Kristin Kreuk Speaks up for Antifa, BLM and Turkish Women; but Remains Silent on Nxivm Victims Who She Helped Recruit

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer funded TV show Burden of Truth. Her character risks her career to protect young women.

Ed. Note: I am expecting Sultan of Six to quickly respond to this criticism of his beloved Kristin Laura Kreuk.  LOL is his nemesis and the two often spar with each other, LOL thinking Kreuk is a hypocrite and Sultan knowing that the actress of his dreams is the most wonderful creature God ever created.

Neither Sultan nor LOL are known to have met Kreuk. Sultan did once try to see her in Albany NY but the winsome actress was unavailable.


Was looking at the latest BLM/Antifart terrorist news on twitter and found this funny and ironic article on someone’s stream.

Kristin Kreuk led a Nxivm-inspired business called Girls By Design.

“Celebrities, Activism, and Silence in the age of BLM and Social Media”

“Actors, Nolan Gould, Kristin Kreuk use their large platforms to make a difference during Black Live Matter and other movements as some celebrities stay noticeably silent”

“Kristin Kreuk takes part in activism and uses her voice by providing a list of books recommended on different race topics and recently raising awareness about femicide in Turkey (violence against Turkish women)”

LOL. Kristin Kreuk does not mind being silent about NXIVM branded sex slaves, but loves online virtue signalling about black criminals and Turkish women being raped and killed by Turkish males, who also committed mass genocide and ethnic cleansing against Greeks, Armenians and others in their own lands and continue to do so against Kurds.

When will the Vatican make Kristin Kreuk a saint? What say you, Frank?

In other news, leftist terrorists have committed more murders against those they call “fascists” and “Nazis” on US streets. Lots of video footage on Twitter to look at.


My reply to LOL:

To answer the question posed to me by LOL, I would say that Kreuk has been disappointingly silent on Nxivm and its abuses. On the other hand, she has been loud in condemning other abusers with which she has no first-hand knowledge.

I doubt she will be canonized by the church. However, one of the women she seems to idolize, Phoolan Devi, a mass murderer in India, is on the high-road to being sainted there.

Mass murderer Phaloon Devi caused the murder of dozens of men by leading her gang to kill them based on her allegations of rape. The problem is that there was no trial – just murder and anyone Phoolan accused of rape was judged guilty without a trial and executed on the spot.

It is uninformed voices like Kruek’s that bring momentum to a terrorist – Phoolan Devi – becoming heralded as a heroine.

I suspect Kreuk is equally uninformed about the true motives of Antifa and many who fund and organize some of Black Lives Matter’s most violent and bullying protests [with looting]. [This is not to say that all the goals under the banner of Black Lives Matter are foul. There are some good people and good ideals there in my opinion. But socialism, Marxism, violence and bullying are not part of what I consider to be good.]

Absent is Kreuk’s voice on her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, and the many people she helped become his victims by being the Nxivm poster girl for recruiting for a decade.

Loud is her voice protesting every other injustice that she thinks is occurring – except, of course, the one she helped create and prosper.

Typical hypocrite actress.

Kristin Kreuk in Mexico promoting Nxivm Mexico with other Nxivm members.


Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack and other Nxivm members.


Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.


Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack put on a show to promote Keith Raniere. Note the banner in the background.

Kristin Kreuk appears on the Canadian taxpayer funded “Burden of Truth” TV show where she plays a brave social justice warrior lawyer who confronts the enemy [bad white men] despite risks to her career.
I will believe Kristin Kreuk is well-intended when she confronts the harm she did to so many women in Nxivm.

That’s my answer – No – she is no saint. Most of us aren’t. And she’s not a devil.

I am hoping in the end she is not something arguably worse – a coward.








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  • Seriously! She is speaking up for ANTIFA! ANTIFA, is no different than a terrorist group! I will no longer be a fan of Kristin if this is true.

      • Ohhhh… the HuffPost!

        Nobody believes that bullshit but stupid leftist twats.

        There is no such thing as “white supremacists”. People like you call anyone white who won’t self loathe by that term. The only whites who are actual terrorists are the leftist bullies murdering those they deem “fascists”, burning down property, etc. BLM and Antifart are the only domestic terrorists in the US. There are ZERO “white” groups or right wing groups as violent as Antifart. And the FBI know it.

