Screen Rant lists 16 ‘dark secrets’ about Smallville; topping list ‘Allison Mack in a cult’

16 Secrets Behind Smallville You Had No Idea About

Screen Rant list 16 dark secrets about the TV show Smallville.

Topping the list as the darkest secret is


Last month, the New York Times published a scandalous report on an Albany, NY based self-help group called NXIVM.  Rolling Stone reported there were interviews with “various women claiming they’d been branded, starved, held as “slaves” and blackmailed into providing naked pictures to prevent them from leaving or speaking out.” However, the strangest part of the story was its connections to the cast of Smallville.

Allegedly, actress Allison Mack has been serving as co-leader of this cult. According to The Sun, Mack “to recruit ‘slaves’ into a secretive cult where they are forcibly branded with her initials and ordered to follow her commands 24 hours a day.” She has even been said to have recruited 25 women into the cult since her time with them. No word has been received from Mack or her agency to dispute these allegations.

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