Troll to K.R. Claviger: Stop commenting on Frank Report or face extradition to Mexico

A police officer, wearing a "Charro" uniform and a surgical mask, rides his horse in Mexico City, Monday, April 27, 2009. A fatal strain of swine flu has been detected in Mexico while the virus has been confirmed or suspected in at least a half-dozen other countries. (AP Photo/Denisse Pohls)

Today, I received this email:  

Mr. Parlotta;

K. R. Claviger makes comments on your website. Give him this message.


Message to K. R. Claviger

Mr. K. R. Claviger; 

I am a lawyer in Mexico. My client asked me to investigate comments you made on Frank Report. I analyzed each and studied applicable law. You are currently under investigation for:

  1. Difamación criminal 
  2. Difamación y calumnia 
  3. Calumnia Sediciosa 
  4. Misprision de la Difamación
  5. Intención de causar Abyección
  6. Libelo blasfemo 
  7. Crimen injuria

Mr. Claviger, I strongly suggest that you cease and desist, undo, reverse, cancel, and retract, further participation in all past, present, and future comments on Frank Report until these criminal matters are resolved. You should do everything in your power to affect this.

Your best course of action to minimize your exposure is to repair all damages to my clients, by publishing comments praising my clients and to fully cooperate with Mexican criminal investigations ongoing against Frank Parloto and other parties known and unknown to you.

You must further write a complete and full apology by September 27, at 5 pm Zona Centro and post it on Frank Report. If not, YOU WILL be charged in a criminal proceeding in Mexico and extradited from your home within five business days.

Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta

Mexican Lawyer


I responded: Ms. Lengua Larga: “I will post your email on my website. If you wish, send me your picture, and I will be happy to post with your byline. Otherwise, I will select my own art to accompany the story. P.S. Do you know Monte Blu?

I did not receive a response.


Frank Report: An artist conception of Mexican lawyer Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta.



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[…] note: In an earlier post a troll calling herself Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta cited certain criminal offenses of K.R. […]


[…] In a recent post, Frank Report gave a suspected troll space to publish a ‘threat’ against a regular commentor, Mr. K.R. Claviger.  […]

What a joke
What a joke
6 years ago

What a joke, none of these are even criminal charges in America.

Interested Outsider is correct,

The Mexican government has to contact the US legal system, show them evidence that is warranted. Then and only then will any charges will be investigated. An investigation can take months or maybe years. The US is not going to take their time and efforts on some trumped up charges.

Since NXIVM and Clare were outed for hacking into bank accounts of Federal Judges, they don’t have the same clout as they used to have. The Feds are not going to give them or their followers the time of day. Plus rumor has it; they are under investigation for several crimes themselves.

What the so-called attorney is saying is saying is the person who wrote on the blog has defamed NXIVM or whoever they regarding in their post. Throw in some other so-called charges that are not criminal acts, and he is just huffing and puffing a bunch of hot air all the way from Mexico. Maybe we’d all enjoy the hot air about mid-winter, but for now, it’s funny.

The best thing for K.R. Claviger is to not respond to the letter. Why admit anything to a lawyer? Remember you have first amendment rights in this country behind you. NXIVM prefers for people to use “in my opinion,” but isn’t anything we say our opinion anyway?

Good try Clare Bear; you’re just not the legal eagle that Kristin was.

Face it, girl; your place is really in the show jumping area with a horse. You’re just not cut out for this cult leader crap.

The only thing that keeps you at the top of this game is your money. If your bank account were running dry, your van-baby would toss you aside so faster than you can pull your pants up.

It’s too bad you can’t see van-baby only values your trust fund. Guess your just too stupid to see that and proves my point. Test it out, come on I dare you. Tell Van-baby no three times when he asks for money and you’ll find out how he reacts, then you will know what his real value with you is.

6 years ago

KR is Keith Raniere

“Claviger” is an obscure synonym for “Keymaster”

Is this a reference to Ghostbusters?

Louis (Rick Moranis): [possessed by Vinz Clortho] I am The Keymaster!
Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weave)r: [possessed by Zuul] I am The Gatekeeper!

Is Clare broke?
Is Clare broke?
6 years ago

Back in the day, Clare could pay for U.S. lawyers to bring civil suits, or U.S. criminal prosecutors to place criminal charges. The latter was not technically legitimate, but money talks…

I’m sure it’s much cheaper to pay a Mexican shyster to threaten expedition by email than to pay a credible U.S. law firm to threaten civil or criminal prosecution.

Legatus (Clare), I’m really disappointed. Vanguard expects the best, regardless of the cost (to you, not to him)!

6 years ago

To Senor Adelita Lengua Larga de la Tonta: Please tell your esteemed clients that I will respond as soon as I’ve had time to confer with my attorney. In any event, it will be well before your stated deadline of September 27, at 5 pm Zona Centro

6 years ago
Reply to  krclaviger

This is clearly a fake letter and a troll. My spanish is rudimentary at best. I speak a little Spanglish. I read it better then I can speak it. Lengua Larga roughly translates to gossip or blabber mouth (large tongue). tonta means fool or silly. So you have Adelita SILLY GOSSIP or SILLY FOOL.

Claviger is not a dumb person or silly gossip and i am pretty sure they picked that word to follow KR for a reason. 🙂

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

This is either a shit for brains lawyer or a genius.

There is no way anyone is going to be extradited to Mexico over the Frank Report.

I am almost 100% sure Clare will pay the legal fees associated with sending folks the equivalent of used toilet paper signed by a Mexican lawyer.

I vote genius.

Congratulations Clare!

Interested Outsider
Interested Outsider
6 years ago

Seems these lawyers, it that’s what they are, are sending out a number of these letters. First, there is no such thing as extradition in five days. It is a long process in which the requesting party (Mexican government) must produce to the requested party (US government) evidence sufficient to convict. But second, the US will not extradite unless it has criminal laws similar to those allegedly violated in Mexico. We don’t criminalize speech. The likelihood of extradition in a case such as this is so low that for all intents and purposes it could be considered non-existent.

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