        • Let me help with [redacted] —the Huff Post referred to an article in Politico, which quoted Trump’s Dept of Homeland Security reports which said “the primary domestic terrorism threat is white supremacists” (so they think they exist) and made no mention of antifa as a threat of any kind.
          I know that’s hard to comprehend, but you should as least try.
          And if you don’t agree, complain to the Trump Administration

          • Nobody in high places believes the primary terrorist threat comes from right-wingers of any kind. There are zero right-wing groups doing what Antifart, BLM and other leftist groups are doing in America. The violence is purely left wing. The murders, looting, rioting, fires and the like comes from the left. If the Dep. Homeland Security does not mention Antifart as the most violent group in America by far, they prove they are either incompetent or it’s purely political. Even the KKK is nowhere near as violent as Antifart and BLM. People won’t be patronized. Deal with it.

            Name ONE right-wing or “white supremacist” group doing what Antifart and Black Lying Marxists are doing. Name ONE city in America where “white supremacists” are destroying property, setting fire to everything, murdering and assaulting innocent people, etc, like in Portland. Name ONE right-wing group chanting “death to America” like Muslims before their terrorism begins.

            You have nothing to argue with. By trying to pin things on non-existent “white supremacists” you are defending the scum violent left-wing terrorists,[redacted]

          • —-If the Dep. Homeland Security does not mention Antifart as the most violent group in America by far, they prove they are either incompetent or it’s purely political.—

            Are you calling Trump’s DHS incompetent or purely political? You sound like a libtard

  • “I will believe Kristin Kreuk is well-intended when she confronts the harm she did to so many women in Nxivm.”

    This is such a nonsense characterization. LOL.

  • Some people have an ability to conceal their stupidity. Others shout it out from a mountain top. It’s not hard to hear her from a thousand miles away.

      • What is it with you people, incapable of tolerating the tiniest bit of criticism about this one Nxivm member? You get so emotional and can’t debunk what is said so resort to attacking. You might ignore Kreuk’s hypocrisy and role in Nxivm, not to mention her public lie about leaving and pretending to be naive, but not everyone else does. She has been caught out. If you choose to ignore that for whatever reason, don’t attack those who don’t. Curious as to what lies she told people around her about leaving when she didn’t and pretending she knew nothing wrong, even with her name attached. She is a preachy privileged coward and hypocrite.

        • The original “tiniest bit of criticism” was that she was very stupid (maybe dumber than a soapdish) nothing about cowardice or hypocricy which you claim with some justification. Apparently the original writer thinks everyone who was ever in Nxivm proves them stupid. I don’t think that’s the case.
          And considering how many early critics of Nxivm where sued by Bronfman millions (ask Frank) and that any additional statement, even now, by Kreuk would only link more media to her and the “sex cult” and hurt her career…therefore a case could be made that staying silent is a sign of intelligence.

  • I got to know Kristen a bit in a training we were both in. She’s a super sweet person and is genuinely looking to make the world a better place. She struggles a bit with what all young beautiful celebrities struggle with — they are starved for attention, and even when they get it, they only want more. They are addicted to being the center of focus, and so when they meet someone like Keith, who has mastered surrounding themselves with adoring fans, they are hypnotized. Some, like Allison, go all in. Kristen went a similar route as I did – she got a lot of great stuff out of the course, decided it was worth the money and took a few more, and left to live her life. I don’t know that she was deeply involved in enrolling people (we both enrolled a handful of people) but her name never came up in relation to the kerfuffles that popped up over the years.

    • “They are addicted to being the center of focus, and so when they meet someone like Keith, who has mastered surrounding themselves with adoring fans, they are hypnotized.”

      That is so not Kristin. The only reason Kristin stayed in NXIVM for as long as she did is because she’s conflict averse and made some good friends while she was in it. The only things that Keith is good at is bullshitting, ripping others off, and compartmentalizing his deception.

      • Will the real Kristin Crook(ed) please stand up. LOL

        Both of you have opinions, but neither one of you probably know what is going on in Kristin Crook(ed)’s head, which is why SHE needs to speak up. LOL

    • “Kristen went a similar route as I did – she got a lot of great stuff out of the course, decided it was worth the money and took a few more”

      She did more that just take a “few” courses though… She was also a coach on the striped path and was part of legitimising the cult.

      “and left to live her life”.

      But she didn’t leave. According to proctors in contact with Frank Parlato, owner of this site, Kreuk continued to do courses up until at least 2016, despite claiming she left in 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, she was filming a television show in Toronto. Hardly leaving.

