for sale; psychic ads now offered on Vancouver ESP website

Six months ago, Executive Success Programs’ (ESP) Vancouver Center [] was alive with activities and its website was constantly offering notices of new intensives and other programs.

DOS branding of women changed all that.

More than 100 people reportedly left ESP following revelations of branding and blackmail that is part and parcel of DOS – which is intimately connected to ESP.

Now the Vancouver Center is closed and only three or four demented fools remain to carry on the name of Executive Success Programs in Vancouver.  Chief among them is Lucas Roberts.

Even the web domain has gone up for sale. can be purchased.

[For those who want to purchase the domain contact:]

Based on the advertising on the domain right now, it’s  possible that whoever buys it might be a Vancouver psychic or a medium.

If you visit the website, you will get offerings to explore ESP – as in Extra Sensory Perception.

Advertisements such as these appear:

Psychic Reading Online

USA’s #1 Online Psychics Live Now. Hurry & Get $10 Free Now at Signup!


Shocking Medium Reading – Tested And Proven Predictions

Enter Your Zodiac Sign to Find Out Your Future. So Accurate its Scary!


We Cast Spells For You

Spells For Love, Luck, and Money. Spell Casting and Spell Removal.

Reverend Joy


Mistres of Magic is operated by Reverend Pamela Joy.

Her bio claims:

Reverend Joy has studied numerous metaphysical sciences for over thirty years
including; astrology, numerology, palmistry,  stones energies, relationship compatibility,  body language, graphology, divination, and others. She offers spell casting along with several other tools, and has clients in over 70 countries around the world.

She also has testimonials


Your spells really DO work! Thanks to you, we BOTH found our soulmate! Love, D.B. & J. M.

Wow! You’re the best!!! I got the job! Now I’m making twice as much as I was before!!! David

The Executive Success Programs does not have a Reverend but it does have a Vanguard. He is Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere holds many titles to his name—scientist, mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor and author—but perhaps the most poignant among them is that of humanitarian.  His aptitude for solving problems, his ceaseless dedication and attention to detail, and his enormous capacity for compassion form the cornerstones of Keith Raniere’s character.

It also has a lot of testimonials. Here is an excerpt of one:

Executive Success Programs (ESP) has given me tools that have helped me in so many different areas in my life. One of these areas was actualizing a dream I had for many years: opening my own business!…



Most of these ESP sites are rip-offs, but then again so is Executive Success Programs.

And these other ESP sites do not require women to be branded.

I think it does not take much ESP [Extra Sensory Perception] ability to know the future of ESP [Executive Success Programs]. I see a lot of other domains going up for sale soon.

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6 years ago

Hi Anonymous.
I am exhausted today…it’s certainly not the first time I’ve gotten these threats from “Red Jay”…who also uses a number of other aliases, such as “Jim”, “Axe Monkey”, “Brad” and many others.

The thing is I have never had any involvement with NXIVM. I have no secrets or information. Its a long story, but I became involved with a private Facebook group a few years ago, and this is when I started to be harassed. This Facebook group formed with people who met on a website forum operated by a doctor from New York.

After I was harassed on this fb group and on this forum, I quit posting there. However, I continued to watch the online forum, and noticed some odd activity. I mentioned, on my social media account, that there were obviously fake posts being allowed, and after I mentioned this, the time stamp on the post I mentioned was later changed. This leads me to suspect two things:

*that the doctor operating the forum is involved.
*that my social media account is being watched

I was previously unaware there could be any connection between my harrassment and NXIVM until I received some anon tips , and started looking into it. Now I see that Fasken Martineau is the lawyer used by the Bronfman sisters, and this is the same firm connected to my original harasser from the fb group (her husband is a lawyer there)

But I have no idea at all WHY they would harass me. I’m totally in the dark.

6 years ago

Flowers, there should be a way to turn the death treats over to the police. They can search the IP address and find out where they are coming from.

No one should have to live under such stress. In the past, others have had to deal with death treats themselves.

What are they so afraid you will expose that they fell they need to attack you for so long and in such a harsh manner? It must be earth shattering for them to keep this up for so long.

Maybe it’s time to free yourself and let the secrets out?

6 years ago

Everyone – I want to inform people of my situation here in Vancouver. I have no affiliation to NXIVM or Raniere. I’ve been very bizarrely harassed, for 3 years, by a very secretive group who use various online groups and forums to bully and intimidate me. Other people on Vancouver have also been harassed by apparently the same group (the group uses craigslist and they will harass thru that site) It’s been connected to a human trafficking ring in Vancouver.

Only recently did I connect my harassment to NXIVM. Then 2 days ago I discovered the woman who initially led this harassment against me, is connected to the law firm that represents the Bronfman sisters. Her husband is a lawyer at this firm.

After receiving a tip here from a reader that Lucas Roberts was involved in the Craigslist aspect, I decided last night to post a craigslist ad on the missed connections forum, to report that someone named Luke was involved in posting these repeating posts on Craigslist.

I immediately began receiving email threats from someone using the name “Red Jay”. In total 100 threats, many DEATH threats, were sent to me last night. There is NO WAY this a random person. By the way, I have received threats from this person before (often they use the name Jim)

While I don’t feel that they will actually act on these threats, it is still highly unnerving. I wonder if Lucas, a guy twice my size and 20 years younger than me, is proud of harassing an innocent woman. Your mom must be so proud Lucas!

Whois espvancouver
Whois espvancouver
6 years ago

Whois database info:
Updated 95 days ago
Registration Date:2009-09-06
Expiration Date:2019-09-06
Updated Date:2017-07-24
Name:Mark Vicente

Mark Vicente apparently registered the domain name He and Sarah Edmondson were partners in establishing the Vancouver ESP center, and Mark also established the Los Angeles ESP cemter at about the same time.

The name belongs to Mark until September 2019.

But it appears that no one is paying the bill for the server that used to host So the server company replaced the old page with an advertisement to buy the domain name (from Mark Vicente, with his permission required until September 2019).

There is a similar situation with Going there gives a “page ok” message but no content.

Both the Vancouver and Los Angeles ESP centers are closed permanently.

The San Francisco ESP center was only recently started, and is also dead. But someone is still paying the server bill for .

It even has a calendar showing a 16 day Intensive in Albany starting October 28. (How full is the parking lot at Apropos?)

And a 5 day Intensive in Vancouver starting December 8. Good luck with that…..

6 years ago

Haha..David in the testimonials is actually Michael, and that pic is stolen from a birthday party invite.
Mistress Joy, or whoever she is, should use google image reverse search.

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