Readers debate: Was Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Girls By Design’ designed as ‘gateway’ to NXIVM?

Kristin Kreuk started a website to give guidance to teenage girls.

Kristin Kreuk [with Kendra Voth and, to a lesser extent, Allison Mack] created a website called Girls by Design in 2009. It was meant to teach teenage girls how to have greater self esteem.

Kristin Kreuk  had been in NXIVM since 2006.  At some point prior to August 2011, she achieved the rank of Yellow Sash, with two stripes, which certified her to coach students of NXIVM.

In February 2012, Mr. Raniere was accused of being a statutory rapist by several women in an Albany Times Union article: In Raniere’s Shadows. 

Kristin Kreuk is believed to have left NXIVM in early 2012. Kendra Voth also seems to have quit. Allison Mack remains.

According to former students, Mr. Raniere teaches that sex between children and adults is acceptable, provided there is no pain involved. He teaches that, while society criminalizes it, past societies condoned it. He has spoken in favor of parent-child sex, according to several former students, and referred to tribal customs and inherent tendencies, in discussing incest between parents and underage children.

Readers of Frank Report, some of whom seem to have known Kristin Kreuk from her role in NXIVM, have weighed in on whether Ms. Kreuk set up Girls By Design to help recruit teens into the cult of Keith Raniere.


Here are a few comments:


Girls by Design was a brainchild, or part of a brainchild of NXIVM. I was around the Cult at the time it was being developed and overheard Nancy Salzman [President of NXIVM and Keith Raniere’s second in command] talk about it more than once. Kristin Kreuk even stayed at Salzmans house when planning Girls by Design.

Keith Raniere offered guidance to a 12 year old girl in algebra and Latin. He raped her 60 times, according to the alleged victim. He was not prosecuted.
Kristin  Kreuk is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me, I know. I worked with her in film for 10 years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!!

THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! Just just ask Tom’s [Welling?] ex-wife, if she even knows yet???


Girls by Design seems like a devious way to find impressionable young girls for Raniere.


Kristin Kreuk created a program for underage girls influenced by Keith Raniere’s teachings. Luckily, she is quite flaky and didn’t follow through, or that could have been a disaster.


Kristin  said Girls By Design had no association to NXIVM when certain fans expressed their concern on a fan forum many years ago….

GbD appears to be on hold, or defunct. Kristin, when asked about its status in an interview, stated that there are organizations she supports that do the same thing, e.g. “I Am That Girl”.

Kristin was a proselytizing, active member of NXIVM, already having recruited Alison Mack. I’m sure she was sincere in wanting to help young girls, but this could so easily have become a gateway to the cult. At the very least it shows incredibly bad judgement.
“Sources” have said that NXIVM was involved in the creation of Girls By Design, and others have said that it spouted ESPian-like philosophies.
I believe KK had good intentions and thought about such a site before ESP. But the very fact that this popular and intelligent actress was to be the head of Girls by Design – because many young girls thought of as a role model – and because she was known to be an ESPian – that itself would draw many girls to the cult, girls who wanted to be just like Kristin.
KK would not need to intentionally “recruit” girls – but she would recruit them just by her association with NXIVM and her popularity and reputation, whether she wanted to or not.
Even assuming KK did not know THEN of KR’s past statutory rapes…  it NOW makes her look like an accomplice – unfairly or not.
Kristin should have known that her celebrity made her a poster-girl for NXIVM in everything she does, like Tom Cruise is with Scientology.
The question is, was she the poster ‘Girl By Design’ of Vanguard… or just of her own bad judgement.
NXIVM is a group that purports to promote ethics and executive success. If Kristin and Kendra  wanted to start a business that helps teen girls with self-esteem, and reaching their potential, then it would be logical to discuss it with members of NXIVM, who would help in achieving that goal since that is what they teach.

… None of these ideas lead down the slippery slope of becoming a front to recruit teen girls so that Vanguard can eventually fuck them. People in the outer layers of this group were being “thought reformed” into believing Vanguard was a monk, and that he had no attachments, and that allegations that he had a “harem” was all rumors and lies of people trying to stop the mission.

