Mack, Kreuk and Hildreth getting outed for role in slave cult

Just three days after Frank Report published Hypocrite Kristin Kreuk tells Hollywood Reporter women must stand against Weinstein, but silent on Raniere, online gossip magazines are reporting that Miss Kreuk and Allison Mack played strong roles in Keith Raniere’s NXIVM cult.

Miss Kreuk left the cult several years ago.  Miss Mack is still in.

Actor Mark Hildreth was with the cult for 10 years. He recruited Kristin who recruited  Allison. All three of them brought in recruits and some of their recruits brought in recruits.

The Atlantic Telegraph is calling NXIVM “The Smallville Cult”

 Smallville Cult Brands “Slave” Members with Initials of Former Star Allison Mack

The story reports that Kruek is still a follower:

Sources are reporting the little-known NXIVM self-help group, which counts former Smallville stars Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk amongst its followers, has been associated with branding the initials of the group’s founder and those of Allison Mack, in a disturbing initiation ceremony where the “slave” initiates beg their “masters” to be branded.
An illustration from the Atlantic Telegraph. Notice the brand is right below Kristin Kreuk.


A Data Lounge story also outs Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk:

The Cult Leader, the Smallville Star and Catherine Oxenberg


Data Lounge also outs Mark Hildreth.

They posted his picture [below]  with the following comment:

Actor/Musician Mark Hildreth was in the cult too but seems to have freed himself. (But is his hot ass branded, or was that just for the ladies?)

It’s just a matter of time when all three actors are permanently branded with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Unless they speak up. And denounce.

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  • This article explains nothing talks about nothing there’s no in-depth conversation about anything. I am willing to listen to the allegation said, but you must at least have quotes from The women inside, or anything. This article literally had no information whatsoever.

  • I have actually begun to change my mind about how those who leave NXIVM-ESP should be treated. As long as they are willing to apologize to anyone they harmed while they were in the cult, admit to what they know about the cult and Raniere, and agree to work in cooperation with others to take this evil enterprise down, I’m willing to welcome them aboard and treat them as allies. Does that sound like a fair deal?

    • Exactly right. Even Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, and Anthony Ames, who were only one tier below the top, were skillfully deluded for years about the reality of what was going on in the Raniere-verse. The trainings promote “critical thinking,” but only to criticize the outside world, never to question the Raniere-verse.

      An apology to those recruited while under the thrall of the Raniere-verse, and telling your tale of recruitment and exit, are sufficient penance for me.

    • Allison has been regurgitating variations of platitudes like these on her Twitter and Instagram feeds for years.This is the “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, or “you grow in adversity”, mantras that all cults like to sell. This is nothing new and these platitudes are simply a fact of reality.

      However, the people of destructive cults are manipulated, conned, and/or deluded. As more people leave the fake mission due to the actions of the leadership of the cult, those followers who remain and their leaders do the opposite of what they profess to teach: they don’t accept responsibility. They see it as an “us against the world” mentality, and the leaders continue to ingratiate the egos of the remaining members while they thought reform them in the process with their intensives and EMs.

      Mark Vicente came up with a variety of points as to what these group sell the remaining members about those who leave, of course shirking their own responsibility and casting it onto the latter:

      He never overcame his worldly attachments and in the end his need for a career was his achilles heel. He called it his dream but it was really just an attachment.
      He never embraced honor and nobility.
      He never understood the tribute of others. He clung to pride and wouldn’t humble himself.
      He was too weak to endure the adversity of the mission.
      He got confused about the spiritual path.
      He wants to live a life of comfort and ease.
      He was too attached to his wife.
      He is too dependent and can’t think for himself. His wife had undue influence over him.
      He is too emotional and reactive and refuses to do the work to be emotionally even and consistent.
      We thought he was family…. we were wrong.
      He couldn’t see the larger vision.
      He didn’t want to grow anymore.
      He balked at the spiritual path and lost his way.
      He’s off on a sabbatical for a while.
      His pride led him to be a suppressive.

      As you can see, a number of them speak to this idea elaborated upon above:

      “He was too weak to endure the adversity of the mission.”
      “He wants to live a life of comfort and ease.” (ironically, this applies to the Vanguard himself)
      “He didn’t want to grow anymore.”

      These cults are particularly dangerous and difficult to extract people from because they profess to believe in most (~70% or ~80%?) of what people already think is objectively good, but it is for the self-serving and ulterior motives of the people who benefit from it the most. It is used to control, manipulate you out of your money and time, use you for sexual gratification, etc.

  • You “report” that the Smallville Cult article says “Kreuk is still a follower.”


    The gossip rag just SLOPPILY says that “NXIVM counts AM and KK amongst its followers”…but does NOT claim it has any info that KK is STILL involved, which would be contrary to all sources posting on your report. And I am disappointed you reported their slop as fact.

    A discriminating reader would infer correctly that the gossip writer just sloppily did not clarify who “is or was” amongst the followers. It also mentions Branson, Linda Evans and Hildreth…why not pass on as fact that they also are still involved and about to be branded?

    By you taking sloppy language from a gossip rag and requoting it as fact, lowers your credibility as a legit news reporter. Considering all your good work done on this story that would be a shame.

    If you have any valid info that KK is STILL in NXIVM, you should reveal it…otherwise stop regurgitating fake news.

    Kruek may have to own up for her past actions, but she NXited years ago and shouldn’t have to be falsely implicated in DOS…but sadly for Kristin, her name draws a lot of readers to blogs.

  • I think it would be wise to concentrate on trying to get the people who are still in out, rather than vilifying those who have left, particularly Kristen Kreuk who has been out of the organization for 5 years now. Perhaps she feels the need to just move on with her life, and try and put it all behind her. She may well be suffering from PTSD for all we know. Not everyone can handle the intense pressure they’d be put under if they spoke out against the organization, and I am sure there will be intense pressure.

  • Kristin Kreuk doesn’t come across as someone who would have the internal fortitude or resolve to go public with anything she knows.It’s a lot to process that one of your best friends who you met on a kid’s TV show and you hired to the cult has started a slavery/human branding group. Even Grace Park, Olivia Cheng etc it might be asking too much. Mark Hildreth was the most senior for years. He hasn’t got a successful career that could be undermined by coming out. All that would be damaged is some pride. He should step up and do the honorable thing, let everything he knows into the public domain so that more pressure can be put on that psychopath Keith Raniere.

  • Sorry, I don’t see anywhere in the article where it states or implies that Kristin played a “strong” role in this cult. I see an association in name only, nothing with respect to any roles played, and certainly nothing to link her to the “sorority” and branding.

    Also, it’s a false equivalency to group their participation as equivalent. Allison is still in, and Mark only left this past summer. She has no Keith Raniere Conversation videos among them, which even Grace Park has. Kristin has been out for five years as she appears to be the only one who took the Times Union report written back in February of 2012 by James Odato seriously enough to leave, after reading about his past history with teen girls. AllIison, Mark Hildreth, Grace, Mark Vicente, and Sarah Edmondson were all more strongly participatory than Kristin since that time up until this year, with Allison still apparently in it.

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