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Frank Report has made an open offer for anyone who wants to defend the teaching of Keith Raniere to use this space to state their claims and that Frank Report will not edit them at all:


by Antonio J. Hernandez

Mexico City, Mexico

I have noted with some disdain the Frank Report has been highly critical lately of Emiliano Salinas.

He is the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, former president of Mexico.

Emiliano Salinas is bright and intelligent. He is not the type to fall for a Cult.

To compare him to people who wear black tennis shoes and drink barbiturates and vodka for a rendezvous with a UFO traveling behind a comet, because he follows a different ideal than his father or most people is unfair.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer,” said Thoreau.

Another great quote “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow”. That was said by L. Ron Hubbard who founded The Church of Scientology in 1954.

People condemn ESP like they once condemned Scientology. Both are a combination of technology and wisdom.

Scientology is just starting to be accepted by some in the mainstream yet still has many critics.

Scientology, uncovered that 75 million years ago, a galactic dictator, Xenu, decided to solve the problem of overcrowding of planets by killing millions of people by detonating atomic hydrogen bombs. The remnants of the souls of these people (called “body thetans”) are within us now and through the teachings of Scientology it is possible to get rid of them [be clear] to be truly happy and successful.

Before you laugh at this story consider your own Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve and other Genesis myths.

Scientology introduces “high tech” tools that measure mental and emotional moods of people. Scientology recruiters invite people to get tested with auditing and offer support through courses and programs offered by the Church.

Scientology has more than nine million followers in 156 countries.

There has never been a mass suicide and they grow worldwide next to only the Mormons in speed.

The Mormon Church promotes polygamy and has a hard-to-believe-fable that Jesus  came to America and all kinds of wars erupted here well before native Americans arrived for which there is not one shred of archaeological proof.

ESP has tens of thousands. But it will soon grow, I believe.

And in a sense Emiliano Salinas is the Tom Cruise of Executive Success Programs.

Like Scientology, ESP places a priority on individual improvement and has concrete methods or “technology”.

In addition there is a business component that allows people to make money which is not dissimilar to a Multi Level Marketing plan such as Amway and is influenced by the teachings of writer Ayn Rand, (the author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged).

A vegetarian diet and an emphasis on not being obese forms a health and ethics component.

The company is based in Albany, New York. The creator of ESP is Keith Raniere, whose followers call him “Vanguard”. Some ESP students call themselves “Espians” and they greet their leader and guru with bows to show respect.

The Catholics under the other hand call their leader Pope and kiss his ring.

ESP has a strong presence in Mexico where the leader is Emiliano Salinas. He is a board member of ESP.

ESP has advanced human understanding of psychodynamic understanding and its technology, delivered through programs of the Executive Success Program, Inc., provides practical and philosophical foundations necessary to acquire and build skills for success.

In 1990, Mr. Raniere created Consumers’ Buyline,  a multilevel company that benefited members by giving them discounts on products and services. By 1993, Mr. Raniere netted $50 million for himself proving he could earn money as needed.  Then Mr. Raniere founded another successful company selling vitamins and in the late 1990’s he met Nancy Salzman, who believed that what Mr. Raniere’s technology was probably the most important discovery since hummankind discovered to communicate through writing.

They started ESP in 1998 to teach the technology. To keep the teachings pure, students are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Classes are held in the United States, Canada and Mexico and start at a few thousand dollars but students can earn the costs back in commissions if they recruit new students.

Behind much of the teachings is the “Rational Inquiry Method.”

The classes are taught in Intensives to teach students key concepts quickly so they can begin using them in their lives.

ESP teaches there are two kinds of people, parasites and productive people.  Parasites steal our attention and energy.

ESP teaches that ethical people should control the wealth of the world.

Part of Mr. Raniere’s cardinal rules for students is to learn this and that “It is essential for the survival of humankind”. Students are asked to “pledge to ethically control as much of the money, wealth and resources of the world as possible. Within My success plan, I will always support the ethical monitoring of These Things.”

Students are taught that “A world of successful people will indeed be a better world, a world devoid of hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, beat each other down or rejoice at another’s demise. Success, ethics and integrity are co-inspirational.”

They are asked to “pledge to share and enroll people in ESP and Its mission for myself and to help make the world a better place to live.”

Ironically ESP has been largely supported financially by Sara and Clare Bronfman, two sisters who are heirs to the Seagram Liquor fortune.

It is ironic that these two women whose inherited wealth came to from millions of dollars earned from people seeking to alter their consciousness through mind numbing alcohol. The two sisters are able to use money made by their father’s father and grandfather from the sale of alcohol to help people evolve their consciousness.

In addition, it is well known that their family during prohibition utilized the tools of murder and  intimidation to gain ascendancy in their illegal liquor trafficking business.

It is a remarkable that the Bronfman sisters have dedicated so much of their fortune – money earned through violence and inebriation  — to peace and education of humankind.

This is truly what Mr. Raniere means by ethical people controlling the wealth of the world.

Yes, ESP has a compassionate leader in Mr. Raniere who takes no salary for his contribution to the work.

Mr. Raniere also developed a revolutionary children’s educational protocol and began the course work with his own son at the age of three.  Children in the program spend several hours a day with nannies who are also teachers who speak to children in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Hindi. This school is called Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Besides ESP in Mexico, Mr. Raniere, along with Mr. Salinas, created Inla’Kech, to solve the problems of violence Mexico faces.

Again another irony.