It was only the inner layer, or those close to it, who knew about his behavior…. Love bombing, thought reform, information control, manipulation, etc., are part of NXIVM programs. These programs rely on the trust of friends to recruit others, many of whom are on the outer layers of the onion.

It only looks like bad judgement in hindsight.

Kristin Kreuk was a member of NXIVM when she chose to launch her Girls By Design website.

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  • Oh,and Culty did not accidentally join a sex cult,she knew exactly what she was doing all along. I told her on set of Smallville atleast four times that Nexium was a sex cult possibly as early as 2005. And that Vanguard was a pedophile too! She did not quit when she said she did either! She was seen by several people with Pimp Mack in the lower mainland of Vancouver B.C. just days after Vanguard’s arrest in Mexico. Pimp Mack probably realized that it was time to sell her house in Vancouver B.C. that she bought while filming Smellville here.
    FACTS! ALL TRUE FACTS! Ask the film crew that worked on the show! FACTS!
    Any facts or input on her teachings of Nexium and her coaching practices?

  • I worked on set with Culty and heard her and Pimp Mack openly discussing the formation of DOS and the branding of women. That part I and alot of other cast and crew members know is real and true. But did she really coach,encourage and teach other people’s 8 to 12 year old girls that it was alright to have sex with their biological parents even at their age?
    I don’t want a Nexeum bible to study up on it of coarse,but I am curious to know how sick in the head this one got?
    Obviously,we know just how sick Allison Mack got! How off of the deep end did Culty one got? Anyone know? The truth?

  • Oh, and yes Kristin, you are that girl!!! The girl that started up a child recruiting sex trafficking ring for a sex cult run by a pedophile!!! Yes, you are that stupid girl!!! Yet, apparently, you are even easier than you are dumb? Is that actually possible? Well, I guess anything is possible when you pimp out and recruit underaged children to put to work in the prostitution industry!!! Hypocrite!!! Pimp!!!

  • Um duh. Yah, they openly discussed the plans of starting up DOS and their plan on branding women right in their cast chairs in and around the theater set in the Buller street studio. It is not lying to Kristin, it is acting. It is not recruiting or pimping underaged children either. It is acting. Kristin didn’t know. L.O.L!!! I bet you she can still say she doesn’t know!!! The most corrupt cunt you are ever going to meet. And people think Pimp Mack is screwed in the head. L.O.L!!! She is absolutely nothing compared to the easiest cunt to ever walk onto a film set!

    And what a hypocrite!!! She obviously needs the casting couch!!! Do you think her acting keeps her employed??? L.O.L!!!

    She is Harvie Wienstien,female version!!!

    She is a child recruiting sex trafficking pimp actress, period!!! I worked with her for close to ten years, dumb ass, so I know it all. So does the rest of the cast and crew, moron!!! L.O.L!!! Fat, ugly Rachel. She pays you for this, eh!!!

    • dear real hole truth—Please share details of the easy sex you had with Kristin over the ten years you worked with such an “easy cunt.”
      Was the only time “she stopped openly discussing her plans for DOS” was when she had a dick or pussy in her mouth?

  • She has no defence or explaination because she knows she has no way to prove that she is not who and what she is. A CHILD RECRUITING PIMP FOR A PEDOFILE RUN SEX CULT. YES KRISTIN, YOU ARE THAT GIRL!!! PROVE OTHERWISE!!! YOU CAN’T!!!

  • Worked and was harassed by her for 10 years. Was warned about her previously and tried to steer clear of her. Multiple and I mean alot of cast and crew members witnessed her and Pimp Mack openly discussing DOS and the branding of women in-between shots right on set. She was a child actress that gained a reputation very early in age and her career as being a complete and total slut. This one replies on the so called casting couch obviously because she is a very bad actress. She is most definitely a child recruiting pimp. She was only a child herself when she started spreading her legs all over film sets across Canada. That is where the proof is. The cast and crew on the film sets she trolled daily!!!

