When I heard how sick Pam Cafrtiz was, I still waited for her to call; sadly that call never came.

Now I understand that Nancy is sick and possibly dying as well.  In one of her last letters [written years ago] to me, she said:

Nancy Sazlman to Toni Natalie: “You don’t know who he is!”


“ It is my hope that you come to your senses and not culminate your breakdown before you cause and further damage.  My fear is your child’s well being is at risk because your current state of psychological breakdown will damage him further. Remember, when one is in such a psychological state, one does not recognize it and thinks they are fine, everything seems to make sense. I am telling you from over 20 years of clinical experience that you are in such a state. Choosing to ignore what I say is further evidence of it.”

Two co-conspirators in the destruction of many lives.

Nancy, can you hear yourself speaking?  Stop this madness.  I am telling you from over 20 years of personal experience this needs to stop now!  Look at all the lives, the family and friends that are being destroyed by this.  It breaks my heart when I see what has happened to Lauren Salzman; all she ever wanted was for you to recognize and accept her.  I remember when I felt Keith was getting too close to Lauren and Michelle and you said to me “You don’t know who he is.”  Do you know who he is now? do you like him? do you want this to continue?  Nancy, you can stop this from going any further; just listen to your own words.

So, who is going to be next?  I’ve watched them all come and go in waves, hoping it would be the last.  Although I felt relieved for those that got out, I was saddened by the losses they experienced as they recapitulate their years under the control of Keith and company.

How sad is the burden they must carry as “their blinders are being ripped off.”  The pain they have to endure as they process the lies and have to explain to their friends and families how sorry and saddened they are that they may have been the one that pulled them into the NXIVM nightmare.  Then there are those where it is just too difficult, too painful for them to look at their participation in the destruction of so many years of lies.

I know first-hand what it did to me and what it has done to them.  I spent 22 days with Kristin and her son; who is obviously Keith’s son.  For this alone, the innocence of a child, what you put him through, what he’s going through now, and what he will continue to go through, you should go to hell.  Do they teach how to abuse your child in “Rainbow Cultural Gardens”?  I saw the video of you explaining how to “teach your children”; you were doing the same crap in the CBI days, just using a different name for the program.

According to Keith, I was Lucifer taking the fall and must come back to him “or else”.  As I listen to him now babbling about relationships and life and what women need; he is still hiding behind the “Curtain” of women in his life.  So Keith, this is what has become of you, the smartest man in the world.  What a waste.

After my brother’s alleged suicide in 2009, I had a tattoo placed on my back; coming or going, everyone knew where I stood, as it reads:

“In war, truth is the first casualty, but not this time.”

Who is going to be next?

Eyes wide open everyone; Happy New Year!!!

Toni Natalie


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5 years ago

Toni your an amazing woman who has silently been here paving the path for those who have left this crazy man, his crazy people and his crazy companies.
The work you have done to expose the truth without the need of a book, TV or movie deal has save thousands of enrolling and has helped many leave when they came across information exposed about the truth of this lier and his followers.
My hat is off to you and you are a true hero and every sense due to your humble and kind nature but at the same time the mother bear that take no bull from those that tell half truth to protect their self image and cover up their misdeeds.

5 years ago

Not sure why my previous detailed comments about you being a hero were removed, but THANK YOU for everything you continue to do.

Thank you, Toni
Thank you, Toni
5 years ago

Toni, you are one of the true heroes in this. I still can not believe the immediate vengeance they came at you with. It was so ruthless and sick, it was bizarre. The only thing more bizarre was the reasoning of why they were doing it. The reason(s) were either obvious lies, or they were obviously insane in believing them.

I think you will be getting another letter from Nancy sometime soon. This one will be written by her and not Keith. Nancy knows ALL about Keith, and then some… Up until now, she has been paralyzed by a lack of courage to do what’s right.

Glad to hear you warned Nancy about Keith weaseling his way into relationships with Lauren and Michelle. At that time, “Da Voodoo” had gotten Nancy and Lauren, big time. I really believe Nancy would have mustered up her courage by now if it wasn’t for Lauren being so deep in Keith’s grubby grasp. Keith really did a number on Nancy & Lauren and they didn’t have the ability to recognize it and run – like you did.

I hate to be going to this next thing, but you made my hair stand on end reading your comments about your brother. When I had first found out about how he passed, my immediate thought back then was, bullshit. I knew Keith had something to do with it. In fact, that was going to be one of the things I wanted to talk to you about, if/when we ever talk again.

The youtube comments about Keith having people killed are interesting, but they aren’t a surprise to those of us who knew Keith. He said that exact line MANY times. He always acted like such a pussy, but that was his go-to line to make sure you stayed in line and didn’t cause him problems. He’d look for reasons to say it. “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs.” We were never quite sure if he was serious or not, but I now have no doubt that he has had people killed. Fact – he plotted to get you to Mexico so that he could have you raped and murdered. Fact – he had your dog killed. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t involved in John’s death.

Toni, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this. The fact that you are still speaking out and telling the truth about this madman, is saving many lives. Please keep it up, and you have our support. You are a hero.

God can not be bought off
God can not be bought off
5 years ago

The Bronfman Brats are quick to jump at how abusive their father was towards them, Clare tells a story her father even sexually abused her. Mostly planted in her head for attention seeking.
They cream themselves to open their checkbook to this madman but lie to themselves saying their families money is being spent to “Change the World”. They believe the lies that have been planted in their pea size brains of what good deeds they are doing in the world. Not only will they spend some time rotting away in a prison cell but they have God to deal with. God cannot be bought off.

5 years ago

Dear Toni: Cognitive Dissonance is a bitch to deal with — Many people choose to not confront their faux realities – Keith is relying on this one thing to keep those who remain by his side as slaves and supporters. They will go down with him not ever knowing or accepting what Keith has done to them. Any and all children need to be rescued and removed from their parents as he will sooner rather than later I think demand their physical suicide. It’s sickening to be on the outside looking in and know that you are powerless to stop this insanity. But, it’s time to focus on arresting Keith and the Bronfmans and other accomplices and using the law to it’s full extent in an effort to stop that.

pidgeon face?
pidgeon face?
5 years ago


5 years ago
Reply to  pidgeon face?

Ask Ben Meyers and Rosa Laura Junco

5 years ago
Reply to  pidgeon face?

This bio reads like the same “ethical” Ben Myers written about by Frank many times

Down at the bottom it has a Work section.

“Plugged-In Technologies” = PLGGDN ?

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