      “I don’t know that she was deeply involved in enrolling people (we both enrolled a handful of people)”

      Some of those she enrolled have been identified on this website and her name also was part of the sales drive. According to anti-NXIVM blogger John Tigue who Frank essentially took over from, Mark Vicente (head of recruitment) worked with Kristin Kreuk to spread NXIVM further in Vancouver.

      “but her name never came up in relation to the kerfuffles that popped up over the years.”

      Oh but it did… Her name was on a list of likely future defendants in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit against NXIVM. That same month, the Albany Times Union expose came out which revealed a ton of information about NXIVM and its members, including Keith Raniere’s penchant for little girls, complete with a police report and Kreuk was named as a member. Also that month, John Tigue exposed the Necker Island trip NXIVM members took in 2010 and revealed a little of their financial crimes and also who was involved. Those named individuals were also in O’Hara’s lawsuit. It was in that article that Tigue mentioned Kreuk and Vicente were to boost NXIVM enrolment in Vancouver, mentioned above.

      Question for Frank: seeing as Kreuk was still doing courses up until at least 2016, that means she was a paying customer and paid membership fees, correct?

      • Very weak arguments, and ones that have come up over and over again on this website – get some new material [redacted] LOL

  • Just for you, Frankster, Kreuky really ought to arrange a lovely fake pregnancy and “produce” a baby for herself, on the off-chance that you might give her the benefit of some merciful doubtlessness. Plus, you are not the sort of man to attack a baby, from what I can tell.

    However, this isn’t going to happen, not yet anyhow, as Kreuky is not that proficient at faking it and seems to be rather an introvert and, for the most part, an accidental actress, (and very possibly a sterile individual, shall we oh-so delicately put it) who would rather be an accidental producer, now that she has aged past ingenue roles.

    Too bad her name isn’t Kristin Katharine Kreuk, i.e. KKK. She seems to be somehow oddly important to you as a symbol of hypocrisy. I dunna think that she is worth all of THAT jazz. How about whacking me, instead? That could be a lotta fun.

    • What evidence makes you confident to judge her intelligence?
      What evidence have you shown here or elsewhere that you are smarter?

      • Look at Kristen’s amours. Does Kristin seem wise to you?

        The books Kristin reads btw are the typical pedestrian sort, suited for small minded pseudo intellectuals women, who want to appear intelligent. Keep dreaming.

          • Hello, Anonymous 6:49pm,
            So sorry to offend, but I’ve read one of Kristin’s suggestions and I hated it. Can you say the same? I’m a fan of hers but not a sycophant like you are. Do you know what Kristin’s favorite color is? Kristin doesn’t even ‘like’ know you exist. IMO, I bet you just look at her face and body. Go back to your meager world, loser.

            I am an honors student by the way. Ever get an A+? I doubt it.


  • Frank, spare me your impertinence and hypocritical rhetoric. You attack Kristen’s being with ad hominem and hyperbole. You feed off Kristen’s fame and success. Have you been on three hit tv shows? Does the populace seek your autograph? Leave Kristen and me alone. I have better things to do, other than responding to you, like contemplating my own navel and wrangling my man snake under the covers. Move on, Frank. I moved on a long time ago. Hope all is well, Frank and, once again, congrats on your book.

  • I don’t think Kristin even recognizes the hypocrisy of her position on this, or anything else she’s been signaling on the last few years.

    Such is the mind of a woke, left-wing, celebrity type that can’t think objectively and has very little common sense. It is what it is.

    • Miss Kristin Keuk is just a Canadian backyard celebrity. Nothing more. And that is not very much. So you don’t have to make a fuss about it. Let her few deluded fans take care of it.

      • What would you have us do, look at more pictures of the disgusting Clare Bare? LOL

        Kristin Crook(ed)’s deluded fans won’t do anything…wait for it…wait for it….because…THEY ARE DELUDED. LOL

  • Frank, it’s too late, Kristin Crook(ed) is already a coward – time has LONG passed for her not to be a coward, so there is no recovering from that. LOL

    The best she can do at this point is come clean and not not be a coward, just like the FTC’s chairwoman Edith Ramirez said that they didn’t say that Herbalife wasn’t an illegal pyramid, after bozo Carl Icahn made the claim that the FTC said Herbalife wasn’t an illegal pyramid, even though it is, because of minimal retail sales to non-distributors: LOL

    BLM was founded by Marxists and has Marxist beliefs, which means they have hijacked anything that is good, for bad. LOL

  • “When will the Vatican make Kristin Kreuk a saint?” It will happen faster when Bronfman becomes the world’s first jewish nun and puts in a good word for Kristin Crook(ed). LOL

    I like your name, LOL. LOL

  • Kristen Kreuk supports BLM.d
    In this video clip the leader of BLM Washington DC threatens to kill cops and burn down the White House.
    WATCH: BLM Leader Wants To Put Police In The Grave – The Left Is LOSING It

  • By supporting Anti-Fa and BLM Kristen Kreuk demonstrates what an Asshole she is.
    Yes, Kristen Kreuk is a Communist Asshole.

