Mexican media: Aristgui Noticias reports Raniere in Mexico and Salinas won’t see him

Aristegui Noticias [AN] reports that Keith Raniere has traveled to Monterrey, Mexico.
AN likely learned the news from the same sources Frank Report learned it from. In fact, AN published the same photograph of Keith walking with Jimena Garza that Frank Report published in  Keith Raniere has fled the United States 
Here is the link to AN story in Spanish:
Here is an English translation made [primarily] through online translator:
Founder of Nxivm travels to Mexico … while former followers ask to investigate
Emiliano Salinas affirms that he does not intend to meet with Keith Raniere, who was accused in the United States for alleged abuses against women. Nor does Salinas plan to invite Raniere to give courses at his company, ESP Mexico.
Keith Raniere walks with Jimena Garza.

Accused in the United States and Canada of encouraging abuses against women, the founder of the self-help cult Nxivm, Keith Raniere, traveled to Mexico to meet in Monterrey, Nuevo León, with some of his closest supporters, such as Monterrey businessmen Omar Boone and Carola Garza. 

According to ESP Mexico’s public relations team, the son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari and disciple of the American mathematician, [Emiliano Salinas] has not contemplated meeting with Raniere.

In addition, it is not expected that [Raniere] he will teach any of his courses at ESP Mexico’s Centers. The official statement of the group is that Raniere makes periodic visits to Mexico, but the office of Emiliano Salinas said they were surprised by his arrival in Monterrey.

Emiliano Salinas Ocelli has scheduled personal activities for the coming days, so he does not intend to go to the capital of Nuevo Leon to meet with Keith Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas is a member of the Board of Directors of the Executive Success Programs (ESP),which was  founded by Raniere and is currently chaired by Nancy Salzman, as well as being part of the Ethics Committee (VP Ethics) of the same.

Along with Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma , he is co-owner of the company, ESP Mexico, which teaches the courses designed by Raniere in the cities of Monterrey, Mexico City and León in the state of Guanajuato.

“Pamela”, a woman who took the course called “Ethos” explained in #AristeguienVivo that the methodology includes rituals similar to those used inside a cult, as well as forcing its members to sign a confidentiality agreement.

According to “Pamela”, whose real name was kept secret at her request, the group is hostile to people who do not agree with their ideology, which she described as a cult that worships money .

“There was a chapter that spoke of Luciferian or Luciferian beings and they were all people who did not share what they taught us. We had several images and in the end, the example that Nancy Salzman gave of a “Luciferian” was Fidel Castro. That was impressive for me,” she explained in an interview.

Brief summary of the Raniere case

The New York Times presented a story about Raniere and his self-help cult on October 17, under the title ” Inside Nxivm, a secret group in which women are marked.”

Written by Barry Meier, the story includes the direct accusations of Sara Edmondson against the main leaders of the group. But Nxivm replied that the story was part of a criminal attack orchestrated by criminals.

NXIVM is headquartered in Albany, United States. Edmondson was a faithful follower of Raniere, but her narration is clear in the reasons for her breakup: five women who had been called to a new secret organization derived from Nxivm, were branded with a red-hot iron.

“In order to be admitted, they were asked to hand over to their recruiter – or ‘ama’, as they should call it – pictures of them naked or other compromising material, and they were warned that this ‘collateral’ could be disclosed publicly if they revealed the existence of the group”, according to Edmondson.

The NYT story adds: “A high level member of Nxivm named Lauren Salzman , ordered them to say: “Brand me please, Master; It will be an honor.” Then a doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing iron to mark a symbol below the hip as a brand, a procedure that lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. “For hours, screams and the smell of charred flesh filled the room.”

Edmondson explained to the NYT reporter that when Salzman invited her to participate, “… the proposal sounded like a test of confidence. After Edmondson wrote a letter detailing intimacies from her past, Salzman told her about the secret sorority . ”

In addition, Salzman told Edmondson”that it had been formed as a force to do good, one that would grow into a network that could “…influence events such as elections .”

Due to the links that Raniere has with Emiliano Salinas and his companies, Aristegui Noticias and other media reported the links of both parties. These links did not include direct accusations against Emiliano Salinas, but they did show that he operated a similar business to Raniere’s in our country.

In this framework, the son of former president Carlos Salinas categorically rejected any relationship with the abuses and since then has claimed his business is a simple  “licensee” and “facilitator” of the courses and methodologies created by the American mathematician whom his followers call “Vanguard“.

Through a letter published on his personal website , Salinas Occelli accuses that he has no direct links to the abuses – and that he is clear of any wrongdoing or pressure that has been exercised against the victims.

“I condemn and reject personally , and through all the associations of which I form and have been a part, any form of violence, submission, intimidation, pressure or abuse against any person, especially women,” he replied in his text.

Now, his public relations office admits that he does not plan to meet with Keith Raniere in the next few days and that [Raniere] is not included in his family activities in the next few days, which will only be attended by trusted friends of the couple, Emiliano Salinas and his wife, the actress Ludwika Paleta.

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[…] Mexican media: Aristgui Noticias reports Raniere in Mexico and Salinas won’t see him […]

6 years ago

It’s raining, it’s pouring and Mexico NXIVM continues to be destroying.

Let’s see how many rats jump ship now that Raniere has moved to Mexico.
Only the truly brainwashed will want to be next to him.

It’ appears Omar Boone and his wife are deeply brainwashed. They even moved out of their house to follow him to his next safe house.

Do you think he will lay claim to Jimena Garza while he is there if she is a branded slave? Is Carola Garza a slave also. There sister Loretta Garza is the head of Rainbow.

I would not put it past Raniere to show up to the Centers to teach and rebuild. It’s what he does best. He need to build something up to destroy.

It will be interesting to see if he shows his face in Albany again. Wonder if he’s waiting to see if Nancy and Clare get picked up by the cops?

Byline on Aristegui News article is Juan Omar Fierro
Byline on Aristegui News article is Juan Omar Fierro
6 years ago

And it was posted at 11:58 Friday night (not sure which time zone)

Fierro is based in Mexico City, and has quotes from Salinas and the Mexico City ESP center.

Did Fierro get a tip from Monterrey that Raniere was there?

Or does Emiliano’s Mexico City center have a leak? Or a mole?

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