Kristin Kreuk named as former member of NXIVM cult in Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life, an American entertainment website, has broken the story today [Nov. 150] that Kristin Kreuk ‘allegedly’ brought Allison Mack into NXIVM.

The story reveals:

Susan Dones, an ex Nxivm member who once ran the group’s Washington Training center tells EXCLUSIVELY that Allison joined the group after being drawn in by her former Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk, 34. “Yes Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were members of Nxivm. Kristin recruited Allison. But Kristin left shortly after I left in 2009. She got out before it became really bizarre and wasn’t involved with anything sexual.” Dones then went on to tell us how Raniere allegedly wooed women within the group into sexual situations, and it disgusted her so much she bailed on Nxivm for good.

Hollywood Life added:

…. former Nxivm publicist Frank Parlato, the man behind The Frank Report  tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Kristin’s boyfriend at the time had joined first and then brought her into Nxivm. Kristin then recruited Allison. Kristin became a very important part of Nxivm; she became a coach. When Allison first joined in 2007 she went to a weekend-long women’s retreat in Vancouver called Jness.”…
Parlato goes on to add that Allison was allegedly courted aggressively early on because she was a powerful person in Hollywood who could lend them exposure. “They love bombed her all weekend and then at the end of the weekend, Claire Bronfman, a billionaire Seagram’s Liquor heiress (who is also a huge part of Nxivm) flew Allison on a private jet to Albany, New York to meet Keith Raniere, who calls himself ‘The Vanguard.’

Read the full Hollywood Life story:


‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk Allegedly Brought Allison Mack Into NXIVM ‘Cult,’ Claims Ex Member



Hollywood Life is an American entertainment website at launched in 2009 as part of Penske Media Corporation by longtime magazine editor Bonnie Fuller, who is the former editor of the magazines CosmopolitanGlamour, and Us Weekly.[2] The site covers celebrity, fashion, beauty, and entertainment news.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk at a NXIVM cult retreat on Necker Island. The cult rented the entire island where their secret teachings were taught to a group of initiates. A source who was there told me that there was a massive amount of alcohol consumed and that pole dancing by the women was part of the nightly routine.

This is the second story about Miss Mack’s role n the cult of Keith Raniere. Here is their earlier story which appeared on Nov. 8, 017:

‘Smallville’s Allison Mack Allegedly ‘2nd In Command’ Of A Sex Cult

Stay tuned for many more media reports in this burgeoning story of abuse and human trafficking and Keith Raniere.


Keith Raniere has abused women for decades and got away with it. Now a new focus is being brought to bear on him. Mr. Raniere has instructed his followers to call him Vanguard – the leader of the new thought. .

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  • Kristin Kreuk did NOT leave NXIVM in 2009. Why did Susan Dones say this? Did she lie to shield Kreuk?

    Kreuk claims she left “about five years ago” (2013) and she retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s defence of her claiming she left in 2013. However, Kreuk was definitely still a supporter of the cult in 2015 and that is a fact.

    Susan Dones recruited Kreuk’s coach Charmel A Bowden and Kreuk used to drive four hours every week from Vancouver to Tacoma (Susan Dones’s branch) to teach NXIVM bullshit.

    Susan Dones shut down her Seattle branch after leaving NXIVM (along with the so-called NXIVM Nine) because of Keith Raniere’s criminal and sexual behaviour. She was attacked through the courts by NXIVM. Kristin Kreuk did not care, she stayed in for years after that.

  • …I’m a fan of So You Think You Can Dance.
    At Necker Island “A source who was there told me that pole dancing by the women was part of the nightly routine.”

  • Anonymous
    Is Vandouche Raniere? Could be. Doesn’t Frank have access to all the email addresses and IPs used to submit comments? Can they show the location they were sent from, or can that be faked, too?

  • There is one article on this site stating that Kreuk left in ’09 and one that she still was in in ’12. Which one is true?

    • One poster said Kreuk appeared at her first intensive “about 5 years ago”—and Kreuk was still on the leaked Coach List in 2011.
      It baffles me that tho she was ESPian’s biggest celeb, no one seems to have been paying enough attention to know for sure when she quit. Let alone why.
      Wasn’t NXIVM one big tight family, where everyone were friends?
      Are there any Insider EXpians who know the facts?

      • The old coaches list did not have a date on it so it was probably circa 2010 ish. John Tighe mentioned he had the list before he posted it on the blog. In fact, John had the whole members list as each espian was numbered.

        Kristin Kreuk was still in NXIVM when the last summit on Necker Island took place which was spring 2010 My guess is she left shortly after that. The other mystery is although she left, she appears to have still been dating Mark Hildreth for some time after.

        • Maybe she took off after Darth VanDouche sent his pimp women after her for some one on one “training” and she was like, WTF?! I have a boyfriend and I am in this group to make the world a better place, not to be a cum dumpster for a fake.

          • Does anyone ever wonder if Vandouche is Raniere posting on the blog? He does love to watch things implode. He did it with CBI, National Health Network and now he’s done it with NXIVM.

            First he did it with himself. Smart guy really could of done good things in the world but he’s just too lazy and a angry little guy. So he imploded his life and became scrum of the earth.

        • Please. I’m not even in the same state as VanDouche.

          Stop giving VanDouche credit. Even when he fails, it’s all supposedly “planned” by one of the
          world’s greatest problem solvers, a diabolical genius.

          He’s just a sociopathic blowhard who thought reformed some naive rich people who have money to blow which he pilfers behind the scenes, who can’t keep his dick in his pants and fucks around, gets bored, screws up, and then things collapse. All of his so-called business fail because there is nothing legitimate he sells and they’re all based on a pyramid scheme.

    • Never. It’s laughable to call her that, at best she was the fourth lead on a faded CW show. That’s not powerful, it’s C list at best.

  • There is a link to the full story, but the Report excerpts left out Vanguard’s interesting sexual recruitment MO:

    Susan Dones said “I found out that Keith Raniere was manipulating women into having sex with him. He wouldn’t approach the women for sex directly. He would send one of the women working for him, a woman named Pat, on his behalf. Pat would say to the chosen woman, ‘Keith wants to spend some one on one time with you. Keith can help you if you spend some one on one time.’ He would meet them and do his seduction thing.”

    Who is the more demeaned, “Pat” or the women she procured?

    • “Keith can help you if you spend some one on one time.”

      Yeah, I’m sure he “helped” Rhiannon. Darth VanDouche is such a dirty old man.

      All of his pimp women should be ashamed of themselves. They’re just as disgusting as he is.

  • Anyone think the authorities will ever take any action? I’m personally getting a bit doubtful. Tell me I’m wrong!

  • This article seems to be correct and credible. Dones statements further enhances this.

    Kristin left even earlier than I suspected. I thought she left in 2011/2012 around the time frame of the article in the Times Union by James Odato, but it looks like she left even earlier, possibly due to the NXIVM “9” leaving, or even just to focus on her career after she may have got all she needed out of it.

    Like I said earlier, Kristin’s “recruitment” consisted of bringing someone to an intensive as something she thought helped her and that she could help others with by being a coach. She certainly didn’t think it would lead to what exists today.

  • There is no evidence that Kristen Kreuk did anything worse than recruit some friends (and Allison Mack was at least able to afford the excessive ESP fees).

    I truly hope that this will push her over the edge to denounce the Raniere-verse.

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