Readers: Should Mark Hildreth speak out or hold his peace?


Mark Hildreth is rumored to have left Keith Raniere, but he has said nothing one way of the other.

Here are some readers’ comments:



Mark Hildreth does seem to be a long standing devotee of Raniere world, but seems otherwise “mostly harmless.”



Mark Hildreth is interesting. He recruited his girlfriend Kristin Kreuk in 2006, earned an orange sash by 2011, and is currently on the Jness site as a senior trainer/mentor… so he seems like a top-level NXIVM-er and a natural for Protectors of Society.



Very Out means Mark Hildreth resigned from all his affiliation with NXIVM et. al and Keith Raniere, in protest of what was/is being done to the women of DOS.

Many others have resigned in step with Mark Hildreth. Not DOS slaves but regular participants who said – NO! “This is wrong and I withdraw all my support of Executive Success Programs and all its subsidiaries.” Plain and simple, They woke up and stood up.

Mark Hildreth immediately left NXIVM too when he heard about DOS.

Mark is silent for obvious reasons. VanDouche will come after him like the little pussy he is with Clare’s money and file some bogus criminal complaints. VanDouche is a turd and all of those people who enable him with their bullshit “ethical breach” nonsense are turds by association.

Mark is for sure not in. And doesn’t feel great that he participated in bringing other people into ESP. He is a good and thoughtful human who at the time thought he was doing the right thing. He knows know that the wool was pulled over his eyes and he is over it.


Mark Hildreth is a douche bag. I already thought he was an ass for getting Ms. Kreuk involved in this cult despite all of the negative information on the Internet that existed for this group well over a decade ago.

This is what happens when you follow a fellow ass for too long: “You are who your friends are.” Also, the irony cannot be more apparent. Mark Hildreth fucking another man’s wife [Emiliano Salinas’ wife Ludwika Paleta] only to have the girl you were with fuck another: “What goes around comes around.”

Keith and his minions fucked with Mark’s mind a lot, more so than most people. … What’s disappointing about Mark is he is doing nothing to help bring down the cult right now. On the plus side, at least he’s out.

Mark Hildreth is a victim. It is just not his fight to fight.

Mark Hildreth spent years in senior positions, teaching and recruiting and earning money for a cult. They used his influence and fame to do so. He was warned against NXIVM for years, there were many black signals on record but he obstinately refused to listen. We don’t have to condemn him but they morally should take responsibility for their actions.

He is also generally the type of self-aggrandizing virtue-signallers who promote right-on causes to do with diversity, third-word development and oppression. Yet here and now when he finally has a cause he is 100% part of he goes missing.

Here is Mark Hildreth singing about Las Vegas:

The rest of his social media is to do with vapid inspirational quotes and his new album as if nothing has happened. He hasn’t learned a thing.

Mark Hildreth and Grace Park [Conversations with Keith Raniere] have been removed from YouTube. Do you know if Hildreth and Park agreed to remain silent in exchange for getting those videos removed?


Mark Hildreth hasn’t got a successful career that could be undermined by coming out. All that would be damaged is some pride. He should step up and do the honorable thing, tell everything he knows publicly so that more pressure can be put on that psychopath Keith Raniere.

Mark is the one who took advantage of Kristin Kreuk and made NXIVM seem like a good thing. When she realized what was really going on, she got out and separated herself from the group and everyone in it….

Where did you get the idea that Mark is out? Just this past year he posted a bunch of conversations he had with Keith. He is in awe of him. You can practically see his eyes glazed over as Raniere is talking.

Mark Hildreth is a busy man. He has got a load of Elton John covers to get through.


Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth … are in a position to go to law enforcement and who will have inside knowledge about abuse or tax evasion. People who actually know Raniere and the Salzmans.

Celebrity members who were used for their celebrity. The highest of those three was Mark Hildreth, the most involved, and the least well known.



