Hypocrite Kristin Kruek tells Hollywood Reporter women must stand against Weinstein, but silent on Raniere

Kristin Kruek talks big about championing women, but is small when it comes to speaking out against Keith Raniere, the champion female abuser.


Probably no two actresses did more to help Keith Raniere build his female enslavement cult than Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

Readers of Frank Report know Allison’s tragic tale. Some know that Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison into NXIVM.

Kristin Kreuk was a NXIVM coach and had the rank of Yellow Sash, 2 stripes, at the same time she was starring in Smallville.

Kreuk also appeared on stage on behalf of Raniere and allowed her name to be used to recruit and promote Raniere in the media and in the recruitment efforts by NXIVM’s team of multi-level marketers.

Kristin headlined a concert/college recruitment effort for NXIVM in late 2007 in Albany.

Her participation in Raniere -world encouraged a lot of young women to join NXIVM.

At one time, Kreuk seemed to be interested in getting teens into NXIVM. Raniere has been accused of raping teens and pre-teens. Kreuk started something called “Girls by Design”, which was said to be the brainchild of Raniere.

One source said:

I was around the Cult at the time [Girls be Design] was being developed and overheard Nancy Salzman talk about it more than once. Kristin Kreuk even stayed at Salzman’s house (it’s what they did to attempt to brainwash these people) when planning ‘Girls by design’ out.
I don’t think Kreuk knew what the man behind the curtain [Keith Raniere] had planned for her or her young girls.

Sources say Kreuk figured out what Keith had in mind for her and sneaked away, around 2012, leaving Allison to languish under the spell of the cult.

Her former boyfriend and actor, Mark Hildreth, who recruited Kreuk into NXIVM, slunk away this year after Raniere reportedly tried to steal his girlfriend, a young aspiring actress from New York City.

Evidently all he cared for was to save his own skin. Not one public word of condemnation has been uttered from Mark since he left – despite being fully aware of the DOS branding and blackmail scheme.

One public statement from Mark would have gone a long way when we were fighting to get media attention regarding Raniere’s brutal crimes against women.

It is said that Kristin Kreuk made a tepid, behind-the-scenes effort to ease her conscience and try to get Allison out. She chose the coward’s way – slinking away. She has said nothing publicly about what she knows Keith Raniere is doing to women – many of whom are her friends.

Kreuk sneaked out of NXIVM – and never said a word. Even after the New York Times came out with their story confirming the branding, Kreuk has said nothing.

Instead, Kreuk is giving interviews championing women who speak out against male abuse. She condemns Harvey Weinstein, but not Keith Raniere.

In a Hollywood Reporter story she waxes hypocritical : The title “MIPCOM: Kristin Kreuk Predicts More Female Stories in Wake of Harvey Weinstein Scandal.’

Here are some of Kreuk’s comments.

Women will no longer stay quiet in Hollywood over male dominance on- and off screen and will fight for more female stories and roles, Beauty and the Beast star Kristin Kreuk told The Hollywood Reporter in discussing the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

“Everyone is ready. If people didn’t do it [fight for female stories] before, they’d get destroyed now,” Kreuk said in Cannes as the downfall of the disgraced movie mogul continues to play out. “What he was able to do, it’s heartbreaking. Weinstein had access to money and power in a business where there’s women everywhere.”

That is breathtaking hypocrisy.

The story goes on to promote Kreuk who will appear in an upcoming Canadian TV series Burden of Truth.

It is described as an indie-drama that

has Kreuk playing a big-city lawyer, Joanna Hanley, who, after being passed over for partnership, returns to her hometown to take on what she thinks is a simple case, only to find herself in a fight for justice for a group of sick girls.

Fighting in a TV drama for a group of sick girls, but doing nothing about a real group of girls being abused in DOS.

She is not a person seeking justice; she only plays one on TV.

“You need people to protect female stories….  And our show is very female focused. The stories are about women, and young girls, growing up and in love. We really need women in the room to protect them,” Kreuk said.

CBC will premiere 10 episodes of Burden of Truth in winter 2018. By that time, I suspect the stench surrounding Kreuk will make the show untenable and the actress unbelievable.

Kreuk came out – not against Raniere – whom she knows, and is still hurting women – but against Weinstein – who she probably does not know – and who is already ‘decommissioned’ from any position where he could do much harm to any woman.

Kreuk went on to tell the Hollywood Reporter:

“Especially now, women are making their voices heard, and they know it’s on them to tell the stories they want to tell. And they want to do that.” Kreuk said.