    • ” I mean alot of cast and crew members witnessed KK and Pimp Mack openly discussing DOS and the branding of women in-between shots right on set”

      On what show set did they talk about DOS? KK and Mack last worked together on the same set in 2009—about 6 years before DOS started. So what do you know know?

  • Kristin Kreuk was told multiple times on the Vancouver set of Smallville that she joined a cult.She openly descussed and talked about branding other women with her closest friend on the set daily.She is not a good actress or even person as far as that goes.She is a very exceptionly good liar though and knew completely and fully what she was doing.Her reputation preceeds her when it comes to being the easiest cunt to ever walk into a film set.She is a complete child recruiting pimp who knows all to well that she was recrorecru little girls for her sex cult friends.This one earned her acting career on the casting couch.

  • […] Odato’s work however was not in vain. He was certainly one of the pillars of the community of reporters who helped exposed the monstrous cult of NXIVM and who knows how many people were saved from joining the cult because of his work. It is believed by this writer that Kristin Kreuk may have left the cult in part because of the body of evidence Odato presented especially in relation to Raniere’s propensity for statutory rape. This of course was on the heels of Raniere and Nancy Salzman encouraging Kreuk to recruit teen girls via a program called Girls By Design. […]

  • I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

    I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

    Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.

  • Frank,

    you are leading a blog with the intention to fight NXIVM and their malpractice, but sometimes you miss the point completely. Why do you publish posts like the following?

    Kristin Kreuk is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me, I know. I worked with her in film for 10 years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!!
    THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! Just just ask Tom’s [Welling?] ex-wife, if she even knows yet???

    What do we learn here in this statement by Mr Anonymous? Sometimes I prefer that there are countries that have different laws when it comes to media. I learned the hard way that the freedom of speech many Americans love so much is just bent to spill negativity. I lived in a country where you were allowed to make these comments as well IF THEY WERE TRUE. Otherwise they would rip you a new one. You had to prove that in a case of law or you were fined. There was an instance when a moderator got accused via the media that he was a rapist. This could not be proven and they had to pay ~$ 1M as compensation and sign paper that they would never make such statements ever again. They did not publish what they had to do otherwise but they kept their mouth shut.

    I would love to see this in the US as well. Say what is true or do not speak at all. That is why you never saw negative election ads as well for instance. I mean it would look stupid if your candidate would end in jail for lying in a paid TV ad about the competitor’s party.

    So please let Mr. Anonymous come forward and present his facts or think of removing statements like this one. They do not help with your otherwise good cause. They simply create the impression that you have a blog that is worse than some of the celebrity news you sometimes had when MTV was a thing.

    • Anonymous
      I assume you are quoting another anonymous poster when you say that Kristin is involved in human trafficking and gangs. (I find find the term s____ skins very racist and I believe it should be removed from here)

      However, I do want to comment on the human trafficking angle here in Vancouver and Surrey, and yes, there is a huge gang involvement and there has definitely been allegations of human trafficking and pedophile rings and police corruption for a long time now.

      Whether or not any of this is connected in any way to NXIVM remains unclear. I do know that during the course of my harassment over the last 2 years, I was contacted by a woman who works in immigration services in Richmond BC, who claimed my harassment was connected to the group harassing her. She was targeted by local gangs starting in February and March 2017, after she exposed immigration fraud related to child sex trafficking.

      I was completely unaware ;until very recently, that there could be any NXIVM connection to this. When I recieved a tip about this, I investigated further and I realized that really may be a connection to NXIVM, as my original harasser is connected to a law firm used by the Bronfman sisters.

      It’s hard to know where coincidence begins or ends at this point, but sometimes when you pull on a single loose thread, many other threads begin to unravel.

  • Please leave Kristin alone. She left before any of this shit went down. It would make more sense to expose Nicki Clyne who is an active member of the harem and DOS. She has been trying to recruit for DOS in Vancouver.

    • This is the fifth Kristin Kreuk headline story in two days.
      The Frank Report has become Law & Order: KK.

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