Maybe because he makes ‘Fight the Power’ type comments or highlights other causes but has gone missing for this one. Maybe because we have a ton of Kristin Kreuk fans on here who are irrationally unhappy at him recruiting her into the cult. I don’t know and I don’t agree with the mocking but he was a senior recruiter. Probably made some decent money over 10 years. Appeared in KR propaganda videos. Is an extremely close friend of Alison Mack’s. He knows a lot of the inside workings. I appreciate that he needs time to process but when women are being starved, branded and sexually exploited, at some point, he should come out with what he knows.


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  • I had a conversation today about if people should speak out. Personally, I don’t think one can be bullied to speak out by words on a blog. Come on, if you been through an NXIVM program can a blog bully you?
    Let’s put this into a metaphor. If there’s a hole in the dam, I’m helping the hole get bigger by ignoring the owners and their top management of the behavior of the project. I see the hole but say nothing for fear of the repercussions.
    I also sell homes to the people who live in the city below the dam and profited off them. I know this hold is getting more dangerous and is going to cause the dam to break at some point, but I like my profits and the attention I’m getting from the dam owners.
    I’m embarrassed to admit that I was a part of contributing to the hold in the dam and sold houses for a profit in the city below is going to have massive flooding. So I save myself by leaving and say nothing to the people in the city below.
    Only the people in the city will know I was part of the problem but the rest of the world won’t. My reputation is safe. A good question to ask oneself, how is my soul going to survive the damage I supported by my influence in the first place? I also know some others will share about the hole, so I don’t have to. The bad news is, they won’t get to everyone in the city before the hole gets out of control.
    Coming forward has a double purpose. It helps inform others of the dangers ahead, and it helps clears the soul of your participation in something you thought was intended as good but ended up as bad.
    It’s a personal decision for everyone, do you want to cleanse your soul of your participation in this bad thing? You can’t do that by just walking away and pretending that you did not affect during your time in with the dam owners. The upper management chose you for the value you brought to the table when you stepped in the door. They knew you had influence; they paid special attention to you, you lapped it up and were the Big Dog for a time.
    When you found out the reality of what Oz was really up to, you left without being responsible and sharing with others the truth that the city was going to flood. Now you have some of your friend trapped inside the flooded city.
    If you would have shared at least, you have given them information to make another decision (they might not have chosen) by at least it was their option to get out of the city before the flood waters cover them all up.
    Really what’s your soul worth? That’s the question to ask yourself.
    Frank will share your story without using your name if you ask him. Stories need to be told and heard; they heal the soul.


    What are commercial sects ?

    The commercial sects came to Mexico in the 90s of the last century disguised as organizations dedicated to “coaching” or “human development”. The architect was the Argentinian Gabriel Nossovitch, who received that course directly from John Hanley, character denounced in the United States for fraud in Iowa, for the rudeness of his workshops and inventor of the symbol of “Vota 4”, who in turn reproduced and consolidated the model of coercive training created by the British priest Alexander Everett and other characters linked to Scientology like Ron Hubbard, John-Roger and Werner Erhard.

    Nossovith and its center called ArgentinaWorks was expelled from that country, after the creation of the Network of Victims and Relatives of Victims of Coercive Organizations whose mobilization resulted in an initiative of Prevention and Assistance to Victims of Coercive / Sectarian Organizations Act.

    After exiling from his country, he founded the MexWorks center in Mexico, from which hundreds of centers were opened at the initiative of their graduates and gradually spread throughout the Mexican Republic.


    Psychological consequences of coercive coaching

    Betzabé Ávila López affirms that the subject who graduates from the courses does so in an almost psychotic state. It does not mean that he has had a psychotic outbreak, that is, a delusion or a hallucination, but it does show signs of a person who no longer makes contact with his feelings and reality and shows confusion in his future life project.

    “Someone who comes out of these courses shows all those flattened, eroded human elements, because the only thing that repeats is what someone who has only used him said, who has turned him into an object of use,” he says.

    ¿Qué son las sectas comerciales?

