Miscellaneous NXIVM News: New member, Karlyn Bochicchio; new DOS slaves, plus New York Post, The Sun on India; teenage Casper worried about bad publicity

While hundreds flee the NXIVM cult, one young lady bucked the trend and joined. Her name is  Karlyn Bochicchio. The young lady has moved to Clifton Park to follow her Vanguard.

She writes: ‘Feeling gratitude for the community I am now a part of. Thank you for continuing to uphold and inspire.’ 

Karlyn Bochicchio


They always smile for cameras: Michel Chernitzky, Amanda Rose Canning, Lauren Salzman, Chris Pearson-Smith,  Karlyn Bochicchio, Andrew Pollard, Brian Elliot, Nathaniel Reagan, Nicki Clyne, Angelica Hinojos and India Oxenberg.


There may be more than just adolescent behavior behind Casper Van Dien’s puppy love postings with his Wonder Woman impersonator girlfriend.

Van Dien says he would rather not rescue his stepdaughter, India Oxenberg, from DOS, despite reports she is a branded slave of Keith Raniere and kept on a low calorie diet to keep her docile.

He thinks the bad publicity is worse than being in the cult.

According to The Sun, former member Bonnie Piesse told India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, that “India was in a bad situation. One time she told me that she wasn’t going to eat for three days (out of) penance to try and correct her behaviour.”

After hearing these horror details, Oxenberg called her daughter and invited her to come home for her birthday.
When she arrived, she was super skinny, her hair was falling out and she hadn’t had her period for a year – typical signs of malnutrition.

The New York Post also published a story about India.

…. India is a member of the Nxivm cult in Albany — where she has been branded with the initials of her “master” and kept on a starvation diet…
Catherine gave an anguished interview to People magazine last week after reports surfaced that Nxivm leader Keith Raniere had a special group of attractive young women, including India, who were branded like cattle near their bikini line with a symbol incorporating his initials.
The women — who are kept on a diet of only 500-to-800 calories a day — were required to provide nude photos or other blackmail-worthy material to ensure their continued loyalty….
It seems that the NXIVM cult leader Raniere and has-been actor Van Dien have one thing in common: they both like to use the word “slave”.


Hashtag: Hollywoodslave. Casper Van Dien is so horny he can’t stop his hot necking even in public. At least Keith Raniere takes his slaves to a bedroom. On the other hand, Van Dien has not branded his woman, as far as we know.
Casper Van Dien is infatuated with his girlfriend. Here the hashtag is slaveleia.


A poster from 2004 Vanguard Day. Now it is Vanguard Week, and even at that it is not a week, but 10 days.


Mexico is becoming aware: A top editor in Mexico contacted me for an interview with NXIVM’s connection with children of affluent Mexican parents.

He wrote,

Mexican society is quite concern about those terrible practices of women branding, that apparently involve some well recognized local leaders.

Speaking of new, Mexico has at least one new DOS slave: Margarita Garcia.

She came in June, and probably got branded as one of the six women Jimena Garza brought to become lifetime slaves of Keith Raniere.

Then at V-Week, she got promoted to proctor. Jimena, who got the six Mexican DOS slaves to be branded while everyone was leaving the Raniere cult, was promoted to a green sash in ESP just for that remarkable work.

Funny how Emiliano Salinas says DOS and its branding and blackmail practices have nothing to do with ESP. But somehow when women get branded, they get promoted in ESP.

I wonder what Emiliano would say if he knew his sister Ceci Salinas, who is also a green sash in ESP, was branded with the initials of Raniere?

Ex Mexican president, Carlos Salinas, with his wife, Ana Paula Gerard, and daughter Cecilia Salinas Occelli. Is Cecilia branded? Sources say she has given collateral.

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  • Casper has only himself to blame for the media getting involved by condoning his stepdaughter’s affiliation with a cult. Had he not been complicit perhaps India could have been extracted without involving the media. Poor India — the 3 closest men in her life are pathetic: two are complicit, and one is a cult leader.

  • New DOS slaves. Seriously? What is wrong with these people? It’s like going diving to see sharks. Seeing your buddy get eaten by one and then still jumping in the water to see sharks that same trip as the water is full of blood. Morons like this deserve a Darwin award. Let Keith have the fresh meat. If they are that stupid to join now, they’re all Keith’s.

  • Dial back on your criticisms of Casper Van Dien. One enemy at a time, please. Start from a position of compassion and understand and work down from there.

  • Slave Leia is what Leia is called when she wears that outfit. I watch all of star wars it’s fine to say that about that photo it’s not weird. fact check first next time? Anyways crazy article

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Oxygen and more.

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