If Keith invented teleconferencing, why does Doug Engelbart get credit?

Douglas C. Engelbart seems to have developed teleconferencing. But Keith Raniere claims he did but lost the patent.


Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn said Vanguard is a liar. She’s only partially correct: he’s a lot worse than that.

In 2014, Keith Raniere sued Microsoft and AT&T in Federal Court in Texas. The case was thrown out earlier this year.

Chief Judge Barbara Lynn said, “The case was exceptional because it stands out from others with respect to the unreasonable manner in which it was litigated”.

She said Keith Raniere’s conduct, “…culminating in his untruthful testimony at the hearing on the motion to dismiss, demonstrates a pattern of obfuscation and bad faith”.

Keith merely claimed he invented teleconferencing. The problem was he didn’t own any  patents. There were some patents filed 20 years ago, but owned by someone else.  Keith said he had a written agreement from the owner on the patents. Where was it? He lost it.

In federal court, he produced a fraudulent document that purported to give him ownership of the patents. Microsoft and AT&T caught him in his lie.  The lawsuit was tossed out and the judge had to decide whether to put Keith in prison for perjury or sanction him.

She decided to fine Keith $1.2 million to reimburse the lawyers for Microsoft and AT&T.

Keith is suing again, this time in State Court, trying to prove he owns patents not in his name. He has no proof, no written documentation.

Keith Raniere may have invented teleconferencing. Although Doug Englebart, of Stanford Research International, seems to have invented it.

Douglas+Engelbart,+1963+Turing+Award,+1998+–+this+is+a+big+deal!Of all the visionaries of Silicon Valley, none were greater than Doug Engelbart.

It seems a shame that Doug, who died in 2013, at age 88, would have to steal this essential invention away from Keith – who was only eight years old at the time it was invented.

Keith has gotten some credit for his unique talents.

Doug has many other credits. Keith has none.

Doug designed modern computers as a whole. His work transformed the way people use computers. He is the father of modern computer technologies and the father of the internet.

And they give Doug, not Keith, credit for inventing on-screen video teleconferencing and video conferencing. They give Doug credit for developing the use of computers on ARPAnet, the predecessor of today’s internet.

Keith says he has had people killed for their beliefs.
Keith was inventive in the lies he put in his bio about Consumers’ Buy Line. But his worst ever transgression may be that sweater.

Why didn’t Keith invent the internet?

Doug developed shared screen collaboration, multiple windows, word processing, hypermedia, object addressing and dynamic file linking, and a collaborative real-time editor.  He developed computer time sharing, network computing, graphical computing, the graphical user interface and hypertext links – by 1968.

Two inventors, one a Vanguard, who is accused of lying to a federal judge about who owned a patent. The other a man who was the prophet of the way we do computing these days.

Vanguard spent his whole life fucking women, enslaving them, cheating people out of their life savings, and suing people into oblivion through perjury.

Doug spent his whole life trying to improve human knowledge and connecting inventors and scientists together. He never made them sign confidentiality agreements.

Keith Raniere’s honors include the annual Vanguard Week, a 10 day celebration of his nativity, and daily tribute at every ESP Intensive.

Keith invented a death and demise timeline he would send to women to threaten them.
Doug Engelbart developed video conferencing when Keith was eight years old. Is it possible that Keith tipped Doug off on how to do it?

Doug Engelbart honors include the National Medal of Technology, the Lemelson-MIT Prize and the Turing Award.

Keith has filed 87 patents, none of which is in use.

Doug received 21 patents, the last one of which — received in 1970 — was for the computer mouse.

Doug’s technology and approaches to computing were further developed at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, Apple Computer, Microsoft and elsewhere. Doug was so far ahead of his time, it took more than 20 years for Apple to figure out how to use the technology from XEROX, which had taken it from Doug.

Keith invented the world’s first multi-level blackmail and branding scheme, called DOS.

Keith sues anyone who shares any knowledge from anything he claims to have invented.

Doug never sued anyone. He wanted this knowledge shared with the world.

Doug Englebart has been compared to Leonardo DaVinci.

Keith Raniere has been compared to Charlie Manson.


Doug with his invention – the mouse.
Keith Raniere holds intellectual patents (some are pending) in the areas of human potential, ethics, expression, voice and musical training, athletic performance, commerce and business management, education and learning, child development, community building, information processing and human modeling. He also holds several technological patents on computer inventions and a sleep-guidance system. Not one of his patents are being used anywhere outside of his cult.


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  • This is reminiscent of Raniere’s current battle with Microsoft and AT&T in which he made similar stupid claims in court about some 30-year old patents that he claimed to own. First, the U.S. Patent Office invalidated several of those patents and then the judge in the case ordered Raniere to pay the legal fees of Microsoft and At&T. Sad…

    And let’s not forget that the same U.S. Patent Office also denied his claim for a patent on “Rational Inquiry”. Even the government has its limits when it comes to bullshit.

  • Deep down Vanguard is really a very fear-ridden guy, poor dear. He feels so small and insecure that he needs to make up all these ridiculous lies, control his harem and followers and try to scare the shit out of anyone who disagrees with him, questions him or tries to hold him accountable for his obscenely impulsive actions. Poor little guy is so insecure that he makes sure any new person he meets has already gone through sufficient ‘curriculum’ before they’re invited to see him (he might not be able to brainwash them otherwise) and well… if anyone ever dares leave him or his ‘companies’ (i.e. criminal enterprises) he lashes out like a desperate little two year old. Poor dear I think we all best pray for the redemption of his little lost soul.

    • he sees people after 16 day intensive just so they are prepared. just like you do not teach Algebra to kindergartener. this is not for His sake but the woman’s sake. Look what happened to the women who were unprepared who he met. They left and lost out. No Vanfuard knows best. Do you ?

        • The women are parasites except for Lauren and Karen. Dawn is pretty good but she is stupid. One day long after you and I are forgotten they will worship Vanguard and know who great he was. Just remember my fine and highly critical fiends when Christ walked the earth they crucified him with the cross. You are crucifying Vangiaurd with your tongues and with your written word.

          • BAWAHAHAHAHA. The only thing VanDouche will be remembered for is fooling a bunch of idiots into believing he was something more than a two-bit conman who wanted to fuck around all day, both literally and metaphorically, and into wasting their money, time, genitals, etc., on him for his little mind-fuck experiment and criminal enterprise.

          • By the way, when I say idiots, I mean those who still remain to this day in this sex cult that is a sham of a group about ethics and executive success.

  • I seriously think that if you spend more than a year or two in this cult, you become fucking retarded, both intellectually and ethically. You can’t validate even the simplest claims of this bullshitter, and you treat everyone who is negative and doesn’t buy into this lame little clique like shit even if they try to help you get your head out of your ass.

  • When I joined ESP 10 years ago I was told that Keith also invented the web browser. Apparently that was stolen from him too (he claimed). HMMMM. I sense a pattern here keith. How did you author these “thefts”? As the smartest man in the world- why can’t you get your shit together? How did you cause this? And why do you need to get validation for these inventions anyway? What is missing from you internally that you are looking for attention or approval from the outside world to be complete? I think you should get an EM. Or maybe do some box work. OR you could just journal on it. Sounds like you are VESTED (which just means you have a FEAR) No big deal. Maybe bring this issue to your coach? OH WAIT! You don’t have one! You are accountable to NO ONE. How convenient. Just EM yourself. ENJOY! 🙂

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