    Las sectas comerciales llegaron a México en la década de los 90 del siglo pasado disfrazadas de organizaciones dedicadas al “coaching” o “desarrollo humano”. El artífice fue el argentino Gabriel Nossovitch, quien recibió ese curso directamente de John Hanley, personaje denunciado en Estados Unidos por fraude en Iowa, por la rudeza de sus talleres e inventor del símbolo de “Vota 4”, quien a su vez reprodujo y consolidó el modelo de entrenamiento coercitivo creado por el sacerdote británico Alexander Everett y otros personajes vinculados a la cienciología como Ron Hubbard, John-Roger y Werner Erhard.

    Nossovith y su centro denominado ArgentinaWorks fue expulsado de ese país, luego de la conformación de la Red de Víctimas y Familiares de Víctimas de Organizaciones Coercitivas cuya movilización derivó en una iniciativa de Ley de Prevención y Asistencia a Víctimas de Organizaciones Coercitivas/Sectas.

    Luego de exiliarse de su país, funda en México el centro MexWorks, a partir del cual se abrieron cientos de centros por iniciativa de sus egresados y paulatinamente se extendieron a toda la República Mexicana.


    Consecuencias psicológicas del coaching coercitivo

    Betzabé Ávila López afirma que el sujeto que egresa de los cursos lo hace en un estado casi psicótico. No significa que haya tenido un brote psicótico, es decir, un delirio o una alucinación, pero sí muestra indicios de una persona que ya no hace contacto con sus sentimientos y su realidad y muestra confusión en su proyecto de vida futuro.

    “Alguien que sale de estos cursos muestra todos esos elementos humanos aplanados, erosionados, porque lo único que repite es lo que le ha dicho alguien que solamente lo ha usado, que lo ha convertido en un objeto de uso”, dice.


      Commercial sects have managed to interfere and infiltrate the entire structure of the State, that is, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, and it is increasingly common for them to be hired to “train” personnel at federal and state levels and even of political parties.

      The transparency portal of the Presidency of the Republic shows that federal agencies have awarded millionaire contracts to coaching “companies” to train their personnel.


      Sexual harassment and suicide

      The sexual practices inside the coaching groups are very feasible since in the sectarian phenomenon many cases of sexual abuse have been documented to which they subject the participants as part of the rituals or dynamics they perform. Proof of this is the case of NXIVM.

      “I think it’s very easy to get to that kind of perversion. I call them perversions because you have to take into account the profile of someone who becomes a coach in these places: he is a person who from the outset abuses the psychic wounds of a subject, “says the psychoanalytic psychotherapist Betzabé Ávila López.

      Las sectas comerciales han logrado inmiscuirse e infiltrarse en toda la estructura del Estado, es decir, en los poderes Ejecutivo, Legislativo y Judicial y cada vez es más común que sean contratadas para “capacitar” al personal de dependencias de nivel federal y estatal e incluso de partidos políticos.

      El portal de transparencia de la Presidencia de la República exhibe que dependencias federales han otorgado contratos millonarios a “empresas” de coaching para capacitar a su personal


      Acoso sexual y suicidio

      Las prácticas sexuales al interior de los grupos de coaching son muy factibles puesto que en el fenómeno sectario se han documentado muchos casos de abuso sexual a la que someten a los participantes como parte de los rituales o dinámicas que realizan. Muestra de ello es el caso de NXIVM.

      “Me parece que es muy fácil llegar a ese tipo de perversiones. Las llamo perversiones porque hay que tomar en cuenta el perfil de alguien que se hace coach en estos lugares: es una persona que de entrada abusa de las heridas psíquicas de un sujeto”, expone la psicoterapeuta psicoanalítica Betzabé Ávila López

  • IMHO, people like Mark Hildreth are similar to high-ranking members of the Nazi army. First, they have to publicly apologize for what they did – and second, they have to try and undo some of the harm they caused. You don’t get to just walk away and mumble “My bad” to yourself – and pretend you weren’t part of a horrific organization. Sorry, Mark, but as long as you stay silent, you’re nothing but a coward and a hypocrite in my eyes.

    Grow some stones – and do the right thing.

  • Will one of the cable networks produce an investigative program on Raniere and his movement? To early for any announcement, but the story has all the elements of a great story, even if the ending has not yet unfolded.