Hypocrisy like Kristin’s is not found in nature. She must have worked very hard at it.  Maybe it’s part of the “executive success” she learned from Raniere…


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  • I see very few victims in this. What I do see is weak people willing to follow a subscribed path to no where. Chances are if you were part of NXIVM, you were part of the problem.

    I see Godless people, I see desperate people, I see people willing to shell out vast sums of money to digest this non-sense that was being dispensed. I also see people wanting to belong to anything; something.

    I don’t mention the main idiots’ name because he is already dead.

    For under $1000, y’all could have learned to mediate, been assigned a one-word mantra and moved on but you choose this path.

    Not much sympathy heading your way.

  • OLIVIA CHENG was a primary recruiter for Raniere. She aggressively pursued girls and women who fit his “type”. Where’s her accountability? She was as involved as Edmondson.

    • She was also the leader of “One Asian”, a NXIVM shell company, possibly used for money laundering. Do you know if she was actively recruiting women/girls for the sole purpose of having sexual contact with Keith Raniere?

  • There’s still no proof that Kristin Kruek participated, or knew about the things Allison Mack was involved in while she was NXIVM. Allison Mack was one of my favorite Actress, and she was my favorite Character in Smallville so don’t get the impression i’m being Bias on Kristin’s behalf. Frank, don’t destroy her life without knowing if she was involved with the wrong doings. That looks bad on you, and undermines your own integrity. Kristin probably carries the burden, and guilt for ever getting Allison involved with Keith Raniere. That does not mean Kristin knew what Keith Raniere was involved in, or had planned when she introduced Allison to him.

  • Are you obsessed with Kristin Kreuk? I just used the search on your side. You have been spreading this rubbish for years.

    I do not think you can report unbiased. Very sad!

  • The tone and the insinuations in this report are awful. also extremely one-sided and judging without any authority.

    If you really see “Hypocrisy” in her actions, you may should look at ur own “Hypocrisy” first ! You turn a victim into the villain. You don’t help the victims. You show, that they can get a victim again!

    There is always a difference between “encouraging others” and “talking about your own story” – there is no shame! You seem to know very less about cults in general.

  • You clearly have a beef with KK and you are unfairly taking out all of NXIVM’s crap out on her.

    Ihave no clue where you are getting your info from. Kristin is NOT a hypocrite!! She got out and I don’t blame her for leaving it behind and trying to forget about it. Mark is the one who took advantage of KK and made NXIVM seem like a good thing. When she realized what was really going on she got out and separated herself from the group and everyone in it. Which is what anyone would do.

    And where did you get the idea that Mark is out? Just this past year he posted a bunch of conversations he had with Keith. He is in awe of him. You can practically see his eyes glazed over as Raniere is talking.

    As for KK, I completely understand why she didn’t say anything, it was obviously an unpleasant experience and she wants it to stay in the past. That doesn’t make her coward.

    Unless you have talked with her and or know the kind of person she is, which you clearly don’t, don’t sit back and attack her for someone else’s crimes.

    And did you ever think that she may be speaking up about these things because she has had experiences with people like Keith and Harvey and she doesn’t want it to continue? She doesn’t have to name names, she just has to care. Which she clearly does. And like some other people have said, the subject was Harvey, so that’s why she talked about it. It’s completely ridiculous and unfair for you to blame her for not mentioning someone else.

    Raniere is the creep. Let’s not lose sight of that by pinning the blame on someone who has had nothing to do with the cult in almost 6 years now.

  • This Cult is a logical end to female SJWs looking for meaning within a ‘movement’ and it also sadistic enough to satisfy every Feminist’s sexual fantasy.

  • There used to be an old website Saratoga In Decline that had a lot information. You can still access some via the wayback machine. Frank has a link to some comments here:


    The language is unnecessarily crude but shows you how long all this information has been in the public domain. These conversations are very similar to the ones on this blog and this was 6 years ago. Some of the posters sound very familiar to current ones especially the infatuated celebrity supporters, and that actually helps to to understand how cults keep you entrapped. Through your desire, attachments and a cult of personality amongst other things that makes you lose objectivity. KR has created that cult of celebrity around himself so his followers can’t bear criticizing him.

    Frank has a loose tabloid style to cause waves. There is a lot of FUD around who did what, but there definitely is this Smallville/Edgemont/Vancouver nexus that should be coming out and putting a light on everything.

    It is depressing that it has taken actual human branding to punch a whole in the dam after so long. What will it take to collapse the whole thing, a death?

