A woman who left ESP because of branding and blackmail tells her story

[Editor’s note: This is an on-the-record interview with a woman who I will call Laura -not her real name. She was taking ESP classes. She had been through classes at Jness. She was invited to join DOS. She was considering it. Then she read about DOS and its secret practices in the Frank Report. She is a married woman. Here is her story in her own words]:  

I mean, it’s just so scary. When I learned about DOS, I left ESP.

Some of my friends stayed in ESP and some of them had already joined DOS when I found about it. They don’t call it DOS. Some of them call it The Vow.

Because I was asked, I tried to help out a little bit on getting some of them out. For some of those that stayed I have to say, they’re an embarrassment to themselves.

So are the Society of Protectors. Look at the guys in the Society of Protectors. They are allowing their women to be fucked by Keith and branded and basically sent back centuries as far as human rights and doing nothing.

How are they a Society of Protectors?  A society of wimps or pimps. They are a joke.

I didn’t want to stay when I learned about the branding. Even before I learned about DOS my husband was against me being in ESP. He said to me something was very wrong.

He first started griping when I tried to get my husband into ESP. But when he heard about ‘Vanguard’ and sashes and secret bows and it’s all secret and they say a type of mantra to Vanguard and Prefect, he said no way am I getting involved in this and he told me he wanted me to get out.

We had some pretty big fights over that and we almost got divorced.

He said I was being fooled. That I was in a terrible place.  I loved the fellowship and said he was the one who was in a bad place.

This is what they look for – people like me – to prey on -. I have an open mind, which is why they get so many actors and they get you to confess your deepest darkest fears.

Then they do hypnosis and they change the way you look at your value system.

For me, it made my problems disappear and it felt good to be around 50 people and everybody’s cheering and clapping me on.  You’re part of this fellowship.

Most of the women there are sincerely trying to become better people.  That’s why they got involved.

I finally realized the truth with this branding.  Once it came out, I and a lot of others were surprised.

In early June, my husband got a call from some friends that basically said something with ESP was up and he went online and of course you had the branding stories on the Frank Report and he said, “I bet it’s this” and then of course we corroborated the story.

At the very end it was your reporting that tipped us off that this was real.

I would speculate Vancouver and Los Angeles are gone. Even in Albany, maybe 50 percent is gone. It could be higher. The ones who are staying are probably on the payroll.  They’ve made it part of their financial life.  That’s hard to get out of.

In Mexico, I think they are just starting to realize what’s going on. I don’t know for sure.

Once it’s blown up and you get out – for those who were branded there’s nothing except the embarrassing story that you were part of Keith Raniere’s harem and you have a lifelong scarring of his initials on your pubic region.

Some of my friends gave collateral and I’m upset about that for them.

Some of the women are going to stay in DOS. When I learned about the branding, I asked them, “How can you be involved in ESP any more?  How can you be involved knowing they’ve done this to your friends?  False imprisonment, pinning somebody down while you’re being branded?”

I’m not sure that some of the women even knew what they were getting into before they were blindfolded and taken to Allison Mack’s house to be branded.

Holding collateral over somebody is blackmail. Even if you don’t say it is, there is implied coercion.

Some of the women I talked to were hysterical. Very upset.  Some seemed to me to be becoming unhinged because they gave collateral then they felt they had to get branded or else their collateral would be released.

The collateral is mostly naked pictures and stupid stories like insults to dads and brothers and husbands. Some are confessions of cheating on their husbands and boyfriends. Some of it is confessions to child abuse I heard. Some of it’s just fake by the way.   Some women gave deeds to their houses. There were some things confessed about children, and some women put [ESP] in their wills. Giving them power of attorney over bank accounts.

If enough women stood up.  If we all stood up and rose against Keith, even though we don’t have the same money- we have strength in numbers in a class action.  This would scare even Clare Bronfman.

Keith had actors whose bodies were disfigured.  He took their income away. There is his sexual conquests. There’s no question there’s economic harm and damages are due. And refunds of money for fraudulent representations. They claim to teach ethics?

I mean what’s ethical about slavery and branding?

A woman tells her story of how and why she left ESP.


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  • Another “insider” bashes the SOP. This makes me curious to learn what really goes on with this group. What noble thing does the SOP men “claim” they are learning….and is that just a “cover” for actually learning how to control and degrade women…maybe even to prepare their own women for delivery to KR’s bedroom?

  • I think the “men” of SOP have been physically castrated and are now singing the high notes. Those aren’t men. Not even boys. Cowards. Weaklings. Losers. Fools. Not sure what else to call them. Lazy asses. Instead of standing up to injustice and a sociopath they are turtling or turning a blind eye. Out of everyone in the organization, them and Nancy Salzman, both of whom could end this fairly easily by taking a stand don’t are the worst. Disgusting, repugnant, vile, morally lost idiots. The saying of a Coward Will Die A Thousand Deaths really applies to all of the ones still in it. They’re lucky they aren’t in front of me. I’d pimp slap every single one of them. Only the sounds of all of them crying would get annoying. I think SOP should give the Vienna Boys Club Choir a run for their money.

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