Why Mark Hildreth left Vanguard

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Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk.

Sources say:

Mark Hildreth left NXIVM because he was angry and jealous that Keith Raniere was trying to steal his girlfriend, Nikki Isbell.

Mark Hildreth, 39, is an actor with about 100 acting credits in film.

Sometime in the 2000s, Mark became interested in NXIVM and its founder, Mr. Raniere. Mark recruited his then-girlfriend, actress, Kristin Kreuk, into NXIVM. She recruited Allison Mack.

Sometime after joining NXIVM, Kristin and Mark broke up. Kristin left NXIVM but Mark stayed. So did Allison Mack.

Keith and Mark appear together in videos found on YouTube as part of the “Keith Raniere Conversations” series.  On June 19, 2016, Mark wrote on his blog about Vanguard:  “This is my friend. His name is Keith. He has been one of the most gentle, compassionate and helpful friends I have ever known. He has been an incredible friend to me and to many people I know.”

Mark is listed on the website for the Source, an acting coaching program founded by non actor, Vanguard. Mark is listed as “Head Trainer” and “Leader of the 12 week program.” He no longer teaches there. But Mr. Raniere often keeps people who left him on websites about him, as if they still endorse him.


Nik Isbell

A young actress, Nicole Todd “Nikki” Isbell, seemed to have attracted the attention of Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth. Nikki seems to have taken the acting course at the Source. Nikki became a “Mentor” at the Source.  Allison, who is president of the Source, paid or appeared to pay for Nikki to go to V-Week.  Allison appeared to pay for Nikki to come to Albany.

At some point, at least Mark thought, he and Nikki were boyfriend and girlfriend.




Keith Raniere wanted Mark Hildreth’s girlfriend to bring him chocolate.

When Nikki was in Albany, Vanguard seemed to flirt with Nikki. She seem to flirt back. Nikki liked chocolate. Keith wanted to try her brand of chocolate. While many of the other women following Keith were not allowed to eat chocolate, for Keith had them on a special diet, Nikki brought chocolate to Keith.

Mark did not like how Vanguard was behaving, and said in effect, “Keith why are your flirting with my girl? This is not OK.”

The High Rank – the Greens and some Proctors – confronted Mark Hildreth about this. They told him this was his “issue” and he had a “huge ethical breach to heal” with Keith.

Mark said ‘this is fucked’  and broke up with Nikki and quietly left NXIVM. Nikki stayed.

It is believed she gave collateral and joined DOS; Vanguard ejaculated on her – which he teaches is his mark of ownership of a woman.


What Nikki did alone with Vanguard is not known.

One source reported that one day an alarmed Lauren Salzman reacted with horror when Nikki’s picture appeared on social media in connection with NXIVM. Lauren reportedly exclaimed: Should Nikki’s picture be seen with members of NXIVM, it could imperil her life and the success of her mission.

The so-called mission, which was widely rumored by ex-DOS members, was that Nikki had been ordered to seduce one of Keith’s enemies [or an enemy to his mission to create a more noble civilization] in order for Keith to be able to blackmail him.

On the other hand, Nikki’s name still appears on the Source website for anyone to see.


Nikki posted this on her social media when she was seemed to be in the midst of being trained by Vanguard.

In Albany, Nikki seemed unhappy. Maybe it was because she was branded with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials with a white hot iron one inch from her vagina. Maybe it was because she was expected to be his slave. Maybe she was depressed when she realized that the man she gave chocolate to had possession of damaging “collateral” by which he could blackmail her.

Whether she was allowed to eat chocolate after becoming a member of DOS is worthy of further inquiry, although it may be a moot point. Nikki left Albany and moved to New York City.  She has not been seen at Clifton Park or at any event connected with Mr. Raniere for quite some time.

three salves

Nikki Isbell [left] appears with two branded slaves of Keith Raniere; India Oxenberg [c] and Nicki Clyne [l].

Whether she thinks she would have been better off had she never met Keith Raniere is unclear.


Mark left but has remained silent as to why.

Sources are clear that Mark Hildreth objected to being a cuckold for Keith Raniere, which makes him unfit to be a member of the Society of Protectors.

Mark brought others into the realm of Keith Raniere.

It would be good if he mustered the courage to tell the world why he left.





Whether Nikki Isbell was branded is known to only a few.


dr porter

In an odd scene from a movie Nik Isbell appeared in, she is seducing a man who is wearing what appears to be the same kind of human experimenting equipment used by Dr. Brandon Porter when he conducts human female fright experiments for Keith Raniere.

7 thoughts on “Why Mark Hildreth left Vanguard

    • He left. 100%. But this report is erroneous on the reasons why. The truth is he could no longer participate in an organization which supported (or didn’t intervene or protect) women from blackmail, manipulation, and degradation. Let’s just say I am a reliable source on this info.


      • Did Mark and Kristin K break up because of NXIVM?
        Or did KK leave NXIVM because of their break up?
        Did KK realize that it was a money making and/or sexual manipulation cult long before Mark did?

        • As far as we know they broke up for regular human reasons. But KK did have some weird experiences with Keith. If you’ve ever heard of the company “One Asian” he apparently wanted her to be the head of it. (She said no and a few yes ago someone else was Rood into doing it). Keith thought KK was amazing. She left and had a great new gig “Beauty and the Beast” and it was a good time for her to distance herself from ESP, and the relationship with Mark didn’t survive the distance (she filmed in Toronto)

          But Mark is for sure not in. And doesn’t feel great that he participated in bringing other people into ESP. He is a good and thoughtful human who at the time thought he was doing the right thing. He knows know that the wool was pulled over his eyes and he is over it.

          • KK IS amazing. She’s gorgeous, a good actress, intelligent, kindhearted, good-natured, moral, conservative, loyal etc. She could be bigger than she is, but she chooses not to be. Yeah, she’s a little stubborn, aloof, and too driven towards establishing her career at the expense of human relationships, but meh, no one is perfect.

            But her good characteristics are why she wouldn’t have been a cum dumpster “conquer” for Vanguard – what a poorly applicable, stupid appellation.

  1. By the way, Nik is still Facebook friends with Keith and a number of current NXIVM members (Lauren, Allison, Jens, etc.) as well as alleged NXIVM members who left (including Mark Vicente and Mark Hildreth).

    In fact, a lot of alleged ex-members of NXIVM are still Facebook friends with current ones, so who you going to believe?

  2. See Mark, I told you by proxy almost ten years ago the guy was a con artist, a cheat, an impostor. Sometimes people have to see it for themselves to believe it, to feel with empathy what it’s like to have someone you’re attracted to pulled away from you.

    Mark is silent for obvious reasons. VanDouche will come after him like the little pussy he is with Clare’s money and file some bogus criminal complaints. VanDouche is a turd and all of those people who enable him with their bullshit “ethical breach” nonsense are turds by association.

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