  • Questions for Frank – You say that no actresses did more than Kruek and Mack to help Raniere build his female enslavement cult. Can you share the numbers of women that each of them recruited and show how their number of recruits compare to those of other actresses who are /were in the cult such as Grace Park or Olivia Cheng.

    How could those two be credited with doing more to build the enslavement empire than actress Sara Edmondson who ran the recruitment center in Vancouver where Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and many other TV shows and movies were filmed? If not for that center there in Hollywood North, how many of those young, vulnerable actresses would have ever found their way to Albany in the first place?

    After months of mocking Allison Mack, painting her as one of the main villains, and labelling her most likely to be arrested, why is her name now not included among the 29 or so names you listed as most likely to face criminal charges in your Oct. 18 post-New York Times story?

    I’ve read about Kristin, Allison and Nicki at that Acapella thing in Albany, but in addition to that, you say that Kruek allowed her name to be used to promote NXVIM in the media and in its recruitment efforts. Can you share copies of these media and marketing materials?

    While Girls by Design seems like a devious way to find impressionable young girls for Raniere, unless I missed it, I’m wondering why it wasn’t included on your list of the 400+ domain names used by NXIVM?

    You described Kruek’s efforts to get Mack out as “tepid.” Were the previous reports on here from supposed insiders claiming Kruek tried for years to get Mack out and staged multiple interventions not true, or is that your definition of a “tepid” effort?

    It appears that the Raniere Conversation videos featuring Mark Hildreth and Grace Park have been removed from Youtube. Do you know if Hildreth and Park agreed to remain silent in exchange for getting those videos removed?

    • Vanguard enters his bedroom expecting a DOS slave but finds a fish on his bed.
      “What’s this?” he says.
      “It’s a Sicilian message. It means Keith Raniere sleeps with the fishes.”

  • I can understand why she would not want to make a statement at any of her events, but, making a personal statement in support of her friend Sarah Edmondson would speak volumes to the world, and the people in NXIVM. Yes, she was smart enough to get out when she realized NXIVM was not all it had cracked up to be. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon after it’s loaded with fans, to be a real hero like Sarah, you have to stand up and get in the game early. Thank you again Sarah, no worries, we got you.

    • And Kristin will have my total respect if she speaks out. But I also have to wonder if her feelings on this are somewhat mixed precisely because of the responsibility she may feel for recruiting Allison. Those two were so close for well over a decade, and I imagine it’s a struggle to try to reconcile the Allison of today with the image of the person she knew for so many years. Her first instinct might be to keep quiet publicly and try to keep escape hatch open to Allison as long as humanly possible, just on the off chance Allison would reach out and try to ask for help leaving (especially since Allison’s immediate family have apparently been drinking the koolaid, so they presumably aren’t losing their minds begging her to come home). I could understand some lingering reluctance to close that door. I was really shocked when I first heard that both Kristin and Mark had left, but Allison had remained behind.

      I mean, if I had been the one to pull a dear friend of so many years into an abusive hell that completely warped her beyond recognition, and then left her there to keep perpetuating the cycle of abuse, which hurt other friends of mine…?

      I simply don’t know exactly how I would deal with that, to make me sleep better at night. I don’t know if I see a path that would ever make me sleep easy. Allison was instagramming a quote today, idealizing dying young in the name of your beliefs – it’s fucking chilling to watch and feel so helpless, that we can all see the red flags of where this could be heading. Trying to imagine being in Kristin’s place as the one who walked her in the door and lit this spark? I cannot fathom it. And I can understand the perspective of victims who are upset and want Kristin to speak out on their behalf, but I also can’t imagine how this situation will be anything but painful for Kristin no matter what she ultimately chooses to do. The post above painting a narrative of her silence being motivated by cold apathy towards everyone involved seems staggeringly cruel.

      So I feel a bit hesitant to judge Kristin no matter what she ends up doing, but at the same time, there are clear heroes to root for in this narrative, and a very obvious villain. I hope the focus stays on uplifting the voices like Sarah and those who stand alongside her, and praising them for their courage and kindness. Because they’re the ones who are gathering the momentum that’s getting people out, making new recruits think twice when they google, and generally breaking this cycle that’s been going on for years.