    Just last night in Portland, Oregon Anti-Fa and BLM set fire to a condo building housing several children.
    While no children were killed only a group of cruel, callous depraved gangsters would try to burn children alive.
    Will Kristen Kreuk take back her praise of Anti-Fa and BLM?
    Will Kreuk condemn Anti-Fa and BLM’s attempt to burn children alive?

    From Breitbart and Twitter

    Portland Rioters Set Fire to Minority-Owned Business in Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Condo Building

    Portland rioters late Monday evening set fire to a minority-owned dental office in Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo building, which allegedly has children living inside, according to videos posted on social media.

    Rioters broke into the Pearl District Dental office building on the ground floor and started a fire inside, according to a video posted by the New York Times‘ Mike Baker.

    A voice could be heard yelling, “There’s f**king kids in the building! What the f**k?!”

    Ian Miles Cheong
    Far left extremists attack an occupied apartment building in Portland and set a fire inside. There are kids living inside.

    Rioters began pulling out furniture from the dental office and burning it in the street.

    TheScoop Independent Journalism
    #Portland: Rioters break into dentist office and burn furniture from inside of it in the street
    12:59 AM · Sep 1, 2020

    As the fire grew, drums could be heard being pounded and music played.

    Baker tweeted: “Some in the crowd broke windows and someone appears to have lit off a firework in the building. Some protesters are upset about this, saying it endangers the people in the building and minority-owned businesses in the complex. Police are now coming.”

    Mike Baker
    Sep 1, 2020
    Portland protesters are back tonight outside the building where Mayor Ted Wheeler supposedly lives. They continue to push the for mayor to resign.

    Police finally declared a riot after the dental office was set on fire, and began making arrests, according to journalist Andy Ngo:

    Andy Ngô
    Portland Police declare a riot after #antifa rioters break into a dentist office near @tedwheeler’s condo & set it on fire. Police finally rush in & make arrests. #PortlandRiots

    Monday night’s rioting marks nearly 100 days of violent protests in Portland. Wheeler has thus far refused federal help from President Donald Trump to quell the rioting and has blamed the violence on him.

  • I have no doubt that Raniere must hide a powerful and gifted secret to conquer Smalville. I suspect that secret is kryptonite for females.

      • Spermatogonium must be Flabturd’s Superdoofus nickname, for when he goes almost naked, clad only in his cape and haunts his once and former wetdreams, up in his cell in Brooklyn. Wait’ll he lands in his real, homey new prison and finds out that he’s lost all appeal. It will be ride ’em cowboy time for him at last.

        Maybe he will meet a squad of long, tall Texans, sample some Tex-Mex fury and spice.

        And here I thought that ejaculate was a verb all of this time and that ejaculant was the noun. But Dr. Ruth had such a consonant-laden accent when offering instructions, and she was no Hugh Hefner. She was so lovable on the radio, but she’s also no Donna Summer.

        Vat vould Dr. Ruth have to say about Raniere using “human growth potential” as an excuse to screw everybody, whether they were nailed down or not? No matter the cage, no matter the age. Vas he, that Reindeer man, trying to use sex as a solvent against his deep sense of impotency? His phallus vas his tower of power? Vas he neurologically damaged or just a schweinehund?

        I tried to consult the volume, For Consenting Adults Who Shop: The International Guide to Penises, but it’s temporarily stowed away, far off in a lingerie drawer up in my mind. Perhaps better unwritten anyway, for the Toms, Dicks, Harrys, Peters and LongJohn Silvers are already such experts.

        • It would be wonderful to be able to ask Sara Bronfman IDon’tGetIt about the length, the breadth and the depth of her pummeling for & by Lama Dama DingDong, the Dalai Lama’s monk/representative. I am curious about his dong. How was he equipped? Short but thick? A pencil dick? God forbid, not that. But shirley, Sara won’t care to remember, now that she is a short-haired matron and was complacent or jugheaded enough to marry that reptilian guy who wanted to run Libya. Tammy Wynette has a song for outlasting reptiles called D-I-V-O-R-C-E, plaintive but catchy.

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