Susan Dones being interviewed by Dr. Oz on the topic of Keith Raniere.

Clip: Susan Dones tells her story of abuse by NXIVM to Dr. Oz

Susan Dones tells her compelling story about Keith Raniere and NXIVM on Dr. Oz.

NXIVM is the cult that brands women and takes collateral to blackmail them. Ms. Dones quit before the branding began.


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  • Yes thank you Susan for leading the way. It took many of us 7 more years after you to see the truth. You are strong, courageous and there will be justice for you and all.

    • What important is people woke up, got out and are now healing. I did what I could do safely to inform those that were open to listen. It’s all any of us can do.
      There are still some that do not want to open their eyes and ears and take in any other “data” than what supports what they want to believe right now. We cannot force others to take in information.
      We can only be here when they are ready to hear another side and support them in their healing when they are ready. Know myself and others are here when and if you are insiders.

  • Great job Susan Dones, they women that left with you were so lucky to have you lead the way and to continue to shine the light on the truth. #metoo



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