      • Kristin shouldn’t feel guilty for “recruiting” Allison. Why? If it wasn’t her, it would’ve been somebody else. This is what cults do. Many hide behind the mask of legitimate businesses – just like their leaders hide behind the mask of ethical, religious, or spiritual individuals – and slowly thought reform you into dependency upon them. This cult hides behind NXIVM and its many variations, e.g., Jness, ESP, DOS, The Source, etc., which promise self-help or self-improvement using an Amway like multi-level marketing scheme business model (or lack thereof) based on forming a pyramid like structure of recruitment, organization, and commissions structure, where those at the top make the most, while those at the bottom make little to nothing. The victim goes into an intensive looking to better themselves, and unwittingly falls under a mild form of brainwashing where they are manipulated into feeling good by the end of it and are coaxed into recruiting more people because that is the plan. The “there is no ultimate victims” card that NXIVM plays is bullshit. The child who is sexually abused? The person who follows all traffic laws, but still gets run into and put into the hospital by someone who runs a red light? The customer at a bank that is robbed who gets shot in the process because he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sometimes people play a part in their situation, and sometimes they don’t. Each has its own context. When Kristin joined this group, it was way back in the 2005/2006 time frame far away from Clifton Park, when there wasn’t much negative information out there on it. Do you think if she knew the things as they are now – that NXIVM is a sex cult for its leader and to live off of others while hiding the money he makes – that she would have joined, or that she would’ve recruited Allison to? Guilt and shame should be based on legitimate responsibility, not upon something you thought you were doing out of good and sincere intentions. Kristin got out. Others got out. So if Allison wants to blind herself to Reality with all of the information out there now, and refuses to get out even though Kristin allegedly tried to help by intervening, then that’s Allison’s fault. There is a point where people do become responsible for their own situations and can’t play the victim card anymore.

        Clear proof has come to you from your Lord: if anyone sees it, that will be to his advantage; if anyone is blind to it, that will be to his loss – “I am not your guardian.”

  • It’s not too late for Kristin Kreuk to do something “positive: about Raniere and ESP. Kristin: Just go to your local FBI office – and tell one of the Special Agents everything you know about this illegal operation. You’ll sleep better at night.

  • She created a programme for under age girls influenced by Raniere’s teachings. Luckily she is quite flaky and didn’t follow through or that could have been a disaster. She also taught for years using her celebrity just like Mark Hildreth. They still go on and on about other causes on their social media. It’s not unreasonable say that she should shed a light on abuse she is fully aware of. She has responsibilities here, however unwittingly, Mark even more so. He was in for a decade.

    • Based on your comment icon, aren’t you the same “insider” who has posted in defense and friendship of KK and MH in the past…but your comments on this post seem more harsh now…saying “Kreuk always talks as if she is deeper/ more moral than other people” and is “flakey.” Also, you criticize MH for having been so long and deep in NXIVM, but who hides now that the shit hit the fan.
      I could be misreading today’s posts (or misremembering your old ones) but it seems your opinions has changed….

      • Whatever you put in the “email” field gets “hashed” into an icon. If a commenter always uses the same “email” field, s/he always gets the same icon.

        But everyone who leaves that field blank gets the same default icon. So that icon doesn’t tell you much about who is commenting.

  • Hey Frank, there’s enough controversy for you to report on from current stuff that’s going on right now.

    Don’t be a dick. It’s not necessary. Kristin has nothing to do with this.

    When you reach like this, you start to discredit the stuff you’re writing that might have merit.

    If you spend too much time in the gutter, potentially legitimate accusations are going to get washed down the sewer drain.

    If you let the sensationalism get the best of you, you’ll be preaching to sensationalists only.

    Don’t drink that koolaid.

    You come off like an asshole when you do.

  • Frank, don’t be so hard on innocent people. Your mission shouldn’t include hurting victims of this disaster in order to accomplish your goals of bringing NXIVM down. Thats the kinda thing Keith does.

    Also, I agree with the poster above in that your focus should turn towards the local authorities and why they haven’t taken action. Youre punishing Kristen for the same thing you are u willing to do.

    So, are you willing to put further spot light on the local authorities that have failed to take action? Please expose

  • Don’t think it is that harsh, these people spent years in senior positions, teaching and recruiting and earning money for a cult. They used their influence and fame to do so.They were warned against NXIVM for years, there were many black signals on record but they obstinately refused to listen. We don’t have to condemn them but they morally should take responsibility for their actions.

    They are also generally the type of self-aggrandizing virtue-signallers who promote right-on causes to do with diversity, third-word development and oppression. Yet here and now when they finally have a cause they are 100% part of they go missing.

    Here is Mark Hildreth singing about Las Vegas: https://www.facebook.com/mark.hildreth.14/videos/10155468348225041/

    The rest of his social media is to do with vapid inspirational quotes and his new album as if nothing has happened. He hasn’t learned a thing.