Mr. Salinas identified the root cause of Mexico’s problems is that Mexicans think of themselves as victims. The Twelve Commandments” of Vanguard teach: “There are no ultimate victims, Therefore, I will not choose to be a victim”.

This too is ironic. While Emiliano’s father was said to be one of the most corrupt and violent presidents of Mexico, a man who thought only of himself and stole from Mexicans and helped foster its high rates of violence, his son, Emiliano, is teaching love and peace and to have no obsession with power.

The violence Mexicans experience today many say is largely the legacy of his father who enriched himself not with alcohol, but drug trafficking for years.

Both Mr. Raniere and Mr. Salinas, on the other hand our present day Gandhis, and it might be argued that Gandhi never started a movement that would teach all humanity for millennia to come.

Scientology has good intentions but it is misunderstood.

ESP has world changing intentions and is also misunderstood.

While President Salinas caused problems.

Emiliano Salinas has solutions to Mexico’s problems including those created by his own father.

This is all due to Keith Raniere and that is why he is called Vanguard.

The three biggest financiers of Keith Raniere have parents and grandparents that were wicked and despicable but the fruit fell far from the tree in their cases – because Mr. Raniere allowed them to atone the sins of their parents and ancestors!

In this sense, is not Mr. Raniere’s life and teachings greater than that of Moses, the angel Moroni or even L. Ron Hubbard who came to aid us all in removing the plague caused by Xenu, 75 million years ago and a billion, billion miles away?

In less then a few hundred years people with the clarity of hindisght will call Keith  Raniere another Christ or Buddha and  Emiliano Salinas his Saint Paul.


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  • I’ll remember Keith for his 100 meter dash record, his Judo skills, for starting that successful vitamin company, and for how gracious he is when his significant others decide to move on trom him.

  • I think everyone is reading Antonio’s posting wrong. It’s comedic gold. Cause if it isn’t, I’ve lost all hope for humanity.

    1. He’s stupid. He brings up a few of the 12 rules of ESP. Which is something against the NDA that esp makes you sign! So already we’re dealing with a moron if this wasn’t a joke.

    2. He brings up the craziest elements of several religions and scientology to prove that ESP isn’t so crazy. Which is a really dumb argument. He fails to mention the following when it comes to which group has the dumbest beliefs / practices:
    – The branding of women
    – Blackmail through collateral
    – Kidnapping plots
    – The destruction of evidence in trials
    – Fraud
    – Perjury in court
    The list goes on and on. ESP reads more like it’s the mafia than it does a self help group.

    I don’t overly like religion. I don’t like scientology. But I hate ESP. It’s run by a maniacal madman intent on giving the phrase “dirty old man” a next level connotation.

    3. He kind of backwardly insults the Bronfman sisters. It’s quite funny.

    4. Keith taking no salary…bitch please. Keith has found 100 ways to funnel money every which way in this organization. Mostly to himself. The idea he has no money is asinine.

    5. Calling Keith Gandhi or Jesus is like calling Charlie Manson – Mother Teresa. You Fucking moron. Wake up. Keith is a lying, conniving, stupid sociopath who has the wool pulled over your eyes. He cares more about dog shit that he may step in more than you unless you are a woman that is fuckable or can get him laid, then he cares about sex and faux dominance. Keith can’t dominate a man though, he’d get beaten up badly. I know 5 year olds tougher than Keith.

    6. The rest of your writing makes you sound like someone who believes in Benny Hinn or Jim Bakker. While the rest of us can clearly see that all these charlatans want to do is take your money (and in Keith’s case your woman), you are happy to extol their virtues.

    7. Emiliano who isn’t a dumb guy probably knows all of the above. But because he’s such a weak man, he isn’t doing anything about it. I know that Keith has some bad shit on him (collateral) and that maybe putting him between a rock and a hard place. But at some point you have to be a man and take the consequences of your actions.

    I don’t even know why I’m writing this for such a hopeless case.

    Sigh. There is no hope for humanity when even after branding, collateral, and a bunch of other heinous things, people like this guy still like Keith. I hope this is all a joke.

    • 4. Keith taking no salary…bitch please. Keith has found 100 ways to funnel money every which way in this organization. Mostly to himself. The idea he has no money is asinine.

      And this is EXACTLY why NY state legal institutions, the IRS, the FBI, et al, needs to investigate his lying, conniving, “I never put my name on anything so I am safe” ass, gather such evidence, and prosecute him as soon as possible before he flees to Fiji.

  • Thank you, Antonio. You make me feel really good about myself and a whole lot smarter. But it does make me wonder how mindless people like yourself survive on a daily basis. BTW, Emiliano is a spineless little scumbag who will eventually go back to his true love. Alex Betancourt – and abandon the babies he didn’t father and the wife he’s never fucked.

  • Wow. Glug, glug, glug is all I see when I read that. I have known Keith for a long time. And believe me, he is no Christ. He is a pyjama-wearing, intellectual-property stealing, sex-crazed charlatan. Your quote “ESP teaches there are two kinds of people, parasites and productive people. Parasites steal our attention and energy.” For god’s sake – can’t you see that this totally describes Keith. He is the ultimate parasite, stealing your energy, money and attention. And btw, Scientology is extremely dangerous. Just try get out or get someone out that was ever in.

  • As was promised, supporters of the Raniere-verse are given the opportunity to make their case.

  • This was a terrible support piece for Raniere and NXIVM, et al. No one will ever think of Raniere as a Christ or Buddha. When he dies, he will be remembered as a charlatan – “by their fruits you shall know them” – who formed a cult and conned two rich girls into over $100 million dollars in losses to fuck a bunch of women.

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