Frank Report offers YouTube videos to provide another perspective on Vanguard

Some of these YouTube videos posted by Frank Report might be of interest to readers.

Keith Raniere explains he is a judo fighter…


Keith Raniere says he has had people killed…


Keith Raniere asks Emiliano Salinas if he thinks he is a murderer…


The Dalai Lama asks the media to investigate Keith Raniere…


Keith explains to Allison Mack about bad headlines in the New York Times…


Keith is so profoundly moving, he makes Allison Mack cry…


Keith Raniere says he is the worst coach in the world…


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    • You are lame.

      Go lick Keith’s butt.

      Nothing here but poking fun a silly little man that likes money and sex, so he started a cult. Too bad he took things way too far.

      Now it’s time to help people get away from the lying little criminal.

      Pretty simple.

    • Luke, you know not what say son. I love to destroy things. My plan is working well. I have my island and all my women. Clare will pay our bills. You my son will keep the force strong in Vancouver, by yourself. We have no room for you. Oops, what is that Clare… too much information. Maybe a lawn chair near the beach.

  • I think if Keith strung five random words together like: Peach, baby, sky, steak, and hat together, he could make Allison Mack cry. I like how Grace Park looks at him like he’s crazy in the first video. I think deep down she may have known he’s a loser. The last video is the most true video. Keith is a demon. And he’s done all of this to make a quick buck, get laid and amuse himself. Back in the wild west, a charlatan like him would have been hung in front of the town. It’s too bad that doesn’t exist anymore. Some things they just got right in the old days.



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