    Kreuk always talks as if she is deeper/ more moral than other people but her average career choices and actions speak otherwise. I’m sure she is a ‘nice’ person but she recruited the brander-in-chief.

    Mark Vicente has joined multiple pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo spiritual cults and still doesn’t understand why. On his blog he says “How did I, with a supposed enquiring ‘scientific’ mind, completely ignore this” !!! It is staggering that he still thinks he has any clue about the scientific method. He followed a leader that years ago was trying to patent how to spot a Luciferian!!! https://www.improbable.com/2017/10/18/keith-ranieres-inventive-patents/

    These guys deserve sympathy but shouldn’t deny their own agency. It’s funny that after so many years of ‘Rational Inquiry’ they actually are not that self-aware. They got trapped because of their desires, ambition and narcissism. They came from privileged backgrounds, they wanted to feel special, they thought they were different and over the years have been happy to tell everyone.

    I feel far more sorry for the people we will never know about exploited at the bottom of this ponzi pyramid scheme who were in thrall to these lot.

    • Actually it is very harsh, since you people obviously don’t know how cults work. Cults hide themselves behind facades of legitimate businesses. They love bomb, slowly indoctrinate, and treat certain members better than others.

      This entire article is black stain on this site. It is victim shaming and utter stupidity. Kristin quit around the 2011/2012 time frame, maybe before the Times Union article came out, but certainly after, while many of her friends still remained in. Despite the negativity in the press, who is she going to trust more? Some third hand information, fans who are telling her to get out, or people she knows and who are love bombing her all the time? Yet she still trusted her gut and left on her own, and there is no evidence whatsoever that she knew anything about of the internal machinations of Raniere and those closest to him.

      If everything is so easy to see, and is so fucking illegal, why haven’t any of the authorities stepped in and done anything? Why aren’t you people fucking blaming the authorities who your tax dollars are supporting instead of some celebrity who lives in a different country and works in the entertainment industry. You guys are blaming a celebrity who trusted her gut and got out well before even Kristin Keeffe revealed anything about Raniere and she was with him for decades.

  • One poster predicted the DOS scandal will fade from the news as natural disasters and higher profile sex scandals like Weinstein get all the press…..
    Probably true…
    Today the LATimes wrote that 38 aspiring actresses were sexually harassed by indie writer/director James Toback. Soon Vanguard will be smiling as he reads about such scandals in the Fiji Times…where no mention of DOS will appear.


  • I would not be so harsh on people who are not inner circle for some time. Yes she might get it off her conscience and help people by speaking out. But let us be honest, everyone of us did wrong things in our past and the questions is whether we learned from it or not and became a better person.
    If she chose to use her energy on something positive it is fine. Who are we to judge someone you or we probably never met? If it is true that she wanted to help girls in their teens, maybe early 20s and that is good. Maybe there will be a better cause she can put her energy in.
    On top of that, there is a lot to lose for her. These people might know some of her secrets as well and as it seems to me, they might use them whenever they can gain something. What does she get from coming forward like Ms Edmondson?
    I mean it was a brave move of her to step up and speak to the NYT, despite the fact that KR will try to get her convicted. Maybe Kristin is simply not that kind of person. Who can blame her?

  • People are reading this blog who have struggled to get their friends and family out. This cult has ruined lives. Describing a victim attempting to take responsibility and get out someone she recruited, as a “cowardly” action done “only to ease someone’s conscience” is really despicable. I cannot imagine the guilt Kristin must feel knowing what has happened to Allison since she left. I cannot imagine the guilt that others who have left feel if those they have recruited remain inside. My heart goes out to everyone who is in that position.

    (Kristin also gave the comment on Weinstein at an international event where she was in attendance to sell her own show to overseas buyers – it would come off as wildly unprofessional to comment on something scandalous like this in the context of being at a professional event as the face of a production when your job is to make sales.)

    Sarah and the others who contributed to the NYT article and are speaking out now are heroes and should be commended as such for their bravery. Nothing should diminsh that. They also have the support of an entire community behind them who have their backs, and the feeling of momentum with the deluge of NXiters. People who have left one-by-one over the years in the past have been terrorized and threatened and had their lives completely ruined by Keith in endless legal nightmares drawn out over many years. Anyone who has spoken out in the face of that fear is incredible and should be commended, but anyone who has been victimized by this cult and has been frightened of speaking out shouldn’t be blamed either.