    • There’s bound to be a book. All the Smallville/Holywood/Richard Branson/ Dalai Lama/Libyan Revolution/Mexican elite angles are unbelievable. We for sure don’t know anywhere near the full extent. Its a total bizarro world.

  • Oh come on. Guys this is beyond stupid to shame someone for not making a decision like this. If even only half of the stuff you can read on this site is true, there is good reason for him to sit put. It is easy to point our fingers at someone and demand from that person to come forward as we are sitting in our warm living rooms.
    For these people coming forward means putting their ass on the line and risk money, social status and whatnot. There is a good reason to do so for Ms Oxenberg as she wants her daughter back, there is reason for Ms Edmondson as well as she got attacked. Would you come forward and willingly get your life disected by the media or in a courtroom?

    • KR is still using images of this guy to advertise the cult. Fact. In that case you have to publicly disassociate or you are still part of the cult recruitment whether you like it or not. This was a senior guy in the pyramid. He talked about standing for the truth for years so he can’t stand back and say ‘I’m over it’. Other people’s lives have been ruined. Any money or social status came from the cult, they aren’t his to lose. You can’t rationalize the hypocrisy.

    • You would if you were truly a person who believed in making the world a better place. If you were a person who loved and cared about your friends who were both emotionally and physically scarred by this narcissistic sociopath.
      The problem is most people say they are good people and want to live in a better world, but only the sheltered world they live in because it’s what’s good them and their selfishness.

  • If you read this, Mark, Do not let anyone bully you into speaking. It’s a bunch of bs. Because this is shaming and bullying. Why don’t y’all focus on moving on and fixing your own lives? Mark Hildreth speaking out will make NO difference. This goes for any person who has been picked on here for not speaking out. Same thing with Kristin. I’m sorry, but this may be a big news story, but very few people are out there are talking about this and all the celebrities involved. People just don’t care. If Keith was Harvey Weinstein and Allison was an a lister, then maybe it would matter.

    • Just like Toni Natalie speaking out made “no difference”. Or Susan Donnes speaking out made “no difference”. Or Sarah Edmonson, Catherine Oxenberg, or Mark Vicente speaking out made “no difference”.

      You sound like a NXIVM sheep.

      “Why don’t you let us get away with our scam? Stop making so much negative noise about it. It is negatively affecting VanDouche’s ability to brainwash women and recruit them into his harem.”

    • Sick, you sound like an insider who has an agenda to keep people from speaking out.
      If people were willing to speak out to enroll others into their idea that NXIVM was a good idea with high moral standards and Ranier was a Nobel man, why not speak out had a misunderstanding and we’re being duped by some of the best con artist?
      Being honest about ones mistakes is noble. It allows others information to make a choice from someone they know and trust.
      Slipping away without a word of warning is not being a good friend or humanitarian. In the end one pays the ultimate price for such actions and it’s our soul, the heart, the body and the minds that carries that burden.
      We know what we have done and no amount of silence will take that away. It becomes our self torture, self abuse, and our self-loathing knowing we left others to continued to be damaged more by this man and his band of mind-binders.
      So who do you want to fight? Your own conscience for leaving your friends behind or the possibility ever a bump in your reputation or the possiblity of facing Keith and Claire in court. It’s not.illegal to share your experience, just their training.

  • I can understand the reservation about not speaking due to NXIVM’s behavior of going after those who chose to leave the group via litigation or false criminal charges. But, this is a guy who, unlike his former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk (who is known to be more introverted or shy and left over five years ago), was recruiting and publicly shilling for years for the group, talking on social mediums about ethics and standing up for the truth, and now all of a sudden he’s silent when some of his old friends like Sarah Edmondson have been branded and have actually had criminal charges filed against them. It’s easy to sell courses, to talk about ethics, the truth and right, but when push comes to shove, when it may cost you something, when sacrifice is involved, it’s not so easy to stand up for it, right Mark? The ironic thing is, there is no easier time to speak against NXIVM than now with all the current information out there that is so negatively looked upon, unlike when Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Donnes, or even when Kristin Kreuk left.

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