Four links to remarkable Dr. Oz investigation of Keith Raniere

Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, Melissa Moore.

Opening of Dr. Oz on NXIVM; 3:54

30 second promo with Toni Natalie:

30 second promo with Susan Dones:

You Tube: 2:52; Rick Ross appears


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  • AM is an actress experienced since childhood in putting forth a convincing performance. It’s all fake. It’s easy to see why he would use her to recruit often impressionable, young people who are “superhero show” followers. I’ve witnessed the JNESS recruitment weekends. It starts out innocently with empowering women messaging, tea, and socializing. It ends up with co-dependency, enslavement, blackmail, legal battles, financial ruin, and now mutilation.

    She is 10+ years in and has long been one of the honey pots. Those fan convention appearances are perfect ways to scout new talent, right?

    Wake up. Actors playing characters on TV are not what they seem. In this case, there is a much, much darker side to a person who is emotionally and physically abusing other human beings. After all these years, it’s likely that her thinking has been polluted and manipulated, but nothing can justify these actions.

      • Mayara Lima if it the evidence presented was dog poop and your nose was rubbed in it you would still need more proof. My God, if you only had a brain. Get off the kool-aid, try some hot lemon water, it’s good for detoxing.

    • She called me and recruited me directly. i know 3 other ethos students who can say the same thing. women were branded in her house (i never got that far) and she follows keith around like a love struck puppy with no sense of self. What other proof do you need??



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