    The villain here is Keith, not anyone else (except perhaps the authorities who have looked the other direction for so many years while knowing exactly what he is). Let’s not focus on tearing down his victims and pointing the finger at them for not doing more. Let’s not forget that Keith is the only one truly responsible for this situation, that he’s the sole architect of this living nightmare, and that he’s used the power and wealth he’s amassed by conning his victims to create a culture of fear that has completely terrified anyone who left for many years.

    Rather than tearing down victims that Keith has hurt, where is the scathing focus on the police and attorneys who have waved off all complaints for so many years? I would rather see detailed pieces on this blog regarding the members of the Albany law enforcement community who have chosen to look the other way for years, so people can raise complaints and maybe build up some actual momentum while stories are airing on Albany news outlets regularly each night. Those are the people who have truly, truly allowed this nightmare to continue and those are the people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public, because their job is to protect the people in their jurisdiction and they are knowingly allowing this to continue in their own backyard when they could have put a stop to it years ago. Laying the blame for Keith continuing to operate in the open at Kristin’s feet is worse than useless right now. Stop choosing the low road at every opportunity you get.

  • This article is stupid. Kristin left five years ago. Where is the callout of Richard Branson for Necker Island or whatever it’s called? She has nothing to do with DOS, and none of her previous actions nor lack of them in now speaking about something she left a half a decade ago as if she’s required to broach the subject makes her a hypocrite.

  • Way, way too harsh, Frank.
    KK was asked about Weinstein BEFORE the NYTimes branding article, so she wasn’t avoiding that public controversy.
    Even if she didn’t sign a gag order when leaving years ago, smart legal advice would have been to lay low, considering how other deserters were persecuted. It is human nature to protect yourself–most victims can not become Leah Remini.
    Now….? With the NYTimes on the story, the full story will either come out or fade away and be forgotten…with or without her involvement.

  • I wonder if Kristin’s reason for not speaking out could be that she may have signed a gag order of sorts? I have heard that when coaches and above resign, they do an interview and sign a document that more or less says they agree to remain on good terms with ESP etc. If she did this, she may have legal concerns about speaking out.

    Kristin, if you signed a document like this please have it examined by an attorney and see what your rights for speaking out are. You cannot remain silent without backlash now.

  • A kid sneaks out of the house to go to a party she’s not allowed to attend. A person leaves a cult. There is a difference. This will never get back to Kristin Kreuk, Alison Mack’s name is nowhere to be found in The NY Times piece. Sorry but this is never going to make Weinstein level news, it’s already forgotten. There is too much going on the world, maybe five years ago this would have picked up some traction, Puerto Rico is a disaster area, California is on fire and the entertainment industry is desperately trying to save face in the wake of all of the allegations coming out. A tiny cult in Albany isn’t even going to make a Friday night Nightline segment.

    • This, of course, is the forget type of thing VanDouche wishes would happen so he could slink back into his the only real “mission” of NXIVM – thought control, sex recruitment, and living off of others.

    • Hi Kat
      Did you wite that message in Seattle this morning, too, or all just more coincidence? Sounds like the bullshit you assholes have been dishing out for the last few years, so I’m a bit suspicious. Not that any of you will ever admit to anything, right? I wonder if Frank will answer my email I sent him the other day…even if it is just to say that he doesn’t think my harassment is connected to NXIVM at all. If that’s the case, I will drop everything and stop pushing back.

  • Being a hypocrite entails doing what you say you won’t do, saying what you don’t do, not doing what you say you will do, etc. It’s when action doesn’t conform to words and vice versa.

    It entails no longer supporting something that doesn’t fit your values, and supposedly she did that back in 2011/2012. It doesn’t entail speaking out against what you once supported because you were love bombed or whatever, even if that is a good course of action. It has already been seen what Raniere does through litigation to those who criticize him. DOS didn’t even exist in NXIVM when she was a participant. She was asked about Harvey Weinstein in an interview, she was never asked about Keith Raniere.

    • The second paragraph should be “Not being a hypocrite entails no longer supporting something that doesn’t fit your values, and supposedly she did that back in 2011/2012. It doesn’t entail speaking out against what you once supported because you were love bombed or whatever, even if that is a good course of action.”

  • In a lot of ways I think this is unfair. Many of us choose to stay silent. Many of us just want to move on with our lives. She was asked a question about HW…why would she talk about Raniere? HW won’t she get, Clare will. HW ain’t ruin her career, Clare will try. Each persons story is their own story to tell. This is victim shaming, Frank. Like all of us, she is a victim too and so is Mark Hildreth. Sometimes it’s just not your fight to fight.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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